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Fanfiction ► The Hearts that Form the Key

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Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
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o what right one sorry i am tri but the story great you could send this tro the game deveelopers
i think i understand you and although i think it's pretty good i don't think it's that good ^^;;;

well i finished another chapter. everyone must know the drill by now xD all comments and questions are accepted and i hope you enjoy the new chapter.

Chapter 29: Pain​

Quickly Sora charged the one with the trident as it thrust the weapon straight at him. Sora quickly swung down catching the trident in one of the empty spaces between the three pointy spear like points. Continuing the attack Sora swung it down and jumped forward closing the distance between him and the trident wielder. Riku was having different luck however as he quickly moved his Keyblade to block the swift attacks that the second one with the knives was dealing out. Suddenly Riku felt a sharp pain in his side as the knife wielder kicked him on his right side. Riku fell off to the side tumbling to the ground as the knife wielder slowly walked forward staring down at Riku his eyes filled with the urge to kill. Suddenly the knife wielder was thrown backwards as the trident wielder flew into him thanks to Sora.
“Are you okay Riku,” Sora asked as he ran over to him but stayed on guard as the two Nobodies rose to their feet. “Why are you following his orders? Why try to kill us?”
“You’re the enemy, what other reason should there be,” the wielder of the trident asked.
“You have a choice though don’t you? I don’t want to have to beat you,” Sora replied.
“That’s enough Sora, it’s clear that they have no intention of changing no matter what you say,” Riku said as he got to his feet again.
“Pretty smart, huh boy. However we don’t have to fight for Salix. It’s just that we choose to. His words are absolute to us. Whether it’s you or another Nobody we will fight and kill if he commands us to,” the wielder of the knives said.
“If that’s your decision, I understand. I won’t let this drag out any further,” Sora said as he shut his eyes.
Suddenly a bright light surrounded Sora’s body as the other three held their hands up to cover their eyes. As the light dimmed they were slowly able to see again and removed their hands from over their eyes. Sora’s Keyblades had multiplied again and he now held both the Oblivion and Oathkeeper Keyblades in his hands and it was clear that his other factors such as speed and strength had also improved.
“What’s this,” the one with the knives asked.
“I’m sorry Riku but could please stand back a bit further,” Sora asked.
“Yeah, sure Sora,” Riku replied as he took a few steps backwards.
Without a word the two rushed forward. The one with the trident struck first as he thrust his weapon forward. Sora’s eyes seemed to flicker as he vanished for a second before appearing behind the trident wielder. As Sora landed, the one with the trident immediately fell to the ground and disappeared, defeated as a single heart floated up towards the sky before vanishing suddenly. The knife wielder glared at Sora as he charged forward thrusting the knife in his right hand forward but missing as Sora vanished. Suddenly Sora reappeared next to the knife wielder on his left side as the Nobody threw his left arm across the blade in his left hand cutting through the air before slamming into the Oathkeeper. Sora stared at the knife wielder for a second before slashing at him with the Oblivion cutting him in two. Slowly the knife wielder disappeared as his heart floated up and vanished just like the heart from the trident wielder had. Sora bit his teeth down as he let his arms rest at his sides for a moment as Riku slowly walked over to his friend Sora.
“Marvelous, simply marvelous,” Salix said as a portal opened up a short distance ahead of Sora and Riku. “A short time ago when you first entered my castle they would have been enough to defeat you. But now you’re much stronger.”
Salix slowly walked out of the portal his right hand still holding his cup of tea. Slowly the portal he had opened up vanished as he took a sip of his tea once more.
“Why do we have to do this? Why do we have to fight,” Sora asked.
“Why? Because if you don’t your friends may for one reason or another vanish,” Salix replied. “Is that enough motive for you?”
“I’m tired of this. I’m tired of fighting. Can’t you please let us go back,” Sora asked his emotions clearly breaking through.
“…Sora are you--,” Riku started to say but was interrupted.
“Fine, perhaps you do deserve a reward for your hard work,” Salix said as he raised his left arm and snapped his fingers.
Suddenly one of Salix’s familiar Nobodies appeared its chains wrapped around an unconscious human body and the ends attached to its captives wrists.
“That’s Kairi,” Sora shouted as he stepped forward only to be blocked by Salix as he stood in front of him. “What are you doing?”
“You cannot see her yet. When you can get past me I will allow you to,” Salix said as he took another sip of his tea enjoying it.
“Fine then,” Sora said as he rushed at Salix.
Sora swung his Keyblades down quickly giving Salix no time to defend as they both flew down at him. Suddenly Sora felt the pain shoot through his body as he dropped his Keyblades, as they clattered to the ground before vanishing in a bright flash of light. Suddenly Sora fell off balance and tumbled to the ground his entire body in an enormous amount of pain that was emanating from his heart.
“You are far too arrogant. Just like the rest of “them”. But I won’t get into that matter. For acting irrationally just then and for attacking me out of turn, you will feel a pain like none other,” Salix said as he crouched down and held out his left hand before touching the left side of Sora’s chest over his heart.
“Sora,” Riku shouted as he rushed forward at Salix.
Riku threw his Keyblade across but missed as Salix jumped backwards and landed next to his Nobody which held Kairi captive.
“Sora are you okay,” Riku asked as he knelt down next to Sora.
Sora couldn’t answer his body was in a constant state of very serious pain. Suddenly the pain kicked up a level. Sora began to scream as he coughed up bits of blood.
“I hate when people are so disrespectful. Don’t you,” Salix said as he sighed.
“Shut up, how could you do this to him? How could you do this to Sora,” Riku shouted angrily his pupils shrinking as his entire face began to literally crawl with rage and anger at seeing his best friend hurting so badly.
“Are you angry,” Salix asked.
“What does it look like,” Riku asked.
“I see, so will you attack me and end up like him too,” Salix asked.
“My heart is different than Sora’s. You’ll find that out soon enough,” Riku said as he charged forward Keyblade in hand.
Slowly a black smoke began to pour, out emanating from Riku’s body. The smoke drifted down onto the floor and up into the air. It was the same smoke from before when Riku had though that Sora was dead. It was the power of Riku’s darkness leaking out of his body.

i hope the chapter was enjoyed in the next chapter morals will come into question, a certain someone will return to the scene and someone amongst the main characters is approaching their death...

Chapter 30: Futile


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great job DT, things are getting more and more interesting. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
Oh, I read your post NI...T-T...meh, think what you will

Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
well i worked pretty hard over the long vacation and got chapter 29 done. chapter 30 is done but i'll put it up tomorrow. as always comments and questions are appreciated and i hope you enjoy the chapter ^^

Chapter 30: Futile

Riku rushed forward as he swung the Keyblade in his right hand across at a downward angle. Salix watched the blade. It seemed to move almost in slow motion for him as he reached his left hand up slowly and grabbed on to the blade end of the Keyblade. Salix felt the force push him back a bit from the sheer force of the blow. Salix moved his head up to face Riku his glazed blind eyes facing Riku’s shimmering angered ones.
“My, my you are making this difficult. The darkness in your heart is slightly repelling the effect of my Diffusion of Hearts,” Salix said but then smiled. “But, you must be feeling the pain by now. I am able to access a part of your heart and even if I can’t access all of it. Partial pain to your heart is all I need for now.”
“Shut up, I don’t feel a thing,” Riku shouted.
Quickly Riku pulled away from Salix and jumped back a bit away from him. Riku was sweating and breathing heavily and it was clear he wouldn’t last forever. Immediately Riku charged forward and swung down at Salix swiftly as Salix raised his left hand and blocked the attack again.
“You’re just getting slower. Why not just lay on the floor and try to enjoy the last bit of time you have before the pain takes over your body,” Salix suggested as he held the blade of the Keyblade up in the air away from him and took a sip again of his tea again.
“I’m not going to give up on Sora, not yet,” Riku said as he tried to push forward.
“How unfortunate, I guess I have no other choice then,” Salix said as he forced the Keyblade in Riku’s hand up.
Riku felt Salix’s left hand grab him by the neck. Slowly Salix raised him in the air while gripping tightly onto Riku’s throat.
“Last chance, I could make all the pain go away the easy way or the hard way, which do you prefer,” Salix asked.
“…Sora,” Riku barely managed to say.
“I see, so your friendship means that much to you. I don’t understand these feelings but I guess I wouldn’t want to if it makes you die like this,” Salix said as he began to squeeze harder as Riku struggled for air.
Suddenly a Keyblade flew forward, as Salix saw it he dropped Riku and jumped backwards out of the way of the attack. Swiftly the Keyblade returned to the hand of the attacker as he gripped the Keyblade tightly.
“Are you fellas alright,” a high pitched voice asked as Riku and Sora looked up to see King Mickey.
“Your, your majesty,” Riku said shocked.
“It’s alright you two should stay down you’re still hurt,” King Mickey warned them.
“But how did you escape,” Sora asked.
“Well I’m not actually sure I just woke up and tried to make my way back to you guys. I guess we’re all lucky I came when I did,” King Mickey said as he laughed a bit.
“So that explains it. During our brief battle near the healing chambers your pod must have gotten hit and somehow it released you. How irritating, now I must deal with all three of you,” Salix said.
“You won’t find it to be so easy,” King Mickey said.
“Fine then, I shall heed your warning,” Salix said as he snapped his fingers.
Suddenly two more of Salix’s familiar Nobodies appeared as their chains shot forward at Riku and King Mickey. Both of them were caught and disarmed as their Keyblades vanished into thin air. Swiftly both Nobodies wrapped them up tight in the chains and walked over to Salix as they stood next to the one holding Kairi. Sora held his head up the pain slowly disappearing. As the pain began to vanish Sora found he was able to stand as he looked forward at Salix who had now captured King Mickey and Riku again.
“So Sora I propose a deal. If you defeat me I shall release your three friends to you here. After that you will have to continue forward and rescue your other friends. Does that sound fair,” Salix asked.
“Fine but will we be able to return home after that,” Sora asked.
“Yes, but be aware either way you haven’t many options,” Salix said reminding him as he took another sip of his tea.
“Fine I’ll defeat you and rescue all my friends,” Sora replied as he swung his hand across and summoned up his Keyblades in his hands.
“If you insist on fighting go right ahead and try. I’d like to see how you compare to me,” Salix said.
“Alright fine,” Sora said as he rushed forward at Salix.
Swiftly Sora threw his right arm across, the Keyblade slashing at Salix. As if it weren’t even there Salix took a step backwards and out of the way of Sora’s first attack. Immediately Sora tried a different approach as he thrust the Keyblade in his left hand forward at Salix. It didn’t seem to even faze him as Salix jumped backwards out of the reach of Sora’s second attack. As Salix landed he took a sip of tea not a scratch on him from the first two attacks Sora had tried.
“Interesting, you seem slower than what Xishn told me,” Salix said as he removed the cup from his lips.
“I can still move faster,” Sora replied as he seemed to suddenly disappear into thin air.
Salix stood still as Sora suddenly appeared behind him and the Oathkeeper flew down at him. Instantly Salix shot his left hand up, and easily caught the blade as Sora swung the Oblivion down at him as well. As the Oblivion flew down Salix suddenly vanished. As soon as Sora landed Salix appeared behind Sora and nailed him with a swift kick from his right leg. Sora dragged across the floor until finally coming to a halt. Slowly Sora stood up as he stared forward at Salix his hands gripping tightly onto the Keyblades. Increasing his speed again Sora rushed forward slashing rapidly with his Keyblades. Salix started to walk backwards as he used his left hand to block the Keyblades as they flew down from every direction at very impressive speeds. Suddenly Salix grabbed onto the Oblivion as he thrust his right knee forward smashing it into Sora’s gut. As Salix let go of the Oblivion Sora fell backwards a few feet a few drops of blood flying out of his mouth mixed with a bit of saliva. Slowly Sora managed to get to his feet as Salix’s blind gaze focused on him.
“My my you’re quite the quick one aren’t you,” Salix said as Sora bit down grinding his teeth together. “But speed alone won’t cut it against me.”
Slowly Salix removed his hood his long black hair drifting out from beneath his hood as it floated in a small breeze that passed by gracefully. Slowly Salix opened his eyes revealing his blindness to Sora for the first time. Salix’s white and glazed over eyes seemed to reflect Sora’s image, they were so clear.
“Your eyes, you’re blind,” Sora said shocked.
“Yes I’ve been blind since before I was a Nobody. Why does it bother you,” Salix asked listened as he noticed Sora’s hands were shaking and the Keyblades made a loud rattling noise. “Are you debating with yourself whether to hold back or not? Don’t there’s only one choice to be made and that isn’t it. You either win or lose here that’s the only decision to be made.”
“It’s just difficult, you can’t see,” Sora replied.
Salix sighed as he shook his head. Slowly a light began to swirl around his left arm until the entire arm had been enveloped in the light.
“Fine if you refuse to attack then, I’ll make it easier for you to understand your situation,” Salix said as the light around his arm disappeared and the steel claws for his left hand appeared.
The blades of the steel claws were sharp and reflected off of the light in the room. Slowly Salix raised his left arm with the steel claws as his left hand tightened into a fist and he prepared to strike. Swiftly Salix vanished and then appeared in front of Sora his speed almost too fast as the steel claws on his left hand were blocked by both Sora’s Oblivion and Oathkeeper.
“These steel claws of mine are ready to strike you. So either you attack soon or I’ll break through your meager defense,” Salix said clearly showing signs of false irritation from Sora holding back since he was blind.
Quickly Salix pulled back and threw his right leg across but was again blocked as Sora held the Oathkeeper up in a defensive position. Instantly reacting Salix brought his leg back and jumped over Sora landing behind him as he thrust his left hand with the steel claws on it forward. Sora barely managed to dodge as he swung off to his right side away from Salix his breathing becoming slightly more erratic.
“He’s blind but fast he’s so fast. I can barely keep up. But he’s blind it wouldn’t be right, would it? I don’t know what to do. Just blocking and evading his attacks won’t work forever,” Sora thought to himself as he saw Salix turned to face him.
Swiftly Salix rushed forward and slashed upward missing by a fraction of an inch as Sora jumped backwards away from him.
“Annoying insect,” Salix mumbled under his breath as he gripped his left fist tightly and held tightly onto his tea cup.
Suddenly Salix sped up moving even faster as he appeared behind Sora. Salix slowly turned around as blood dripped down Sora’s left cheek. Slowly Salix lifted his cup before taking a sip of his tea.
“I intentionally made sure it would only cut you. Next time though your wound will end up being a lot deeper, I’ll give you a few seconds,” Salix said.
“I didn’t want to fight him in the first place but now. What should I do,” Sora thought to himself.
“Do what you think is right Sora,” a familiar voice said as it echoed through Sora’s head.
“Huh Roxas, is that you,” Sora said in his head.
“Who else, but Sora listen you have to do what you think is right ok? If you don’t then you’ll end up regretting it either way it goes,” Roxas said his voice echoing through Sora’s head.
“Yeah I got it,” Sora said in his head.
Slowly Salix took a sip of his tea before placing the cup on the ground next to him.
“Time’s up,” Salix said as he quickly rushed forward at Sora.
“Thanks again, Roxas,” Sora muttered.
Salix threw his left arm across at Sora the steel claws looking like fangs baring down on the Keyblade wielder. Suddenly a loud clanging noise reverberated through the room as Sora’s Oblivion connected with the steel claws on Salix’s left arm.
“I don’t have to hold back anymore,” Sora said as he stared directly into Salix’s blind eyes.
“Good, however you’re a bit too late,” Salix said as a bright light swirled below around Salix’s right arm engulfing it.
As the light dissipated Salix and Sora stood still. Sora’s eyes stared deeply into Salix’s before they began to glaze over and blood began to spurt from below in every direction.

i hope the chapter was enjoyed in the next chapter in the next chapter Xaneth will be explained and his past will be quite shocking i hope everyone reads it tomorrow ^^

Dawning Twilight

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well here's chapter 31 i don't think anyone read chapter 30 yet but oh well. enjoy the new chapter ^^ also after this chapter there's not many left and we're approaching the shocking conclusion of Salix I very quickly. =D sorry for the double post btw. ><;;;

Chapter 31: Numbed

Bits of blood flew everywhere as if it had suddenly begun to rain blood. Salix slowly let his right arm fall down to his side bits of blood lying on the three sharp blades. Sora stared down at the blood his shirt was ripped open with three gaping claw marks from Salix’s steel claws with blood slowly leaking a bit at a time out of them. Suddenly Sora lost his balance and collapsed to the ground his Keyblades disappearing.
“You’re too young and too naïve,” Salix said as he walked back over to his tea cup.
“Sora,” Riku shouted as he saw his friend collapse to the ground and tried to struggle out of the grip the Nobody had him in.
“Don’t bother you won’t get free,” Salix said as he turned his attention to Riku and his steel claws vanished in a bright flash of light. “Xishn made the mistake of not restraining you when you became mad at your friend’s death. I however will not make the same mistake. The tea you drank earlier do you remember it?”
“Wait it was poisoned wasn’t it,” Riku shouted.
“Well no, I placed medicine in it to heal both of you. However I also placed medicine in it to do something different to you Riku. You possess the ability to use the darkness so I made sure to mix a tiny tablet in that I developed. It suppress’ your muscle strength when you become angry making you weaker and more tired. So the more angry you become the more the medicine will take effect and you’ll become weaker and weaker,” Salix explained. “However like all medicine it can last for only the allotted amount of time. In this case only the next 3 hours. But 3 hours is all I need.”
“What about Sora’s what did you put in his,” Riku asked already beginning to feel the medicine take its effect.
“Hmm, what makes you think I put something in Sora’s,” Salix asked raising an eyebrow.
“You put something in mine to make me weaker and then used your Nobodies to capture me and the King so you must have put something in Sora’s drink if you were going to fight him,” Riku replied his muscles becoming even weaker.
Salix could hear Riku’s muscles go limp indicating he was angry as Salix kept a calm look on his face for a minute before smiling.
“…You’d be right. Unlike Xishn I don’t have the ability to enter Sora’s heart or the use of weapons that aren’t sharp and lethal. So I prepared for such an event by placing a pill that would help him. In fact very soon you should see the quality of my idea,” Salix said as he turned around and looked down at Sora.
Slowly Sora’s eyes fluttered open as he stared up at the ceiling and then shot up as he looked around. His hands immediately shot to his wound as he felt it. What was left of it was healing very quickly.
“I’m alive,” Sora said shocked.
“Yes the pill I mixed into your tea is one of my most ideal creations. Inside that pill was a strong medicine that lingers for a short unspecified amount of time. During that time it can heal almost any wound including wounds that might lead under normal circumstances to death. However there are some wounds it can’t heal. Such as specific internal organs such as your heart or lungs, which is why I intentionally missed them. It also does not have regenerative capabilities for any removed limbs. For example if I removed your arm, that would not be capable of healing back to the way it was before,” Salix explained as he quickly took another sip of his tea.
“But why give me something like this,” Sora asked.
“Like I said it lingers for an unspecified amount of time. I had absolutely no way of knowing if you would live or die it was mere chance,” Salix answered smiling.
“You mean you killed me on a chance,” Sora shouted his right eye twitching.
“No I would have killed you regardless of chance. Remember we’re still in the middle of a fight Sora. But now that I know it’s still in effect I’d like to try a couple of level two’s out on you,” Salix said.
“What do you mean, level two’s,” Sora asked.
“Ah that’s right I never explained that did I. Well it’s simple. Do you remember my earlier creations the Nobodies that looked like me or Xishn, rather than them,” Salix asked as he pointed at the Nobodies holding back Kairi, Riku and King Mickey.
Sora searched his memories and suddenly remembered the trident wielder and knife wielder that he had managed to defeat thanks to his new found abilities.
“Yeah I remember them. But what do they have to do with this level two stuff anyway,” Sora asked confused.
“My my you do catch on slow don’t you. The ones you fought before were merely level four’s. Now think about it this way. They were that weak at level four but now I’m going to introduce you to level two. Meaning they’d be more than twice as powerful than before,” Salix explained as he raised his left hand and snapped his fingers as two of Xishn’s Nobody familiar’s appeared.
“Wait what,” Sora shouted.
Slowly Salix placed his tea cup on the ground as he summoned up two more hearts. Slowly Salix walked over to the two Nobodies and placed the hearts inside them. A bright light shone like before as Salix reach down and picked up his tea cup again. Sora watched as the light dissipated two new Nobodies appeared. One carried two sickles one in each hand and wore a black cloak. The other carried a large war scythe and also wore a black cloak. Both weapons however resembled the symbol of twilight much like any other weapon a Nobody of human like stature would have brandished.
“So tell me Sora do you remember Xaneth,” Salix asked.
“Yeah, he was the one who fought with the Keyblade,” Sora answered.
“Good I’m glad you remember, because Xaneth well how to put this he was a special Nobody,” Salix said.
“What do you mean special,” Sora asked.
“Well you see although he is similar to Xishn and me. He is actually more like them,” Salix replied as he pointed at the two newly created Nobodies. “In fact his powers when ranked are maybe in between theirs and level one’s power.”
“But how could you know this? Isn’t that sort of personal information,” Sora asked confused.
“Yes I suppose it is. Though for Xaneth it wasn’t really personal. Not since I created him,” Salix replied.
“You mean he’s just one of them,” Sora asked stunned.
“Yes he’s one of them but he’s also different. In the process of making one of them I altered the heart slightly as part of a “test”. However it didn’t work out so well, which is why I had Xishn erase his memories in the world inside of the heart I helped create him with,” Salix explained.
“So he was nothing more than a test subject for you,” Sora asked.
“Yes, why do you ask? He wasn’t the original being so it’s not like he was born or even reborn. He was created, there’s a large difference between the two, which is what allows us to push forward past such experimentation,” Salix explained.
“I won’t forgive you for that,” Sora said.
“Oh and why should you care? After all he was your enemy wasn’t he,” Salix asked.
“But what you did to him. Even if he was my enemy no one deserves to be treated the way you treated him,” Sora shouted.
“You still don’t understand but I will help you to. After all you did destroy the other Nobodies I left for you earlier and yet here you are lecturing me about cruelty,” Salix said.
“That’s different,” Sora shouted trying to defend what he had done.
“Oh but tell me I didn’t even kill Xaneth and yet you killed the two earlier. Which of us is more evil in that case,” Salix asked.
“Shut up,” Sora said.
Salix clearly was trying to mess with Sora’s mind at this point. The results were showing too as Sora began to sweat a bit and his eyes began to change and anger began to fill his mind.
“But I guess you did spare them from my use,” Salix said smiling.
“I said shut up,” Sora shouted as he summoned up his two Keyblades to his hands.
Quickly Sora rushed forward with both of his Keyblades in hand. Suddenly Sora noticed the one with the sickles had vanished. From the corner of his left eye Sora just managed to catch a glimpse of a sharp blade rushing forward at him. Reacting quickly Sora swung the Oathkeeper towards it catching it before it could hit him. Sora then added more strength to his defensive stance as he threw the Oblivion down slamming it into the Oathkeeper in order to give himself more of an advantage. Salix turned as he waved his left arm up and his large throne like chair appeared. Slowly Salix walked over and sat down watching as Sora and the Nobody with the sickles fought. Quickly Sora jumped back away from the Nobody with the sickles, pausing for a second and then running back at him. Sora quickly slashed his right arm across with the Oblivion only to be caught as one of the sickles slammed into it. Sora then quickly thrust his left arm holding the Oathkeeper forward only for it to get knocked down as the second sickle flew down more like a hammer.
“You seem distracted. Don’t tell me you’re worried about our lives,” the wielder of the sickles said.
“Shouldn’t I be,” Sora asked.
“If you do you’ll die,” the wielder of the war scythe added.
“But if I don’t you’ll die,” Sora said.
“So you’d rather lose the lives of your friends and yourself, pathetic,” the wielder of the sickles replied.
“What was that,” Sora said suddenly becoming irritated.
“If you fight like that you will be the one to die,” the wielder of the sickles said as he jumped backwards.
“But I can’t kill you,” Sora said.
“Suddenly you’re so worried about killing? You should be more worried about killing when you’re fighting someone that can die,” the wielder of the sickles said.
“What do you mean,” Sora asked.
“We’re Nobodies artificially created. We cannot die, we can only be recreated or wiped from existence completely,” the wielder of sickles explained.
“But even still…,” Sora said.
“Your friends there are going to die unless you defeat us. What part of that isn’t getting through to you,” the wielder of the sickles asked.
“I know they’re Nobodies but don’t they deserve to live too,” Sora thought to himself.
“Sora,” Kairi shouted.
“Huh, Kairi,” Sora said as he looked over noticing that Kairi had regained consciousness. “That’s right Kairi, Riku, the King and everyone else. They’re all counting on me. I don’t have time to be feeling sorry.”
Sora gazed back at the wielder of the sickles as he gripped his Keyblades tightly once again finding what he needed to fight full strength and defeat the enemy.
“Your eyes, you seem to have found your reason to fight. Was it the girl,” the sickle wielder asked.
“Yeah Kairi reminded me, she reminded me of all the people I have to protect. So now I, now I don’t have time to waste on you,” Sora replied.
Quickly Sora rushed forward as he swung the Oathkeeper but was blocked by the first sickle in the wielder’s right hand. Sora immediately swung the Oblivion down full force as it collided with the Oathkeeper and shards of sharp pieces of metal flew everywhere.

I hope everyone enjoyed that chapter and i hope everyone liked the idea i came up for with Xaneth's background. anyways Chapter 32 will be done in a couple of days so everyone can catch up with the new chapters and so i can edit the newer ones. in the next chapter a savage battle continues and Salix will show Sora why he's got the element of Diffusion of Hearts and what it can be capable of....

Chapter 32: Regenerated Torture


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Good chapters. I just caught up.

Salix can sure make a cup of tea last a while. He's been sipping on that thing for ages. lol

I don't know if you've noticed, but you're sorta setting a standard for the Exiled's strength. Sora was able to take out Org XII with a bit of difficulty, but now he's facing one of the Exiled's elites and look how he's performing. GO SALIX!!

Dawning Twilight

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Good chapters. I just caught up.

Salix can sure make a cup of tea last a while. He's been sipping on that thing for ages. lol

I don't know if you've noticed, but you're sorta setting a standard for the Exiled's strength. Sora was able to take out Org XII with a bit of difficulty, but now he's facing one of the Exiled's elites and look how he's performing. GO SALIX!!
lol yeah he actually replaced the tea a while back when he left into that portal but i didn't write that part up because it felt unnecessary lolz. yeah but keep in mind Xishn held back in his fight against the Keyblade wielder and that may be a "key" point in the story. NO PUN INTENDED lol. but we'll just have to wait and see what happens during and after the battle to see what unfolds. in the mean time. GO SALIX!!! =D

Well i finished chapter 32 and it should be enjoyed. as always comments and questions are accepted and i hope everyone enjoyed the new chapter only 4 more to go after the following chapter ^^

Chapter 32: Regenerated Torture​

As the metal landed on the ground it made a soft echoing sound. Slowly the sickle wielder looked down to see his first weapon smashed to bits. Grimacing the sickle wielder quickly dropped the remains of his first weapon to the ground and jumped backwards. Sora immediately followed him as he thrust the Oblivion forward at his opponent. The Oblivion impacted as Sora twisted the Keyblade a bit before removing it. The sickle wielder fell to his knees as his body slowly began to disappear. As soon as the heart appeared Salix raised his left hand and snapped his fingers making it forcefully return to his memory as both it and the remains vanished.
“So, it’s almost over,” Sora said as he turned to face the wielder of the war scythe.
“Yes I suppose it is,” the wielder of the war scythe said as he lifted the large weapon.
Sora suddenly heard a repetitive slapping noise as he looked over at Salix. Salix smiled clapping as Sora wondered what was about to happen.
“Excellent Sora, I’m glad that you’ve managed to come this far. However now I’ll have to add a more personal touch to this battle,” Salix said as he stood up and walked forward before the large throne like chair vanished.
Slowly Salix walked over as he switched the cup to his left hand. As soon as he switched the cup his left hand a bright light swirled around his right hand as he approached the wielder with the war scythe. Instantly Salix shot his right arm up as he sliced the war scythe wielder’s head clean off his shoulders before letting his right arm fall to his side. As the remains of the Nobody hit the ground a heart appeared floating up and vanished as Salix recalled it to his memory as well leaving the body to slowly disappear just as the wielder of the sickles body had.
“You killed him,” Sora said surprised as his Keyblades vanished.
“Now now Sora, how could I have killed him if he never existed to begin with,” Salix said as a bright light swirled around his left arm creating the steel claws. “Now I think it’s time for a change of scenery.”
Salix raised his right hand as he snapped his fingers and a bright light began to engulf the entire room. Sora covered his eyes as the bright light blinding him from seeing. As the light began to dim Sora slowly removed his hands from his eyes as he looked around at the new scenery. The world was desolate completely empty with no trees, bushes or anything. Just dirt as far as the eye could see with a few occasional hills around the area.
“…Whoa, where are we,” Sora said as he looked around.
“Welcome Sora. Welcome to the world of Lost Isolation,” Salix said. “This is a world long since forgotten. A world that was lost beneath the one that your friend’s are being held captive in.”
“Why did you bring me here,” Sora asked.
“Simple with your friend’s near things would become too complicated,” Salix explained as he took a sip of his tea again. “I don’t need any more complications then there already are.”
“I don’t want any problems either. I still have to save Riku, Kairi and all the others. I don’t have time for anything else,” Sora replied.
“Fine then, show me the resolve you’ve made,” Salix said as he threw his tea cup aside as it shattered on the ground.
Pieces of the tea cup flew everywhere as it hit the ground spilling the little bit of remaining tea amongst the shards of the broken cup. Sora summoned his Keyblades forth as Salix rushed forward. Quickly Salix threw his left arm down as he slashed at Sora only to miss as the Keyblade wielder sidestepped to his right side and threw the Oathkeeper in his left hand across. A loud clanging sound echoed through the world from the impact between the steel claws on Salix’s right arm and the Oathkeeper. Immediately reacting Salix thrust his left arm forward again as it cut through the air and managed to nick the front of Sora’s shirt. Salix fell forward off balance as Sora jumped backwards away from Salix. Quickly thinking Sora took advantage of Salix’s guard being dropped; as he took the Keyblade’s and threw them one at a time forward at his enemy. Salix smiled as he continued to fall forward. The instant the Keyblades were upon him he vanished from view as both Keyblades flew past cutting through air. Sora suddenly turned his gaze behind him as he saw Salix throw his left arm down cutting into Sora’s left arm harshly. Blood splattered out of the wound as Sora fell forward and gripping the wound on his left arm as the Keyblades flew back and landed to both the Keyblade wielder’s left and right sides. Salix looked down at the wound as it immediately began to heal over, thanks to the pill that Salix had snuck into Sora’s tea earlier.
“My my, that pesky pill, I had zero intentions of it lasting so long,” Salix said as he sighed again but then cracked a small smile as he faced Sora. “Oh well guess I’ll just have to keep slashing at you until I get through.”
Salix threw his right arm forward as Sora’s eyes went wide and he jumped backwards while grabbing both of his Keyblades. Salix slowly pulled his steel claws from the ground as he stood up straight again before rushing at him. Salix threw both arms across intending to slash Sora in half. His arms however were stopped as Sora threw his Keyblades up barely managing to hold Salix back as the blades of the Keyblades scratched up against the blades of the steel claws. Sora suddenly felt himself thrown backwards as he saw Salix’s foot fly into his chin. Sora hit the floor hard as Salix appeared standing over him. Without any regard or mercy Salix threw his right arm down as the steel claws dug into the flesh towards the top of Sora’s right arm. Piercing clear through flesh, muscle and bone Salix could hear the slow tearing of it all. He wasn’t a sadist but it could have appeared to anyone with how much he tortured Sora. Salix slowly removed his steel claws from Sora’s shoulder as he walked off leaving Sora’s wounds to quickly heal. Sora looked up breathing heavily as he gripped the Oathkeeper tightly and threw it forward as it cut through the air and headed for Salix. It was no difficult feat to perform as Salix vanished the Keyblade missed him and flew past him before returning to Sora. After it had missed him Salix quickly reappeared back facing Sora again. Slowly Salix walked over towards both the Oblivion and the Oathkeeper as he picked them both up and then walked over to Sora and stood in front of him. Sora suddenly felt more pain rush through his body as Salix took both Keyblades and jammed one into each of Sora’s hands, both the left and the right. The pain was excruciating as Sora bit down with his teeth to keep the pain from taking over.
“Tell me Sora, do you know what Keyblades are forged from,” Salix asked as he pointed to the Oblivion.
Sora didn’t answer or rather he couldn’t because of the pain he was in. Slowly bright lights surrounded each of Salix’s arms as the steel claws vanished just as they had appeared. Salix raised his right arm as he snapped his fingers and held out his hand as a heart appeared in it.
“Behold Sora, this is a mere fraction of what is needed to create your weapon of both salvation and doom,” Salix said.
“You mean, hearts are what make Keyblades,” Sora asked as the pain began to dim slightly.
“In some cases that is so. Don’t tell me you don’t remember the incident at Hollow Bastion with your dear friend Riku,” Salix said referring to the events which had led up to Xehanort’s Heartless taking over Riku’s body.
“I remember that. That was when I used that other Keyblade to release my heart from Kairi’s,” Sora said as he looked at down at the left side of his chest.
“Yes it was called by both Xehanort’s Heartless and Riku as the “Lost Heart”. It was the predecessor to this creation here,” Salix said as he extended his right arm.
A bright light flew out from the heart in Salix’s right hand as Sora shut his eyes tightly. Soon the light began to glow as brightly as the stars itself. As if something were not only being created but born.

I hope everyone enjoyed the chapter. the next chapter will continue the Sora vs. Salix battle as it rages on with Salix holding a new "key" to winning. there will be more new techniques released on the battlefield by Salix as trouble begins to arise for Sora and his chances to win. hope everyone comes back for the next chapter ^^

Chapter 33: The Created Star


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Super it was a great chapter can't wait to see the next one Question are donald and goofy going to help sora in a fight in any more of the chapters

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Super it was a great chapter can't wait to see the next one Question are donald and goofy going to help sora in a fight in any more of the chapters
Donald and Goofy will only make a brief appearence at the end in chapter 35 i believe it is. i didn't include them because

A: it's difficult for me to have them fight while describing it because three fighters in one battle becomes very irritating to write about. as i often forget what character was doing what. ><;;;


B: Donald and Goofy are difficult to write speaking wise. more so Goofy with his retarded attitude. ><;;;


C: this story more so surrounds Salix/Xishn/Lonex and Sora/Riku/Kairi. rather than your typical Kingdom Hearts story involving Donald and Goofy. i laid off the Disney characters a bit including only Mickey/Donald/Goofy/Minnie/i think Daisy briefly can't remember. but yeah the Disney characters were only added briefly. it's a lot harder to write new lines and actions for a charcter you didn't even create. you have to know a lot about that character with information down to the last drop.

Salix II will have nearly nothing to do with the KH series so far character wise. it will feature Salix going up against a new/old enemy of his and it's going to get very personal between Salix/co. and the new enemies. as for now that's all i can say ^^ the next chapter i will have up either later tonight or tomorrow. i haven't decided yet. it depends on DT's homework situation xD

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just in time i finished the new chapter. it should be rather interesting to all fans of a certain weapon ^^ i hope everyone enjoys the new chapter and as always comments and questions are accepted.

Chapter 33: The Created Star

As the light began to dim Sora slowly opened his eyes the Oblivion and Oathkeeper now gone as the holes in his hands began to heal over. As he looked forward his vision slightly blurry he began to see an object forming in Salix’s right hand. Salix smiled, it could have been called the pinnacle of his research. And truly it might have been. Slowly the light began to twist and turn as it began to take shape.
“Resistant aren’t you. But no more, you are mine,” Salix said as he glared at the light through his blind eyes.
It gave off one final burst of blinding light as it took its final stage of birth. Slowly the light dimmed once and for all as Sora stared forward to see a Keyblade in Salix’s hand. The shape of the Keyblade was different from anything Sora had seen. The red colored hilt was attached to a black colored octagon shaped guard surrounding it. The blade of the Keyblade was covered in silver colored rectangular metal straps with nails in each corner of the metal straps as if they were holding the whole thing together. At the end of the blade were two grey colored equally sized points that looked like the bottom of the twilight symbol. The strange thing was on the tip of the Keyblade. Each side held a drawing of an eye. One eye was the color blue, while the other eye was the color grey. Leaving the remaining color of the blade that wasn’t hidden by the metal straps to be a nice shade of black. Salix smiled as he gripped the Keyblade tightly in his right hand and swung it off to his side.
“It’s a Keyblade,” Sora said.
“Yes, it’s a Keyblade forced together from many hearts,” Salix explained.
“But how can you just create a Keyblade? Isn’t that impossible,” Sora said confused.
“Under normal circumstances yes, however I can control hearts so for me it’s not impossible,” Salix replied. “Hearts are so malleable. A simple twist and turn creates a connection. Weaving those connections together creates a Keyblade. For one with my abilities it’s almost too easy to create a Keyblade. But now Sora let’s see just how strong my Keyblade is.”
Salix rushed forward as he swung his Keyblade across as Sora summoned both the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades to his hands again. A loud echo flew through the room as the Oathkeeper slammed into Salix’s Keyblade harshly.
“I’m interested to see how this works Sora. So let’s see what it can do,” Salix said as the grey eye on the Keybladebegan to glow brightly.
Sora stared forward at Salix pushing harder trying to overpower him. Suddenly everything started to go dark as if the lights were turning off until everything was completely black. Sora loosened up his grip as he looked around everywhere confused as to what had just happened.
“So it works. I’m glad,” Salix said as he overpowered Sora.
Suddenly Sora felt two sharp objects slash his chest. The blood splattered on the ground as Sora swung his Keyblades wildly about trying to attack Salix. Salix jumped backwards hearing Sora wildly slash about like a child throwing a tantrum. Salix smiled hearing the difference in Sora’s movements.
“So the effect of the first eye does work, excellent,” Salix thought to himself as he gripped his Keyblade tightly. “Having trouble Sora?”
“What did you do,” Sora asked sounding confused and nervous as his wounds began the process of fully healing.
“You’ve been paralyzed,” Salix said.
“But I can still move, how is that possible,” Sora shouted fear filling him.
“You didn’t let me finish,” Salix said as he sighed. “It’s true you can still move about. But it’s your vision that has been paralyzed. You can no longer see. And so you’ve been put at a disadvantage once again.”
Quickly Salix rushed forward taking advantage of Sora’s temporary blindness. Salix’s Keyblade flew down fast as it cut Sora’s chest again leaving a large gash. Sora turned and immediately began to hack away at the air as Salix jumped away safely. Salix stared forward at the wounds as they continued to bleed for a while before slowly beginning to heal up again.
“So my suspicions were correct. When my last attack on Sora’s body began to heal more slowly than the previous ones I was a bit suspicious. But this confirms it. The effects of the healing pill are finally wearing off. I doubt Sora has realized this so yet,” Salix thought to himself as he smiled. “However he still has a good two minutes left. I designed that pill to last for a random amount of time based on the user’s stamina and bodily strength but after it finishes it continues for two minutes giving the user time to heal any last minute inflicted wounds. But no matter, two minutes will give me enough time. Besides if worst comes to worst I’ll use just have to that technique too.”
“I-I can see again,” Sora said shocked as his vision began to blur and slowly his full vision came back to him.
“I’m glad, it was getting far too easy without your sight to aid you,” Salix said.
“How did you do that how did you blind me,” Sora asked.
“Now now Sora, a magician never gives away his secrets,” Salix said as he wagged his finger back and forth.
Quickly Salix took off swinging the Keyblade across at Sora. Sora immediately raised the Oathkeeper to block the attack. Suddenly the blue eye began to glow brightly as Salix smiled. Just before the Keyblades were about to collide Salix vanished as Sora shot the Oblivion in his right hand forward. The attack thrust through the air as Sora fell forward off guard. Salix immediately appeared behind Sora as he took a step with his right foot and slashed the Keyblade into Sora’s back. Blood splattered to the ground again as Sora bit down with his teeth and fell to the ground on his hands and knees. Salix instantly vanished from behind Sora again using his speed as he reappeared a good distance ahead of him again.
“The second eye works as well,” Salix thought to himself.
“What did you just do there,” Sora asked.
“Whatever do you mean Sora,” Salix asked.
“The first time when I lost my sight your Keyblade started to glow and just now it started to glow again and you managed to see through my attack,” Sora said.
“Ah so you’ve figured out the basics have you. Fine I shall explain. This is a special Keyblade, like myself it is not strong in the sense that it is one made for battle. It doesn’t increase my strength or speed but rather gives me some, unique abilities,” Salix explained.
“And what abilities would those be,” Sora asked.
“The first ability is thanks to the grey eye. The grey eye allows me to temporarily blur or blind the vision of the enemy. Which is why you lost your sight a moment ago and then there’s the second ability. The second ability is thanks to the blue eye. The blue eye allows me to temporarily see into the future,” Salix explained.
“The future, but that’s impossible isn’t it,” Sora said shocked.
“Yes I suppose under any other circumstances it would be. However this is different,” Salix replied.
“So then if I just watch for the eyes to glow I can avoid getting hurt,” Sora said.
“I’m afraid that’s not possible. And I’ll be more than happy to show you why,” Salix said as he raised the Keyblade and pointed it at Sora as the grey eye began to glow.
Sora quickly ran away trying to avoid the attack. Suddenly Sora noticed that Salix seemed a lot further away and his image was more like a small blur.
“That is why you cannot avoid these two eyes. Whether you run or attack me it doesn’t matter, their gaze cannot be stopped,” Salix said as he rushed forward at Sora.
Quickly Salix threw his Keyblade down as Sora raised the Oathkeeper barely keeping up with his vision so blurry. Slowly Sora’s vision came back as he stared forward at Salix. Immediately Sora threw the Oblivion down as it collided with the Oathkeeper and forced Salix back. Immediately the blue eye began to glow brightly as Salix used his speed to escape Sora’s attack forcing the Keyblade wielder to fall forward off guard. As Sora fell forward Salix appeared standing normally in front of him. Suddenly the side of Salix’s Keyblade connected with the left side of Sora’s head throwing the Keyblade wielder skidding across the ground. Salix watched as Sora skidded across the ground and ran forward at him. The left side of Sora’s head throbbed a bit and as it began to heal over. Quickly Sora threw himself up into the air as he landed on his feet skidding back a bit before charging forward at Salix again. In moments there was a loud crash like thunder as both Salix and Sora collided with each other. Sora’s Oblivion and Oathkeeper slammed hard down on Salix’s Keyblade that was now in a defensive posture. Salix wasn’t really a physical fighter so it was pretty clear that he was beginning to lose the struggle. Suddenly before Salix could use either of the two eyes his left foot gave out as he fell down. Sora immediately took advantage of this as he swung the Oblivion across slashing Salix in the left cheek and drawing blood. The instant Salix hit the ground Sora threw the Oathkeeper down at Salix. An instant before the Oathkeeper hit Salix vanished forcing the Oathkeeper to collide with the ground. Sora looked around as he saw Salix standing a good distance away from him. Slowly the Keyblade wielder lifted his left arm up with the Oathkeeper out of the ground and stood in his battle position. Salix glared through his blind eyes as he lifted his left hand and wiped the blood away from his left cheek. His breathing had become more erratic and he was becoming more and more irritated. With all Sora had been through he clearly should have fallen but something was supporting him, something that Salix couldn’t understand. Slowly Salix took a deep breath taking in as much air as possible before letting it all out in one giant release, before looking back over at Sora.
“Interesting, you’ve become so much stronger over the time that you’ve been here. It amazes me. I wonder if you’d let me try one last technique out on you. I’d been saving it for when truly necessary. But since you’re as strong as you are, I’d like to see how it fairs against you,” Salix said.
“As long as we can end this already,” Sora replied.
“Yes it’ll end it all right I’m sure of that. But whether it’s me or you who ends it is unclear,” Salix said as he shut his blind eyes and began to concentrate, focusing his mind very carefully.
Suddenly Sora began to notice dozens of bright lights glowing everywhere around him and Salix as they began to take shape forming into hearts. Slowly their numbers began to increase until there were so many of them Sora couldn’t have counted them all even if he had wanted to. Slowly they began to shift and tangle with each other until many bright lights began to appear and surrounded the area. Sora covered his eyes but even that wasn’t enough. The light was burning so intensely bright it would have blinded anyone who looked directly into it. Slowly the lights began to dim as Sora removed his arms shocked at what he saw. Salix slowly opened his blind eyes and smiled his technique fully unleashed and laying amongst the grounds around them.

i hope everyone enjoyed the new chapter and commented on it. ^^ i hope everyone comes back for the next chapter.

Chapter 34: To Ride Amongst the Stars
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^sorry about that Haku. i hope this is better. thanks i'm glad it was enjoyed ^^

anyways i've posted up spoiler previews for the next 3 chapters for the last 3 chapters of Salix I and a spoiler preview of Salix II which i can't wait to get going on.

with only 3 more chapters to go i've decided to make a schedule for the new chapters. due to a long vacation for DT i will not be around from the 21st to the 25th so the stunning conclusion of Salix I will not be revealed until the 25th or 26th. but i promise to have up the first chapter of Salix II up by the 26th or 27th depending upon when i return. ^^ until then enjoy the chapters that will be available. =D

11/18 Sunday - *New 3rd to Last Chapter of Salix I*
in chapter 34 a new technique is revealed yet again as Salix intends to wrap the battle up. *the technique should be familiar to those of you who have paid close attention to BBS* Sora will resort to drastic measures as an old face appears to fight in the battle. But with new techniques galore being released by Salix and Salix's new weapon to fight against Sora does the Keyblade wielder have any chance of winning? Everything will be put on the line as Salix and Sora wrap up their fight in the next chapter.

11/20 Tuesday - *New 2nd to Last Chapter of Salix I*

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11/25 Sunday or 11/26 Monday - *New Final Chapter of Salix I*
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and then....

11/26 Monday or 11/27 Tuesday - *The First New Chapter of Salix II*
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there's been a change in when the new chapters and Salix II will be posted up by at the bottom of the p[age you will find the new dates where the old ones used to be. here's the third to last chapter everyone ^^ i hope it's enjoyed. and as always comments and questions are appreciated. with Salix using his last technique in the Salix vs. Sora battle the events will come to a close who will win the fight or will anyone win at all?

Chapter 34: To Ride Amongst the Stars

Sora’s eyes remained in shock and awe as he looked around at Salix’s final technique that he had revealed. Salix smiled it had taken a lot out of him which was shown as he breathed a bit more heavily than he had just moments ago. However it would all be worth it in the end. They looked different than Sora’s and each had a distinctive shape and form. None of them appeared to look at all like Sora’s Keyblades. Sora stared forward at Salix as he gripped onto both the Oathkeeper and the Oblivion tightly, wondering what Salix intended to do with so many Keyblades lying around them.
“Surprised Sora, these are all Keyblades created from hearts,” Salix said.
“There’s so many of them. I have to hurry. Before he can attack,” Sora thought to himself as he rushed forward at Salix.
Sora quickly attacked Salix as he slashed across with the Oblivion only to be blocked as Salix caught it in his left hand.
“You’re losing your concentration. You can’t beat me without that,” Salix said as he swung his Keyblade forward.
Sora immediately moved the Oathkeeper beneath Salix’s Keyblade blocking it as the two slammed together. Sora tried to push up but wasn’t having any luck as he suddenly felt himself getting pushed back.
“Do you know why I called forth so many Keyblades,” Salix asked. “It’s simple, I can’t wield them with my arms alone, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wield them at all. Each one of those Keyblades was created from hearts. Hearts that I collected, I am connected to them as they are connected to me.”
Suddenly Sora caught something out of the corner of his eye as he jumped backwards away from Salix. Suddenly dozens upon dozens of Keyblades flew by passing by Salix and narrowly missing Sora. There were so many that it’d be impossible to dodge forever. Sora turned and charged forward at Salix but stopped before he got too far as the Keyblades flew at him from his left side. Moving quickly Sora jumped forward again narrowly dodging them all as they flew by. As soon as Sora hit the ground the Keyblades turned and flew down at Sora. This left no time to dodge as they collided with Sora and the ground around him. Salix watched as a large dirt cloud rose up surrounding Sora. Slowly the dirt cloud dissipated as Salix suddenly heard the beating heart of his enemy. Salix gripped the Keyblade tightly as Sora appeared Keyblades were jammed into the ground everywhere as Sora breathed heavily with two Keyblades jammed into his body. Sora’s own Keyblades had vanished as he had dismissed them again. Sora cringed in pain as he reach up and yanked the first Keyblade from his left shoulder with his right hand before dropping it to the ground. Blood dripped down from the wound as it tried to heal, the last bit of the pills effects starting to ware out completely. Sora then reached to his right side as he yanked out the second Keyblade like a pesky sliver stuck in his flesh as the blood dribbled out and the wound began to slowly heal thanks to Salix’s pill.
“So it’s still just barely in effect,” Salix said as he walked over towards Sora. “But soon you won’t have that to hide behind and then what will you do?”
At this point Sora’s breathing had become extremely erratic and he was although still standing becoming exhausted. It was true that along with his wounds being healed he also had the benefit of his blood cells regenerating, but he was approaching his own point of exhaustion. Healing wounds meant nothing if he didn’t have the stamina to keep fighting for so long. Sora could feel that the pill was at it’s end there was no way the next wound would be healed.
“What do I do? If I try to fight close range he manages to get those Keyblades to attack me and force me to fight far range and then he has the ability to blind me and see into the future so how can I beat him,” Sora thought to himself. “…Unless maybe I try something that’s different.”
Sora stared forward at Salix a new found determination in his eyes as he bit down with his teeth grinding them up against each other and made both of his hands into tight fists.
“That’s all I have left. If I don’t do that he’ll beat me,” Sora thought to himself.
“Now what’s this? You seem to have some sort of new feeling in your eyes. Could it be that you’ve found a way to beat me? Or is it that you’ve decided to take us both down instead of risking losing,” Salix asked as he listened to the way Sora’s body reacted to what he had just said.
Sora suddenly rushed forward as he passed by the large number of Keyblades. Salix listened to his footsteps, carefully measuring the distance between both Sora and himself. Suddenly Sora’s heartbeat and footsteps vanished as he focused harder listening for anything that might give him a clue as to Sora’s position. Suddenly Sora appeared in front of him as Salix felt Sora’s right fist slam into his left cheek. Salix skidded across the ground before finally coming to a stop. Slowly Salix got to his feet as he gripped his Keyblade tightly facing Sora.
“How was he able to hide both his heartbeat and footsteps? Isn’t that impossible, but yet he was able to. His breathing, is it more erratic than before? Could he have- -,” Salix thought to himself as he listened carefully to Sora’s body. “His heart is beating much faster now and his breathing is much more erratic. It must be so. He’s managed to force his body to those high speeds. I didn’t think someone with a heart could do that. Every Nobody is capable of moving at speeds faster than mental realization but I had no idea a full being like he could do that too. But it seems he has some trouble moving that fast. Otherwise he wouldn’t be in the condition he is now.”
Sora quickly vanished as Salix smiled gripping the Keyblade tightly in his right hand as he waited standing still.
“However even if he can move that fast he neglects the basic idea that if I use that speed. His tactics are useless,” Salix thought to himself as he vanished.
Sora suddenly stopped as he stood where Salix had been moments ago. Suddenly something slammed into his back as he saw Salix kick him forward with his right leg. Sora flew forward as he fell to the ground his body exhausted. Slowly the Keyblade wielder managed to get to his feet again as Salix smiled.
“You have an incredible amount of potential. However you’re incapable of matching me. But have no fear Sora, I shall put excellent use to both your heart and your Nobody,” Salix said as he vanished using the speed he had mentioned earlier.
“If I don’t do something then I’ll end up, I’ll end up,” Sora whispered his body at its limit.
Salix suddenly appeared in front of Sora as he swung his Keyblade forward intending to finish the battle. Salix suddenly felt something change in the area around him as his Keyblade came to a halt. With all his strength Salix pushed down but had no luck as Sora was able to hold his own almost with ease. Salix suddenly jumped backwards as the Oathkeeper appeared in Sora’s left hand and swung across. Salix felt it tear through his cloak as it managed to nick his chest with the tip of the Keyblade. The pain was minor but nevertheless it hurt. Gripping at his wound Salix felt the wet blood and turned his attention back towards Sora. It was strange Salix had been sure that Sora was an inch away from defeat but somehow he was able to fight again. Suddenly Salix heard a pulsing sound coming from the Oathkeeper as the Oblivion appeared in Sora’s right hand. The pulsing sound continued as Salix traced it back to both of Sora’s Keyblades.
“The beating of his heart is almost too calm as if he were- -,” Salix started to say in his head but stopped as he listened to Sora’s breathing. “You’re not Sora are you?”
Salix listen and waited for a response but didn’t get any as Sora stood still his Keyblades remaining tightly gripped in his hands.
“Was it Xishn that summoned you? Or did you come forth out of the boy’s will to save his friends,” Salix asked as Sora remained silent for a short while neither one of them speaking.
“…I can’t allow you to defeat Sora,” the voice said as Salix instantly recognized it.
“So that’s what happened. It makes sense. Sora was on the verge of defeat and so you popped up to save Sora. It all makes sense. But the one thing I don’t understand is how you returned, former number thirteen Roxas,” Salix said.
“It doesn’t really matter does it,” Roxas asked.
“I suppose not. But just to be clear you’re not supposed to be here so I won’t go easy on you like I have been with Sora. I want Sora back as quickly as possible,” Salix replied.
“Fine with me,” Roxas replied and vanished from view.
“Fighting with a wounded body, that’s barely a fight at all with my knowledge of you Roxas,” Salix said as he smiled and remained still.
As if out of nowhere Salix swung his Keyblade forward as Roxas appeared and blocked with both the Oblivion and the Oathkeeper.
“I said it already didn’t I? I know how you fight. You can’t do anything in this battle for Sora,” Salix said as he shot his right knee up and knocked both of Roxas’ Keyblades away from their guarding position.
Swiftly Salix threw his left hand forward as he punched Roxas in the right cheek throwing him backwards. Salix watched as Roxas skidded across the ground until finally coming to a halt. As Roxas looked up, the blade of Salix’s Keyblade appeared pointing straight down at him.
“Let me ask you a riddle. How do you defeat a man who knows all your moves and tactics? The answer…,” Salix said. “…you can’t.”
“Roxas,” a voice shouted in Sora’s head.
“Sora, what is it,” Roxas asked.
“Please let me fight now,” Sora said.
“Are you sure,” Roxas asked.
“Yes, I’m positive. You tried to help me, but he’s much stronger fighting against you. I know I can still defeat him,” Sora said.
“Fine if you want to I’ll let you. But just be aware if I leave now I can’t return later,” Roxas said warning Sora.
“I figured it would be like that. But I’m still going to fight him now,” Sora said.
“Ok, good luck Sora,” Roxas said
Salix listened as he began to notice a difference with Sora’s body. Roxas had been in control just a moment ago but now it seemed different.
“Thanks Roxas,” Sora thought to himself as he took control of his body again.
Quickly Sora charged forward at Salix catching him off guard as Sora quickly threw his Keyblade across as Salix raised his left arm to protect himself. Blood trickled down Salix’s left arm as Salix slowly let it rest at his side.
“So you switched places again. This is becoming very irritating,” Salix said frowning.
“Don’t worry this is the last time,” Sora replied.
“Good, now let’s see that speed you displayed earlier,” Salix said.
Suddenly Salix vanished and reappeared in front of Sora as he slammed his Keyblade down connecting with Sora’s Oblivion and Oathkeeper.
“Excellent this wouldn’t be any good if you couldn’t block that,” Salix said as he vanished again.
Suddenly Salix reappeared far away from Sora as he smiled and gripped his Keyblade in his right hand tightly.
“Are you going to attack,” Sora asked.
“I’ll let you do the honors,” Salix said smiling.
“Fine then I will,” Sora replied and charged forward.
As Sora rushed forward he suddenly caught something out of the corner of his eye. As Sora dodge rolled forward out of the way he saw the Keyblades flying forward at him again. Quickly moving Sora rushed forward again. It took several dodges as Salix moved the Keyblades again and again swooping down at Sora and then moving to attack again. Until finally Sora got close enough. Sora charged forward with all his speed left. Suddenly the Keyblades flew straight at Sora forcing him to either dodge through some miracle or take the blows. Sora decided to press his luck as he rushed forward at the dozens upon dozens of Keyblades just waiting to tear him to shreds. Sora felt them tear at him creating cuts everywhere as they began to bleed. Salix watched shocked as Sora repeatedly was cut again and again. Suddenly a Keyblade slammed into the upper left part of Sora’s chest as the Keyblade wielder cringed in pain but kept running. Another Keyblade slammed into the upper part of Sora’s right leg as the pain increased but still he continued to run. Sora pushed forward through all the pain not only for himself but for all the friends he was aiming to save. Within seconds Sora had closed the distance between Salix and himself. Quickly Sora jumped with his last bit of strength and threw both his arms down as both the Oblivion and Oathkeeper slashed at Salix. Salix raised his right arm with his Keyblade to block the attack but it wasn’t enough as the Keyblade was knocked from his hand and fell to the ground leaving him completely defenseless. The attack continued forward as Sora forced his Keyblades across with all his might. Blood flew through the air before splattering on the ground, as the battle finally ended.

well i hope the chapter was enjoyed i think everyone should recognize Salix's new technique. it was the one Master Xehanort used in the secret ending after KH2 FM+ when the Keyblades flew around in great numbers and stuff. well we only have two chapters left and the next one will be one of the most exciting.

Chapter 35: Forgotten Farewells

11/19 Monday or 11/20 Tuesday - *New 2nd to Last Chapter of Salix I*
in chapter 35 the battle finishes with wounds
everywhere as stunning new attitudes
from certain characters arise and both
Xishn and Selvix return. ...Meanwhile
one of the main characters will end up dying...

11/24 Saturday or 11/25 Sunday - *New Final Chapter of Salix I*

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and then....

11/25 Sunday or 11/26 Monday - *The First New Chapter of Salix II*
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