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Fanfiction ► The Hearts that Form the Key

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Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
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uh still in the middle of reading the other chapters but these are great :3 sorry if if laid waay back on this ^^;;; but its good :3
it's ok you just started i believe and have written a lot so no worries. =D thanks for the compliment though ^^

Here's the new chapter or rather it's the Prequel to Salix I it's called Salix Prequel I and features characters such as Sail before he was Salix and Ocean before he became Aconex. i hope you enjoy it and i'll try to post up Chapter 23: Discovering the Darkness tomorrow ^^ as always all comments or questions and what ever else people have to say is welcomed =D

Salix Prequel I

The ocean waves, I’d enjoyed them so much when I was younger. But when I grew up the sounds of those gentle giants began to sound more and more like sounds you hear in the news. Like bullets soaring in a great war, or bombs dropping from the sky like a bird that had died mid-flight. It’d been quite a while since the last time I went to hear the ocean I could hardly ever bring myself to walk the path to hear them again. Of course this wouldn’t have been possible without him…
The morning rays of light flew through the window as if the sun itself had been attempting to wake me from my slumber. My eyes slowly fluttered open. I couldn’t see a thing, again. Sometimes I wished that perhaps maybe, just maybe when I woke up that rather than seeing nothing I’d be able to see even just for a second the grey colored ceiling or bright lights that entered my room every morning. He told me what it looked like so I could almost picture it visually even now. I remember slowly lifted my body up sitting up in the warm bed. The mornings always started out the same and it was very much torturing. After waking up and preparing for the day it would be time to meet with him, something that made the day worth living for even if I couldn’t see at all.
“Good morning big brother, did you sleep well,” a young man asked as Sail walked over to meet him at a small table.
“Yes I did, thank you Ocean,” Sail replied.
“You don’t sound like you slept well. What was it,” Ocean asked concerned.
“…It was nothing, you don’t need to worry about it,” Sail answered. “Besides don’t you need to get going now?”
“Oh yeah, guess I should. Well I’ll see you tonight ok,” Ocean said before heading towards the door a small but heavy looking bag in hand.
“See you later then,” Sail waved as he watched his brother exit the room.
“Just remember it is tomorrow,” Ocean whispered as he walked out the door and left the house.
Being blind, it must be difficult, but for me it’s not too hard and having been a doctor I must have been able to move around easily. I had to move just as easily as all the other doctors and patients so they wouldn’t doubt my skill. It had earned me tons of respect from the masses and I had not been doubted since my original entry into the small clinic in which I now worked. The pay was good and I was glad it was enough to sustain both of us and with a little extra that we put aside in case of needing it for some reason or another.
To some it would have probably been called a “good” life, and it was I guess. Though mine and every human’s natural instinct was to call the life of the person who had higher placement in society a “good” life. Every person had a certain something they wish they had. Mine was simple; it was to be ordinary or even below it with just the simple ability to see. That’s at least what I had wanted then. The days leading up to what they had labeled “an unfortunate series of events” seemed to get shorter. As if my inability to see wasn’t bad enough. It seemed at the time the gods must have wanted to punish me until they had completely used my usefulness up. “An unfortunate series of events.” That was bullshit. What made it worse was that they knew it. They wanted life but had completely neglected the fact that in order for them to live, they needed life to replace their own.
“I know it’s not exactly what you expected and the world will probably be destroyed if I screw up. But if I don’t then I’ll be a hero like you, won’t I,” Ocean said clearly excited about this very short once in a life time chance.
“…I don’t want you to do it,” Sail said.
He was only 3 years younger than me but he still searched for my approval. Perhaps it was my approval that kept him going and although he often searched for it I guess in reality I rarely granted it. Whether it was out of fear for my younger brother or just not wanting him to do it, I would often deny him his own birth right. It was something that perhaps I regretted deep down.
“But why not,” Ocean asked.
“I understand you want to be a hero but let the next person have this chance ok,” Sail answered.
“But why, why do you want me to give up such a big opportunity. I know the stakes are high. But if this mission doesn’t finish in success then well it’ll be meaningless won’t it,” Ocean argued clearly putting his full will power into arguing for his own rights.
At the time, I couldn’t think of anything to say. As if anything I would’ve said would’ve made a difference, he would’ve gone with my permission or not. I just wish I had pushed a little harder maybe knocked him out with some of the clinic’s sleeping medicine. He didn’t deserve the ultimate fate calling. Nonetheless what I said instead may have increased his own determination and will to go forward with the mission. Regardless of the risks that waited ahead for him.
“Fine you’ve made your point, I accept it. Go ahead and be the hero this time,” Sail said smiling slightly.
“Really, you’re really letting me go,” Ocean said in disbelief.
But he had good reason, because if I had had the materials then I would have tied him down and sealed the room up with no escape, just to keep him from going. But he seemed so pleased, that emotion in his voice had sounded so pleasant. If I could’ve seen him I imagine he would’ve been filled with tears for me allowing him to go regardless of what I knew.
“Thank you big brother, thank you so much,” Ocean said before running over to grant me the last moment I would’ve embraced for the rest of my life as Sail.
His arms wrapped around me, hugging me in his embrace. He often seemed so much younger around me that I would often forget his age for brief moments of time. Slowly releasing his grip Ocean stood up a short distance away from me. He had received my approval despite my feelings against it and I had received his happiness. It made me sleep soundly that night. The next morning I had risen early and made my way to quickly preparing for his leaving. By the time Ocean came down I had prepared for my last moments before he left to save our world.
“Look I know you don’t want me to go. I can tell. But listen I promise this won’t be the last time we see each other, ok,” Ocean said as if trying to reassure me and calm any of my last minute not-so-well-hidden fears.
“I hope so. Just make sure you don’t push your luck ok,” Sail replied warning him.
“Don’t worry I’ll save this world, no matter what,” Ocean answered smiling brightly.
“Good luck. I’ll be waiting for you,” Sail said as he smiled too.
“Thanks,” Ocean whispered before leaving the house.
That was the last word he’d ever speak to me at least as Ocean. It was later that during humanity’s 11th hour that it happened. It’d come so suddenly that I suppose it was the shock that hurt me most. I remember the first words that were said before I had completely lost it. “The world is safe we owe a great deal of gratitude to the great but deceased saviors of our planet Quincy Samson, Jay Boltmen and Ocean Taylor.” I had completely lost it after that and couldn’t concentrate enough to even understand the human tongue. By the time the news report had finished I had destroyed most of the room I had been in waiting for his arrival that would never happen.
Days passed by and I kept hoping for new news, but they would just repeat the same stupid thing. “Through the hard work of those three brave men we the people of this world were able to survive and our hope is that their sacrifice will redefine our world.” I had never been so pissed off the first time I’d heard that. I think I fractured three of the bones in my arm during my enraged state. But I didn’t blame the people who sent Ocean up there or the events that had unfolded that led to his death. I blamed myself for not trying harder to keep him home. I think back then I had hoped that secretly he would fail the mission and everything would have been destroyed. At least then we would have been together. But my rational thought had been completely destroyed or rather shattered the instant that I’d found out that he’d died.
Almost immediately after that I left my job as a doctor. Though many had tried to convince me to stay, I knew I wouldn’t be much help even if I took a year off. But I think the real reason that I left the job at the clinic wasn’t because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to concentrate or that I might accidentally hurt a patient. No I think I really left because I hated everyone. Or to be more precise I just lost all reasoning for human emotions. The stronger emotions such as love and happiness in particular pissed me off because I couldn’t understand them any longer. I couldn’t understand how they worked at all. So I became alone and used what I could of our savings to survive and slowly I began to move forward and began to experiment on hearts.
Over time I began to work more and more furthering my studies until I came to learn of “them.” By abandoning all emotion and the heart that contains it, it is possible to create a being with memories of your full life and a body of nothingness. It would be an incomplete being that has no heart and no emotions called the Nobodies. I began to research a bit doing small tests here and there on other subjects. Some created these beings called Nobodies while others became merely one creation rather than two. They were the heart that was cut away from the body called the Heartless. As my research progressed to its final stages I learned that the rate of becoming a Nobody depended upon whether your heart was strong. This was true, at least in most cases. I also learned about how the Heartless were in greater number than the Nobodies. However it was clear that the Nobodies were superior in multiple ways including intelligence and power. One thing that I was intrigued by was the amount of potential the Heartless had and the power of their hearts that they consumed. It led me to believe that perhaps there were abilities that could release that power and control it like a puppet on wires.
Perhaps it was because of my studying or perhaps it was a mere fluke that I later obtained that ability called “Diffusion of Hearts.” But I didn’t obtain that ability until I became one of “them.” Whether what had forced me into that situation was the need for power or the need to understand my emotions or even if it was to by some small fraction of a chance to try to find Ocean. I ended up making the decision to become a Nobody of my own freewill. I remember walking down that path once again the cold winds whistling as the sun began to set. Arriving there once again I stared out across the cold waters that shimmered with the reflection of the sunset. The sound of the water hitting the shore, the sound of the ocean waves, they still sounded chaotic to me rather than harmonic and beautiful like they should have been. It was then that I sacrificed my heart and became what I had chosen to become.
I remember sleeping. It was strange since I shouldn’t have remembered such a thing. Since very few people can even remember their own dreams. Then I awoke in a strange place. It was weird. The world was dark and the moon shimmered off what appeared to be another ocean. It was odd but I felt like I could see again, from the moment I awoke in that strange world. Everything I heard played out like a puzzle pulling together until all the pieces aligned just right to form an image of what I was hearing in my mind. It took me a while to get up but when I did the sounds came even clearer to me, and it was so strange to feel as if I could see the world for the first time in my life. It was very serene and very addicting.
I probably could have stayed there forever but forever is too long of a time and eventually though as addicting as it was I had to leave with “his” help. He was a tall man and he said he too had become a Nobody by choice and abandoned his heart. But now he wanted it back. At first I thought he was nothing more than a child that gave up his favorite toy and then wanted it back but couldn’t get it. I was wrong. He could get it back and he was clearly willing to do so by any means necessary. This I learned just by listening to his voice. His thoughts played out through his words even though he had no emotions. Even though I knew all of this had to be true I joined him anyways.
His name was Xemnas. He explained to me after I joined him that I had a gift that he would use to help forward the group’s main goal. The power of “Diffusion of Hearts” was an ability to control, alter, save and purify hearts to an extent. It was an invaluable ability for Xemnas’ main goal or rather the Organization’s main goal as he would often say it. It was in that group that I met my comrades that I would later join in another group called the Exiled Order. However during my stay with the Organization I became very close allies with a small group of people that I gathered together for my own purposes.
The first to join me in my small and secretly kept group was Xishn one of the many members that would eventually join that group called the Exiled Order. He from the time I met him was a very loyal man and proved it to me over and over again. However he had a bad habit that although I let slip through the cracks from time to time was and is very irritating. His personality seemed almost based primarily on making fun and joking of others. When I had originally found Xishn most of his original memories and existence had been some what “deleted.” It took a short while to find them but even now neither he nor I know the full truth of his memories since his ability Heart Cavity has made things difficult to find his original past. As a result of this Xishn though on the exterior makes fun of his fellow Organization members, has a very complicated mind that although he refuses to share completely even with me is clearly hiding his feelings about the Keyblade wielder whom he is connected to.
The second person to join us was Lonex a man of massive complications who mentally was and is so massively unstable that he must always focus with all his might just to remain sane. I am able to control him when he is no longer able to but I fear it may be his undoing in the end result, however he is very powerful and although dangerous to be around a very valuable ally. The last character who although is only a temporary join at times is Selvix. I have given him the False Heart which was something I developed without testing it fully. I believe him to be the best subject to possess it. However Selvix while one of us is also difficult. He is an ally but if we were to do something not in favor of his own individual interests I have a feeling he might not side with us.
I later chose to leave the Organization before they could send their meddling red-head after me. Leaving earlier allowed me to escape all the easier in order to join the Exiled Order as their 10th position. Recently I’ve heard of a gathering within the Exiled Order, apparently there is going to be an uprising against the other members that are not within the traitor filled group. They say the leader is a manipulative young man called “Daxic.” Apparently he joined shortly after I did since he’s only in the 14th position. Perhaps I’ll join them I’m not sure. Although I’m not one for mutiny, I am willing to do whatever it takes to get what I need. And I have still not found him yet.

here are pictures of two of my main characters from Salix I colored so tell me what you think of them ^^

Xishn: The Emulating Shield

Lonex: The Ensnared Facade

All credit for drawing them goes to AP (Angel's Prayer) and credit for coloring them goes to NI (Nobody Important).

well hope it's enjoyed tomorrow i'll post up Chapter 23 =D

Chapter 23: Discovering the Darkness
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Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
SORA!!! You're evil DT, just evil....
sorry MM ^^;;; Sora had to get beaten up a bit but just make sure to read the following chapters you'll like them i'm positive. =D

and because i could fit him on the last post as there's an image limit i do apologize for double posting anyways

here's Salix in case anyone missed him ^^

Salix: The Vigilant Erudite


All credit for drawing them goes to AP (Angel's Prayer) and credit for coloring them goes to NI (Nobody Important).
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Dawning Twilight

The Egotistical Bastard
Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
here's chapter 23 i hope it's enjoyed ^^ also as always any comments or what not are accepted =D

Chapter 23: Discovering the Darkness

Lonex watched from above safely out of reach of the Heart Cavity’s side effects. Suddenly he saw Xishn twitch as time began to speed up once again slowly at first and then reaching normal speeds. Xishn watched Sora’s lifeless body collapse to the ground as he smiled.
“Sora,” Riku shouted as he banged his fists against the barrier wall.
Riku felt his stomach tighten into a knot as he saw Sora fall to the ground, the lifeless look in his eyes giving away his “death”.
“Get up Sora. Get up,” Riku shouted and pounded up against the wall even harder.
“Don’t bother. He doesn’t have the right to exist. That’s why he’s gone,” Xishn said as he stared at Riku an uncaring and emotionless look in his eyes.
Riku felt a deep feeling of hate and resentment as tiny bits of black smoke appeared emanating from his body. It started out small at first but eventually it showed more clearly as the smoke enveloped his whole body and began to crack the large barrier wall in front of him. Suddenly the barrier gave out as it shattered in a massive explosion allowing for the smoke to rush out like a massive tidal wave. The tidal wave of smoke seemed to rest peacefully for a second but was cut open as Riku shot out of it his Keyblade gripped tightly in his right hand. Swiftly Riku charged at Xishn swinging his Keyblade in full force at him. Xishn barely managed to sidestep as he bounded out of the way. Immediately Riku changed tactics hurling the Keyblade at Xishn. The blade was close but just missed as Xishn dodged it out of the way and straight into Riku’s fist. The solid punch threw Xishn backwards skidding across the ground. Xishn managed to stop himself as his feet pressed into the ground. The punch had hurt but the surprise attack was what was most on his mind. Xishn hadn’t expected nor planed Riku to act so severely to his friend’s “death” though he should have been able to predict it. Riku didn’t give Xishn much time to think though as he rushed him before firing several blasts made of the darkness. Xishn held his ground as a mirror appeared in front of him taking in the darkness and then shooting it elsewhere as a second mirror appeared to release the energy. Riku wouldn’t fall for a mirror trick though as he jumped into the air. Xishn watched as Riku plummeted down on him The Keyblade slashing straight through. Riku looked down at the ground all that remained of Xishn was an empty sky-blue cloak.
“You’re fast. Probably just as fast as Sora, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll win,” Xishn said his cloak now dismounted to reveal his inner outfit.
Xishn wore black boots, guards on both his arms and legs that covered over his long white pants and a black middle length sleeve shirt under his short sleeved about waist high white jacket that remained unbuttoned. Riku gripped the Keyblade tightly as he stared forward at Xishn. Memories of Sora and him from the past popping back into his mind.
“Why the long face? Is he really that important to you,” Xishn asked.
“Yes he was my best friend,” Riku said holding back his anger for a moment.
“Then why do you talk like he’s dead,” Xishn asked a confused look on his face.
“What are you talking about? I saw you, you did the same thing to that other guy,” Riku shouted.
“True I shattered Xaneth’s heart. But I’m not allowed to do the same to Sora, he just hasn’t realize that yet,” Xishn replied calmly.
“Then Sora’s still alive,” Riku said surprised.
“I just said I wasn’t allowed to shatter Sora’s heart. That’s it. Sora has to decide for himself if he’s done playing or not,” Xishn replied as his memory of leaving the world within Sora’s heart came back to him.
The memory slowly began to replay in Xishn’s head like a movie clip. Roxas watched helplessly. He tried to stand but his body was more worn out then Sora’s had been so he was drained of even the slightest bit of energy.
“Now you’re all alone Roxas. You’ll have to get used to it for a while. Because very soon a while will be all you have left,” Xishn said as he turned and walked off in a different direction. “Soon Sora we come to his own realization. And then, it will end. You understand right Roxas? We all have to play our own role. That’s just how things work. Enjoy you’re time alone it’ll be short-lived anyways.”
Xishn heard his steps echo as he walked towards the edge before he calmly walked off of it and vanished without a trace. Roxas lay for a moment contemplating what he had just heard. The thoughts racing through his head as he tightened his hands into tight fists. Slowly Roxas was able to force himself to sit up his bones creaking and his whole body feeling as if it was about to collapse upon itself. Roxas whispered to himself as he stared forward into the emptiness.
“Thanks Xishn,” Roxas’ voice echoed though the large area as a second pair of foot steps echoed through the lonely world.
Xishn stared over at the body of the fallen Keyblade wielder as he looked into Sora’s now glazed over eyes.
“How do I free Sora,” Riku demanded as Xishn turned his attention back over to Riku.
“You can’t. Even I can’t at this point. That’s why I left him there after all,” Xishn replied. “Not that it matters. You’ll soon have no reason to worry at all in fact. Since I don’t need to hold back any longer especially against you.”
Riku was about to speak but found the air in his lungs had completely been drained as he looked down to see a fist jammed straight into his chest. Xishn smiled, he had held back against the angered Riku because of how dangerous he had become. He had held back against Roxas and Sora because he had been told not to kill them. But now it seemed fully like he had no reason to hold back, Roxas wouldn’t show up again and Sora was trapped in his own darkness. Besides he would have to end it quickly, so as to make up for lost time talking. Quickly Xishn shot his left hand over and grabbed Riku by his forehead and held him high up in the air. Riku couldn’t keep up any longer his rage had dimmed slightly and Xishn was clearly moving faster than he could keep up with. Xishn then threw Riku like a baseball. Riku felt his body soar through the air before it slammed up against the wall a bit of saliva shooting out of his mouth mixed with blood. His body was by this time more like rubber than anything. His body seemed to just slip off the wall and landed on the ground like a sack of hammers. Riku just laid there his body wouldn’t move from the shock. Suddenly he saw Xishn appear as if out of nowhere as he reached down and picked Riku up by the neck of his shirt.
“You were pretty fast before when you thought Sora had died. At this point I guess I can understand why. Don’t worry I’ll release this weighted heart of yours,” Xishn said smiling as he thrust his right hand at the left side of Riku’s chest and Riku seemed to pass out from the pain induced on him from Xishn.
Xishn suddenly stopped his body frozen on instinct as he turned his glance to behind himself. The body of Sora now stood up as Xishn turned around to face him. Xishn watched as Sora’s consciousness returned, the former vacant look in his eye changing.
“So you found your light? Even in that darkness,” Xishn asked staring forward a clear newly refined sense of determination shinning in Sora’s eyes.
“Yeah I did,” Sora replied his memories of what had happened flashing back to him.
The darkness flowed everywhere what light there had been had long since vanished in the never-ending chasm of complete blackness. Sora’s body was the only thing that existed there at that point.
“Am I alive? He said this place was never-ending, so I guess I must be. But if that’s so will I have to exist here forever,” Sora said to himself his eyes shut.
“How long do you intend to float there,” a voice echoed out through the darkness.
“Huh who’s that,” Sora asked.
“Come on Sora, you know who this is,” the voice replied.
“Is that you Riku,” Sora asked.
“Of course, now are you going to do something or just keep floating there,” the voice of Riku asked.
“But I don’t know how to get out of here,” Sora replied.
“You know how, after all this is your heart. You’re the king of this world, only you know how to get back,” the voice of Riku explained.
“But even if I did make it back, I’m too tired to fight anymore. There’s no way I could save everybody,” Sora said depression filling his voice as the area seemed to get even darker.
“If that’s your decision then I can’t help you,” the voice of Riku replied. “But I can say one last thing. I know I wouldn’t want to be stranded here.”
“Wait Riku don’t go,” Sora shouted.
“I can’t stay here with you Sora, I’m sorry,” the voice of Riku said as it trailed off and stopped all together.
“Wait Riku, Riku, I have to get out of here,” Sora shouted.
Sora thrashed around wildly his arms slashing at the air as he tried to stop himself from falling any further but to no avail.
“Riku, Kairi, everyone,” Sora shouted the loneliness of the darkness overflowing at this point. “I don’t want to be alone.”
Sora felt his body drift down further the darkness clinging to his body, by now it was too dark to even hope to see anything.
“I guess I can’t do a thing. Without Riku and Kairi and all the others I can’t do anything,” Sora said his words trailing off.
“Are you sure,” a voice echoed throughout the darkness.
“What who’s there, Riku is that you,” Sora shouted.
“Are you sure,” the voice asked again.
“Am I sure of what,” Sora shouted in response.
“Are you sure you want to remain here forever,” the voice asked.
“Of course not I want to save Riku and Kairi and all the others,” Sora answered.
“Are you sure? There’s no way you’ll be able to save them in your present condition,” the voice answered.
“But I have to try. Even if I fail maybe I can create a big enough distraction to help Riku get Kairi out of here,” Sora said.
“Liar, I can sense it, your will to live. You don’t want to sacrifice yourself for them. You want power, the power to crush Xishn beneath your feet. Don’t you,” the voice asked. “If you had that power you wouldn’t have to worry anymore. They wouldn’t be able to touch you or your friends.”
“Maybe I want that,” Sora whispered.
“Yes because if you had that, then you could protect your friends. Couldn’t you,” the voice stated.
“You’re right. Then none of this would’ve happened. We wouldn’t have to worry about them any longer,” Sora said. “But if I accepted this power then a lot of bad things would happen, which is why I have to rely on my light to save me.”
“Foolish, the light cannot reach you here. You’ve fallen too far into the darkness and now you’ll stay here forever,” the voice replied.
“That’s not true. If the darkness is here then so is the light. Wherever even a shadow can be found the light will be there creating it. So there’s absolutely no way I won’t be able to reach them again. I know it,” Sora said a new found determination filling his voice.
Suddenly a bright light began to emanate from Sora’s hand as the Keyblade appeared lighting up the darkness. Slowly Sora opened his formerly shut eyes as he looked around everywhere.
“I concede, you truly are the one I chose,” the voice said as it trailed off.
“Who was that,” Sora said. “I have to save the others. Riku, Kairi, everyone I’ll be there soon.”
The memory stopped playing as Sora gripped the Keyblade firmly in his right hand his face filled with his determination to save his friends. Slowly Xishn turned around to face Sora his left hand gripping Riku tightly by the throat.
“So you realized that by remembering what you were fighting for you could overwhelm the shadows and doubts that lay within your heart,” Xishn said as his eyes focused on Sora.
“Yeah and I gained something from it too,” Sora replied.
Suddenly a bright flash of light blinded Xishn as it enveloped the room. As it began to die down Sora appeared now holding two Keyblades both the Oathkeeper and Oblivion in his hands.
“I won’t be beaten back this time,” Sora said as he stared forward his new found resolve reflecting in his new ability and strength.
“Is that so? Good because I don’t intend on being beaten back either. Number 21 of the Exiled Order, Xishn,” Xishn said as his pupils began to contract like a shark when it’s eager for a meal. “When you fought me back in that world, I was holding back I didn’t see the point of wasting all my strength on someone who wasn’t even sure what they were fighting for. But now, you’ve improved and you’re aware of what you’re fighting for. So now there’s no point in holding back.”
“I’m still fighting to protect my friends. But now I’m fighting with my own strength. With my own light,” Sora replied.
“Is that so? Good, now show me your full resolve,” Xishn said.
Without a word Xishn saw the Keyblade Oathkeeper streak past him and nick his left cheek. Sora’s speed seemed a good amount faster than before as he appeared immediately behind Xishn. Sora grabbed the Keyblade Oathkeeper in his left hand and raised the Oblivion high in the air before swinging it down with all of his might at Xishn. Xishn turned around swiftly and immediately shot his left hand forward grabbing Sora by the arm before the Oblivion could even impact.
“I can still see you, you know,” Xishn replied smiling.
Without responding Sora shot the Keyblade Oathkeeper forward in a thrusting motion at Xishn. It impacted, Sora felt it. The blood splattered left and right making wet sounds as it landed on the floor and everywhere else. Sora gazed into Xishn’s eyes as he continued to smile even when he was so close to his own death.

i hope that last chapter was enjoyed. i am currently working on an attachment between my Prequel I and yoyo's prequel so i hope to post that up soon. but chapter 24 will come first ^^ i hope people will stick around to read it =D

Chapter 24: On the Offensive

Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
alright here's chapter 24 i hope everyone enjoys it and as always comments/questions are accepted ^^

Chapter 24: On the Offensive

Xishn’s smile confused Sora. He was clearly close to death and yet he smiled. It didn’t make any sense either way you looked at it. Suddenly Xishn’s image began to blur until it had completely vanished along with the scattered bits of blood. With most uncanny speed Xishn appeared behind Sora smiling as the realization set in. Quickly Sora responded and turned around with all the speed he could muster up, but wasn’t fast enough as Xishn caught the back of Sora’s left arm with his left hand and delivering a solid punch with his right hand to Sora’s left cheek. The Keyblade wielder was shoved backward as Xishn rushed at him fully prepared to attack again. Quickly Xishn delivered an uppercut to Sora’s jaw throwing him upwards. The tiny bits of blood in his mouth tasted like iron. The pain coursed through Sora’s body as he saw Xishn rise up to meet him. Sora immediately threw his right leg across but was blocked as Xishn raised his left arm to defend himself. As Sora’s right leg impacted Xishn immediately closed the distance between the two of them and delivered a swift punch with his right fist nailing Sora in the forehead. Continuing his assault Xishn reached out with his right hand and grabbed Sora by the neck and rushed forward until Sora felt his body slam hard against the wall. Sora spat out a bit of blood mixed with saliva again as he felt the impact. Immediately using the force of the blow to his advantage Xishn took his left elbow and slammed it into Sora’s rib cage. Pain shot through Sora’s body as his vision became blurry. Letting go of Sora’s neck Xishn started to strike Sora in the same place landing blow after blow with his tightly gripped fists. Sora felt some of his ribs crack as Xishn continued punching him full force in the chest changing from his left fist to his right again and again. Suddenly Sora threw his right arm with the Oblivion across but only cutting through the air as Xishn jumped backwards and out of the way. Immediately Xishn got a running start and charged forward at Sora again. Sora thrusted the Oathkeeper in his left hand forward narrowly missing as Xishn threw his left foot forward nailing Sora in the gut. Xishn stared forward at the beaten Keyblade wielder Xishn’s eyes still focused and pupils contracted as if he were in a rage.
“Still not enough, or is this your limit,” Xishn asked. “It’s pathetic that this is all you can do. Even if you do manage to defeat me somehow, Salix will crush you beneath his feet if you remain this weak.”
“I’m not finished yet,” Sora answered as he raised his left hand and swung the Oathkeeper down at him.
Quickly Xishn jumped out of the way as Sora started to breathe heavily attempting to catch his breath. Not having enough time Sora rushed forward both Keyblades dragging along the ground creating a very unpleasant sound as sparks flew up from the friction between the Keyblades and the floor. Oblivion attacked first as it flew up quickly slashing at Xishn. Xishn immediately attempted to dodge the attack but got caught by the very tip of the attack slashing open a tiny wound on his left cheek as a bit of blood flew up into the air. Before the blood could hit the ground Sora swung the Oathkeeper across slashing from the side. Xishn in response caught the Keyblade in his right hand and took off throwing a quick left punch at Sora’s face. The punch missed however cutting through what appeared to be an afterimage of Keyblade wielder. Xishn fell forward off guard as Sora appeared behind him. Immediately Sora swung both Keyblades across slashing a large X shaped cut through his jacket and shirt and into Xishn’s back. The cut bled heavily as he landed on the ground and turned around to face Sora. Xishn raised his hand up so the backs of his hands faced towards the sky as Sora came down both Keyblades managing to be blocked by both Xishn’s arms and the guards he wore on his arms. Xishn felt the blood drip down his back and land on the ground the cut itself was stinging a bit but wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked. Moving quickly Xishn threw his hands across forcing the Keyblades to be knocked off balance as well as the Keyblade wielder. Xishn jumped backwards away from harm as his breathing increased and the blood dripped into a little puddle behind him. Slowly Xishn moved his left hand up and tore the jacket off his body leaving his middle length sleeve black shirt on. Slowly the jacket floated down to the ground now being ripped in half as compared to being nearly cut in half.
“I see I underestimated you. I had no idea you could move that quickly,” Xishn said.
“I know what I’m fighting for, I can’t lose now,” Sora replied.
“Are you so sure of that? It’d be pretty bad if you kept saying that and suddenly…,” Xishn said trailing off as he vanished and then suddenly reappeared behind Sora. “…Lost.”
Xishn was proud of his speed and rightfully so. He could easily catch most warriors off guard with it and was more than capable of making up for a lack of an offensive weapon choice in the Exiled. Swiftly Xishn threw his left leg across nailing Sora in the back of the neck. Sora was kicked away but managed to keep his balance. After the last several kicks and punches Sora had grown some what used to it and had managed to learn how to slightly lessen the damage caused. Taking off again Xishn caught a glance of Sora throwing both Keyblades at him. Before they could impact Xishn jumped into the air avoiding them as they flew past. Xishn landed gracefully on the ground and then rushed forward appearing in front of Sora before he could call back his Keyblades. The first punch just seemed to appear out of thin air as it impacted with Sora’s gut harshly. The second punch however never impacted as Sora gripped Xishn’s fist but wasn’t able to block it completely as Sora was tossed backwards by the mere force of the blow. Xishn smiled at Sora’s arrogance and rushed forward again. As Sora fell back he managed to stop himself again and summoned both Keyblades to his hands. The Keyblade wielder immediately threw the Oblivion down at an angle slashing at Xishn. The blade was too close to dodge and Xishn knew it. So in response Xishn quickly raised his arms up attempting to block the Keyblade but knew its speed was too fast to block completely. The Keyblade slashed through the armguards and cut into Xishn’s skin drawing blood again as it flew through the air. The rather large cut stung a lot as Xishn looked and noticed his arms were starting to give into the pain as the shook a bit uncontrollably. Swiftly Xishn counterattacked and threw his right leg across but was blocked as Sora raised the Oathkeeper and held back the offensive with his second Keyblade. Xishn frowned as he tried to force the Keyblade down but was unable to as Sora suddenly thrust the Oblivion straight forward at him. Quickly avoiding death Xishn slammed his two hands together and caught the Oblivion less than an inch away from his body. Xishn was seriously out of time. His body was injured and he was beginning to feel his breathing becoming more and more erratic. Xishn then pushed off the ground jumping backwards and shoving the Keyblade back a bit. Sora felt himself tumble back a bit as he used that to throw both Keyblades forward at Xishn. As the Keyblades flew at him they moved like two soaring helicopter blades. Xishn saw the first one aiming for his head and bent backwards as it flew just over his nose narrowly missing him but managed to cut off a few strands of his hair. The second Keyblade flew a bit lower so Xishn quickly threw his right foot up kicking it just right so it flew of balance and tumbled towards the ground. As soon as Xishn hit the ground Sora recalled his Keyblades to his hands as Xishn prepared to attack again. Riku looked around his vision a bit blurry from just coming to. He heard the sounds of a battle and looked up to see Sora and Xishn fighting as they exchanged blows and continued to beat the crap out of each other. Riku was almost stunned when he laid eyes on Sora and wiped his eyes to be sure he wasn’t dreaming or seeing an illusion. But somehow one way or another Sora had escaped and returned to normal of which Riku was thankful for. Slowly Riku sat up his bones creaking a bit as the pain set in from his fight with Xishn. Riku noticed Sora had two Keyblades now instead of one and seemed a lot faster than before. He wondered if that had been part of his reawakening but he didn’t know for sure. The two were moving so fast that he was having trouble keeping up from the sidelines.
“Is that really you Sora,” Riku whispered under his breath as he watched stunned at the battle unfolding before him.
The Keyblade cut through the wall like butter as Xishn dodged barely able to move out of the way in time as Sora swung the Oathkeeper down at him. Xishn felt it cut him a tad bit as a tiny piece of his shirt fell to the ground. Quickly Xishn threw his right fist like a bullet forward nailing Sora in the left cheek and throwing him backwards. Sora regained balance instantly and rushed forward at Xishn. It was clear that Sora was beginning to take the advantage and Xishn was beginning to lose the battle. Sora this time thrust both Keyblades forward hoping to hit Xishn but missed as Xishn gripped both Keyblades tightly by the blade end of the weapons and tried to push them upwards. The two forced their remaining full strength at each other, neither budging. Suddenly Xishn felt his right leg give out under the stress as he lost his balance. Sora immediately took advantage of this and attacked Xishn both Keyblades slashing down into Xishn’s body.

Well that ends Chapter 24 i hope to get Chapter 25 up before monday as it is the shocking conclusion to
the Xishn vs. Sora fight. it will also reveal a secret about Xishn's motives to fight Sora and also what his "treasure" was. so i hope you all read the next chapter posted up on the latest by Monday^^

Chapter 25: Lost Treasures

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alright finished chapter 25 quickly. faster than expected so it should be very enjoyable and it includes many shocking items including secrets Xishn has had. ^^ as always any comments or questions are accepted. enjoy =D

Chapter 25: Lost Treasures

As the Keyblades impacted they dug through skin and drew blood. The wounds spurted blood everywhere and this time they were both real and serious. Xishn felt the pain and kept standing though clearly he was nearing his end. Xishn ignored the pain and threw his right fist forward slamming it into Sora’s forehead and throwing him backwards a bit. Xishn started to breathe even more heavily the blood loss and time he’d fought had worn him out and he was too exhausted to fight for much longer.
“You’re still going to fight,” Sora said.
“Remember, I told you that one of us will lose their treasure at the end of this battle. We can’t both gain from this fight. It’s either you or me. I won’t give up; my treasure is what I’ve come for. It’s not something I’m going to just toss away,” Xishn shouted his pupils had long since returned to normal again.
Xishn used what energy he had left to run forward at Sora with all the speed he could muster up. Sora waited both Keyblades held ready for an attack as Xishn rushed forward. Xishn thrust his left hand forward connecting with Sora’s upper chest using all his remaining strength. Sora suddenly felt his lungs run out of air and quickly tried to take in more air breathing heavily as he stared forward at Xishn. Xishn bit down harshly, his teeth grinding together as he gripped his left fist tightly. Both of Sora’s Keyblades were digging into Xishn’s gut the force of which had stopped the full force of his own blow. Suddenly Xishn felt his legs give out as he fell to the ground on his knees, his wounds bleeding slightly as he collapsed to the ground completely. Sora dropped his Keyblades as they vanished into thin air and looked down at the wounded Xishn. Slowly Sora walked around Xishn and sat down next to him his energy completely wiped out. Sora watched shocked as Xishn tried to get up the bones in his entire body creaking like rusty pipes. As Xishn attempted to get up he found he could only force himself so he was face up instead of face down.
“So you did get a bit stronger, too strong for me to handle I guess,” Xishn said as he slightly smiled.
“Don’t lie,” Sora said as Xishn turned his glance toward the Keyblade wielder. “I can tell you let me win, why did you do that?”
“To be honest, I don’t know if I could have won. Even if I did use it all, I would’ve just killed both of us off. There was no point in that. After all, what’s the point of a battle if there’s no victor,” Xishn said smiling. “Whether it was me or you did matter. Both of us couldn’t be winners, and both of us couldn’t be losers. It was either you or me. But I guess in the end we know who won.”
“Why did it matter so much who won this battle,” Sora asked.
“I told you if you win you get one step closer to your treasure, if I lose then I lose my treasure,” Xishn explained his smile dissipating.
“What was your treasure,” Sora asked as he stared down at Xishn.
“…My treasure? Well I guess I could tell you. It was the truth,” Xishn said his face emotionless.
“What do you mean, the truth,” Sora asked.
“During the beginning of this battle I realized it. I realized I could prove to myself that if I could have won this battle then I would realize why I am what I am and I could return to being me,” Xishn explained. “But towards the end of the battle, when you appeared and showed me your true resolve. I knew at that point that there was no way I could ever realize any of that. There was no way my resolve to understand myself could ever beat your resolve to save your friends. I had just fooled myself. I had just fooled myself into thinking that if I released Roxas and destroyed you that maybe I would be able to regain myself again. But it was just a big joke.”
“That’s not true. You may look like me but you’re different. Deep down there’s still a piece of who you were there. You just have to find it on your own,” Sora replied. “But can I ask you something?”
“I’m not going anywhere as you can see right now. So what is it,” Xishn asked.
“When you dropped me off the edge of the world within my heart, why did you decide to do that,” Sora asked.
“To finish things why else,” Xishn said.
“Roxas told me, he told me that that was the only way for me to realize my true resolve. To fall into my own darkness and attempt to realize my truest resolve, to find my light amongst the total darkness,” Sora replied. “He told me you knew this.”
“Whether I did or didn’t doesn’t matter. It happened regardless of what I knew,” Xishn replied closing his eyes.
“Then why do you work for them,” Sora asked. “Why would you try to act so evil?”
“You don’t understand. Once you become evil you must admit it. Hiding darkness within the darkness will get you nowhere. As I hold darkness I am darkness thus the purity of darkness is no more different than the purity of light,” Xishn explained as he opened his eyes and stared forward at Sora. “You see what may be evil to you may not be evil to others.”
“So that’s why. But even so, you did help me. That proves that you’re not all bad,” Sora argued.
“Even if that were true, I’m a Nobody remember? We don’t even exist. So there’s really no point in arguing,” Xishn said as he shut his eyes again.
“Are you finished,” a low voice asked as a portal opened to Xishn’s left side and Lonex appeared.
“Yeah I’m done here,” Xishn replied as he opened his eyes again.
Lonex walked over to Xaneth and picked his lifeless body up hanging him over his left shoulder as his arms dangled down loosely.
“Good,” Lonex said as he walked over and helped Xishn to stand up, letting him lean on his right shoulder before he turned and started walking back towards the portal.
“Wait where are you going, what about my friends,” Sora shouted as he got to his feet again.
Lonex stopped and stared forward at the exit portal for a second thinking over his words before answering. Slowly Lonex raised his left hand and pointed over to a stair case on the otherside of the room.
“Up those stairs, Salix will meet you there when he’s done making his own preparations. Also just as a warning, he is the leader here. Whether he holds back or not is up to him, but be aware he dwarves Xishn in comparison in many ways,” Lonex explained. “Hopefully for you he’ll hold back.”
As Lonex finished speaking Xishn turned his head slightly so he could see Sora.
“Sora, just remember what your treasure is and never let anyone take it from you,” Xishn said. “Ya got me?”
“Yeah I understand,” Sora replied as Xishn smiled slightly and turned his gaze back towards the portal again.
Slowly Lonex walked off supporting Xishn who was limping next to him as they both headed into the portal before disappearing. Shortly after the portal vanished, closing the doorway Lonex had opened for them. Sora watched them disappear and then turned as he ran over towards Riku.
“Riku are you okay,” Sora asked.
“I should be asking you that. What happened to you in there,” Riku asked.
“I realized that I had to save you guys even if I had to do it on my own, and rely on my light as small as it may be to save you all,” Sora answered.
“So that’s why you came back on your own,” Riku said.
“Oh what happened to Rextanse, where did he go,” Sora asked.
“I’m not sure after I woke up he was gone,” Riku explained.
“He must’ve gone up ahead of us,” Sora said. “Can you still walk?”
“Yeah I think I can,” Riku answered.
“Alright then let’s go,” Sora said as he smiled brightly, his newly acquired resolve shinning brightly.
Slowly Riku stood up as the two walked over towards the stairs, where at the top Salix would be awaiting them.

well i hope you enjoyed it chapter 26 may take a while so i'll be sure to work a bit harder to get it out by tuesday or so. the next chapter will partially feature a conversation between Selvix and Salix and we will find out what becomes of Selvix too! ^^

Chapter 26: Preparations

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Sorry I haven't been commenting as of late, but I am loving this. 'tis epic!! Although I, too am beginning to grow weary of Xishn's antics, it's not boring, it's just a bit annoying. More power to you DT, I'm also quite interested in what becomes of Selvix...
yes Xishn was meant to be that way but did you read chapter 25 yet AP? when you do i think you'll begin to understand Xishn a bit more ^^ yes Selvix he did at the beginning do something that will need to be remembered. in the next chapter we will see his fate as Diffusion of Hearts falls into play. also i have written up to chapter 30 so far and i'm half way through it about. the only problem is editing it, it takes a long time. so i most likely will have Selvix and Salix chapter up tomorrow. i hope you check it out it'll be very cool i think ^^
Chapter 26: Preparations

good conclusion to the fight. now i'm anxious for one with salix haha
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Yeah I should come here often to check on how things are going because this is really awesome, great job.

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Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
all right i finished chapter 26 with Salix and Selvix i hope everyone reads it. as always comments and questions are appreciated. glad to see you still viewing this Haku and Sonja ^^

Chapter 26: Preparations

Salix sat calmly in his seat near the healing chambers that Sora’s friends were currently being held in. Suddenly a portal opened in front of Salix as Lonex and Xishn exited it leaving the portal to close up behind them once again. Salix faced the wounded Xishn who needed Lonex’s help at this point in order to stand up.
“So from the condition you’re in I’m guessing that your battle with Sora went a bit further than necessary,” Salix said.
“Yeah, my battle might have been a bit excessive,” Xishn replied as he turned his gaze away from Salix.
“Is he that determined,” Salix asked referring to Xishn’s wounds.
“No I thought it’d be best to encourage him,” Xishn said as he let go of Lonex and stood easily on his own.
Xishn grabbed his left shoulder as he moved the entire arm around in a circle hearing the cracking as he loosened himself up a bit and repeated the same steps with his right arm.
“I thought you said you went all out,” Lonex said staring at Xishn.
“No, I said when he showed me his true resolve; I realized at that point there was basically no reason to fight,” Xishn explained. “It’s true I fought with a good portion of my strength but I lost the will to fight in that battle long before it ended. It was just something to pass the time.”
“Were you satisfied with them,” Salix asked curiously.
“I got all I needed to know. He wasn’t strong enough to do what I wanted,” Xishn replied.
“Oh, was that what you were after,” Salix asked.
“Partially, but I was hoping he’d be able to do me that favor,” Xishn answered.
“I see then there was nothing to worry about after all. But tell me Xishn what did you do within Sora’s heart,” Salix asked.
“I wanted to see if Sora had any of my memories, and I wanted to see if he truly understood his resolve,” Xishn answered.
“I understand, there seems to be no harm done. Sora seems more determined after all,” Salix said. “But next time Xishn, I won’t tolerate you going off and doing as you please, rather than how you were instructed. Understand?”
“…Yeah I apologize old man,” Xishn replied.
“Good, now I must go and make the final preparations. Sora will be there soon and unfortunately he’s even closer. I’ll have to take care of both of them,” Salix explained.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to try and handle him again,” Lonex asked.
“You failed to defeat him the first time. I fail to see how giving you a second chance this late in the battle would help at all,” Salix answered calmly. “Now take Xishn to the recovery chambers.”
“What about Xaneth what should we do with him,” Lonex asked.
“For now take him with you and place him in one of the extra healing chambers. I’ll make sure to take care of him later,” Salix said.
“I understand then,” Lonex said as he opened up a portal taking Xishn and Xaneth to the secondary healing chambers away from the ones occupied by Sora’s friends.
Salix sat for a moment and then opened up a portal around himself as he disappeared. Selvix stood leaning up against the wall of the small room that was nest to Salix’s laboratory. He waited as a portal opened up around the chair and Salix appeared sitting down in his throne like chair. Selvix opened his eyes and stared forward at Salix.
“So, what are you doing here,” Salix asked.
“I was resting a bit. I haven’t done much lately since Sora came. So I decided to take a nap until you arrived,” Selvix answered.
“Oh did you have some business with me,” Salix asked.
“I understand that you’re concerned with where my allegence lies. However I can assure you that I have no intentions of betraying you now,” Selvix answered.
“Is that so? Is that why you were relaying information to Rextanse? And why you’ve been playing both sides here in my stronghold,” Salix asked as Selvix bit down with his teeth worried about what Salix would do now that he knew the truth. “Yes, I know all about you and Rextanse. While I’ll thank you for not giving away anything too crucial, you had relayed information I would have preferred not released to Rextanse.”
Salix listened closely as he heard the guilt begin to form in Selvix.
“Are you nervous,” Salix asked calmly.
“Should I be,” Selvix replied.
“It depends…,” Salix said his voice trailing off.
“…On what,” Selvix asked.
“Well I guess a few things. Do you fear me,” Salix asked.
“And again I’ll ask, should I,” Selvix said.
“Such an insolent tone, I’m sure if I like it or not,” Salix said. “But either way you leave me with very little options.”
Suddenly Selvix felt something pulse throughout his entire body. The pulsing feeling shot through his body five times before the waves of pain set in. Selvix collapsed to one knee the pain emanating from his heart.
“What are you doing,” Selvix asked.
“I told you, you leave me with very little options,” Salix replied as he stood up and walked over towards him. “My dear ally, you betrayed me and after all that I’ve done for you. Do you want to lose your heart again? Or perhaps you want to see it shattered into a million pieces.”
Selvix bit down harder his teeth grinding against each other. Before when he was a Nobody this wouldn’t have happened since he didn’t have a heart back then. But now his heart had returned. So Salix had complete power and dominance over him. Salix’s stare was terrifying. That look of complete control and false anger. The fact that he was blind and his eyes were glazed over made it even more terrifying to anyone who caught his gaze at that point.
“Crushing your heart would devastate you wouldn’t it? Getting the one thing you’ve been searching for and then getting it taken away for all eternity. I can almost feel the pain from just suggesting that,” Salix said.
“Are you going to do that then,” Selvix asked as he struggled at this point to breathe from the intense pain.
Selvix suddenly began to feel the pain begin to dissipate as he slowly managed to stand the pain that Salix had caused him still affecting him to some degree.
“…What would be the point in that,” Salix asked as he turned around and a portal appeared in front of him. “But I am curious. Why did you stay here? You must have realized your actions would eventually be discovered.”
“I stayed because I figured what I did wasn’t betraying you. I owed them that is correct, but I fed him information that he would have figured out quickly,” Selvix explained. “But if you feel that it’s too close to crossing over the line, I can understand that perfectly.”
Salix stood still as if contemplating what Selvix had just said. He wore a look on his face that almost said that he was deciding whether or not what Selvix had done was traitorous or not.
“I see so that’s why. Well then I am not a man without forgiveness, and perhaps I was a bit excessive,” Salix said as he reached into his pocket and tossed a small vial over to Selvix. “It’ll help you with your pain. As for what you did. Regardless of how little and irrelevant information you gave him, I can’t help but wonder if it was to pay of a debt or not. Anyways Rextanse can’t do anything. He couldn’t do anything from the start and he can’t do anything now. He’s like a bug in a firestorm. And yet, I know he’s going to try something. Make sure you make the right choice, Selvix. Choosing sides is like choosing between life and death. Make sure you know which of the two suits you best.”
Salix slowly walked forward and entered the portal as it closed up shortly after he entered it. Selvix stood still for a bit his hand gripping the vial tightly as he stared forward at where Salix had been just moments ago.
“Good thing I’ve already made my decision,” Selvix said.
Slowly a black portal opened up surrounding Selvix. The darkness enveloped Selvix as he vanished into it leaving the empty room.

well i hope you enjoyed the recent chapter. the next chapter will feature characters from other people including DrBanxon, Xatsuin, Zaverxi, Rextanse and Zixan. i hope everyone reads that one it's supposed to be very humorous and i think it should get some laughs. =D but because i have to PM it first to some of the people before posting it will take a couple of days. i'll have it up by Thursday at the latest ^^

Chapter 27: Regrouping

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well here it is the chapter i included some of the other Exiled in. i hope people find it humorous. ^^ as always comments and questions are accepted.

Chapter 27: Regrouping

Slowly a portal opened as Salix stepped out of it and into the large room that Sora would have to enter eventually.
“So this is where you’re trying to get him to come to,” a voice said as it echoed through the room.
As the portal closed behind Salix, Rextanse appeared standing a few feet behind him.
“So you came all this way. I was sure you’d give up. But why you, why would the Exiled Order send you of all people to see what I was up to,” Salix asked.
“I came because he was a bit too busy. Besides you know as well as I do if he had come here none of the Keyblade Wielders would have escaped this in one piece,” Rextanse said as Salix turned to face him. “He’s far too reckless for a mission like this.”
“You’re underestimating me. This stronghold of mine is not something to be just thought of as a mere castle. No this place is far different. It’s almost like a living being,” Salix explained. “Now if you don’t mine I must deal with Sora and I can’t have you interfering. So don’t take this too personally.”
Salix slowly lifted his right arm and flicked his wrist in the direction of Rextanse.
“What are you talking about--,” Rextanse asked but before his last word finished completely he felt himself getting thrown backwards.
“The power of my stronghold, no matter how strong you’ve become in reality in this stronghold strength when used to oppose me means nothing,” Salix said as he dragged his hand across as a large part of the wall moved and shifted so Rextanse was caught outside the stronghold. “And now to prepare.”
Salix pointed palm up down at the floor before moving his hand up. As if on command a large throne like chair shifted and appeared where he had just pointed. Salix smiled slightly as he walked over and sat down on the throne and waited for the Keyblade wielders to arrive. Footsteps echoed through the grassy plains as four figures in black cloaks walked forward towards Salix’s large stronghold. Each of the four figures were from the Exiled Order, number 25 Xatsuin, number 13 Zaverxi, number 8 DrBanxon and number 5 Zixan.
“Man why did we have to go? I mean it’s not that I don’t like going to Salix’s stronghold, I love the air-conditioning he has but seriously I don’t feel like fighting right now,” Xatsuin said.
“Would you shut up already? We’re almost there,” Zaverxi replied clearly irritated.
“Why should I shut up? I can talk if I want to,” Xatsuin said.
“Not if I cut your tounge out you won’t,” Zaverxi replied.
“That’s only if you can get me to hold my tongue out again,” Xatsuin said as the two began to fight with each other.
Zixan put his right hand up to his forehead as he shook his head.
“Why oh why did I have to get stuck with them of all people,” Zixan thought to himself.
“Come on guys do we really have to be so angry towards each other,” DrBanxon asked as he walked over with a crazy smile on his face and placed an arm over each of their shoulders.
“Idiot…,” Zixan thought to himself.
Zixan watched as both Zaverxi and Xatsuin took their anger out on him by punching DrBanxon in the face throwing him backwards.
“He seriously didn’t realize the mood they were in,” Zixan thought to himself.
As the group approached the entrance to the stronghold Zixan looked around. He was certain that there would be some sort of defense up. But clearly no one was there and it seemed pretty likely that Salix either didn’t realize they were there yet, or had no intentions of stopping them yet.
“So is he waiting for us to enter or is he letting us enter,” Zixan said curiously.
“Does it matter,” Xatsuin asked.
“I suppose not, all right let’s go in,” Zixan said as the group started to enter the stronghold.
Suddenly Zixan stopped as he looked around sensing something in the air as if something had suddenly targeted them for an attack.
“Hey is that a bird up there,” DrBanxon asked as he pointed up towards the sky.
“…you may want to move back a few steps,” Zaverxi said as he grabbed Zixan and pulled him back as something fell from the sky and slammed into the ground before them.
“What the hell was that,” Xatsuin asked.
“…Idiot you mean who the hell was that,” Zaverxi replied provoking Xatsuin.
“What the hell are you talking about,” Xatsuin said.
“…Ouch,” a voice said as the smoke cleared from around the object that had fallen as Rextanse appeared slowly managing to stand up.
A muffled sound came from below Rextanse as he looked down to see DrBanxon crushed beneath his feet. Slowly Rextanse moved off of him as he reached down to try to pick him up.
“Are you ok,” Zixan asked staring down at DrBanxon.
“…I think I’m gonna go sleepy bye right now,” DrBanxon said as he went unconscious and his face went flat down into the dirt.
“So much for a bird,” Xatsuin said as he looked down at DrBanxon.
“I guess he’ll be out for a while,” Zaverxi said calmly.
“But how the hell did you do that,” Xatsuin asked.
“Do what,” Rextanse asked.
“Fall from that high up and not injure yourself,” Xatsuin asked in disbelief.
“You know, some of us are strong enough to survive that stuff,” Zaverxi said taunting Xatsuin.
“Shut up, he fell from that high up and didn’t get hurt. Isn’t that a bit suspicious to you,” Xatsuin asked.
“No, not in the slightest,” Zaverxi replied.
“You’re just trying to make me look like an idiot aren’t you,” Xatsuin asked.
“Yep,” Zaverxi replied.
Xatsuin quickly attacked Zaverxi as the two began to fight again as they normally would.
“So why did you fall out of the building from that high up,” Zixan asked.
“I was trying to fly,” Rextanse said.
A silent moment passed as time seemed to stop no one realizing he was attempting to be sarcastic.
“Ha see I told you so,” Xatsuin said as the two began to fight again.
“…You really believed me didn’t you,” Rextanse said becoming irritated.
“Well what else would you be doing,” a voice drifted up belonging to DrBanxon who had woken up.
“Shut up, go back to sleep,” Rextanse said irritated as he stomped on DrBanxon’s back sending him unconscious again as his face again fell into the dirt.
“So what were you doing then, without your sarcasm this time,” Zixan asked.
“I was knocked out of the window by Salix. Or rather by the stronghold itself,” Rextanse said.
“So the stronghold just got up by itself and kicked you out of the window,” Xatsuin asked as the fighting momentarily ceased.
“Yeah, well kinda,” Rextanse replied.
“See I told you so,” Xatsuin replied as the two began fighting once again.
“Not like that you idiot,” Rextanse said becoming irritated with the whole situation, they clearly did not understand his sense of humor and rather thought he had taken one too many blows to the head. “Salix’s stronghold, somehow he’s able to control it. He’s become too dangerous to fight here.”
“He could be defeated but the areas indoors leave only so much space to fight. So how do you intend to make sure he understands the situation,” Zixan asked.
“Not many options left. Either he understands next time or he’s no longer one of us,” Rextanse answered.
“Isn’t that something better left off for the group to decide as a whole,” Zixan asked.
“In this case it is a drastic measure,” Rextanse answered.
“I see, so that’s how bad it’s become. What about Sora and his allies,” Zixan asked.
“Salix is well “testing” them,” Rextanse said.
“For what,” Zixan asked.
“I have no idea. I doubt even Lonex knows what Salix is really up to,” Rextanse replied.
“What about Selvix? What has he been doing,” Zixan inquired.
“He’s no longer our priority remember. He has a heart, now so he’s Salix’s concern,” Rextanse said.
“What about his recreation process have you seen them yet,” Zixan asked.
“...Yeah both of them, apparently Xaneth was one of the two,” Rextanse explained.
“How unfortunate, what happened to them,” Zixan inquired.
“From what I’ve learned Salix destroyed the second one and Xaneth has been turned into a blank slate again,” Rextanse explained.
“So what’s our next step,” Zixan asked.
“Maybe we could try flying again,” the muffled voice of DrBanxon suggested before getting silenced once more as Rextanse slammed his foot three times into DrBanxons back. “I’ll be quiet now.”
“We should try to make it to Salix before he does any real damage to Sora or his friends. We may as of now not need the Keyblade wielders, but I wouldn’t cross their power and abilities off the list just yet,” Rextanse explained as he turned towards Zaverxi and Xatsuin who were still attempting to beat the crap out of each other. “So if you two are finished we should get moving.”
Both of the Exiled Order members slowly let go of each other’s tightly gripped throats. DrBanxon slowly got to his feet the boot marks from Rextanses boots stomped harshly into the back of his cloak. Slowly the group began to enter Salix’s stronghold as both Zaverxi and Xatsuin continued their mini fight by punching each other repeatedly in the arm.
“Some dark and powerful Exiled Order we are. It feels like I’m in some kind of really bad fan fiction,” DrBanxon thought this to himself and was about to say it but decided to keep it to himself instead, out of fear of getting another boot mark stamped into the back of his cloak.

the next chapter will feature Salix again as well as Sora and Riku. There will also be the revealing of a certain special technique i've been saving that some may know about. it's sure to be cool. we will also see a small demonstration of Salix's strength.

Chapter 28: Tea
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