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Fanfiction ► The Hearts that Form the Key

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Dawning Twilight

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Jun 6, 2005
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wow it's been a while since i posted here well just to revive it i finished a new chapter finally. ^^ hope you enjoy the new chapter everyone. as always comments and what not are accepted. =D

Chapter 17: Synchronization

Selvix tapped his foot to the beat steadily as he flipped through a magazine. His eyes traced the words and images as he flipped through a few more pages. Suddenly a large black portal opened up on one of the chairs as Lonex appeared in his usual fashion. Selvix slowly placed the magazine down on the seat next to his arm and leg as he reach up with both hands to remove his headphones before turning his music off. Suddenly two more portals opened up as both Salix and Xishn arrived on the scene.
“Man, those two are almost more trouble than they’re worth,” Xishn said smirking as he waved his arms around.
“Perhaps you should have put more emphasis on the almost part,” Selvix said as he turned to face Xishn.
“What, we’re all intellectuals here. I figured you’d all be able figure that out,” Xishn replied jokingly.
“Beyond the petty humor, what we thought would happen did happen. He turned against us because of the heart you gave him,” Lonex said as he turned to face Salix.
“Indeed, it seems that in the end result the two did not synchronize well enough,” Salix explained. “It would seem that not just any heart allows a person to become a full being.”
“And so he came into conflict with his own existence,” Selvix said as he stared down at the floor.
“Yes, which is why I disposed of him. But regardless of what decision he might have made, like him his manufactured fate would have led him to the same conclusion,” Salix explained.
“So, is he the same then,” Xishn asked putting emphasis on the word he.
“No his heart is connected. We don’t have to worry about him,” Salix answered.
“What do we do next then,” Xishn asked.
Selvix turned his head to his left side as a black portal appeared around an empty seat and Xaneth appeared. His hood now down it revealed his identity. He had long brown hair and sky-blue eyes which made him look much like Sora except for the length and style of hair.
“Welcome back sleepy-head. We missed you there,” Xishn said taunting his ally.
“Have you been waiting this whole time to tell me that one Xishn,” Xaneth asked.
“Perhaps we should stay more focused you two,” Selvix suggested.
“We could, but then we wouldn’t be able to have fun anymore, right,” Xishn replied as he smirked.
“Regardless Sora has to be tested a bit further,” Salix said.
“He cheated in this game after all and we can’t allow cheating to go unpunished, right,” Xishn added.
“Yes which is why I want you to go and test Sora further Xaneth,” Salix said.
“What about him,” Xaneth asked. “Do you want me to test him as well?”
“No. Sora should be enough for now. I see no need to bring him out again,” Salix replied as he turned and faced Xaneth. “But this time make sure that you utilize all that you have gained. Understand?”
“Yeah I understand,” Xaneth replied as he was enveloped by a large black portal and disappeared.
“You realize he probably won’t come back from this right,” Selvix said as he stared forward at Salix.
“It is of no consequence. After all once a person fulfills their purpose they have no reason to exist and one who exists longer than they are destined to, can only feel pain after that. And he is not an exception to that rule,” Salix explained.
“None of us are. It’s more or less just a matter of whose purpose extends further than the others,” Lonex added.
“Which is why we exist and eventually why we cease to exist,” Salix said.
“So if he fails what then,” Xishn asked.
“You seem anxious Xishn. Why is this,” Selvix asked.
“Roxas still exists within Sora. When I saw Sora that became clear. I just need to dig deeply within his heart,” Xishn explained.
“Just make sure you don’t shatter it,” Salix said as a brightly glowing pink colored heart appeared in his right hand. “After all hearts are such fragile things.”
Salix slowly closed his hand around the heart as it vanished. Riku’s eyes fluttered open slowly, adjusting to the light as he looked about. Slowly Riku sat up feeling a bit of pain here and there but nothing that seemed too serious.
“Riku,” a voice shouted as Sora ran over to him.
“Sora? What happened,” Riku asked confused as he sat up slowly.
“You got lucky that’s what happened,” another voice said as Rextanse walked forward his hair dangling over his shoulders.
“Who are you,” Riku asked as he looked up at the robed man.
“His name is Rextanse. He saved us back there,” Sora explained.
“So you’re with the Exiled Order,” Riku asked.
“Yes. You may as well say I’m the second-in-command,” Rextanse answered as he stared down at Riku.
“Then can you explain why this is all happening,” Riku asked.
“Honestly I’m not too sure. Salix has his own way of thinking. But that’s why I came here,” Rextanse replied.
“Anyways he said he’d help us so long as we’re both heading in the same direction,” Sora added.
“How unfortunate, so now I’ll have to take you all into consideration then,” a voice said as a large black portal opened behind Rextanse.
As Rextanse turned to face the portal a blade shot across slashing at him. The blade cut through the air as Rextanse jumped backwards out of the reach of the single blade. As soon as he landed the air in front of him blurred as a large barrier appeared closing him off from Sora and Riku.
“Who are you, are you one of Salix’s allies,” Riku asked as he slowly stood up his knees a bit weak from not moving around for a while.
“Yes but that doesn’t concern you Riku,” Xaneth said as he took a step forward towards them.
“Stop it,” Sora shouted as he stepped in front of Riku and the Keyblade appeared in both of his hands.
“Don’t interfere right now Sora,” Xaneth said.
“What do you want with Riku,” Sora asked as he crouched low to the ground and prepared to fight Xaneth.
“It isn’t Riku who I came here for,” Xaneth replied.
“So, he sent you here to get me,” Sora asked.
“I’m here to test you. That is why I was sent,” Xaneth answered.
“When am I going to get my friends back,” Sora shouted.
“Honestly I’m not too sure; it’s not up to me. All I know is that it’s my job here to test you and to see if you really are capable of doing what Salix asks of you,” Xaneth explained.
“I’ve been through enough tests. Please just let me to see my friends,” Sora said an almost desperate tone in his voice.
“Sorry, but that’s out of the question. I came here to test you Sora. Although I do feel sympathy for you and the situation that you’ve become entangled in,” Xaneth answered.
“What are you talking about? You Nobodies don’t have any hearts you can’t feel anything,” Sora shouted.
“Nobodies do not possess hearts true. However, I am different. As for why, I’m not to sure myself,” Xaneth explained as the armor he wore began to make a loud clanging sound as he took a step forward. “Although Salix told me to test you, that’s not why I’m here. You see my heart has been aching for a long time. But now it’s different. I know this is what I need to do. I know now that this is what I should do. Forget testing you, I’ll see what really sustains your light!”
Quickly Xaneth rushed forward as a Keyblade appeared in his right hand. Quickly he swung it down only to be blocked as Sora raised his own Keyblade up to defend himself. A loud sound echoed through the room as Sora attempted to stop the attack. Suddenly a bright flash of light appeared around Xaneth’s left hand as his second Keyblade appeared. Almost instantly it found it’s target slamming into Sora’s right side and shoving him harshly to the ground. Slowly Xaneth turned to face Sora as he gripped the Keyblades in both his hands tightly.
“So this is the full extent of your heart,” Xaneth said.
“Sora,” Riku shouted as he charged forward at Xaneth.
The blade of Riku’s Keyblade swung down slamming into the ground like a hammer creating a small crack where the blade had impacted. Xaneth landed on his feet nimbly a safe distance away from Riku before preparing to attack again. Swiftly Xaneth charged forward again both of his arms extended off to his sides as he swung them in a scissor like movement. However the Keyblades both missed as Xaneth’s arms continued to swing so they made a rather large X like shape. Riku quickly took advantage of this and took a few steps forward before swinging his Keyblade down in a slashing motion at his enemy. Shards of armor flew through the air as the Keyblade impacted and took a large chunk of the area covering the face with it. Quickly Riku jumped backwards and landed on the ground next to Sora. Xaneth stared forward at the two Keyblade wielders a single blue eye now visible thanks to the face area of the armor now being nearly completely shattered.
“Tell me what makes your light so strong,” Xaneth asked.
“My friends, they help me to remember why I’m me and help guide me through the darkness even when there is no light,” Sora explained.
“So your friends, they are your light,” Xaneth asked.
“Yeah, they help me and I help them. That’s what friends do after all,” Sora answered as he turned and smiled at Riku.
“I wish I could remember that. Even though I have a heart I can’t remember anything. Could this mean my heart is not real,” Xaneth said as if asking a question but not directing it at Sora or Riku in particular.
“It could, but that’s why you have to accept other people and strengthen your heart with light. I’ve learned that from my friends,” Riku explained as he extended his left arm out as if asking Xaneth if he needed a hand.
“Isn’t this just touching, I think I could cry this is so dramatic,” a voice said as a portal opened up behind Xaneth.
“You again,” Sora shouted.
“Yep me again, anyways I’m here to relieve you Xaneth,” Xishn said.
“Isn’t that convenient,” Xaneth replied as he glanced back at Xishn.
“Regardless of how convenient this may appear I have my orders and you have yours,” Xishn said as he walked forward towards Sora and Riku. “You see the result of my orders reflects upon the result of your orders. I’d rather not look bad here so I hope you’ll just do us all a favor and go peacefully.”
Xishn slowly came to a halt as he patted Xaneth on the back lightly. Xaneth’s visible blue eye suddenly glazed over as if everything that had been within him had suddenly vanished. A loud echo reverberated off the walls of the room as Xaneth collapsed to the ground motionless as if devoid of all life.
“Huh, what just happened,” Sora asked.
“Salix ordered me to dispose of him in a way so that he would be no threat to anyone for the time being,” Xishn explained.
“I don’t understand. Wasn’t he your friend,” Sora asked.
“Nope besides in a way he was meant to exist even less than I was,” Xishn answered.
“Don’t you people have any morals,” Sora shouted as he stared angrily at Xishn.
“Listen Roxas, I could explain this to you in multiple fashions, but it still wouldn’t make a difference,” Xishn asked. “Once you become evil you must admit it. Hiding darkness within the darkness will get you nowhere.”
“That can’t be right,” Sora said as he stared down at the floor.
“Whether it’s nothingness, darkness or light, it’s still the same thing. The definition for purity means to be solely one element. How do you explain my existence otherwise,” Xishn asked.
“I-I guess I don’t know,” Sora said.
“That’s not entirely true. Even if purity does mean becoming entirely one element that doesn’t mean that you can’t change. I’m proof of that,” Riku said as he raised his Keyblade as if to fight.
“You seem pretty confident that you’re right. But I’ve got a feeling that you two are like two separate ends of a battery. Remove one and the other well, we’ll see what happens,” Xishn said as he raised his right arm and snapped his fingers.
Suddenly an octagonal shaped mirror appeared above Riku as it fell down on him making him disappear. As soon as it had completed its job it immediately disappeared leaving only Sora to fight Xishn again.
“What happened to Riku,” Sora shouted confused.
“He’s elsewhere right now. But don’t worry he’s fine,” Xishn replied. “After all I couldn’t complete this without you being alone Roxas.”
“Why, haven’t I completed your test yet,” Sora shouted.
“Listen up treasures don’t exactly hop into your lap now do they Roxas? Searching for any treasure requires that you be put to the test it’s like the old saying goes nothing ventured nothing gained,” Xishn explained. “That saying applies to everyone including you and me. The only difference is that only one of us can retrieve their treasure.”
“Why is that,” Sora asked.
“Our goals are intertwined. If you win here your treasure can be obtained but mine will be lost forever. But I’m making too much of a fuss out of this. Let’s keep it simple. Is that okay with you, Roxas,” Xishn asked as he raised his right arm and snapped his fingers.
Suddenly several mirrors appeared floating around Xishn and Sora almost as if they were in orbit around the two. As the mirrors appeared one by one, one of Xishn’s Nobodies appeared next to him a sword gripped tightly in its hands. Slowly Xishn moved his right arm and reached off to the side as he grasped the sword tightly and gave the Nobody a dismissive glance. Xishn waited and made sure the Nobody had left before taking a step forward towards Sora.
“Well I can’t just let things stay quiet forever Roxas. So, let me see into that heart of yours,” Xishn said as he ran forward at Sora.
“I’ll rescue my friend’s no matter what,” Sora shouted and charged forward as he gripped the Keyblade tightly with both hands.
A loud echo reverberated through the room as both sword and Keyblade slammed together harshly. Xishn raised his left arm and threw it forward landing a punch to Sora’s right cheek throwing the Keyblade wielder back a bit as he struggled to maintain balance. Immediately Xishn threw his sword from his right hand at Sora so the blade was aimed directly at Sora’s chest. Reacting quickly Sora swung the Keyblade fiercely at the sword knocking it to the ground. Noticing the opening Sora had made Xishn instantly closed the gap between Sora and himself. With no time to react Sora felt Xishn’s left fist slam into his abdominal region. The impact itself hurt less but surprised him more. Sora then felt his body float backwards a bit before collapsing to the ground.

EDIT: also i'll be writing more often so expect maybe another chapter before thursday ^^

Chapter 18: The Passage to Existence
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Dawning Twilight

The Egotistical Bastard
Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
Well as promised here's chapter 18 for everyone ^^ i hope it's enjoyed and also any comments as always are gladly accepted. =D

Chapter 18: The Passage to Existence

Most of his body ached. The pain felt abnormally strong. Perhaps it was because of all he had been through so far, but Sora wasn’t sure either way. Slowly Sora made his way to his feet using the Keyblade as a crutch to help him stand up. Sora gazed forward. Xishn grasped the hilt of his sword tightly as he stared forward at Sora his eyes staring deeply into Sora’s.
“You seem weaker Roxas or am I just imagining it,” Xishn asked as he watched Sora move into his battle position.
“Why do keep calling me that,” Sora demanded.
“Good question. I guess it’s just for kicks,” Xishn replied with a smile. “Why does it hurt your feelings?”
“How did you know Roxas,” Sora asked.
“Plenty, why does curiosity plague your heart,” Xishn asked.
“You must know who Roxas was. So tell me. How did you know about Roxas,” Sora asked.
“Aren’t you the little detective. Yes I did know Roxas and Roxas knew me. You see I existed before Roxas so when we first met I became excited with the knowledge of his existence. Do you want to know why I was so excited about meeting Roxas,” Xishn asked.
Xishn released the grip on his sword as it clattered to the ground. Slowly Xishn raised his arms up as he gripped the sides of his hood and slowly removed it. Xishn’s blue eyes looked as deep as the oceans themselves. As Xishn let his arms fall to the sides his short brown hair tilted slightly as a breeze blew through the room. Sora’s grip on the Keyblade loosened as it fell to the ground. His eyes stared forward at Xishn locked on the Nobody.
“This is why I was so excited to learn about Roxas and this is why I stand before you now,” Xishn explained.
“…I don’t understand. You’re me,” Sora asked confused.
“…I see, so you don’t remember me and frankly to tell you the truth, even I don’t remember me. I lost my identity as my full self a long time ago, when I became this. All I can really remember is my luck while in existence. And since I’ve now become this, you can tell what kind of luck I must’ve had,” Xishn explained.
“But how could you forget who you were,” Sora asked.
“I’m a Nobody. I’ve got nothing and I exist as nothing. It only makes sense that I wouldn’t remember a thing. You of all people should realize this since you defeated the Organization,” Xishn explained.
“But you must remember something,” Sora said
“I wanted to remember for the longest time. Thanks to Salix over a long period of time I began to remember who I was, or at least who I was told that I was. I told myself Crappy or not, I wanted to remember what I was like, what I faced and what faced me. But once I regained all my memories I began to realize that I could no longer remember them and so they were no longer mine,” Xishn explained. “So you see Sora, my senses they’ve betrayed my memories. And my memories, have betrayed me.”
“But how could your memories no longer belong to you,” Sora asked.
“The memories I have of my past, they’re secondhand memories. There’s nothing that I can truly remember. I even possess some memories that aren’t even mine,” Xishn explained as he picked up his sword. “But enough about my memories tell me do you remember all of your memories. Even those that were placed in your mind during that puppet show at Castle Oblivion?”
“…Castle…Oblivion? Is this supposed to be some kind of a joke or something,” Sora shouted.
“Why? Do you find these kinds of things funny Sora,” Xishn asked smirking.
“What are you going on about,” Sora asked.
“Your lost memories. The ones that you cast away in order to retrieve your old ones,” Xishn explained.
“What do you mean lost memories? I don’t remember giving up any of mine,” Sora replied as he reached down to pick up his Keyblade.
“Why would you? After all they wouldn’t be lost if you could remember the faintest detail about them,” Xishn explained. “But perhaps it would be better if you consulted your other about this. Here I’ll take you to meet with him.”
Before Sora could respond Xishn vanished from sight quickly reappearing again just in front of Sora. Barely having enough time to react Sora swung the Keyblade at Xishn. The blade impacted with Xishn’s right arm creating a loud echoing sound. Swiftly Xishn threw his arm forward throwing Sora off guard a bit as he tumbled backwards. Just as Sora managed to get his balance back Xishn’s left hand appeared palm open just in front of Sora’s face. Xishn’s left hand now grasped Sora’s head tightly with his palm placed firmly to the middle of Sora’s forehead. Sora felt Xishn pick him up off the ground and held him so his feet were incapable of touching the ground. Xishn watched as Sora struggled for a bit to get loose but found himself unable to do anything. Slowly Sora’s eyes began to glaze over just like Xaneth’s had. Xishn smiled as he felt the passage open to him once again.

the next chapter will take a bit due to medical reasons and delay but i'll try to get the next chapter up by either saturday or monday.

Chapter 19: Desperation

Dawning Twilight

The Egotistical Bastard
Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
i just managed to finish it up i hope that chapter 19 will be enjoyed by everyone and as always all comments and anything will be much appreciated. thanks. ^^

Chapter 19: Desperation

The cold floor felt nice against Sora’s skin as he lay against it. Suddenly his memories rushed back to him as his eyes flew open and he sat up. The area around him was familiar and Sora was sure he’d seen it before. But the memory of when he’d seen it wouldn’t come to him. Slowly Sora stood up as he looked around at the area surrounding him. The ground was like a giant stained glass window. There were many different types of colors everywhere. From bright yellows to dark purples the many colors definitely stood out from the seemingly never ending pitch blackness of the surrounding area.
“Where am I,” Sora asked as he looked around at the large area.
“This is your light Sora,” a voice said as a large black portal appeared a few feet behind the Keyblade wielder.
Slowly a man in a black cloak exited the portal just before it vanished leaving the two alone.
“Huh who are you,” Sora said as he called the Keyblade to his right hand.
“Oh I forgot,” the cloaked man said. “Will this help?”
Suddenly a bright light emerged as it consumed the cloaked figure. Sora immediately raised his hands to cover his eyes, the Keyblade disappearing again. As the light dimmed down the Keyblade wielder was slowly able to remove his hands revealing Roxas stripped of his black cloak.
“It’s been a while Sora,” Roxas said as he smiled.
“Huh Roxas,” Sora blurted out in surprise as he stared at his Nobody.
“Yep, so what are you doing here,” Roxas asked.
“I’m not sure. I’m not even sure where here is,” Sora replied looking around.
“This is the realm of your light. It’s the world that exists within your heart,” Roxas explained.
“The world, within my heart,” Sora said.
“Yes this is the world that is affected by both the darkness, and the light. It holds what you hold most precious to you, see,” Roxas explained as he pointed down at the ground.
Sora gazed down at the large stained glass window like floor. The images reflected several people including Riku, Kairi, Donald and Goofy.
“So you understand right? Your friends are most important to you right now,” Roxas explained.
“I guess that would make sense. Especially given the situation and all,” a voice said as a large black portal appeared and a man in a sky-blue cloak slowly exited it.
Slowly the man turned to look at both the Keyblade wielder and his Nobody, smiling as he confirmed the identities of the two young “warriors”.
“So this is where you went off to,” the man said as he removed his hood revealing himself to be the Exiled Order member Xishn.
“Wait which one of us are you talking to? Me, or Roxas,” Sora asked.
“Does it really matter? You’re both here after all,” Xishn replied. “Besides now it should be all the easier to release the seal.”
“Huh, what seal? What are you talking about,” Sora shouted.
“Within this castle to find is to lose and to lose is to find. Does that ring any bells,” Xishn asked.
“Huh a castle, losing in order to find, that doesn’t make any sense,” Sora said his head suddenlyaching from the confusion.
“Our most precious memories lie deep in our hearts, out of reach,” Xishn added speaking slowly and clearly as if he wanted to be sure that Sora heard each and every word correctly.
Sora seemed to almost collapse under the pressure of the confused state he was in. Sora felt his left knee touch the ground the cold floor seemed almost calming as it touched his skin.
“Stop it Xishn, that’s enough,” Roxas shouted noticing the trance Sora appeared to be in.
“Is it now? But doesn’t he deserve to understand? Doesn’t Sora deserve such a right,” Xishn asked half smiling.
“No not those memories. You shouldn’t try to give back that which was never meant to happen,” Roxas shouted.
“Are you saying then that we should never obtain what we lost because we were never meant to exist,” Xishn asked.
“No it’s just that you can’t force something to exist if it chooses not to,” Roxas answered trying to reason with Xishn.
“I see, so you really have forsaken us. I had to check just to be sure but I suppose I should have known,” Xishn said as he stared down at the ground his black pupils began to contract around his shimmering blue eyes.
“Xishn, it’s not like that. I just can’t let you do this,” Roxas replied.
“Then you know what you have to do. My existence or whatever you want to call it is a mere reflection of yours. I’m less existent then you are. If you have a foot inside the ring of existence then I must have about a toe inside it,” Xishn said as he slowly raised his head and stared forward at Roxas his eyes focused directly on the Nobody. “If you want to save Sora from his own memories then you’d best be ready to cut my toe off!”
“I’m sorry you feel that way Xishn,” Roxas said as a bright flash of light surrounded each of his hands and both the Oblivion and Oathkeeper Keyblades appeared in the place of the formerly glowing lights.
“We Nobodies can’t feel such an emotion. Don’t say something you can’t possibly mean,” Xishn replied his attitude making him appear more serious than he would have been normally.
“If you insist,” Roxas said as he gripped the two Keyblades tightly before taking off in the direction of his enemy.
Roxas felt his body act almost on instinct it must have been because of the time he spent fighting the Heartless and releasing hearts for the Organization. But regardless of instinct it wouldn’t help him win this time. His eye caught a glimpse of the result but none of it seemed to register as he struck Xishn again with his Keyblade. The Keyblade seemed to almost disappear as it struck Xishn for the second time. Irritated and confused Roxas struck his enemy a third, fourth and fifth time before jumping backwards to a safe distance away from Xishn. His breathing was heavy from the attacks he had carried out but had not connected for some unknown reason.
“Are you that much of a greenhorn that you wouldn’t realize the truth Roxas,” Xishn asked as he stared forward at him. “In here you can’t hurt me. This world is the essence of Sora and I brought us here. I am responsible for everything that happens here and as a result I can control the reality of this world.”
“Does that mean, you can control me too,” Sora asked as he slowly rose to his feet and called the Keyblade to his right hand again.
“Control, you say? I wouldn’t put it that way. You see I can’t control your or Roxas’ actions. You are capable of doing whatever you please. However just like in the worlds beyond this simplistic one there are laws that bind all those who exist within them. Those laws state what can and cannot happen. This world is exactly the same. The only difference is the fact that I can alter and create those laws,” Xishn explained.
“Huh, what do you mean exactly,” Sora asked slightly confused as beads of sweat formed on his forehead.
“Allow me to explain more simply. In your world you can run, jump and swim. However you cannot spread your arms and hope to fly. That is a natural law of your world. If you need further examples then think of the gravity of your planet. It is different from the gravity of say another world you may have visited, regardless of how much it may have changed,” Xishn clarified.
“But the laws can change right? Nothing stays the same forever,” Sora asked.
“Yes that is true. The laws could change from someone simply visiting another world, or it could change by a law being forcefully altered. However the latter is impossible for most, even if it is the world that exists within their own heart,” Xishn answered.
“Then maybe it’s possible to force you out of this world,” Sora said determination filling his voice.
Quickly Sora rushed forward Keyblade in hand. Without much thought Sora thrust the Keyblade forward aiming for Xishn’s midsection. The Keyblade impacted but rather than hitting Xishn the Keyblade became stuck half-way through one of his large octagonal mirrors. Slowly Sora removed the Keyblade from the mirror and almost instantly the mirror vanished as if in response to the threat disappearing.
“It’s definitely possible. But the only question is, are you capable of forcing me out,” Xishn asked as he stared forward at Sora. “And even if you were, are you sure you’d want to?”
“What does that mean,” Sora asked.
“This world is indeed the essence of your heart but tell me, are you capable of exiting this world on your own,” Xishn replied as he raised his right arm up high.
Xishn snapped his fingers as the sound echoed throughout the world loudly. In response nearly two dozen octagonal shaped mirrors appeared floating everywhere around both Sora and Xishn. Roxas watched the floating mirrors hover above the ground as he recalled watching Xishn fight before with them. He was without a doubt a serious fighter. On his own Xishn had high speeds and had his hand to hand combat skills, but with the mirrors also on his side that made him extremely dangerous to fight, when he was serious enough about it.
“I’m not entirely sure, but even if I can’t I know that the light will show me a way,” Sora said.
“You’ve thought of everything haven’t you? Well I want to see just how determined you really are,” Xishn said.
“Fine then but I’m not going to let you win,” Sora replied as he charged forward at Xishn the Keyblade gripped tightly in both hands.
Sora rushed forward as he weaved through the mirrors that blocked his path to Xishn. As Sora turned around he glanced at Xishn his eye catching where he was for a second but that was only for a second. Suddenly it hit Sora he hadn’t noticed it before but now the pain seemed to appear out of nowhere. Sora caught a glimpse of Xishn his fist digging into his chest. The force of the attack threw the Keyblade wielder back like a cork from a wine bottle. Sora opened his eyes slowly as he watched Xishn suddenly disappear and then reappear a short distance away from him. It felt strange almost as if time itself was becoming warped around itself. Finally Sora hit the ground a relief from his trip through the mirrors that had sent him flying around in circles. Slowly standing Sora felt his grip on the Keyblade tighten as he looked around for Xishn once again. Sora suddenly caught a glimpse of Xishn and reacted almost on instinct as he swung the Keyblade with full force down at his enemy. Sora felt himself suddenly fall off balance as he stumbled through the mirror he had unknowingly attacked. Sora felt his body land hard against the ground again but quickly picked himself up as he looked around the odd world.
“Wha-what is this,” Sora said his eyes locked on all the mirrors that clearly showed an image of Xishn standing calmly gazing forward at the Keyblade wielder.
“This should be fun, it reminds me of a funhouse except the mirrors aren’t completely warped,” Xishn said as his voice echoed around the world sounding almost as if it were coming from each individual mirror.

this'll probably be the last really long chapter for a bit the next batch of chapters will be a bit shorter so i hope everyone will read the next chapter. ^^

Chapter 20: Methods

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Jun 6, 2005
Making Out With DT Cause He's So Damn Sexy!
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Chapter 20: Methods

Slowly a slight breeze entered the room but seemed to slow down almost to the point of which time itself had stopped. Xishn stood calmly in front of Sora separated from both Riku and Rextanse who both were caught in the outer effects of the Heart Cavity. From above a tiny pebble fell down moving fast at first but began to slow down until it came to a complete halt almost as if it had become frozen in time.
“So that confirms it. He did use it,” the deep voice belonging to Lonex said as it echoed through the large room.
“Yes but it doesn’t matter. Xishn despite his attitude is easy to predict. I anticipated this much so it shouldn’t damage my plans,” Salix said his arms hanging down at his sides.
“Should I retrieve him,” Lonex asked.
“I wouldn’t. You see regardless of the fact that time is not under his power. It is an aftereffect of it,” Salix answered as he pointed down at Xishn and Sora. “Time hasn’t actually stopped down there it’s just that their perception of time has slowed down to a degree that makes them from foreign eyes appear to be stopped.”
“How large is the area,” Lonex asked.
“It’s difficult to say. Perhaps the entire lower half of the room is engulfed in it, but it doesn’t matter. So long as we don’t enter that area we should be fine,” Salix explained as he slightly smiled.
“I’ve been meaning to ask you. Why is Selvix here? Isn’t he more so an ally of Sora’s,” Lonex asked.
“To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why. But as you know, when you enter here you must require two of three things. A strong heart, a strong mind or a strong will. If you have none of the three, the moment you enter this stronghold is the moment you forfeit your life. Having only one won’t help anyone much either. Only I can decide who can and should truly exist here, I am the only other way to exist in this stronghold. Perhaps Selvix does have two or even all of the three, seeing as how he did recently recover his heart,” Salix explained. “However I believe he has his own reasons for staying here. As for what I’m not entirely sure. But beyond that he’s no fool. He knows obeying my orders is the only constant reason he will continue to exist here.”
“I see so should we keep an eye on him,” Lonex asked.
“No, he is an ally after all. Besides even if he is planning on making a move, he should know better than to do so here. Especially knowing who has helped him become what he is now,” Salix answered.
“What about Xishn? He did disobey your orders,” Lonex asked.
“That is true, however it matters not. Xishn is loyal he’s no traitor. But even if he were to betray me he’s smart enough not to do such when I’m still in power here,” Salix replied as a large black portal appeared behind him and he turned to face it. “But enough of this, I have to make the final preparations for Sora’s arrival. Xishn is strong but no one can defeat fate, not even him. When he fails to defeat Sora bring him to the recovery chamber I don’t want to lose him. Not yet at least.”
“I will do as you ask,” Lonex replied calmly partially bowing.
Salix smiled as he exited the room through the portal. As it closed around Salix Lonex turned his attention back to the scenery below changing his right hand into a tight fist.
“It’ll all be over soon. Very soon,” Lonex muttered under his breath as he continued to watch the still scene of Xishn, Sora and the others.
A loud echo reverberated through the room as Sora felt himself thrown once again to the ground. He had been trying to find the real Xishn for nearly an hour and his body was becoming more and more exhausted. Even when he did find the real Xishn hidden by the many mirrors he had summoned all that would happen was Sora getting knocked backwards by a strong right or left hook to the face. However after everything that he had been through Sora couldn’t just give up now. Slowly rising to his feet Sora gripped both hands tightly to the yellow and silver colored Keyblade, his breathing becoming more erratic by the second.
“Are you getting tired Sora? I’m finding this funhouse game of ours to be quite amusing,” Xishn said as his voice echoed through each of the mirrors and he smirked at the worn out Keyblade wielder.
“I can’t give up I have to release Kairi and the others,” Sora said trying to revive his hope.
“Is that so? Just as a warning I think I should let you know. Even if you find a way to get out of this world and defeat me you’ll still have to find a way to defeat Salix and I find that to be very unlikely,” Xishn replied. “After all your light is about to be snuffed out.”
“…Maybe he’s right maybe I can’t do this. I’ve tried everything, even when I get close to him I get knocked away,” Sora said softly as he looked down his normal smile diminishing from the realization of his hope truly being torn away at.
“No way you can’t give up yet,” a voice said as Roxas slowly walked towards Sora.
“But how his mirrors keep getting in the way,” Sora said.
“I’ll help you with that part, but the rest will be up to you Sora,” Roxas said.
Slowly Roxas raised his right hand and pressed it lightly up against the left side of Sora’s chest. Sora watched as Roxas seemed to become transparent and started to slowly enter into his body until he had completely fused with Sora.
“Huh, what happened,” Sora asked as he looked down at himself before quickly moving his hands to his chest as if making sure he was still himself.
“I entered your body in order to help you. You have all of my strength now Sora,” Roxas explained as two Keyblades appeared in Sora’s hands both Oathkeeper and Oblivion. “But this is only temporary; I can’t hold a form like this out for more than 5 minutes.”
“Then all we have to do is beat him in under 5 minutes,” Sora said.
Xishn watched from a good distance away, the mirrors covering the distance between the two his eyes locked on Sora.
“So Roxas combined himself with Sora, this’ll probably take a bit more time but five minutes should about do it,” Xishn thought to himself.
Suddenly Xishn felt a pain tear into his left arm as he saw one of Sora’s two Keyblades fly right by him narrowly scratching him with the blade. Quickly reacting Xishn turned around just in time to see Sora behind him his second Keyblade moving straight at him in a powerful thrusting motion.

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Chapter 21: 5 Minutes

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Chapter 21: 5 Minutes

The sound echoed throughout the world. Tiny droplets of a watery like substance slowly edged downward before dripping into a tiny puddle. The dark red color revealed it to be blood.
“I have to admit I didn’t expect that you’d fall for the multiple reflections that I created. But even still I never expected that you’d act so quickly around it,” Xishn said as he stared forward at Sora his left hand gripping the front of the Keyblade firmly
Slowly the tiny droplets of blood dripped down his arm inch by inch before landing into the tiny puddle below. Each droplet creating a clear echo as it landed.
“I’ve seen that trick of yours before. And I’ve watched you fight too. I know how you work Xishn, I won’t be fooled or beaten by you now,” Roxas said a transparent image of him appearing over Sora’s body.
“That’s at least for the next 5 minutes. Right? I’m guessing that you told Sora as well correct,” Xishn asked.
“You--,” Roxas began to speak.
“- -Can read lips? Was I right? It was either that or you were about to call me a name of some sort. Bastard? Shit head? Asshole? Tell me, which was it,” Xishn asked an amused smile sinking into his face.
“Stop toying with me,” Roxas shouted.
“So harsh Roxas. You should focus that anger into concentration. Else you would have noticed what I was doing all this time,” Xishn said.
Roxas caught a glimpse of the attack just as it impacted with him. The pain circulated through Sora’s body as soon as Xishn’s fist hit the left side of Sora’s chest the area exactly where his heart would have been placed. Sora immediately pushed down directing his weight to the tips of his feet as he tried to slow down his movement eventually coming to a stop.
“Well get up already. Don’t tell me I broke your heart there, did I,” Xishn asked as he walked forward his mirrors hovering around him as if waiting for a command to execute. “That first hit you got because I underestimated how quick you could react. And just then I must have gotten that hit on you because you both underestimated how quickly I could react. So why don’t we both throw aside all of this bullshit for the next few minutes or so and see how far we can get. What do you say?”
“I say, I’m already a step ahead of you,” Sora said as he rushed forward at Xishn.
Xishn watched as Sora suddenly appeared right in front of him his Keyblade thrust straight through his midsection. Suddenly Sora noticed the edges of the mirror that he had just attacked rather than Xishn. Slowly he withdrew the Keyblade from the mirror and looked around waiting for a reaction to his sudden assault.
“Come out Xishn,” Roxas shouted as he looked around at the mirrors everywhere.
“If that’s what you want,” Xishn replied as he suddenly charged out of one of the mirrors.
Sora turned around with just enough time to block the fist with his Keyblade that had threatened to knock him backwards. Xishn quickly reacted by moving the fist that had punched the Keyblade and gripped it tightly giving him enough space to get in close as he slammed his right fist into Sora’s left cheek. The force of the blow threw Sora back a bit forcing Xishn to release the Keyblade that he had gripped on to. As Sora fell backwards he used his own weight to twist and turn in order to throw the second Keyblade straight at Xishn. The Keyblade spun around in circles as it flew at Xishn. Immediately reacting Xishn attempted to dodge the attack but clearly did not have enough time as the edge of the Keyblade scratched up against Xishn’s right shoulder leaving a nasty cut from the impact. Sora now on his feet called the Keyblade back to his hand as he watched Xishn come to a halt his feet digging into the ground as he tried to stop his body. As he lost speed Xishn stood still and moved his left hand to his right shoulder. He could feel the cold dampness of blood. It was far worse looking than it felt that much was clear, slowly he turned his attention away from his minor wound and back at Sora. Xishn watched as Sora took the lead this time charging forward with both Keyblades leaning slightly against the ground as they created a rather nice nails-on-a-chalkboard like sound. Xishn watched the sparks fly from the friction between the Keyblades and the floor as he quickly with his remaining time charged at his enemy in response. Bringing up the Keyblade in his right hand was Sora’s first move. The Keyblade flew up like a plane taking off; just barely managing to nick the top of Xishn’s left shoulder. Quickly changing attacks Sora brought his left arm that gripped the second Keyblade around managing to slam the Keyblade into Xishn’s right arm which was curled up tightly into a defensive position. Xishn felt his body thrown heavily off to the side as if he had just been hit by a bus. The block had barely helped at all as he turned his body to face Sora his feet dragging along the ground just managing to stop his movement as Sora appeared directly in front of him. With speeds almost too fast Sora jammed the Keyblade in his right hand into the ground and caught Xishn’s left fist before he had gotten half way into the punch. Instantly reacting Xishn threw his right fist forward aiming for Sora’s face but missed as Sora dodged by tilting his head off to the side. With no way to block Sora immediately threw the Keyblade into Xishn’s left side as he let go of Xishn’s left fist. A hard jab was all it took as Sora watched Xishn fly off some of his saliva flying into the air mixed with a small amount of blood. Xishn brought his feet down as he dragged across the surface before managing to come to a complete stop at the edge of the large stained glass window like surface. Sora immediately reached down with his right hand to pick up the Keyblade and rushed at Xishn his ruthless attacks resembling Roxas’. As soon as he got within range Sora threw the Keyblade in his right hand across slashing at Xishn who barely had the time to recover from the last attack. The attack only cut through air as Xishn jumped backwards falling into the black darkness that lay below.
“Is he gone,” Sora said as he looked over the edge looking for any sign of life.
Suddenly Xishn heard the sound behind him but didn’t have enough time to react as Xishn appeared falling through one of his mirrors. Almost in one move Xishn ran forward and planted his left fist into Sora’s right cheek. Sora felt himself fall off the surface and into the blackness. Wondering if there was a bottom Sora suddenly noticed the scenery of where he had been just fighting Xishn, again one of Xishn’s mirrors had just managed to save him from near destruction.
“Don’t worry Sora I have no intentions…,” Xishn said as he turned around to face Sora and planted his right foot in his face throwing him backwards and leaving a tiny trail of blood from his forceful attacks. “…Of letting this end yet!”
Sora felt himself drag against the floor, the pain coursed through his body as he slowly came to a stop. He just lay there for a bit it seemed to him as though he was completely out of energy. As if every ounce of his power had suddenly began to drop, looking up he could see Xishn walking towards him calmly. He felt his body growing weaker by the second and quickly decided to use what energy he had left to attack. Moving at high speeds once again Sora got to his feet, with Xishn so close he swung both his Keyblades across intending to deal out one last painful blow. Xishn smirked and easily shot his hands up catching the blades of both Keyblades in his hands. Sora pushed his arms further attempting to make Xishn lose his grip but felt his body was too weak. Sora suddenly felt his strength suddenly take a turn for the worse. The second Keyblade Oathkeeper instantly vanished and the Oblivion returned back to its normal Kingdom Key form as the pain he had received in battle began to quickly intensify.

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Chapter 22: Broken
Salix Prequel I

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Chapter 22: Broken

The pain flew out not in bursts but all at once. It had come out of nowhere which made sense when applying the rules that he had recently been sharing a body with Roxas who would have been taking at least half of the pain inflicted on him. Xishn smiled as he gripped tightly onto the Keyblade yanking Sora forward forcefully and thrusting his right fist into Sora’s gut.
“I’m sorry Sora; I’m at my limit,” Roxas said as he faded out of Sora’s body and landed flat on the ground clearly exhausted.
Slowly Xishn withdrew his right fist and let go of Sora’s Keyblade. Xishn watched Sora fall off balance before tumbling backwards but barely managed to stay standing. Xishn quickly shot his left fist forward like a bullet as it slammed into Sora’s face. Xishn then immediately changed by pulling his left fist forward and slamming his right fist forcefully into Sora’s face. Quickly Xishn began to repeat the pattern of punches he dealt out. Left, right, left, right, left, right, each punch impacting with Sora’s face and increasing the amount of pain he was already in. Xishn felt his punches making serious damage and after a few dozen hits he stopped and shot his left hand forward and gripped Sora tightly by the throat. Sora was so exhausted he couldn’t fight back anymore. Xishn stared into his eyes and then without a second thought threw Sora across the world letting his body fall to the ground with a loud crash. Xishn walked forward slowly, giving Sora time to stand as he approached him. Sora waited and attempted to attack Xishn again as he moved with what speed he could conjure up. To Xishn the attack moved in slow motion but to Sora the attack was his last resort. The attack was stopped before it hit its target. Xishn’s left hand rested up against the cold metal of the Keyblade.
“Seems like you’ll pass out soon, guess it doesn’t matter. I’ll leave you to rest here,” Xishn explained as he turned and began to walk away to the other side of the stained glass window like surface. “But don’t bother waking up, you won’t be anymore.”
As Sora lay there his body felt as if it was turned inside out. The pain seemed never ending and he was completely exhausted. He tried for his friends sakes, he tried for his own sake, and he tried just because he felt he had to. But everything failed. He was completely useless nothing would move he couldn’t even move his fingers or toes. His face was beaten up badly with developing bruises and bits of blood everywhere. It was most certainly the end.
“C’mon Sora, don’t tell me you’re finished already,” Riku’s voice echoed in Sora’s head.
“Riku? I can’t get up. It’s just over,” Sora said in his head.
“You’re not through I can tell. You just have to remember what you’re fighting for and you’ll make it through this. Isn’t that how you helped me and Kairi,” Riku’s voice asked in his head.
“Riku, you’re right,” Sora whispered softly.
Xishn suddenly stopped walking and turned his head. Sora was standing but barely the Keyblade in his right hand. His body looked weak and his bones were most likely creaking under the stress of his own body weight at this point in the game.
“Why, why are you standing,” Xishn asked Sora’s determination almost irritating him now.
“I told you. I still have to rescue my friends, which means I can’t lose yet,” Sora said.
“You’re definitely the wielder of the Keyblade. But even that won’t help you if you’re lost in your own darkness,” Xishn said as he walked over towards Sora.
Sora attempted to attack Xishn as he rushed forward thrashing his Keyblade about rapidly but hitting only air as Xishn easily sidestepped or dodged every blow. Finally Sora saw an opening and moved forward attempting to push Xishn over the edge of the surface. Xishn felt his left foot touch the edge of the surface as Sora threw his Keyblade down at him. The blade however was stopped in it’s tracks as Xishn blocked it with the back side of his right hand. Sora felt his heart stop as Xishn shot his left hand forward and tightly grasped him by the throat. Sora felt his body being picked up and watched helplessly as he was turned in the opposite position his own plan turned against him.
“In every heart a piece of the darkness exists. It’s mainly because of our own stupid emotions. I guess that’s why I don’t have one,” Xishn said as he smiled. “Tell me Sora do you know what exists beneath you?”
Sora didn’t, or rather couldn’t respond to the question as Xishn tightened his grip on Sora’s neck with his left hand.
“That bottomless pit is darkness. It never ends it just keeps going and going and going with no light in sight. That’s what you have to look forward to,” Xishn said smiling as he released his grip on Sora’s neck. “Bon voyage.”
Sora felt his body drop and then begin to plunge into the darkness. He watched as Xishn’s image began to get smaller and smaller and smaller until he had disappeared and yet still he continued to fall through the never ending darkness. Roxas watched helplessly. He tried to stand but his body was more worn out then Sora’s had been so he was drained of even the slightest bit of energy.
“Now you’re all alone Roxas. You’ll have to get used to it for a while. Because very soon a while will be all you have left,” Xishn said as he turned and walked off in a different direction. “Soon Sora we come to his own realization. And then, it will end. You understand right Roxas? We all have to play our own role. That’s just how things work. Enjoy your time alone it’ll be short-lived anyways.”
Xishn heard his steps echo as he walked away before he calmly walked off the edge and vanished without a trace. Roxas lay for a moment contemplating what he had just heard. The thoughts racing through his head as he tightened his hands into tight fists.

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Chapter 23: Discovering the Darkness
Salix Prequel I
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