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Your favourite original Org. XIII member? (besides Axel, Roxas and the one we don't remember)



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Jun 30, 2008
i agree with LP on xaldin but less because mickey mouse and anime tropes fistfighting is very enjoyable to watch (but also that) and moreso due to proper integration.

xigbar is without a doubt my fave org member. he’s funny, cool and really interesting. if he shot xehanort dead and took his role as villain during 3’s opening i honestly would not mind it one bit.


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Jul 3, 2008
I always liked Marluxia and Larxene as a duo when playing CoM way back when. And later learning more about the Organization they were really just those two newbies that hated the old people and wanted to do their own thing. Plus I feel Marluxia made for an alright villain while not being Xehanort-y in anyway which is a plus for me in this series. Larxene's attitude and damn near psychotic moments made her fun to watch as well, she's over here cracking a smile while Namine is scared to death, Repliku is busy being a muppet with angst and Axel is just trying not to get all her crazy on him. Idk, CoM was fun (story wise). Even Vexen, although really weird, I always felt the moments before Axel murders him were really powerful. After we finally beat his stupid shield he's sorta pleading in his own weird way for Sora to get a grip and letting it slip that he knew what Marluxia was up to all along only to be silenced by Axel, pretty cool moment there.

Besides those guys I'd pick Demyx or Xaldin. Xaldin's interaction with his Beast was an interesting one that I hoped they'd show more. He was getting to know this guy on a personal level, getting in his head, being the little devil on his shoulder, the cruel whisper in his ear, it was pretty interesting. The other Organization members didn't really get that much involved in the Disney side of things but from Days we see Xaldin taking a personal interest in Beast, even if it is just an assignment, it was kinda obsessive in a weird way.


Jul 18, 2014

My man Luxord, has been a favourite since the beginning. Just love his mannerisms & no nonsense attitude. Obviously wished he had more of an arc, but at least he's not completely dead ( I hope)

Other, I like a bunch of the members. Demyx is awesome, Larxene is a funny bitch, Saix rocks that long blue hair & Xigbar is hysterical.
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Jun 23, 2017
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Xemnas- I love his voice, I wish I sounded like that all the time. He's also got an awesome look, especially Final Form Xemnas, and his lasers are awesome. He's so menacing, much more menacing then Xehanort who I feel is just a typical cartoon villain.

Xigbar- As if, who couldn't love someone who is already half Xehanort? He's definitely scheming, and I can't wait to find out what.

Xaldin- I don't really care much for him, he was more of a background character.

Vexen- I don't really care much for him either, he encompasses a mad scientist but something about him just seems so...boring.


Zexion- He seems to be this poor kid who got thrown into something he didn't really belong in and as a nobody he was definitely plotting. I can't wait to see his redemption as a helper of the heroes in 3.

Saïx- I both love and hate Saix, he both seems like he remembers his feelings for Axel but like he's using it to manipulate Axel into working for the organization.

Demyx- I felt more bad for Demyx in the manga than I did in the games because in the games he seemed like he was strong but wanted to not do any work but in the manga he actually seemed to have a heart and that he was an unwilling participant in the organization, like he was just brought there because he was a strong nobody.

Luxord- Luxord doesn't have much spotlight in the games, but in the manga I absolutely loved Luxord, especially when he was sent to wonderland with Roxas. He's been the most expressive member thus far.

Marluxia- I loved him as a villain in CoM, any graceful assassin is cool. IDK why people associated him as gay, apparently they've never seen Japanese media before...ANY CHARACTER WITH A SCYTHE INSTANTLY GETS FAVORITED, Duo in Gundam, Soul/Maka in Soul Eater, Arumat P Thanatos in Star Ocean. They're the most inconvenient weapons IRL but in fantasy they're just so cool!

Larxene- Perfect for those who love tsundere women, a nice balance between crazy and cool. Definitely not waifu material, though.


My man Luxord, has been a favourite since the beginning. Just love his mannerisms & no nonsense attitude. Obviously wished he had more of an arc, but at least he's not completely dead ( I hope)

Other, I like a bunch of the members. Demyx is awesome, Larxene is a funny bitch, Saix rocks that long blue hair & Xigbar is hysterical.
Well he was in the Pirates trailer, and I love him in the manga, have you read that? My favorite face he makes is this one: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-X6ZSm8EnZ4g/U2wZJGSND8I/AAAAAAAADPY/9kqFIXY9uvI/s1600/Luxord+1.jpg


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Sep 23, 2019
I think every single member is well designed (look, boss design and personality-wise) besides Marluxia (sorry, his fans :rolleyes:) to a degree that they always were one of my favourite parts in the series and video games overall. Maybe it's because they appeared quite rarely and they were crossword solver sip calculator epfo always wrapped in that mysterious and serious atmosphere, and you always knew the s*** is going to get serious when they appear, but anyway my fav are:

-Demyx (a guitar weapon with original attack design? A likeable user not because he acts like a boss? take me!)
-Lexaeus (had to google his name... EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I mentioned him anywhere (had to say this) Not a big fan of his personality or weapon design, but DAMN, the fight(s) against him in 2FM was insane! Also, in the japanese version he is voiced by Zaraki Kenpachi, so... Easy choice)
-Xemnas (I like how intimidating this guy is during boss fights, although he is pretty easy outside 1FM... Also, his english voice that can shake even a straight guy's crotch)
-Saix (his fighting style and design, and screams are pure badass)

My least favourite are:
-Marluxia (big confidence+zero personality=a no no from me)
-Vexen (this guy has a punchable face and I dislike the nerdy-evil-scientist type of characters, especially if they have slow but tricky fighting styles)

I like Vexen despite his voice actor; I did not imagine him sounding that way when I first played CoM on GBA years and years ago.


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Aug 1, 2017
darkness within darkness
Saix. Like the design and the moon + berserk theme. I could relate to him .. yeah, Days portrayed him as a huge d-bag, but I believed the 10 minutes of BBS Lea-Isa friendship much more than the whole RAX thing in Days. I felt his motive was also very accessible - it was not something hard to grasp like being only half a person of having no identity of one's own, it was jealousy and anger that an old friendship had gone that way.

Larxene: I love her badass attitude. She's a very capable fighter, swift and cunning and I like her manipulative side. Her weapon and design look quite awesome too and allow for a very adaptive battle style.

Demyx: He's fun and a bad employee, lol. I just really really hope he stays at that and doesn't turn out to be the MoM or something. I think what made him great is that he is so basic and relatable: He's lazy, afraid of fighting and loves to chill out. That being an act all along would pretty much destroy the character.

Xemnas: I've grown to love his nonsense soliloquies and always found him to be the most interesting Xehanort because he seems to be so conflicted. I didn't know how much of his identity he would remember, so he always had that aura of mystery around him.

- Neutral:

Luxord: Like his attitude and the gambler thing, but he has so little personality. Like, all I know about him is that he likes games. And games. And, oh, games. That's all.

- Dislikes:

Lexaeus: The silent bulky stern sentinel kind of type. Found him to be quite boring.

Vexen: To this day, I do not believe his shitty redemption arc. Until the credits rolled through, I was firmly convinced he'd finally drop that "I'm a good guy now"-facade and was shocked it didn't happen. It felt so wrong.

Marluxia: Despite liking the flowers + scythe theme and that such a beautiful man would be so dark (similar to a rose that is beautiful but has thorns), I found him to be quite dull. Didn't help that Com never bothered to actually explain why he wanted to overthrow the organisation - to this day, I don't see what he hoped to have coming out of it and we don't even know enough about him as a character to make assumptions.

Xaldin: The wind + lances thing is cool, found him to be quite uninteresting despite that.

Xigbar: Dislike. Hate the Luxu reveal.


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Mar 22, 2005
Larxene for being a compelling villain with amazing dialogue.

Demyx for being absolutely adorable.

Zexion for his schemes, for being cute, and for later becoming best boy Ienzo.


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Nov 4, 2012
My favorites are Larxene, Saix, Vexen, and Xaldin, in that order. I like them mostly by personality, but I also think they're the best at being villains in the series, too; Vexen's voice acting doesn't quite capture what I imagined from playing CoM on the GBA all those years ago. Saix has the best weapon / power, imo
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