Tales from the Pride Lands



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Sep 6, 2015
Since I really enjoyed writing my entry for the Halloween-contest, I decided to start a series on the concept.
"Tales from the Pride Lands" will be a series in episode form, which takes place a few months after "The lion King 2 - Simbas Pride".
I hope everyone who's reading this has fun. If not, you're Kovu.

Episode 1 – King Kovu

It was another majestic morning, when Simba walked up to the top of the Prides rock and roared to welcome the new day. He looked down on his land and saw his whole folk sleeping in the dawn. After a moment he roared again even louder and looked down again. Everyone was still sleeping peacfully with their loved ones. "Now wake the fuck uuuup! I don't get up every morning to roar so you can sleep, while I'm sleepy taking a risk of falling down from this god damn rock!" Simba screamed and breathed heavily. Everyone woke up and was trying to stand up, without falling in sleep again. Simba yawned and went back inside his cave to Nala.
Together with the other lions, Kiara and Kovu stood up and were starting their morning routine.
"Come on, Kovu! The gazelles won't hunt themselves!"
"Fortunately, otherwise we got nothing to hunt!
Kiara stopped running in the savannah and looked back to Kovu. "We just woke up. Don't already be yourself", she said and sighed, before running towards the savannah again. Kovu lowered his head and followed her saddened.

It didn't take Kiara long to find some gazelles in the grass and get in position. "Ssh, Kovu. There they are." She whispered to him. Kovu nodded and was staring at one of the them. "I will take this one on the right." Kovu whispered and bared his teeth. "Oh, the little weak one? Okay, then I'll take the huge one on the front. This way we have equal opponents, fair thinking." Kiara answered and bared her teeth, too. The gazelles continued eating and were turning their backs to Kiara and Kovu after a while. "Go!" Kovu yelled and jumped out of the grass. The gazelles ran away immediately and left nothing but a small place without any grass. “Wow, they are fast” Kovu said suprised and looked after the escaped prey. “No, you just don't scream something when you try to catch something.” Kiara said disappointed. “Sorry, Kiara. But don't worry, once I'm the King of the Pride Lands, our children will hunt our food!” Kovu said proudly and smiled at Kiara.
“Are you talking about children, Kovu?!” Simba screamed from the Pride Rock, which was a mile away.
“Oh my god, your dad can hear this far?”
“No. but he hears everything when about me getting babies. From you.”
“Why are you still talking about babies?! What is going on there?!” Simba kept screaming through the whole Pride Lands. Kovu tried to see Simba, but he couldn't even see the whole Pride Rock itself.
“Wanna go home, Kovu? I'm sure the other lions will catch something.” Kiara said and went back to the Pride Rock. Kovu just stood there and looked at his girlfriend running back home. “Kiara.....I...I didn't say yes. Why are you always asking rhetorical questions...”

When Kiara & Kovu arrived, Simba was already waiting for them and didn't look really happy.
“Hey dad!”
“Hey. Why did you two talk about children?”
“Oh no, Kovu just said that once he's king of the Pride Lands, our children will hunt for us and we don't have to do it by ourselves anymore.” Kiara said and made Simba look really confused.
“Ehm, okay. I don't really get how Kovu becomes king in this timeline, but okay, as long as it is a story.”
“Hey, what do you mean by that?” Kovu said and looked angrily at Simba.
“I mean that you don't have what it takes, to be king of the Pride Lands.”
“How could you know that? You never gave me a chance!”
“Yeah, that's why we're still alive. See? I'm a good king.”
“That's not fair! I can do everything that you can do!

"Oh, really?"
"Fine! If you're such a great king and can do everything I've done, then I'll accept you as my successor. Do you get that?”
Kovu nodded obviously suprised and tried to realize that Simba just listened to him. Simba turned Kovu his back and walked back into his cave. “I'll see you tomorrow, Kovu. Be ready for an experience you won't ever forget. Just like I did.” He said loud enough for Kovu to hear it. Kiara started jumping around her boyfriend and said: “That was great, Kovu! My dad will finally accept you!” “Yes! I can't believe it, but I won't disappoint you or Simba! You can count on me!” Kovu said enthusiastic.

At the next morning, Kovu already sat outside of Simba's cave and was waiting for him to wake up. Dozy, Simba came out and walked by Kovu. “Good morning, sir!” Kovu said so loud and proud, that Simba winced.
“Holy shit, Kovu! What are you doing here?!”
“You said we would meet today, so I've been waiting here for a hour.”
“Oh and you thought that I would be in a much better mood, when you are the first thing I see?”
“No, but...”
“Let me roar that no one here has a good morning and then I'll test you. Won't take too long.”, He said and walked up the Pride Rock to do his morning routine. Kovu just stood there and prepared himself, he didn't want to disappoint Kiara. Again. Like always. When Simba came back to him, he tried not to do something that would annoy him. Simba walked some meters with him and sat down. “Listen, Kovu. What ,do you think, does a king need most?”
“Ehm, love?”
“Neither Kiara or Nala are here, answer my question.”
“I mean, you need a strong heart and will. You must offer yourself for your people and protect the ones you love.”
“Oh boy, this is gonna be a loooong day.”, Simba sighed and shook his head.
“Okay, first: You need to find your puppy love and have a great time!”
“Puppy love?”
“Yes, I was a kid when I played with Nala and now we're the cutest couple on the Pride Rock until Kiara finds a new friend.”
“So, you want me to have a great time with my puppy love?” Kovu asked sceptical. Simba nodded and answered: “Yes, I'll give you a few hours for that. This way we can do every challenge today.” Kovu accepted and walked away, while Simba just looked after him.

“My puppy love...what could he mean by that. I didn't really know Kiara when I was a child, the only one I know is....oh, right!” Kovu said to himself and walked up to Vitani, who just lay in the sunlight and was dozing. “Hey, Vitani! How are you?” He greeted her. She looked at him and was visibly confused what he wanted. “Hey, Kovu. I'm fine, why are you asking?”
“Well, I just wanted to spend some time with you?”
“You know..I always really liked you when we were children.”
“Wait, did Kiara break up with you?”
“No, but I just wanted to spend some time with you. I mean I still like you, so...”
“Kovu, what the fuck are doing?!” Simba screamed from his cave and ran in his direction. Kovu pulled his tail between his legs and prayed to Mufasa.
“What. Was. That?!”
“M..my puppy love...y..you said...”
“Oh, you thought I would give you the challenge to cheat on my daughter, right?”
“The fuck is wrong with you?! I was talking about playing with your girlfriend like you were children again! You're not a puppy anymore, did you ever notice that?!”
“Y...yes, sir.”
“So what was that?!”
“M...my fault?”
“Your fault, right! Failed! Time for the secound challenge to be king, the dead father!”
“Ehm, Simba?” Vitani said and raised her paw.
“Where is that bastard?! Under that rock? Under the sea?”, Simba kept screaming and was looking for a male lion. “We don't know who Kovu's father is. But he's probably already dead.” Vitani continued in a moment where Simba was taking a breath. Kovu just kept sitting there without making any noise. Simba stopped for a moment and looked to Vitani. “Oh. Really?” “Really.”, Vitani repeated.
“Hm. Okay, you passed the secound challenge. Congratulations Kovu.”
“Thanks. I guess...”
“Let's move on to the third challenge.”, Simba said and smiled at Kovu.
“And that is...?”
“Run, Kovu. Run and never come back.”
“Are you seriou...”
“Run!” Simba roared at him that Kovu instantly started running away from the Pride Rock. Simba and Vitani just sat there and watched him run away.
“Kill him.”
“Oooh...” Simba said disappointed and lowered his head while going home.

Three hours later, Kovu didn't know where he was. He was starving and really tired from running away.
“I can't believe Simba actually did that..does he hate me so mu..”
“Failed!”,imba said from behind Kovu and interrupted his self-talk.
“Simba?! What are you doing here?!”
“I'm here to tell you that you failed your third challenge. This place is not even close to Timon & Pumbaa.”
“Timon & Pumbaa? Wait, how am I supposed to know that?””
“Feel it or fail it and we both know what you did.”
“Oh man...I thought I was so good in running away.” Kovu sighed and looked up to Simba.
“Now follow me to Timon & Pumbaa, your fourth challenge will take place there.” Simba said and walked away with Kovu. “Are we there yet?” “Oh, don't even start with that!” Simba yelled at Kovu and made him shut up for the rest of the whole way. After a while both arrived at Simbas old oasis, were Timon & Pumbaa were already waiting. “Welcome you two! Isn't it nostalgic, Simba? You, me, Pumbaa...” “A Bug.”, Simba added to Timons sentence. “And that's the keyword! Kovu, Simba told me that you're doing challenges to become a real king, right?” Timon asked him. “Yes.” “Perfect! Welcome to your fourth challenge, eating like a king.” Simba started laughing when Timon finished his sentence. “Oh, this is gonna be good.” He said and laid back to enjoy.

Timon lifted a small tree trunk and picked up some slimy bugs. "Here we go!", He said and ate some. Kovu was disguted and looked sceptical to Simba. "I don't get how I'll become a better King when I eat these things." "Well, I won't let you become one until you eat them." "But why?" "Because, bitch I am king.", Simba said and relaxed. Kovu looked back to Timon and his bugs, he really didn't want to eat them, but he remembered that he made a promise to Kiara.
"Okay, I'll do it.", he said and walked next to Timon to sit down. "It's time, Pumbaa. Bring in the centipede!" Timon shouted and introduced Pumbaa who came in with a huge centipede all over his nose.” Simba was smiling all over his face while Kovu was just disgusted and tried to think about Kiara.
“Heeeeeere it is!”
“Thank you, Pumbaa! And now leeeeeet's get started!” Timon laid the bug in front of Kovu and looked at him expactantly. He started smelling the bug and nearly puked.
“Ew, that smells awful! Is this thing even alive?”
“Of course. Look, it's trying to get away.”
“Oh shit it's moving!”
“And it's fast! Now hurry, Kovu. Once it runs away, you'll fail the test.” Timon explained to him.
Kovu closed both of his eyes and jumped on the bug. He slashed it with his claws and ate the biggest part of the pieces.
“That is...” Kovu started saying while chewing. “...actually really good! It tastes like chicken!” he said and ate the rest of it. “See!” Timon celebrated and looked over to Simba. “More like slimey and satisfying, but okay. You passed the fourth challenge, time for the fifth. Kiara!” Simba shouted right before Kiara jumped out of a thicket and landed on Kovu.
“Hey there!”
“Aaaaaand you passed the fifth challenge. Getting nailed by your true love.” Simba said and stood up.
“What now, Simba?”
“It's time for some love.”
“In front of you?”
“What the actual fuck is wrong with you?! Holy shit, no! I mean a song!”
“Oh that's easy, we already got one. In Upeendiiii..”
“Kovu. The ape sang your song and we should leave it at that. I'm talking about my song.”
“You've got a song?”
“Of course. Can you feel the love tonight.”
“Dad, your nose is bleeding!” Kiara interrupted the conversation.
“Yea yea...it's just...I wanna save myself from brain damage, so you just failed this one.”
Kovu lowered his head and looked embarrassed at Kiara. He felt really bad after eating the bug and now failing at something like that. “Kovu, you passed and failed 3 challenges. There is one left and that will decide your future.” Simba said and looked down at him.
“And..that is?”
“You have to face the lion king in a fight...to the death!”
“I mean a fight. Just a regular fight.” Simba corrected himself and bent his mouth next to Kovus ear. “Dying is still an option.” He whispered and turned back. “Meet me on the top of my cave, I'll be waiting.”
Kovu was distraught and scared how this fight would end. At this point there was no going back, so he had no other choice.
“Are you ready, Kovu? Now it gets serious!” Kiara said excited and ran back to the Pride Lands.
“Kiara.....you're still asking these rhetorical questions.”

When Kovu arrived, Kiara was waiting next to her dad.
“Hey Kovu! Here I am! Can you see me?” Kiara yelled from 10 meters away.
“You spend definitly too much time with him.”, Simba said and walked towards Kovu. The sky was getting darker and darker while it started to rain. “Are you ready, Kovu?” He asked and went in position. Kovu nodded and made himself ready to attack. “Wait!” A voice shouted from the sky. Everyone looked into the sky and saw how the clouds were gathering and Mufasa appeared.
“Kovu. Simba. You two are not supposed to fight against each other.”, he said and made Simba think about what he has done.
“May..maybe you're right father. Maybe I was...”
“Not until Scar is here to see what sides does win! The bright light or the dark side with ugly marks on their faces.” Mufasa interrupted his son. The clouds next to Mufasa started gathering, too and Scar appeared as a huge ghost.
“Finally, you're here!”
“You know, it's a longer way from hell up to the sky as from the heaven down to the .....sky? You live here, right?”
“Aw you got me! Haha”
“Hey! We have something to do down here!” Simba yelled and looked angry at the ghosts. Mufasa and Scar stopped talking and started watching the two lions. Kovu bared his teeth and prepared himself to jump on Simba. Simba smiled and started making a countdown.
“Alright, Kovu. Three, two, one...g..” before he could finish the countdown, Kovu jumped and was close to Simbas face. Simba pimpslaped him with his right paw all over the ground, until the slope. “Simba Roll 2.0!”, he screamed and charged at Kovu. Kovu was flying through the whole air like a ping pong ball in an asian world tournament and holy shit, you know what that looks like. I can't even describe what Simba does to Kovu, just try to imagine it and then something even more hurtful.
“Haha holy shit, do you see how my son fucks up your son? Haha”
“Kovu is not my son.”
“Haha, you sound exactly like a loserdad.”, Mufasa laughed.

After a while Kovu fell down and Simba stopped attacking him.
“Looks like I have to start looking for the Dragon Balls, because it looks like I'll need immortality.” Simba said and looked at Kovu laying on the ground.
“Kovu!” Kiara yelled and ran to him.
“Are you okay?!”
“You're alive!”
“You can't imagine the pain I've got thinking about losing you!”
“And now...I really want children with you! Kovu, I love you!”
“Eh? What's that supposed to mean?”
“Don...don't you love me, too?”
“If you have to think so long before answering my question, I know the answer! You're such an asshole!” Kiara cried and ran away. Simba walked up to Kovu and sat down.
“You know, Kiara will come down. At the very least when I tell her that you can't talk right now. I mean I could have done that before she was running away, but I really like to see my daughter yelling at you.” He said.
“To be honest, I think you would be a great lion king.”
“Yes. Just not here.”
“That's something, I guess.” Kovu thought to himself and closed his eyes to sleep and recover.
“Looks like this is over and I fucking won!” Mufasa said and laughed in Scar's face before he started to disappear again. Scar's ghost was looking away annoyed and started to disappear, too.

At the next morning Kovu wake up with his whole body hurting. “Ouch...at least I can talk again.” He said to himself and tried to stand up. When he was turning himself, he saw Kiara coming up to him. “Hey Kovu.”
“Kiara, I'm so sor...”
“It's okay, dad told me about everything. I know now what you said.”
“Re..really? So you want babys now?”
“Well....I know what you actually said yesterday, but...your groaning killed my babymood.”
“You mean...for now?”
When Simba walked up to the top of the Pride Rock and wanted to roar, he heard from the top of his cave a loud “Noooooooooooo.” that woke up everybody in the Pride Lands. Simba smiled and looked up in the sky. “Everything right. I've done eve-ry-thing right!”, he said to himself and laughed into the next day.


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The sky joke about Scar taking forever, because he was in hell was hilarious. I also felt bad for Kovu and got a kick out of the whole baby making thing. Simba amused me to no end with his fight against Kovu and enjoying all the yelling Kiara does at him. Well, it's nice to know he thinks Kovu would make a good king tho. I was surprised to hear Simba mention the dragon balls tho. And oh my gosh, those tests. x'D Good chapter overall!


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Sep 6, 2015
Glad you liked it! And sorry that I didn't respond until now, but I wanna thank the people who give me feedback on this, when I post the next episode like now!

Episode 2 – Four new paws

"Falcon-formation!", Kovu yelled at Kiara and ran alongside a bunch of gazelles. They ran straight forward and were getting faster and faster. "Kovu! Code 422!" "Alright!" Both lions started to getting closer to their prey. "Attack!" Kovu yelled and jumped together with Kiara, towards the gazelles. In the moment they stopped running and jumped instead, the whole prey ran by them and made them hit each others head in the air. "Ouch, Kovu. That felt like hitting a tree. A tree that is empty from inside.", Kiara said and hold her head. "Looks like these cool names didn't help at all to catch something.", He said and sighed.
"But we can't go back like this, my father is counting on us."
"You're right, maybe we can..."
"Actually he's counting on me..."
"I got it, Kiara. Simba hates me." Kiara nodded enthusiasticly and smiled.
"Hey, maybe we can look for prey in the outland!"
"Okay, hold on a secound, Kovu. Do I have to explain why this is a really bad idea? There was no life since Zira got defeated."
"You didn't say no..."
"And imagine what kind of animal we would find if we find anything."
"Come on! We can defend ourselves and what else could we do?"
"Hm...maybe for a minute."
"Great, let's go!", he said happily and ran towards the Outland. Kiara sighed and followed him with a bad feeling.

When they came closer, Kovu started to run even faster until he crossed the line to the outland and stopped immediately. "Aww, home sweet home.", Kovu said while standing between skulls and on rotten land.
"More like, Home dead home.", Kiara said from behind, while walking next to him.
"Hey, it's still my home!"
"Yea yeah, whatever. Hey let's look for Nukas corpse, he was really funny!", she said and ran deep into the outland.
"Wha...what?", Kovu thought to himself and followed her as fast as he could.
"Kiara, wait!", he yelled through the whole location and made Kiara stop.
"Finally! I'm still out of breath from catching up to yo..."
"Someone's here."
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"I mean that someone's here, how could you possibly not get that?", Kiara said and looked around. The wind was howling and made some of the dead leefs on the ground rustle.
"That's probably just the wind."
"No, Kovu. I heared steps in this direc...", Kiara pointed at the direction where she heared something, but before she could finish her sentence, a male lion at Kovus age walked around the corner. Kovu and Kiara were just standing there and looking at him.
"Kiara..another lion."
"And he has pink hair."
"Hiiiii there!", the foreign lion shouted and hubbled to them. Both were really confused, but didn't feel in danger when the new guy came over.
"Oh wow, look at your fur! It's so beautiful! How do you do that?", he said to Kiara and started touching her back.
"Thank you! I'm glad someone noticed that. I'm just a really cleanly lion.", Kiara said proudly and appreciated the compliment. Kovu walked between them and gave the new lion an angry look. "Stop touching my girl! Who are you anyway? And where are you from?!", Kovu growled at him.
"Oh, a rebel. I like that! Haha, my name's Ken. I come from another lion herd, because I got exiled."
"Exiled, pf. What a jerk, right Kiara?", Kovu laughed and saw how Kiaras face went from angry to scar-evil.
"I..I mean, why are you exiled?"
"They said I'm different than the others and that someone like me doesn't belong to them.”
“Really? Wow, I can't believe they exiled you just because of your hair.”, Kovu said.
“Yes...the hair...hehe. You're a cutie.”
“What a nice compliment, thank you!”, Kovu said and looked to Kiara.
“Let's go back and show your father our new friend.”
“Yeah, I'm sure he will love him! Follow us Ken, we will bring you to our home!”, Kiara said and smiled at him. Ken was really excited and nodded like crazy, before he started following his two new friends to his new home.

Meanwhile was Simba talking to the other lions, which came back from their hunt without any prey. “Is it my fault? I mean I really try to be a good king, but the last time, some of you came back without any food. Again. We have to survive and maybe I'll need to be more strictly.”
“You don't really sound like you would actually do that.”, one of the lions said to Simba.
“So you are making fun of me?! Okay, I swear to my father, I'll stick the head of the next lion that comes back without any prey up her ass!”
“Hey daddy, we are back! We couldn't catch something to eat, but I'm sure that doesn't matter!” ,Kiara yelled while running up the Pride Rock. The other lions started to giggle, while Simba got from moment to moment more embarrassed.
“What did you just say, King Simba?”, a lion said while giggling.
“What is it father?”
“Ehm...you know....oh fuck that. The next one who laughs about me jumps from the Pride Rock. What is it, Kiara?”, Simba asked and sat down.
“Kovu and me found an other lion!”
“Another lion? How is that possible?”
“He told me that he came from another herd far away and...”
“Herd?! How many are they?”
“Dad, you know that lions also exist outside of the Pride lands, right?”, Kiara said and saw how Simbas mind was blown away. He was shocked and didn't know what to say in that moment. She tapped him and said: “Is everything okay?”
“Yes yes....I just...”
“What is it?”
“I didn't know that there are other lions on the planet Africa.”, he said while shaking his head slowly.
While Kiara was talking to her father, Kovu was walking towards the Pride Rock with Ken when they suddenly heared a loud scream. ” What the fuck do you mean by Earth?!”

When Kovu walked up the Pride Rock with Ken, he found Simba holding his head in front of Kiara. He saw how disturbed he was and didn't say a word.
"How...how do you know things like this, Kiara?", Simba asked carefully and looked up to her.
"Mom told me about it when I was a child."
"Nala knew that there is something else besides Africa on that planet?"
"But Simba, who doesn't know that? I mean you know what a planet is, right?" ,Kovu joined the conversation and looked at Simba.
"Even Kovu knew about that?!", Simba screamed and started looking in Kovus direction. And at the same time, in Kens direction. He rubbed his eyes and looked once again.
"Oh gosh, I even start seeing pink lions...."
"Hiiii!", Ken shouted and waved his paw to greet his new king.
Simba just sat there and looked at him for a moment to realize what was going on. When Kiara told him about a new lion, he thought she meant another male lion that would try to be the new king, but when he saw Ken, he felt instantly relaxed and started smiling.
"You are the new lion, my daughter told me about?"
"Yes, Sir! My name is Ken."
"Welcome to the Pride Rock, Ken. Kiara said you came from far away, why are you here?"
"You know, my old family exiled me for beeing different. The female lions always bullied me in my childhood for looking so much better than them. My older Sister Tamilia got that necklace out of leaves. I mean, leaves? Welcome back to 1989, honey.", he said and waved with his paw through the air.
"Different. I see. However, you can stay here."
"Yaaaay! Thank you, mister. Come Kiara, let's go make our fur shiny!"
"Alright! See ya, Dad! See ya, Kovu!", Kiara shouted while running away with Ken.
Kovu looked angrily after them and turned himself to Simba who was looking pleased.
"Why are you always mad about me for being your daughters boyfriend, but don't say anything to Ken now?"
Simba raised an eyebrow and tried to figure out if Kovu was serious.
"Wait. Wait wait wait wait. Are you jealous of him?"
"No! I mean...maybe...a little bit."
"Okay. Kovu, why do you think he got exiled?"
"The pink hair. I mean he said he was different, right?"
Simba just looked at Kovu and tried to read what was going on in his head, but there was nothing for him to read. He just turned himself away from him and walked back into his cave.
"Right, Kovu. He got exiled, because of the hair. Now go and save your relationship with condemning your girlsfriends newest friend.", Simba said sarcastic.
"Alright, thank you!", Kovu yelled and ran after Kiara & Ken. Simba walked headshaking to Nala and started asking her about Planet Earth.

Kovu found Kiara and Ken in a small lake, near by the Pride Rock. Ken was licking her fur and tried to give her a new haircut.
"Hey, what's going on here?", Kovu asked jealousy and looked angrily at both of them. Ken stopped and walked out of the lake.
"What does it look like, honey? I'm washing Kiaras fur and rubbing her back."
"Exactly!", Kovu yelled at him and bared his teeth. Kiara walked by Ken and asked: "Kovu, what is your problem?"
"My problem is, that my girlfriend gets rubbed by someonelse!"
"Wait. You are jealous of Ken?", Kiara asked skeptically and raised an eyebrow.
"Of cours I am!"
"Oh, Kovu. You don't need to be jealous, Ken is..."
"Soooo sorry!", Ken interrupted Kiara and walked towards Kovu.
"I think we met on the wrong foot, sugar. Why don't we spend the rest of the day together? You know, to get to know each other better.", he said and licked his lips. Kiara watched the conversation carefully with a bad feeling.
"I don't know...but there is no way this could be a trap. If you make me believe that you don't wanna take away Kiara from me, why not."
"Ah, great!"
"Just keep in mind that I'm stronger than you. If you try to attack me, I'll nail you.", Kovu said proudly.
"Oh, I hope so.", Ken said and smiled, before he walked away with Kovu. Kiara just stood there, watching her boyfriend walking away with no idea, what Ken's plan could have been.

When she arrived back at her home, she met her excited father who tried to find her everywhere. "Kiara! I'm so glad I found you.", Simba said and drew something in the dust with his claw.
"Do you know what this?"
"Exactly! But did your mother tell you, that this huge part right here is water? The name doesn't make sense!"
"I know, 71% of the planet is covered in water." Simba just stood there and stared at his daughter for a while.
"Fuck, I need to learn how to swim better. Otherwise I end up like Zira. That bitch. Hot, tho. Different, but.."
"Whatever...", Kiara said while Simba was still talking and walked by him.
"What's wrong?"
"It's Kovu. He's jealous about Ken."
"Oh, right. He has no idea that Ken is a bunter."
"A what?"
"A Bunter. A combination of the words butt and hunter, you know? Because he hunts butts. I made that up while your mother explained all this Earth-thing to me. I probably missed the part with the 71% water back then. Still proud about the name."
"Aaaaanyway, Ken walked away with him. He said he wants to spend a day with him so that they get know each other better, but Kens eyes...I don't have a good feeling about that."
"Looks like our Kovu is going to be a...Ko...vu...ina? I....I can't think of an even more female version of him. I mean I knew he would cheat on you, but I never thought it would be this wa.....nevermind, I did."
“You mean Ken trys to steal my boyfriend?!”, Kiara yelled shocked and looked over her back to find them. Simba just nodded like he knew that this is, and nothing else, is going to happen. Kiara started running away and tried to find them, before it was to late.

“This is a nice place, right Kovu?”, Ken said under a tree and sat down. Kovu agreed and walked next to him. “Sit down, I don't want you to stay all the time.”, he said and smiled. Kovu sat down and looked at him.
“So, here we are. I just don't want you to take Kiara away from me. That's all.”, he said and gave Ken a serious look.
“Yea yea, of course. Tell me something about you, Kovu. Intimate things.”
“Intimate? Well, there's that tension between me and Kiaras father.”
“What, really? So you're already a bit...”
“He screams at me, he hits me and says I'm stupid.”
“Oh, this kind of tension.”
“Yesterday he told me I don't even get obvious things in conversations.”
“I kinda understand what he means...let's talk about something else! What do you when you're alone?”
“I...usually think of Kiara.”
“And what do you physicly do when you think of her?”
“Ken this is stupid. We just met you. I don't think I can say stuff like that.”
“Come on, Kovu. You can trust me. What do you do? Just be honest.”
“Well....I cry because her father hates me. That's really depressing.”
“Oh, honey. I know the feel when someone's depressing you.”, Ken sighed and thought about a new way to talk to him.

“Kovu! Kovu!”, Kiara kept screaming while running through the savannah. She was in panic and had no clue where they could have gone. “Hey Kiara, is something wrong?”, Rafiki said and jumped down from his tree.
“Ra..Rafiki? What are you doing here?”
“I live here.”
“Oh, really?”
“There's only one huge tree in the savannah. Come on, you know that!”
“Sorry, I'm really troubled right now. Kovu is...”
“I mean, where do you think I live?”
“Kovu disappeared with a new lion and if I don't find them, he will probably cheat on me!”, Kiara said in hurry.
“But Kiara, if he cheats on you, he doesn't really love you. You should look for a boy that never cheats on you.”, he said and smiled smoothing at her.
“You know how easy to manipulate he is, Rafiki. He won't even realize that he's cheating on me. Remember the time when I told him Zazu is a golden snitch?”
“Oh, right. Poor Zazu.”, Rafiki sighed and looked down.
“Anyway, I need to find him! Can't you do anything to help me?”, Kiara asked Rafiki desperately. He thought about it for a moment and went back into his tree. Kiara looked up and was hoping that he would help her. After a moment, Rafiki came back out and pointed in a direction.
“Kovu should be in this direction. And hurry, Kiara. There's no time to waste.”, he said.
“Thank you, Rafiki!”, Kiara yelled and ran into the direction, Rafiki pointed at.

Meanwhile at Kovu's place, Ken was still trying to get into Kovu. Literally.
“Oh and one time, Simba just yelled at me for no reason. And I was like “The fuck?”. I did nothing wrong! I mean I ruined his birthday, but...”
“Enough, Kovu!”, Ken yelled exhausted while he breathed heavily.
“Why...don't we sleep?”, Ken suggested and walked next to him.
“Sleep? I thought you wanted to spend some time with me?”
“But we do spend time together. Now lay down, down down.”, he hummed. Kovu just layed down and closed his eyes. Ken sat himself behind Kovu and continued humming:” Lay down, lay dooown.”
“Kovu!”, Kiara screamed when she jumped out of an brush. Kovu jumped off the ground and landed on his feet.
“What?! Kiara?!”, Kovu said confused and tried to realize what was going on.
“Kovu, stay away from Ken.”
“But why?”
“He's gay.”
“Wow Kiara, I don't know what he did, but I'm sure that's no reason to insult him.”
“That was no insult, Kovu. She's right.”, Ken said adjected and looked at them.
“Why did you thought it was an insult anyway? What's wrong with you, Kovu?”, Kiara said angrily to Kovu. He looked to Kiara, then to Ken and then back to Kiara.
“Hey, I thought he is the bad guy here.”, Kovu asked confused.

“Right. Ken, what was that all about?” Ken sighed and looked at Kiara.
“I'm so sorry, Kiara. I'm seriously exiled and didn't come to cause trouble, but when I saw Kovu, I just felt really attracted to him.”
“But you saw that he's my boyfriend.”
“I know, that's why I feel so bad! All I wanted was love and since he's the only male lion, except for your father, I didn't see another way for me.”, Ken explained to them.
“I'm sorry, Ken. But I'm not attacted to boys at all.”
“You sure?”
“Really? Because you don't seem like...”
“Ken, he's mine. Get used to it.”, Kiara interrupted Ken and stepped in front of him. Ken sighed and turned his back to them.
“I'm sure you don't wanna see me again.”, he said sadly and walked away slowly. Kiara followed him and told him: “Of course not. You're welcome. I'm sure we'll find a place for you, I mean this is your new home, right?” Ken raised his head and looked at Kiara. “Are you sure?”, he said surprisedly.
Kiara nodded and walked towards back home. Ken watched Kovu following him, while he thought about everything he did and how Kiara still wants to give him a new home. Before they both vanished in the horizon, Ken started running after them and came back to the Pride Rock.

When they arrived, Ken was still thinking about his new life and what he will do from now on. Suddenly, when he looked around on the Pride Rock, he saw a lion with a fur, that was even more shiny and beautiful than any fur he aw before.
“Oh my...Kiara! Who's that?”
“That? That's Vitani, why are you asking?”
“Her fur is so....Vitaniiiii!”, Ken yelled and ran up to her. Vitani looked at him and was distracted at first, when he came at her.
Kiara smiled and looked at Kovu. “Looks like our new friend, finally found his place in our circle of life.”

“That was such a great ending. You ruined it.”
“Oh, sorry.”
Kiara sighed and walked away.


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I like Simba being made fun of. Damn, the timing with Kiara coming back to Pride Rock was pretty dang hilarious. I actually like Ken quite a bit. :) The chapter was really good. Although I wonder if they'll figure out their food problem soon? And man oh man, Kovu, you got to be more careful around other lions. I like how this quickly changed with Kirara being the one jealous and needing to put her claim on Kovu instead of the other way around. Good chapter as always, Venx.


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Thanks KitKat! I'm glad you like the chapter and Ken as my first original character in here.

Episode 3 – A deadly duo

“Are we already there, boss?”, an animal said to his partner, while walking through a wasteland. His partner shaked his head and kept looking forward.

“Ah, man. Why don't we ask these guys for the way?”, he said again and looked at three hyenas. His partner stopped walking and sat down, before he looked at him.

“Alright, alright. I'll do it.”, he said to his boss and walked up to them.
“Yo, hyenas.” One of the hyenas turned herself and looked up to the gigantic bear who was talking to them.
“What is it?!”, an other hyena turned himself annoyed to the guy who was talking to them and got instantly paralyized.
“Do ya know about Scar?” When he said that, the last hyena turned himself and started laughing shrill and loud.
“What's so funny, punk?”
“Ed!”, the other two hyenas screamed at the third one and made him shut up. The bear watched them for a while clowning around, before he starting talking again.
“For the last time, do ya know about Scar?”
“S...S...Scar?”, Banzai stuttered and looked next to him at Shenzi.
“Yes! We...eh...we served Scar!”
“Oh really? I'm sure if it's that way, you can show us the way into the Pride Lands, right?”
While the bear was talking to the hyenas, his partner walked next to him and looked at the three.
“Why do we always have to deal with lions?”, he said and looked at the muscular lion that walked next to the bear.
“Isn't that a little bit mean to my boss?”
“Oh no! I didn't mean it that way!”
“Show us the way.”, the lion said in a rough voice and looked at Banzai.
“J...just walk towards these mountains! They will lead you into the outland and they into the Pride Lands.”, he said and sweated in fear.
“I hope you're not messing around with us.”, the lion said and looked towards the mountains. The bear looked at the same direction and then back to the hyenas.
“Hey, if they served Scar, why don't they serve us? I mean, would be more useful than killing them, right?” The three were shaking when they heared that the two strangers wanted to kill them at first.
The lion drove out his claws and said: “Food is always more important, than some goofy sidekicks.”

4 weeks later, Kovu invited Kiara to his old home for a special date. He brought her a gazelle leg and put it in front of her.
“Happy six-month anniversary!”, he said proudly and waited for her reaction. Kiara didn't know what to do or say, she was overwhelmed by the fact that Kovu catched something.
“Kovu...when did you..”
“You know, when you went to sleep, I went back outside to train myself for catching prey today! I didn't want anything to go wrong today.”, he said and pushed the leg with his nose towards to Kiara. She sat down and started eating her present happily.
“Thank...you, Kovu.”, Kiara said juicy while a tear ran down her cheek.
“Ki..Kiara, are you crying?”
“I just...I can't believe you did this for me. This day is perfect! I mean except for the location, I can still smell Zira.”
“Sorry, but I wanted something personal and...far away from your father.” Kiara walked up to him and hugged him. “It's perfect, Kovu. It's perfect.”, she said and closed her eyes.
Kovu was satisfied for the moment, but then he asked her: “Did you...invite someone?”
Kiara stopped hugging him and looked at his face. “That's our day, who should I invite?”
“I don't know, these two?”, he said and pointed behind Kiara at another Lion next to a bear.

Kiara walked back some steps and looked at the strangers. The bear walked a few meters towards them and then stood up.
“Yo, lions. Do ya knowabout a Scar? We're lookin for his kingdom.”, the bear said and looked at them.
“Oh no, everything was perfect! Why do they show up, now? I can't run away now, not in front of Kiara...”, Kovu thought and walked some steps towards the bear.
“You're to late. Scar died years ago.”, he said self-assured.
“We already know that, but it looks like we're at the right place.”
“For what?”
“Meeting Simba.”, he said and laughed a bit. Kiara walked next to Kovu and started to act self-assured, too.
“I am King Simba's daughter, princess Kiara. If you want something from my father, you can talk with me.” Kovu looked scared at Kiara. Now that they knew who she is, there was a higher risk that they would try to kidnap her.
“Simba's daughter? Oh, what a lucky coincidence.”, he said and looked over to her.
“We're here to take over the Pride Lands, your majesty.” When he said that, Kovu jumped ahead of Kiara and bared his teeth, while looking at the 2 meter bear.
“Forget it! And now leave, you're not welcome here!”, Kovu roared and tried to be as frightening as possible.
“Don't underestimate me!”
“Come at me, kitty.”
Kovu roared as loud as he coud and jumped with his claws at the bear and tried to cut his throat. The bear smiled, reached back and then hold his paw in front of Kovus face, what made him freeze in the air.
“What...what is happening?!”, he thought to himself and tried to move, but everything he could move, were his eyeballs.
“Kovu!”, Kiara yelled worried and looked at him stuck in the air.
“Hehe...they're always so shocked at their first time...hehe...Pear-Bunch.” Once again he reached back and punched Kovu right in his face, that he flew by Kiara into the next wall.

“No!”, she screamed and ran to him. The bear just stayed where he was and watched what they were up to.
“What....what are you?”, Kiara said scared, while walking in front of Kovu who was laying in the rocks.
“Just told ya. We're the new rulers of the Pride Lands.”
“No, you're not!”, Kovu screamed and jumped back on his feet. The bear was surprised, but in the mood for a worthy opponent.
“Oh, got back on the track? Great. Time for round two.”
“Anytime...”, he panted and tried not to faint. Kiara walked in front of him and looked at his face.
“This is crazy! We need to tell my father!”
“No...I...can do this..”
“Kovu, don't be stupid!” When Kiara said that, she triggered something in him. On that special day, he didn't want to be a fool in Kiara's eyes. He just nodded and tried to run away with her.
“Haha hell no. Get back here!”, the bear yelled and took a run up.
“Let them go.”, the lion said from behind and watched them running out of the outlands.
“But they're going to come back wit everyone they got, boss.”
“I know. I want to see how strong this kingdom is, before we take it over.”
“But that lion was fun to play with...”
“Don't worry, Baska. I'm sure this Simba won't be much stronger.”

Meanwhile at the Pride Rock, Simba sat in the sunlight and enjoyed his life.
"Aaah, what a wonderful day. No danger, no Kovu, much Nala, very nice. So roar.", he said to himself and smiled with closed eyes.
"Simba!" "Dad!" He heared two screams coming towards the Pride Rock and looked at the direction, they were coming from. Kovu and Kiara came right at him and also pulled the attention from the other lions.
"Simba, we're in..."
"You had to do this, right Kovu?"
"This is serious!"
"Yea yea, go on."
"There are a lion and a bear in the outland, planning to overtake the Pride Lands."
"Oh, wow. Two guys."
"Dad, listen!", Kiara said and walked in front of him.
"These guys are special. Kovu tried to attack the bear and freezed in the air! He couldn't move anymore...They are dangerous!"
"Oh no..."
"Looks like you finally understand the..."
"I missed the part where Kovu got beat up. Damn..."
"Okay, okay. But how could you escape if they were so powerful?"
"They didn't follow us...for some reason..."
"They're waiting for us. What do we do now?", Kovu said and looked seriously at Simba. All other lions were looking at him and were waiting what their King was planing to do, to stop these dangerous two.
Simba looked up for a moment, before he said: "Nothing."
Everyone just stood there, while realizing that this was Simbas plan.
"Nothing?!", Kovu said angrily and bared his teeth.
"Yes. They're waing for us, right? In the Outland? We have no reason to be there in the first place and why should we play their game? Just stay here and live your life.", he said and walked back into his cave.
Kovu looked after him and didn't know what to say. "He got a good point.", Kiara said.
"Actually......yes.", Kovu accepted unwillingly and looked back at the Outland.

At the next day, Baska and his boss came towards the Pride Rock and got spotted by Vitani. "Simba, look!", she yelled and made him look down at them, from the top of the Pride Rock. The other lions were watching carefully from a good distance.
“Hey! Are you Simba?”, Baska asked and looked up to him.
“Yes, why?”
“Where the fuck have you been?!”
“In general or on a specific day?”
“Stop foolin' me ya scumcat!”
“Hey hey, my daughter can hear you. Please take care of what you say.”
“Fuck you! We're waiting all day!”
“Now you're here. Sounds fine to me.”
“Oh you little...”
“Baska, keep calm.”, the lion said and walked in front of his partner.
“Nice to finally meet you, King Simba.”, he said and walked up slowly the Pride Rock. The lions took back some steps, while Simba was watching him.
“Why can he just go up here? I mean...we're more.”, Simba said confused. He bared his teeth to scare the lion, but he kept walking forward, until he stood in front of Simba.
“Let's talk.”
“Leave my land. Now.”
“I don't think you're in the position to threat me.”
“Sure? Because I see more than 10 lions on my side that are ready to...”
“You stay on top of your rock, with your back to the abyss.”
“Good point.”
“I don't see a lion that could help you anyway. Which one were you talking about? The gay one?”
“Hey! I'm the only one who's insulting Kovu!”
“He was talking about Ken.”, Kovu yelled from the back and walked behind the new lion.
“Oh, right. Back to the topic...who are you anyway?”, Simba asked.
"My name is Zerrath.", he said and kept looking at Simba.
"What...are you looking at?"
Zerrath sighed and looked down. "You're not a real King. Your eyes are telling me that you're nothing more than a placeholder until a worthy lion arrives."
"I thought you want to takeover the Pride Lands anyway! Why do you try to read me?"
"I just wanted to know if you're a worthy opponent.", Zerrath said and looked Simba in deep into his eyes. Kovu got in Position to Attack him from behind, whenever he would try to push Simba.
"And you're not." When Zerrath said that, Kovu pulled his tail with everything he got and and yelled: "Run, Simba!"
Zerrath didn't move at all and kicked Kovu with his left foot, right into the Pride Rock and made Simbas cave collapse.
"Kovu!", Kiara screamed panicly and ran towards the rubble.
"My cave!", Simba screamed and bared his teeth at Zerrath. The sky went dark and clouds were gathering above Simba.
"Ayyo, Boss! I think you pissed the shit outta him! You might leave him alone!", Baska yelled while Zerrath stood fascinated in front of Simba and watched his aura growing bigger and bigger.
"Oh, do you think so? Why don't you test if he's a serious threat to me?"
"On my way!", Baska yelled and jumped once, all the way up ,from the ground to the Pride Rocks top, behind Simba.
"Kear-Bick!",he screamed and kicked with this right foot in Simbas direction. When his foot reached him, the powerful aura around simba blocked the attack and threw him back all the way into the outland.

While the sky was roaring and covered by lighting strikes, Zerrath was still looking at Simba and started to smile.
"He didn't even move and could defeate Baska...unbelievable. His Anger made his power overwhelming.", he said to himself.
"No one enters my cave! And you threw fucking Kovu in it! And you didn't just ruin it this way, you literally ruined it!"
"I'll take a back what I said earlier. You are a worthy king, but I'm still not sure if you're also a worthy opponent."
"This is your last chance! Leave or I'll fucking destroy you!", Simba said with bared teeth to Zerrath.
Meanwhile was Kiara trying to save Kovu and noticed that someone was missing.
"Mum? Mum?! Where are you?!", she screamed desperatly.
"Looks like Kovu isn't alone in there.", Zerrath said and kept smiling at Simba. At this moment, Simba realised that Nala was still in the cave when it collapsed.
"My Pussy, nooooooooooooo!",he screamed with everything he got. A lightning struck between him and Zerrath made together with Simba's scream the whole Pride Rock collapse. He stood in the air while everything under his feet was falling down. Zerrath jumped backwards on the ground and started releasing darkness out of his body.
"Looks like you are worthy, Simba. Show me how much of a king you are."
"You'll die here!", Simba screamed and charged in Zerraths direction. Zerrath jumped in the air, that Simba crashed into the wall, and shot a ball of dark energy after him. The explosion damaged the cave even more, but also set Kovu under the rocks free.
"Kovu!", Kiara tried to wake up her boyfriend, but he didn't respond. She could only notice that he was still breething, so she carried him away from the fight.
Simba flew back in the air and attacked Zerrath with his claws and tried to slit his throat. Zerrath blocked every single hit easily with his paws and then countered when Simba was careless.
"Paw of one thousand claws.", he said quietly, but loud enough for Simba to hear it.
"What?" Before Simba realised what Zerrath was doing, he got struck by his right paw all over his body. When Simba tried to attack again, he felt multiple cuts on his body and screamed painfully.
"Way to easy.", Zerrath said when Simba fell down and his blood float all over the ground.

"Daddy, no!", Kiara screamed scared and looked at her father. Kovu woke up slowly when he heared Kiaras scream and tried to stood up.
"Kovu! You're awake! You....must leave this place!"
"Wha...what are you talking about?"
"Zerrath! He's unstopable.....look at my father.", she said and made Kovu look at Simba. He walked some steps forward and tried to realize the situation.
"He will kill all of us! But....I won't let him kill you, too. Run Kovu."
"Is that your plan?!"
"Whatelse can we do?! If my father can't beat him, no one here can do it!" Kovu lowered his head and crawled himself into the ground.
"That's enough."
"Kovu no."
"You don't believe in me..no one does!"
"I do! But please don't..."
"I will show everyone what I am made of.", Kovu said to Kiara and walked in front of the bleeding Simba. He looked up and saw Zerrath levitating in air, waiting for someone to respond to him.
"Ko..Kovu? You're alive?"
"Yes, Simba."
"Hey I'm here to help you!"
"No thanks...I'm okay.."
"Either I help you, or you'll die!"
"Hm.....can I have a minute?"
"Hey, this is a very important choice! It's about my life."
"I don't care how much you dislike me, but I won't let this guy destroy the Pride Lands.", Kovu said and made himself ready to fight.
"You know...no matter how resolved you are....IT DOESN'T CURE MY FUCKING WOUNDS!"
"Right...give me a sec..", Kovu turned himself to Simba and laid his paw over his wounds. When he touched the wounds, a green light appeared and healed all of Simbas damages. He felt immediatley better and couldn't believe what just happened.
"Kovu, you saved my life...how did you do that?"
"I...I don't know...I felt like something like that would happen."
"Are you two finally done, or do I need to wait even more?", Zerrath interrupted them from above.
Simba stood up slowly and looked at Zerrath.
“Thanks, Kovu. You saved me and now...it's my duty to do the same for my home!”, Simba yelled and rushed into the air, right in front of Zerrath.
“Round two. Paw of one thousand claws.” Zerrath charged at Simba again and attacked him.
“Guard!”, Simba roared and made up an energy shield in front of him, caused by his roar and blocked Zerraths attack. When his attack was over, Simba stopped immediately roaring and slashed his tail with everything he got against him and threw him some meters away.
“Impressive! Let's see how far your power goes.” Zerrath charged up an enourm amount of dark energy, that Simba could see floating out of his body. Simba's body started doing the same the thing by itself and was glowing like crazy.
“Now come, Simba! Show me what you got!” Zerrath screamed excited and charged at Simba. Simba countered that by doing the exact same thing and clashed with all of his power against Zerrath's dark spirit. By clashing against each other, the Pride Rock's ground and rocks started crumbling and levitating up to the fighting lions.

“Hide, everyone!”, Kiara screamed and ran together with the other lions away from the fight. The clash ended up exploding between the two lions pushed them away from each other. Zerrath was able to land on his feet, while Simba fell down on his body and coughed. Slowly the other lions came back to look what happened and stopped right behind Zerrath, who was obviously at the end of his strengh. Simba stood up slowly, trembling and looked in Zerraths direciton.
“Good fight, your majesty.”
“Give up, Zerrath! You're surrounded, it's over!”, Simba shouted while his body was glowing less and less.
“He, you're right. It would be over. It would be.”, Zerrath said smiling, when suddenly his body started vanishing in dark clouds.
“Freeze!”, Kovu yelled and jumped right at Zerrath, but when he reached him, he already disappeared.
“No....no, I already got him! Oh I'm such a...”
“Kovu! Stop that. You did a great job and saved my life.”, Simba said and made Kovu seriously smile happily.
“Are...are you serious?!”
“Yes. I just....can't believe that we lost Nala toda...”
“I'm okay! I was sitting in a cavity!”
“Oh. Oh, that's great! I'll come to you in a minute, after I finished praising Kovu for the first time in my life!”
“Now back to you, Kovu. Today, you showed us all that you're truly a real lion and worthy king.”
“Hahaha, enough! I can't hold it anymore, hahaha.” Everyone looked up to the sky and saw Mufasa's face in the clouds laughing.
“You should have seen your face, when you told Kovu he saved you. Hahaha.”
“What do you mean?”
“Okay, okay, do you really think you got these powers from beeing angry?”
“I gave you all my spiritual power to beat up that guy! In the end I even put my whole existence into your body that you could match up with him.”
“That was...all you? But..but what about the healing part?”
“Oh here we go, that's my favorite part haha. You lie bleeding on the ground and Kovu tried to hold his dirty paws into your open wounds, haha. I mean what the fuck is wrong with you? If I didn't heal you from inside you probably got injured and suffered painfully, haha.”
“He'd probably kill you with that, son.” Simba just stood there with his mouth open, looking at Mufasa. Kovu slowly tried to sneak away while they were talking.
“I hope you like cleaning up, because this whole mess is your fault and you're going to repair my giant stone!”
“I...I....*sigh* I should just start cleaning up, right?”
“No, you should have already started when you were asking me! Now follow me, everyone. We'll need a place to sleep.”, Simba said pissed off, exhausted and in any other negative mood someone can have. The lions followed him without looking back, only Kiara walked up to her boyfriend.
“Hey, I think you were pretty brave today.”
“Yes, I'm glad to have you in my life.”
“Thank you, Kiara...”
“Well, looks like there's a lot to clean up. Should I help you?”
“No, thanks I...”
“Okay.”, Kiara said and ran after Simba, before Kovu could change his mind. He stood in this whole mess and looked around. Slowly he walked up on the big heap of rock that was once the Pride Rock and sat down.
“Roar.”, he said and watched the sun going down.

In the evening, Simba walked away from the herd, when everyone was sleeping, to talk with his father again.
“Father, who was this guy? I still don't get what happened today.”
“I don't exactly know who he was, but I felt the power of many strong lions when he attacked you.”
“You mean, some spirits merged with him like you merged with me?”
“It felt more like he trapped them. You know, when a lion with a strong will dies, he's able to still exist in the circle of life. Like me, as a spiritual appearance. But just because these spirits are not alive, doesn't mean they are untouchable. I'm sure that this lion absorbed some of these spirits and abuses them for his goals.”
“There was a lot of dark energy, do you think it is possibly that he absorbed Scar, too?”
“Scar was not in there, but I'm sure he's one of the reasons he's here for.” Simba looked thoughtfully to the ground and then back to Mufasa.
“But what can we do about it? I'm just as strong as you are and...”
“That's not right.”
“I can give you all my strengh, that the only thing left would be my existence. With this power, you can become stronger by yourself and yes, that's the plan.”
“Alright. Now to the important part: Did Kovu sit on the rock heap where the Pride Rock was?”
“What an asshole. Kooooooooooovu!”

Meanwhile in the outland:
“Aaaah, my back! Didn't expect somethin' like that.”
“Me neither, Baska. Me neither.”
“Don't worry, boss. Next time I'll see him, this punk's history.”
“I'm sorry, Baska. But you'll have to deal with others. From now on:
Simba is mine.”


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Kovu just can't catch a break. It was nice to see him try to be brave and fight Baska or heal Simba. I was greatly amused at Mufasa spirit showing up to throw Kovu under the bus. And it was pretty cool seeing them fight another lion who had tons of spirits merged into him and trying to take over the pride rock. Either way, super happy Nala is still alive and it was fun to read. :D


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Thanks, Episode 3 set up the plot for the rest of the series, so I hope you like the idea! And maybe one day, Kovu will be the warrior he would like to be! You know....one day...episode...100 or something like that, let's see.

Episode 4 – the black sheep in the family

"It is tiiiiiiiiiime!", Simba shouted that everyone could hear him. The other lions, Timon, Pumbaa & Rafiki were looking confused at him.
"Yes, Rafiki. That's how you sound to everyone here. Anyway, I have something to tell you. I'll leave with Nala for 5 days to train with my father. When I come back, I want everything to look like before I raged and damaged our home. Be brave, don't cry and..."
"Who's gonna be the lion king for these 5 days?!", Kovu asked excited and looked hopefully at Simba.
"Oh, right. A replacement...."
"Yeees? Yeees?"
"I need a male lion for this...."
"And I aaaaam maaale?"
"Kovu, stop that. I would rather pick Nuka instead of you."
"You..mean if he'd be alive, right?"
"Simba, please! You must pick me! There is no other male lion here!"
"Really? Hey! Rafiki!" Rafiki turned his head in Simbas direction and listened.
"I hope you gained some muscles."

In the next moment, Rafiki heaved Ken above his head and tried to hold him.
"Ladies and gentlions, the Lion Gay!", Simba yelled and laughed while looking at Kovu. Kovu just stood there next to Kiara with his mouth open.
"I can't believe he did that."
"Well, Ken is male, right?", Kiara tried to argue.
"But he's gay!"
"Wow, Kovu. For someone who nearly slept with him, you are really homophobic."
"No no no, I didn't mean in it that way!", Kovu said, but Kiara already walked disappointed away to her father. Rafiki was shortly before he collapsed and went down on his knees.
"Can I...let you down...your majesty..?"
"Ehm, okay." When Ken said that, Rafiki collapsed and he landed right on his back. Simba laughed heartfully and wiped some tears out of his face.
"Okay everyone. Do what your King commands, but rebuild the Pride Rock in the first place. We will see us soon, bye.", Simba said to everyone and walked off with Nala.
"Father, wait! If only you train, why do you take mom with you?"
"Because training is really stressful, Kiara."
"What's that supposed to.....oh my god!", Kiara said disgusted and turned herself away. Now everyone was looking at Ken, waiting for him to do something. He had obviously no idea what to do and got more and more nervous over time.
"Okay...my...subjects. Let's have fun and enjoy life!"
"Maybe Sarabi would have been a better choice.", Kiara said sceptical and sighed.
"What about me?! Sarabi is not even male!"
"Kovu, you got a serious problem with your ego. All I hear is me, me, me."
"Bu....whatever, I can't win a discussion against my girlfriend anyway, right?", Kovu asked and saw Kiara nodding like crazy.

Far away from the Pride Lands, a female lion walked together with some panthers towards the Pride Rock. The female licked her lips and was obviously walking faster than her minions.
"Come on, hurry!"
"We're already really fast, stop rushing like that."
"Not fast enough!"
"What's the deal, Tamilia? Afraid of losing your brother's smell? I mean he left a week ago and even I can still smell where he went. This guy makes a corpse smelling like a flower by just walking by.", one of the panthers said.
"Of course I won't lose him! It's just...I can't wait to see Ken again...and finally erase this shame of ours from this planet.", Tamilia said and laughed out loud, before she started running.
"Oh boy...don't lose her! The faster we walk, the sooner we'll arrive!", the panther on the front said to his man and started running with them, to catch up on Tamilia.

Three days later, the Pride Rock was still one huge mess and Ken sat on top of everything, without any idea what to do. The other lions were hunting like always to survive, but no one did what Ken tried to say. Kiara walked slowly from behind next to Ken and tried to cheer him up.
"Everything okay?"
"I'm just sooooo glad when this is over and Simba is king again. I'm so bad at this."
"Well, to be honest...your commands were a little bit...I don't know....pointless."
"What's so pointless about picking up flowers to make everything look better? Vitani always likes it when I put flowers in her hair."
"No, I don't!", Vitani screamed from the Pride Lands where she was hunting.
"She's soooo moody, but I like her."
"Ken, if you wanna be good king for the last two days, it would be really helpful if you could stop beeing a stereotype and try to think what Simba always does." Kiara made Ken think about this and he started ruminating.
"Hm, okay. Kovu you stupid piece of shit! I..."
"No no no! Not that part, I mean when he gives everyone their jobs and solves problems."
"Oh, that thing. Hm...", Ken started ruminating again, when suddenly Kovu appears.
"I....ran as fast as I could...what is it...?", he panted and nearly collapsed.
"Wow, that really works.", Ken said, while Kiara stood as surprised as he in front of Kovu. Kovu started to breathe normal again and looked by Kiara and Ken on the PrideLands.
"Hey...is that a lion?", he said and made everyone turn around.

Kovu was right, Kiara and Ken saw the lion with her panthers immediatly. Ken got paralyzed and started sweating on his whole body.
"What is it?"
"That's my sister I told you about, Tamilia. And everyone is out hunting....", Ken stuttered. Tamilia stopped and looked up to Ken on his heap of brocken rocks.
"Ken! How are you, little brother?"
"Wha...what are you doing here?! You already exiled me..why don't you leave me alone?!"
"Oh Ken, we made a mistake. We should have never exiled you in the first place."
"You know that our herd is one of the strongest in africa and exiling you for beeing gay was so wrong."
"Y..yes! That was definitly wrong!"
"I know! Exiling made you run away and maybe tell someone that you gay freak come from our pride herd. We didn't overthink it enough and now I'm here to correct our mistake."
"You mean.."
"Yeah, time to die.", she said and send all five panthers to attack Ken. Kovu walked in front of him and roared like he never roared before. The panthers stood still and were looking at him shocked.
"Kiara. Get her.", Kovu said without looking back. Kiara nodded and ran away.
"You guys don't wanna mess with the Pride Rock! You maybe see only us, but you're wrong. While everyone is out hunting, the elders queen is still here! You should start running away, because our mighty queen Sarabi is..."
"Dead!", Kiara yelled from Sarabis cave.
"Yeah, no pulse. Grandma's dead."
"Bad...bad...timing." When Kovu spoke the last word, all five panthers jumped at the same time on him. Ken ran away to Kiara and tried to hide from her sister, who walked slowly up the Pride Rock, towards them.
"Get...off!", Kovu yelled and threw all panthers at the same time away from him. His body was glowing and some small stones around him started levitating.
"What are you waiting for?! Attack again!", Tamilia screamed and looked at Kovu. The panthers started jumping again on him, but this time, Kovu was able to block and counter them. Tamilia forgot for a moment that she was there to kill Ken and bared her teeth at Kovu. He could fight the panthers with his new power, but was exhausted as fast as his attackers.
"What's wrong, boy? Out of breathe?! Don't worry, I'll make this quick!", Tamilia said and prepared herself to jump on Kovu and bite into his neck.
"You better make you and your minions vanish quick out of our eyes.", a voice said from behind. Tamilia turned herself angrily and saw all of Simbas lions stand there baring there teeth and Vitani on the front.
"It's your decision. You can fight everyone here at the same time, too if you want.", Vitani said and smiled pugnacious. Angrily Tamilia looked at her panthers and walked slowly off.
"I was wondering why there were only 2 lions by Ken. Looks like there's nothing to do here. For now. Follow me guys and this time...hurry.", she said and ran away with with her panthers. Kovu looked exhausted, but really happy at Vitani.
"Thanks...for saving us all, Vitani."
"Nothing big to thank me for."
"It's just..."
"I'm really really glad you saved us, but why didn't we just kill them?" Vitani looked at Kovu for a moment without moving at all.
"Fuck, that was stupid."

Tamilia and her panthers flew from the Pride Rock and ended up in the outland. While the panthers were trying to recover, Tamilia stomped on the ground and roared hatefully.
"I can't believe that another herd let him join them. And now that we ran away, they think we're even weaker than before, because of our gay cat."
"Maybe they don't know any other lions they could tell. That way we don't have to kill him and can go home aga..."
"You wanna spare him?!", Tamilia yelled angrily and pushed her face against the panther's.
"I...I mean.."
"You are the reason why Ken is still alive! If you weaklings were strong enough, this other lion had no chance to defend Ken until the rest of them showed up!"
"Bu..but how could we? Di-didn't you saw him glowing?! We don't even know what happened!" Tamilia turned herself away him and walked away some steps.
"Yes, I'm still curious about that. I have no idea what that was, but I'm sure we'll find away to beat him." A laugh from behind a rock suddenly appeared and pulled Tamilia's and her panther's attention.
"Glowin' lion, huh? I'm sure we'll find a way to solve ya problem." Baska walked on his four feets towards them and continued laughing. Tamilia bared her teeth and walked two steps backwards to get some distance from the enourmos bear.
"Who are you?"
"I'm just a guy who know's what's up, got it?"
"Not really, no."
"Listen: This lion you met got spiritual power from a dead lion with a strong will. My boss got these power's, too but is right now looking for a specific one by himself. Translated for you: It means that I got enough time to fuck up Simba with you and surprise my boss with his head."
"Simba, huh? I don't really care about this guy, so if you could handle him while I take care of my brother...I'm statisfied."
"Ha ha. I like your fire, girl.", Baska said and started making up a plan with Tamilia to defeate the Pride Rock.

At the Pride Rock, Ken explained everything to the rest of the lions, that they know who this lion and her panthers were.
"Sounds like we came just at the right moment.", Vitani said and smiled at Kovu like an older sister that saved her little brother for the thousandth time.
"At least better timing than Sarabi who just died when I needed her."
"Hey, I saved your ass you dickhead." A voice out of the sky said. Everyone looked up and saw how the clouds were gathering and forming Sarabis head.
"Sa..Sarabi?", Kovu said stunned.
"And I just wanted to point out that I died 3 days ago. Thanks for checking everyday, my dear granddaughter." Kiara started to whistle and looked away.
"Now to you Kovu: My timing fucking saved you. I was the one who gave you the power to beat those panthers."
"I thought only lion with a strong will become these kind of spirits."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"You know...ehm.."
"Because I'm a female? You know how many years I laid deaf and nearly blind in my cave, only alive because I didn't want to die?"
"You're right, you're right! Sorry for..."
"Next time I'll merge with the gay one."
"No no no no, I'm sorry! Really! Please grand queen Sarabi, lend me your strengh to protect the Pride Rock!", Kovu yelled and bowed down. Sarabi looked at Kovu for a moment and then sighed.
"Fine, I'll stay by your side. But fucking respect me or else..."
"Yes, my queen!" Sarabi smiled and turned her head to Kiara.
"Look Kiara, your boyfriend is my bitch now."
"I understand what you and Mufasa had in common.", Kiara said skeptically and tried to smile.

When the sun went down, every lion was prepared for an attack at night. Ken was sure that her sister was the type of lion that tries to go for the easiest and sneakiest way. Ken was hiding in a cave and talked with Kiara about girly things, to waste the time faster. Around midnight, one of the lions saw some animals coming towards the Pride Rock and alarmed everyone who was there. Kovu gave everyone the signal to go in their attacking postion and waited. Tamilia came really fast close, but stopped with her minions in front of the Pride Rock and looked up to Kovu who stood on the highest point.
"So, we meet again.", Tamilia said.
"It's not like you didn't know I was here."
"Anyway!.....I hope you had a nice day, because it was your last, King...Simba."
"What? I'm not Simba, I'm Kovu!"
"And how do you know about Simba?"
"It doesn't matter now! The quintessence of my statement was: Get ready...to face your death."
"It's over, Tamilia! I have the highground!"
"You underestimate my power!"
"Don't try i..."
"Kear Bick!", Baska said from behind Kovu, who just came out of the sky and kicked him far behind Tamilia.
"Yo! That's not Simba! That's the jerk I already beat up!"
"I know now!"
"And you lost against him?"
"Doesn't matter now! Go kill him, I'll take care of the rest.", Tamilia said annoyed and walked slowly up the Pride Rock with the other Panthers. Baska twitched with his shoulders and jumped right in the direction in that Kovu flew.
"Here we go ladies. Didn't you want to fight?", she said laughing to Simba's lions. Vitani bared her teeth and roared at her.
"For the Pride Rock!", she screamed and jumped with the other lions at the panthers. Most of the Panthers fought two lions at the same time, since they were only five against ten of them. While looking for Ken, Tamilia walked by most of the fights and scratched everyone who attacked her away.
"Keeeeen, your lovely sister his heere. Come out and plaaaay." Ken heared Tamilia looking for him and looked skeptically at Kiara.
"That's a trick! I'm sure she doesn't want to play with me! She never did when we were little..."
"Oh, really?", Kiara said sarcasticly.
"Keeeeeeen, I can see Kovu's butt from heree."
"Where are you?!", Ken yelled excited when he jumped out of his hiding place.
"Oh oh." Ken started running away and Tamilia chased him immediatly. Kiara ran out of the cave and looked after them.
"Great. That's not why I asked for a hiding place.", she said to herself and ran after Tamilia and Ken.

When Baska arrvied where Kovu landed, Kovu already stood up and was glowling even more than before. Baska laughed and walked slowly towards him.
"Since I saw you're not Simba, I thought that lady fooled me, but you actually have spiritual power. Haha great, maybe this time you'll last a minute."
"He, I hope you last a minute!"
"Oh boy, trashtalk's not ya thing, right?"
"Sorry, I prefer fighting."
"Haha, there we go!", Baska said before he and Kovu dashed against each other. Baska kicked and punched Kovu as fast as he could, but Kovu could block every single hit by his paws. He blocked the hits, but got still pushed away with every single one.
"Pega Munch!", Baska screamed and punched Kovu with everything he got and made him slip several meters backwards. Kovu breathed heavily and got problems standing on his paws that got hit all the time.
"You're good, kid. But you're stamina's to weak." Kovu started smiling while breathing heavily and looked at him.
"If you have so much stamina, why don't you continue attacking me?"
"As you wish." Baska jumped at Kovu and attacked even faster than before, but this time, Kovu was able to dodge every single hit.
"Okay, that's it! Freeze!", Baska screamed and punched to freeze Kovu once again in the air. Right before his fist could hit him, Kovu spun in the air over Baska.
"You never attacked me. You punch and kick always the same way. Not even your special attacks are different from you usual pattern. Once I got it, there was no way I couldn't know where you gonna try to punch me.", Kovu said while he flew over Baskas head and kicked him with his left foot in the dirt. Baska slided some meters and stood up immediatly after that.
"What happened?! You're not the same guy as before!"
"I am Sarabi, god of all lions...", Sarabi said through Kovu's body with a voicemix between her and his.
"Okay, that explains something."
"...now feel my wraaaath!" Kovu's body was overwhelmed by spiritual power and charged at Baska with full power.
"Ceath Dlaws!", Baska screamed while runnung at Kovu and reached out his fist.
"Get dooown!" Both screamed and clashed with their attack at each others. Baska punched as hard as he could against the fullcharged Kovu and ignited a shockwave through the whole Pride Lands, that even the lions and panthers fighting fell down. After thrity secounds, Baska and Kovu rushed by each other and fell down. Kovu laid unconscious on the ground, while Baska slowly stood up again and looked at him.
"You...pathetic...little..bastard.." Baska walked slowly towards him, when suddenly his whole body glew again and Sarabis voice screamed:" You're lucky that I've got that weak body! But one more step and I'll stick your Alaws up your Cnus, you got that?!"
Afraid of Sarabis power, Baska turned himself away and hobbled slowly back into Outland.
"Didn't expect that. Tzh, whatever. Next time, there won't be a draw.", Baska said to himself.

Meanwhile, ended Tamilias hunt at a huge river behind the Pride Rock. Ken stood in front of the rushing water and couldn't get past it. Tamilia catched up on him and walked towards her little brother.
"I'll just kill you here without many words, you know why I hate you."
"I...I just don't get how you can kill me...just for beeing homosexuell."
"I only hate you thirty procent for beeing gay, but that's not the reason I wanna kill you so badly."
"You laughed...about my beautiful necklace!"
"I'm so sorry! I didn't know you got a beautiful necklace, I only saw the shit one."
"Die!", Tamilia screamed and reached out with her claws to push Ken into the river and drown him.
"No!" Kiara charged from behind and headbutted Tamilia straight forward above Ken. Ken smiled and yelled:" Have a nice bath, you slu..." But she landed on the side of the river, instead of in it.
"Wow did I...."
"Damn, I'm strong."
"Do..do you think she can, unlike me, jump over it back to us?"
"I hope not." Then Tamilia jumped easily back to them.
"Well, shit.", Kiara said and walked defending in front of Ken.
"Now...since you know my little brother, you can tell everyone else about the gay sheep in our herd. Means: You're next."
"Wait!....Knock knock!"
"I don't play your little game!"
"You in a secound!", Kiara said and headbutted Tamilia again, that she falls into the river and rushed away. She screamed, but the water was to fast to hear anything more from her.
"Yes! Get zira'd, bitch! Woho, Kiara - Kiara - Kiara is so cool, hey!", she sang and danced while Ken saw far away her sister swimming to survive.
"Let's go home, Ken. I hope Vitani and the rest is alright.", Kiara said and walked off with him, towards their home. But when they arrived, a bloodstained Vitani came at them. Kiara was shocked and ran over to her.
"Vitani! What happened?!"
"I....I.....I managed to get some yummy panthermeat for everyone!"
"Haha, you got me for a secound! Let's eat and celebrate that we beat the bad guys!"
"Shouldn't we look for Ko..."
"Eat and ceeelebrate.", Kiara said and walked to the rest of the lions and their panthermeat. Ken looked at Vitani and asked her:" Does she even love him?"
"Not sure, I guess in some way."

Meanwhile at Kovus place:
"You already sleep for an hour, now wake up! I did all the work, you were just there so stop acting exhausted. I can't demerge from you when you sleep...that makes no sense, but that's how it is! Kovu pleeeeeeease!
...........................................Piece of shit."

Back at the Pride Rock when Simba and Nala came back:
"Aaaah, home sweet home. And everything is still damaged, as I expected.", Simba said and took a deep breathe to feel his land.
"Simba, Simba! Welcome baaack!", Ken yelled and ran right at him.
"Cover my butt, Nala. There he is.", he wisphered to Nala before Ken arrived.
"It was nice to be King for a week, thanks for the..."
"Yea yea yeah, did something special happen?"
"Naw, everything's okay."
"Ogay then. Where are Kiara and Kovu?"
"Oh right, Kiara is trying to help Kovu recover from his fight against this giant bear where he used his new spiritual power from your dead mother. Oh by the way, your mother died."
"About time, she was really oooool....oooh Kovu has what?!"
And then, Ken explained everything that happened while Simba was away and gifted him the most beautiful flower he ever saw.
"Well, I hope you enjoyed our vacation Nala...."
"Not really, I was alone for most of the time."
"..because it looks like I can't leave without risking that my home gets destroyed. Even more I mean.", Simba sighed and just went into his cave.

In the outland, Zerrath came back from his search and met Baska who was waiting for him to talk.
"Another spirit?"
"Yea and it was strong enough to knock me out. Even in this weak body."
"Interesting. And what about that female you told me about?"
"Still alive.", Baska said and threw Tamilias body in front of him. Zerrath laid his paw on her head and started speaking into her ear.
"Wake up, it's not over yet." Tamilia started speaking unconsciously with her eyes closed.
“Who...is there?”


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Another good chapter. I laughed at the 'training' Simba and Nala went off to do. I guess I'd expect as much that Pride Rock wouldn't change over a week, when Simba was gone. And my gosh, more spiritual lions giving Kovu power. I like the end a lot too, because knowing Tamilia will be having some 'Revenge' later. I can't wait to see what happens next!


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Sep 6, 2015
I'm glad, you liked the training, because even more is coming now!

Episode 5 – Sarabis challenge – part 1

Two days after Kovu's recovery, Simba ordered him into his broken cave that wasn't a cave anymore. Kiara and the other lions started to rebuild the Pride Rock, but didn't really know how to fix broken rocks.
"Si...Simba?", Kovu asked carefully when he looked around the corner that led into Simba's cave.
"Are you there?"
"Am I....forget it, just come in.", Simba sighed and already repented his plan. Kovu walked in and sat down in front of him.
"Kiara told me what happened when I was training with my father. I hope you know that you have huge responsiblity with this power, right?"
"Of course!"
"Good. Then you'll probably know why you're here."
"I..I think I do. You want me to train like you to..."
"Give me your powers.", Simba said and looked seriously at Kovu's face. Kovu was confused at first and went a few steps back.
"We both know that you can't handle these powers, that's why I want you to give them to someone who can control them."
"But Simba! I was able to defend the Pride Rock from Baska!"
"Now imagine what I could have done with them.", Simba said while walking slowly towards Kovu, who was scared walking backwards.
"Kovu, stop messing around with..."
"Simba!", a loud voice out of the sky screamed and pulled the attention from every other lion.Simba looked up and saw his mother looking angrily at him.
"I gave my powers to this little jerk right here, get used to it!"
"But...but moooooooom."
"Shut your mouth, Simba! I don't like this guy neither, but who was chilling in the jungle while Scar enslaved us all? Who told me he would look after me for the rest of my life, when I'm to old to hunt, but instantly forgot about it after two days?!"
"Mooom....not in front of my lions...", Simba said as quitly as possible for Sarabi to hear it, while everyone started giggling.
"They have no reason to laugh at all, they forgot me, too. To be honest, I don't really like anyone here.", Sarabi said annoyed and wheezed. Everyone looked down, except for Simba who was still hoping to get Sarabis power.
"So...mooom...can I.."
"No! I'll stay with Kovu! He's weak, embarassing, annoying, weak..."
"You...already said that..", Kovu interrupted her without looking at her.
"I need to say this twice, otherwise everyone here would overrate you. Now back to the topic: He's my jerk. I'll stay with him and make him a warrior! Or at least a stable body for me to do the mainfighting."
"Actually he's my jerk.", Kiara said and looked jealously up to her grandmother.
"Don't get me started on you, Mrs. I-come-back-to-feed-you-tomorrow.", Sarabi said venomous and gave her a look that Kiara just walked away whistling. Simba sighed and looked at Kovu who wanted to smile, because he could keep his powers, but knew that he would get exiled again for that.
"Phew, enough ranting for today. I'll leave you for now, I hope you feel really really bad.", Sarabi said and started disappearing. The lions walked back to Kiara and thought about rebuilding the Pride Rock like nothing happened. Kovu looked up to Simba and saw how he gave him a really mad look.
"Okay Kovu, don't mess it up now.", he said to himself and walked up to Simba.
"He...Hey." Simba just stood there and kept looking at him.
"Nice weather, isn't it?"
"Fuck you.", Simba said and walked pissed back into his half cave.
At the same night, Simba was still thinking about Kovu and his new powers. After his hard training, he was mad that Sarabi didn't force Kovu to do the same. Right after that thought, he got an idea and roared out loud: "Kovu! Come here!"

"Simba, the fuck?!", Nala screamed from next to him. Simba turned around frightened and saw every lion looking at him madly.
"We were sleeping!"
"What is wrong with you?!"
"Right...you dummyhead!", a voice out of the corner yelled. Simba looked in the direction and got confused.
"Wait, why is Ken here?"
"Don't change the topic! You woke up everyone!", Nala said madly. The other lions started to complain even more and threw Simba out of his cave. Right after he found himself outside, Kovu showed up.
"Y..yes, Simba? I swear if something bad happened it wasn't me. I got an alibi."
"yeah yeah, whatever. Kovu. You and I are gonna spend some time together."
"I don't see how this could end good for me."
"Me neither." Kovu sighed and resigned himself with his DETERMENATION.
"Sit down, Kovu.", Simba said and turned himself. Kovu sat down and waited for Simba to tell him what was going on.
"Now follow me.", Simba said and walked away. Kovu stood up confused and follwed him tiredly. After some minutes, they arrived at the foot of the Pride Rock and watched the sunrise.
"Kovu, I can't take your powers. But I can atleast train with you, that the Pride Rock has one more guardian."
"You wanna train me?"
"What did I just say? You know, questions like these make me so sick of you. Really really sick."
"It's oka...you know what? Actually not. I'll just beat the shit out of you when we're training. Better prepare yourself. We will go to a special place when the sun rises."
"Alright. I'll....wait..."
"Follow me, I'll just tell Nala what the plan is. She'll be happy to have some Nalatime."
"Don't.Ever.Ask.", Simba said and walked towards the cave.

Some hours later when everyone woke up, Nala spoke to everyone.
"Listen! Simba and Kovu went training for today, so we ladys are running this rock for a while."
"Yeah! Tell 'em, sister!", Ken exulted out of the mass.
"Let's show Simba and Kovu what women are able to!", Nala shouted.
"Right, Nala!"
"You're the best!" While everyone was cheering, Nala started smiling and watched her herd.
"Now get some flowers! The Girl Rock shall rise upon the Pride Lands and cover them in a pink shadow!", Nala yelled and laughed madly. Everyone was excited, except for Vitani who looked sceptically at her.
"Kiara? What is going on?", she asked confused.
"Hm? Oh right, you never saw this before. That's just mom's regular coup attempt when dad's gone."
"And you're not worried about this?"
"Nah, dad always get's the control back. I don't know how, but it always worked."
"If you say so."
"Hey! Kiara! Vitamin! Less talking, more farming!", Nala interrupted them and bared her teeth.
"It's Vitani. Not Vitami..."
"It's not a flower, so go out of my face until you're covered in petals!", Nala screamed that Kiara and Vitani started to run as fast as possible.

At the other end of the Pride Lands, Simba stopped walking and looked behind himself at Kovu, who was exhausted and nearly fell asleep.
"Okay. Here we are."
"Why is this...oh god I can't breathe.", Kovu said and took a deepth breathe before he started talking again.
"Okay, there we go. So, why is this place so special?"
"It's not, it's just the most far away place from the Pride Rock. I knew you don't have much stamina and I wanted to train you just by walking."
"Wow, nice trick."
"I was joking, I just wanted to tortue you."
"Classic Simba, right?"
"Mhm...", Kovu sighed and lowered his head.
"Now, Kovu. What about a little sparing? I wanna see how strong you are."
"Wait, now? I'm totally exhau..."
"Bring it on!", a voice screamed out of the sky, before Kovus body started glowing. His eyes went yellow and he was breathing heavily, while smiling at Simba. Simba walked some steps backwards and swallowed.
"I admit....I'm impressed."
"Quit talkin! Show me what you got, Son!", Sarabi yelled and ran in Kovus body at him. Simba powered up to use Mufasas spiritpower and roared at Kovu. The roar pushed Kovu with all of his power back, but Sarabi ran with everything she got into the roar and broke through it. Right before she hit Simba, he dodged her and punched Sarabi with his paw some meters away.
"Tell me, Simba! Why isn't your father helping? Is he still scared of fighting me?"
"I'm not like Kovu, mom. Father gave me some of his powers permanent and trained me to use them on my own. Now I can fight and get stronger without his help. Mufasa also told me that Spirit themselves can't get stronger. And I'm already stronger than you."
"Oh Simba...my dear son...you have no idea, how strong I am. As long as Kovu has such a weak body, he will instantly collapse, when I try to use my full potential. If you really wanna fight me, train Kovu. Train his body, without any spiritualpower!Then I will do the rest and trust me....you won't be disappointed.", Sarabi laughed through Kovu. Simba looked at her and started smiling.
"You know...even tho you sound like a villain, I still trust you mother. But maybe I just want to fight you so bad at your full potential, that I make a bad decision right now."
"Villain? Simba, do you know the pain to press a cub out of yourself? The hell I will kill you now or anything, I still love you."
"I love you to....."
"I just wanna beat you up to show you, that I'm still some levels above you! Oh, excuse me. I forgot you got your father's powers,too. Above you and Mufasa! Hahahahahaha!", Sarabi laughed cordially. Simba just stood there, until he heared a voice in his head.
"Psst, Simba. Try not to displease your mother now!"
"Dad? Are you...in my mind? Why don't you show up?"
"I don't want your mother to see me when she's like that. You must know, female lions in the Pride Lands are really addicted to power, once they're in a high position."
"I see...I'm glad that at least Nala's not like tha.....oh right, nevermind."

Meanwhile at the Girl Rock, Nala was sending her lions out to pick up nice things to make their home look better. Vitani was by Kiara's side the whole time, but was still not sure how to feel about everything.
"Don't you think Simba gets mad when he sees what happened here?"
"Yeah...you're probably right. Mom never got the chance to have such a big impact on everyone...I mean we decorated the zebras."
"Isn't there any way to stop her?"
"Father could always stop here, but no one knows how. Hmm...maybe another alpha female."
"Mom get's like this when she has the lead, so maybe she get's normal again when someone shows everyone this person is stronger."
"Okay, that's a plan. But who? The lions love her, so only we both left."
"What about Ken?"
"Ken is probably happier about the Girl Rock, than Nala herself."
"So....you do it?", Kiara asked and gave Vitani a huge smile.
"Why me? It's your mother."
"Exactly. She remembers everything when she's normal. I don't wanna know what she would do, when I fight her. Parents should never ever fight their children."

Meanwhile at Simba's place...
"Come on, Simba! If you can't beat me now, don't even try to train Kovu!", Sarabi screamed while hitting Simba multiple times with her claws.

Back at Vitani and Kiara....
"Are you really sure I should fight your mother?"
"It's the only way I'm seeing right now." Vitani sighed and accepted Kiara's idea.
"Do you know how strong Nala is?"
"To be honest...she's pretty strong. Stronger than Simba without spiritual power."
"And how am I supposed to beat her then?" Kiara thought about it for a moment and then came up with an idea.
"Your own Spirit!", Kiara said excited to Vitani, who looked a little confused.
"What? Am I even possible to get one?"
"I'm sure you can! If we sneak away from here to Rafiki, he's probably able to connect you with one."
"I...I have bad feeling about that."
"Whoever's last, is a stinky lion!", Kiara said while running instantly away. Vitani sighed and tried to catch up to her.
"Didn't she say something about sneaking? And didn't I say nothing about agreeing to her plan?!", Vitani tought desperately.

In the meantime, the fight between Simba and Sarabi was over. Simba sat in front of Kovu and waited for him to finally wake up, to start the training he was waiting for. After a while, he finally opened his eyes and saw Simbas face, right in front of him.
"Good morning, Kovu."
"Now I feel definitly uncomfortable." Simba moved his face away from Kovus and sighed.
"Just get up already, your training is about to start."
"About to start? I'm totally exhausted, didn't we already train?"
"See? You didn't even remember our fight. Sarabi is way to strong for you and that's why you need to be trained."
"Oh boy..."
"Why are you already complaining? Oh god, this going to be way more painful for me than for you.", Simba said annoyed and crunched with his teeth. Simba started training with Kovu as planned and enjoyed it more than he thought. He watched Kovu lifting rocks as big as a cub with his head, knocking down dead trees,that still didn't fall down yet and running a lot of meters like crazy. After 5 hours, he collapsed on the ground and breathed heavily.
"It's okay, you're done for today. Now rest, I want to see how you're doing tomorrow when you have fully recovered."
"Don't we...............go ho.....home?"
"Could you? Cause I won't carry you.", Simba said and saw how Kovu immediatly fell asleep.

When the sun slowly started to get down, Kiara and Vitani arrived at Rafiki's tree.
"Uga Uga?", Kiara shouted up the tree.
"Kiara, stop trolling me!"
"What do you want? Or did you come the long way for that one short joke?"
"No, not this time! Vitani and me need your help. You can summon spirits, right?" When he heared that, Rafiki jumped down his tree and looked surprised at her.
"Yes....yes, of course I can. But what's your plan?", Rafiki asked. Vitani stepped forward and said: "Simba and Kovu are training, that's why Nala is ruling the Pride Rock right now and she's overwhelmed by her power. Kiara said I could stop her when I fight her, but I need a spirit. Otherwise we have no chance."
"Oh, Nala's bitching again? Okay, you really need a spirit. Stay here! And Kiara, get some distance. I'll try to make some spirits gather here and with a little bit luck, a strong one will choose you.", Rafiki said and climped up his tree again to start his ritual. While Rafiki was doing his job, Kiara took more and more distance from Vitani, who had no idea what was about to happen.
"Spirits of the past! I call you! Come and give a young women the power to save her home!", he screamed and made the sky going darker and darker. Everbody was looking up, until suddently a lightningbolt struck right in front of Vitani and a mad laugh came out of the clouds.
"Vitani.", the voice said. Vitani was to stunned to answer, she didn't think that Kiara's plan would actually work.
"Vitani. Why did you summon me?", the voice said really dark and serious.
"I...I need your help to save our home!", she yelled at the sky.
"Are you willing to let me live in your body as an exchange for my mighty power?" Vitani nodded resolved and started looking for the spirit.
"As...you...wish.", the voice said and melted with Vitani. Her body started glowing like Simba's or Kovu's, just not as bright as them.
"What a...strange feeling. I feel..."
"Power?", Kiara asked curious.
"Something. But..I wouldn't call it power. Who was that spirit anyway?"
"Vitani! We finally meet each other again!" A spirit that was as big as Vitani, came our of her back and hugged her.
"Nuka?!", she said shocked and looked at him.
"Oh I missed you so much! Did I kill Kovu?"
"No, you died."
"Oh right, I kinda remember that. Where's mother?!"
"Oh. But I didn't saw her in the heaven for special lions."
"She's...probably somewhere else."
"Really? I didn''t know there was a heaven for mother lions." Vitani sighed and looked mad at Kiara who laughed her ass off.
"Nuka, I don't wanna insult you, but...I heared only strong willed lions become spirits. Why are you one?"
"I was pretty energetic to find mother."
"Aren't you happy?"
"Yes! I mean...I missed you and was sad when you died, but..."
"I just didn't expect you to come."
"Don't worry, I'll help you to fix your food problem."
"I need to save my home."
"Yes, as I said." Vitani sighed again and turned herself away from the still laughing Kiara.
"Let's go.", she said and walked back home.
"Thank you, Rafiki hahaha. If you need Kovu for some experiments...you have my permission hahaha.", Kiara laughed and said goodybe to Rafiki who laid in his tree laughing, too.

In the night, Simba and Kovu were recovering from their training, while Kiara and Vitani were still walking back home. Nuka used the time to ask her sister what happened while he was dead.
"Where do you live now? Doesn't look like the way to the outland."
"We're at home on the Gir...ehm Pride Rock."
"Pride Rock?! Haha, I knew mother could defeate Simba!"
"No, we're on his side now."
"What?! A..a..and what about Kovu?"
"He lives with us, too."
"Impossible...this traitor deserves to die for betraying Zira!"
"Yeah yeah, whatever."
"What about you Vitani? What do you do on the....argh..Pride Rock."
"Well, I hunt, have a lot of me-time and a gay friend who takes care of my fur. Oh right, about my friend. Don't let him see you."
"Why? Am I that cute?"
"No, but your fur...you look even more disheveled as a spirit than before. Ken would be disgusted."
"I don't think so, I'm an image of a lion.", he said while he scratched his back. Kiara kept giggling and making Vitani even more pissed than she already was.
"Let's wait until the sun rises.", Vitani said and sat down.
"No! No, we have to strike tonight! Tonight we strike, tonight we....", Nuka said excidet, when Kiara interrupted him with laughing.
"Not even the right canon hahahaha. I knew he was hilarious haha."
"Meh.", Vitani said and went to sleep.
"Okay, let's do it the lame way.", Nuka said annoyed and vanished back into Vitanis body. 10 Minutes later, Kiara could stop laughing and went to sleep, too.

At the next day, Simba woke up early and was waiting for Kovu. Waiting for Kovu to wake up. After 10 hours of sleep. He waited long and patiently. Definitly long enough.
"Ah!", Kovu screamed up when he startled and looked at Simba.
"I almost got tired again. Training is not waiting, now come."
"More training?"
"Of course, what did you expect?"
"Mmmmmmmore training?"
"More training, that's right! Now follow me."
"Where are we going?"
"Somewhere, where you definitly train your stamina."
"You didn't insult me, that means the training itself will hurt me, right?"
"Wow, Kovu. A learning curve! Didn't see that coming." Kovu sighed, but was pretty happy about the compliment at the same time. Even tho it was still insultig, but hey, it's Kovu.
About half an hour later, they walked through a large canyon until Simba suddenly stopped.
"Okay, Kovu. Part 1: Sit down.", Simba said and Kovu sat down.
"And now..just live."
"Just be in this canyon and live your life for a bit."
"Ehm, that doesn't sound so difficult. Okay."
"Good, I'll go somewhere else. If you see me again, you completed your training. See ya.", Simba said and walked away. Kovu just sat there and was surprised how nice Simba was to give him such an easy task.
20 minutes later, Kovu started to sing.
"Don't let them in...don't let them see....be the good girl, you always tryyyy to be.", he sang and thought about his life. At the other side of the canyon, Simba talked to the leader of a huge groupe of gnus.
"Okay, Gnufather. Kovu is in position, now make him run and don't hold back."
"Ma man never hold back, capiche?", the Gnufather said in an italian accent.
"Now Fredo...."
"Now Chinchan, let's eh talk about payment."
"And what do you want?"
"Pasta. Lots of pasta."
"I'm....I'm sorry, but I can't do this. That's to racist."
"Yeah yeah I understand....we'll still help, your majesty."
In the canyon, Kovu was still singing and now even tap-dancing.
"Under the seeeea...under the seeeea...Kovu get's groceries and is such a sassy bee..under the seeeeeeeeeeea." After his last wrong tone, small rocks around him started hopping.

"Hm? Rocks usually don't jum.....", before Kovu could finish his sentence, he saw a huge amount of gnus running towards him. Simba stood above the canyon and looked down to watched how Kovu ran for his life.
"If his stamina's not trained enough after this, I have no idea what to do."

To be continued...


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Good grief. Simba, you're so mean! Why you got to make Kovu's life hell for? lol. This was an entertaining chapter. I really like how the lioness are addicted to power, because it was really funny. I hope Kovu shows he's got stamina, and his training pays off somehow. Of course, payment for pasta was hilarious too. Who knew Simba knew animals in low places? Good chapter as always, Venx!


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Sep 6, 2015
Thanks, KitKat! I hope you like the secound part as well!
Episode 6 – Sarabis challenge - part 2

At the next morning, Kiara and Vitani were straight heading forward to the Girl Rock. Kiara felt awesome, unlike Vitani who kept awake by Nuka all night.

"Come on, you have to see the positiv things, Vitani!", Kiara said excited.
"And, these are..?"
"Well, your brother's back."
"Yeah. Inside me. Grrrreat."
"That's okay, we're lions."
"Kiara. Please. Stop talking for a while."
"Okidoki!", Kiara said, closed her mouth and just walked happily next to Vitani, who enjoyed the silence around her.
"Gooood morning!", Nuka yelled in Vitanis ear, when he suddenly appeared above her. Vitani jumped in the air as a result of fear and screamed. When she landed back on the ground, she saw Kiara laughing heartfully without making any noise.
"How did you sleep?", Nuka asked and came with his face closer to Vitanis face, with every secound.
"One hour out of eight, with sand in my ears."
"Why did you have sand in your ears?"
"I don't know.....................................I felt like doing it."
"Oh Vitani, you were always the crazy one.", Nuka said and made Kiara collapse on the ground. Vitani sighed heavily and started walking forward again.

At the same time, Kovu laid in front of Simba. He tried to breathe as much as possible to survive, after running away from the Gnus for 2 hours.
"So...how's your stamina now, Kovu?"
"You......are asking........this for hours.....let me recover already, Simba!.....Pleeeease!"
"Fine! I hope my plan worked out. I can't wait to fight Sarabi at her full potential."
"You know....protracted training would help me more.....than this torture."
"Protracted?! How long do you think I wanna train with you?! I'm sick of you already!"
"You're.....always sick of me."
"Hey, that's..........actually you're right. But I need this to be finished fast, so recover now. Maybe that's enough.", Simba said and walked away. Kovu closed his eyes and fell asleep instantly. After some minutes, Simba came back and sat down in front of him.
"The moment you will wake up, the moment we will continue.", Simba said to himself and watched Kovu for several hours, until he opened an eye.
"Ki...Kiara?", Kovu said drowzy and tried to lick Simbas paw. Simba pulled his paw back and punched Kovu with it.
"Hey! What is wrong with you?!", he said angrily like always when he talks to Kovu.
"I...I...thought you were Kiara..."
"And I thought you were smarter than that! See? I thought positiv about you and you messed it up!"

"Sorry! But I think I recovered!....Pretty fast I guess to be honest."
"As long as you have Sarabis spirit, your body is stronger in general. Let's hope you're already ready. I don't wanna spend more time with you."
"Me neither...", Kovu murmured.
"What's that supposed to mean?!", Simba roared at Kovu. When Kovu twitched, his body started glowing again and Sarabis face appeared in the sky.
"Looks like you literally tortured my vessel to fight me.", she said smiling from above.
"Vessel? Hey, I'm still here. I can hear you!", Kovu tried to throw in but got ignored like always. Simba looked at her mother and nodded.
"Yes, I tried everything to prepare him. How's his stamina now?"
"I think...he'll survive. Yes, there is no real danger for him."
"You mean until I get him between my claws.", Simba said self-assured, until suddenly Sarabi started laughing.
"Wha...what's so funny?!", he asked and waited for her to stop.
"Oh Simba, you did well against Zerrath and even trained since then....but you have no idea what you're about to face in a moment.", she said and disappeared with a smile. Simba walked some steps away from Kovu and swallowed unsettled.
"I don't like where this is going.", Kovu said right before his body started glowling like never before and a bright light came out of his mout and eyes. The light got brighter with every secound, that Simba had to look away and close his eyes at some point. After a half minute, Simba opened his eyes again and looked at Kovu who stood on dead ground. The gras and flowers around him vanished in a ten meter big radius. When Kovu first opened his mouth, a lot of black steam came out of it.
"So many...disappointments.", Sarabi said in the mix out of her and Kovus voice. She raised his head and looked at Simba with red glowing eyes.
"So much...humiliation." Sarabi smashed his now larger tail on the ground and caused a little hole in it.
"And so much anger.", she said and got into position to attack Simba.
"I thought that Kovu was just an idiot who didn't really get it when you insult him, but I was wrong. Everytime you insulted him, it looks like it really hurt him. He tried to do better, but you never gave him a chance. He's full of unused anger and now I'm able to use this strength against you. I'll do what Kovu never could!", she said and bared his teeth at Simba.
"Thanks, mom."
"Let's see if I can make you regret how you treated Kovu."
"Hm, probably not."

At the same time, Vitani and Kiara could see the Girl Rock again.
"You know, Rafikis tree isn't that far away, but we walked for a pretty long time. Did something slow us down?", Kiara asked and raised an eyebrow at Vitani.
"I...kinda have an idea."
"It was probably you, Vitani. It felt like you stopped every 5 minutes to knock your head against something. Do you have fleas?", Nuka asked thoughtfully.
"Let's just end this! I'll head straight to Nala and fight her. Nuka, disappear until I reach her.", Vitani said and walked forward.
"Alright! I'm always in for a sneakattack.", he said and vanished. Some minutes later, they arrived at the Girl Rock where two lions were guarding the entrance.
"Hello and welcome to the Girl Rock! Can you identify yourself?", one of the guards asked.
"I'm the princess.", Kiara said confused.
"Princess.....princess....eeehm..", the other guard murmured to himself and pretended to look through a list.
"Yes. You know me.", she sighed.
"Oooooh, yes! Kiara! Hello!"
"Yea yeah...follow me, Vitani." Kiara and Vitani walked up to the rock heap that was once the top of the Pride Rock, until Ken walked in there way.
"I'm sorry, but no one is allowed to disturb the queen."
"Go away, Ken. I'm here to defeat Nala and save the Pride Rock.", Vitani said annoyed.
"It's Girl Rock for you, you...", before Ken could finish his sentence, Vitani pushed him to the side and walked by. Nala turned herself to Vitani and bared her teeth.
"So...you dare to betray your queen?!"
"You're my queen, yes. But you're not the empress of the Pride...."
"Sneak attack!", Nuka screamed when he came out of nowhere and bared his teeth at Nala. While Nala had no idea what was going on, Vitani facepawed herself and Kiara started laughing again.
"Who's that?"
"My dead brother Nuka's spirit."
"He'll help me defeating you. Now, Nuka! Give me your strength!", Vitani yelled and went into her fightposition. Everyone was waiting for something, but nothing happened.
"Psst, Nuka! Now would be a great time to give me your strength!", Vitani whispered loudly.
"But Vitani, I'm a tactician! Not a fighter...if you give me a week, I may have a plan that could work.", Nuka said embarassed.
"You're fucking kidding me, right?" Vitani looked at Nuka, like she couldn't believe what just happened.
"Haha, great help, Vitani. Now let's settle this like women." Nala extended her claws.
"To the death.", she said and smiled at Vitani.

Simba prepared himself for Sarabis attack and waited for her to make the first move. Sarabi breathed heavily in Kovus body and couldn't stop smiling at Simba.
"Okay, here we go!", she said and teleported behind him. Simba tried to turn himself away from her, but she already stroke him a few times with her claws. He got pushed away, but landed on his feet. When he looked up again, he saw how Sarabi was already running towards him. "You got your first move! Now enjoy mine!", Simba said and roared as loud as he could, what caused a shockwave around him that pushed Sarabi a few meters back.
Simbas shockwave was still up, but Sarabi started laughing and ran right into it and broke through.
"What?!" Simba was shocked when he saw Sarabi standing right in front of him, while he was still doing his roar.
"You're just not up to my level, son.", she said and punched Simba with multiple hits out of his own shockwave. Simba laid on the ground and tried to get up, but when he did, he discovered Sarabi in front of him already casting something in her mouth.
"At least...you're really using your full potential.", Simba said and dashed to the left, right before she shot a huge energywave forward out of her mouth.
"I am and I love it! But I don't see any progress from you, since your training with Mufasa."
"Trust me, mother. You'll see it, when I have to do it."
"Okay, let's break your limits!" Sarabi roared and jumped at Simba with black & white burning fire under her paws. Simba jumped back and dodged her, but Sarabi immediatly started jumping again to catch him. He kept dodging until Sarabi didn't jump again just shot an energy wave at the dodging Simba, who was prepared for another jump and got hit. Simba began to stagger and Sarabi instalty jumped at him, when she saw that.
"You're done!", she screamed and reached out with her flaming paw. Right before she punched at him, Simba smiled.
"Maybe you're stronger than father, but you're foolish. You underestimated your own son and now you gotta pay for your arrogance.", Simba said and dodged her punch with his head. Sarabi looked surprised, without noticing that Simba grabbed her arm.
"I'll show how much I regret bullying Kovu for no reason!" Simba spun around with her and then threw Kovus body right into the air, before jumping after him. Sarabi immediatly covered her face, but Simba punched her body multiple times per secound and broke her defense.
"Argh....Simba you...."
"That's for bathing me in front of Nala as a cub! I'm still embarassed!", Simba screamed and punched her with everything he got at the back of her head, what smashed her right into the ground. Simba slowly levitated down from above, while Sarabi climbed out of the hole, that her fall caused.
"Give up, mother. It's over.", Simba said and walked towards her. Sarabi just stood there, looking at the ground like she wouldn't hear anything. When Simba came closer, she raised Kovus head and looked at her son with burning eyes.
"You did it! You actually showed me that you can fight on my level!", she said and laughed like crazy.
"At....your level?! Come on, I won!"
"Yeeees Simba, you did! And here's your prize!" Sarabi stomped on the ground and made four lightspheres appear above her, while Kovu's body was looking like it would collapse any minute.
"My ultimate final form!", Sarabi screamed and laughed even more insane than Ed. Simba swallowed and watched Kovus staggering body.
"Kovu....he...he won't survive this much longer...no....I can't let this happen.", Simba said to himself and looked angrily and Sarabi.
"If Kovu dies, the fight would be over and I would lose the chance to train against such a powerful spirit! You won't stand in my way this time, Kovu!" After that thought, Simba bared his teeth and roared angrily.
"Don't think I would lose like that to you, mom!"
"Then proof it!"

Meanwhile at the Girl Rock, Nala licked her lips and was thirsty for traitorblood.
"Come on, Vitani! Come at me!", she said and smiled at her. Vitani swallowed and took some steps back.
"Nu...Nuka, are you sure you don't have any powers?", Vitani asked and looked up to her dead brother.
"I..I don't know...I guess everyone is special in their own way."
"You're not helping!"
"Time's up! Nala-turn!" Nala jumped next to Vitani and kicked her a few meters away. The other female lions and Ken were cheering loudly. Slowly, Vitani stood up and bared her teeth.
"Okay, fuck this! I wasn't part of Ziras herd to get beat up by a girl, without any knowledge of fighting!" Vitani jumped at Nala and nailed her to the ground.
"Don't you...dare...nailing me!", Nala screamed in Vitanis face and threw her off. Nala stood up and growled hatefully. Vitani started ,too and the other lions went a few steps back. Back on her paws, Nala jumped at Vitani, who dodged to the side and hit her with her claws.
"Argh! You....."
"Where's your herd now, Nala?", Vitani asked and smiled. Nala stomped on the ground and roared.
"Right here....attack!" The lions who watched the fight, were starting to the battle and jumped at Vitani.
"I....I don't think we can do this.", Nuka said scared above Vitani who tried to dodge all of Nalas lions.
"Come on, you're doing more than you think."
"Shut up!", Vitani screamed Nuka back into her body and slapped some of the attacking lions away. Nala stood on top of the rock heap and watched the battle smiling.
"That's what you get for betraying me, Vitani. This is no longer the Pride Rock and Simba won't be able to change that back!"
"We'll see!" Vitani turned her back to the attacking lions and ran towards Nala. The queen raised her claws to hit her, but Vitani tackled her way faster than she expected, down from the ten meter high heap. Everyone ran up to it and looked down to see if their queen was okay, but they saw the fight already going on again.
"I don't wanna kill you, Nala! Just give Simba his throne back!"
"Kill? Me? Haha, I never thought of that as an option. You're young and weak, not like me who already beat the king in our chilhood!"
"Your childhood? You mean when dinosaurs were here?"
"You're dead!" Nala bared her teeth and charged at Vitani, after she pressed her you're old-button.
Kiara watched her mother trying to hit her only female friend with personality from the heap next to the other lions.
"Wow, I didn't know Vitani is that strong."
"Yeah, me neither.", Nuka said from above Kiara.
"Nuka? What are you doing here?"
"I thought it would be safer here and not...there."
"You know you can't die right?"
"Hm, don't wanna risk it."

At the other side of the Girl Rock, Sarabis spheres were shooting at Simba at the same time she was attacking him. Simba did his best to dodge the multiple attacks from all sides, until he decided to jump straight into the air.
"That's way more than I expected, I'll give you that.", Simba said while heavily breathing.
"Thanks, son. And I'll give you that as an exchange!" All of Sarabis lightspheres were starting to combine their lasers into a huge one and blasted at Simba.
"Oh mom, that's to much. I'm sorry I can't accept it!", he screamed and shot an energywave out his mouth against the lightsphere's blast. Simba tried to push the laser back, but he noticed that he was to exhausted to do it.
"I......I can't....", Simba thought and twitched his eyes.
"Don't give up now." Simba felt a huge boost in his body that gave him the power to push the sphere's blast back. Sarabi stood under the energyclash and noticed that something happened to Simba.
"Oh you old fool....I knew you are here." While Simba was pushing his attack more and more, Sarabi teleported behind him.
"Why don't you say hello to your old wife?" Sarabi smiled and kicked Simba with everything she got away, that even Mufasas spirit flew out his sons body and back into the air. Because Simba was away from his position, the lightsphere's blast broke through his remaining energyblast and right into the sky at Mufasa.
"Dad, no!", Simba screamed while falling down and watching the blast hit his father in the sky.
"I wanted to settle this with our son alone, didn't you get that?"
"This will leave you out of this business until I'm done with him." The blast vanished together with Mufasa in the sky and Sarabi slowly levitated with her lightsphere's down.
"See? There is no way you can beat me. Give up, Mufasa won't save you this time."
"Come on, isn't that a bit macabre? I'm still traumatized!"
"You're only traumatized from his death? Looks like I'm doing something wrong."
"Okay, that's enough!", Simba shouted and jumped back on his feet.
"Did a touch a nerve?"
"He is my father!"
"........................but you were old and stuff."
"Fuck you!" All of her spheres were starting to shoot at the same time at her son to make him dance.
At the Girl Rock, Vitani and Nala were hitting each other without holding back. While Vitani still got some stamina left to fight, Nala was visible at her limits.
"I....won't lose.....to a worthless unit..." Nala tried to bare her teeth, but even that was to much for her anymore. Vitani walked up to her and tried to calm her down.
"You lost...please accept that, Nala. You're still our queen!"
"How could I.....I need to be...the strongest lion. Otherwi....otherwise everyone would laugh about Girl Rock."
"I think we already passed that line."
"Fuck you!", Ken shouted from above and tried to make his paw to a fist.
"They want you, Vitani. You're the new que..."
"Bullshit.", Vitani said and looked at Nala.
"Take a look. All these lions here were roo..."
"I can't turn my neck....to exhausted."
"Oh, well let me tell you that you're surrounded by everyone. These lios here were rooting for you, not for me. You're the only queen that they accept. They even tried to kill me for you, did you for got that?"
"Ye..yes. Yes, they did. Thank you, Vitani. You really showed me your heart and for that, I will show you mercy."
"GO GET HER MY LIONS!", Nala commanded and made everyone jump at Vitani.
"But don't kill her! That's my mercy, see?", Nala laughed and tried to stand up again. Kiara walked next to her mother and helped her standing up.
"Thank you, Kiara."
"Thanks for not killing, Vitani."
"She's fine...but she has her own mind. Gag her!" While everyone was sitting on Vitani, Nuka was acting like he was holding on to her arm.
"Look queen, Nala! I'm helping!" But Nala already went back with Kiara into her cave.

The fight between Simba was still going on and giving up was no option for any side. Unlike all of Simbas attacks, Sarabis sphere's didn't waste any of her stamina so she could attack with them without any problem. He tried to find a way to attack his mother between all the dodging, but the spheres were shooting in an order, that there was no easy way out.
"There is no way....mother doesn't get exhausted. She even talks like I never attacked...how can an anima....she's dead. She notices hits, but doesn't feel pain it all. But Kovus body is still getting damage all the time. Okay, let's see how you handle that.", Simba thought and jumped a bit right under one of the spheres. He spun himself and threw the lightsphere above him with his tail into another one. Two other spheres were still shooting, but way easier to dodge, so he could go straight forward against his opponent.
"Ha! Pathetic!", Sarabi screamed and ignited the fire under her paws even more, before she started to run torwards him. When they were close to each other, Sarabi raised her claw to attack Simba, but he threw himself on the ground and slided under her.
"Why don't you go meet dad?!", Simba yelled and kicked her against her body. Kovus body flew right into the air and Simba jumped after him, as fast as he could. The lightspheres were shooting after him, but the projectiles couldn't keep up with his speed. When Sarabi opened her eyes again, she saw his son flying right in front of her eyes.
"Don't think that's it! I still have tons of unused energy!"
"I'm sure you got. Let's see how much of that Kovu can take."
"How much Kovu can taa.......fuck." Simba started to attack with his claws multiple time, but Sarabi completly ignored Kovus health and used as much energy as possible to counter every hit of Simba with her flaming paws. The fire hurt him badly, but he knew he couldn't give up now.
"You're too proud do give up, aren't you?"
"You have no idea!", Sarabi said angrily and reached out with one of her paws. The fire on that paw started to switch its color between black and white extremly fast. Simba saw the fire and realized that it's probably his end, if he gets hit by that. A secound later he heared a high sound coming from below and remembered something. Sarabi punched with his claw forward and Simba immediately stopped attacking and dodged to the side. His mother dashed forward and saw her lasers coming towards her.
"It's over!", Simba screamed, spun himself and kicked Sarabi on Kovus back down, right into the lasers. Sarabi screamed and Kovu fell down on the ground. Simba slowly levitated down and was still breathing heavily.
"Ha....there you go, mom.", he said and walked to Kovu to see if he was still alive. He laid his head on his chest to if hear his heart was beating.
"No.......oh no......." Sarabis head appeared in the clouds and looked down on Simba.
"I didn't want to believe it....but there was a chance for you to defeat me and you did it. I'm really....why are you crying?"
"Be...because of Kovu...."
"I can feel his heart beating, he's still alive."
"Yeah! That''s the problem....."
"Oh come on! Stop hating this guy, he's okay."
"Can we go back to me praising you?"
"Oh right, go on."
"You're extremly strong without Mufasas help. I'm sure you can stop Zerrath, even if...he finds Scar's spirit? Was that his goal?"
"Yeah, Mufasa told me about it."
"Aaaand you're sure that's the best source for information?"
"Okay okay...just wanted to point out that he was the guy who wanted to keep Scar alive, because he was his brother and he could change. Guess he was.....dead wrong, heh?"
"I see you're not in the mood for jokes, right now. Well, I'm feeling great after fighting like this. I'll just leave you here, but you should hurry to bring Kovu back to the Pride Rock if you want him to stay alive."
"Hm, I guess I'll take a walk instead of running."
"Your choice.", Sarabi said and disappeared. Simba sighed and lifted Kovu up on his back, before walking back to the Pride Rock. And I'm talking about really really slow walking.

Back on the Girl Rock, Simba looked around shaked his body to threw Kovu off.
"Oh right, Nala was alone. I knew I forgot something."
"Hey, Dad!", Kiara said and walked up to him.
"Hey, Kiara.....is it just me or is this way more extrem than usually?"
"Naw, it's really more extrem."
"Mhm, oka...is that Vitani bound and gagged?"
"Yeah, she tried to get you your throne back. She even got her crazy brother Nuka back as a spirit. But don't worry, he doesn't have any powers."
"Mh, okay. You should free her. By the way, Kovu is alive but I really fucked him up. Hope you don't mind."
"Kinda expected that."
"Good girl. Now let me see your mother.", Simba said and walked by Kiara, straight to his wife.
"Hey, Na..."
"Don't even try, Simba!", she said and bared her teeth.
"I won't give you Girl Rock back! You stopped caring about our home when you destroyed it in your fight with Zerrath! I am the queen this place deserves!"
"Whatever.", Simba said and walked next to Nala to whisper something in her ear. She wide opened her eyes and looked shocked at Simba.
"Hey everyone! That's Pride Rock! I repeat: Pride Rock! All obey Simba!", she said and stopped halfway to the cave.
"5 minutes and you're in there."
"O...kay...I hope you're talking a..."
"I'm not talking about the cave.", Nala said and gave Simba the can-you-feel-the-love-tonight?-look.
"Grrrrrreat.", he sighed and saw Nala running into their cave. Before going to Nala, Simba walked to Vitani to free her, because he knew how well Kiara does what he says.
"Thanks, Simba.", Vitani said and streched herself.
"Thanks to you, Vitani." Vitani was visibly getting red in the face.
"Even tho you failed miserably and didn't change a thing."
"Why didn't you stop after my name?"
"Hey, I'm just honest! What's the problem you outlanders have with honesty? Wow, just like Kovu."
"Okay, I got it. Just tell me...what do you whisper in Nalas ear to make her calm down?"
"I'm sure you saw a lot of things with Zira as your mother and Nuka dying in front of your eyes, but the imagination I would give you, would destroy you. Please don't ask."
"I......think I'll just go then.", Vitani said and walked by Ken who was running towards Simba crying.
"You ruined it! You ruined e-very-thiiiing."
"Stop crying, Ken. That's not true, this wasn't Kovus life."
"I hate you!"
"Guess I'll contact your old herd, huh?" Ken washed his tears away and walked away angrily. Simba sighed and looked up in the sky.
"Coming back from a deadly fight with your mother, and everything home is worse than that. That's your life, Simba. But atleast you're good at it."


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Gosh, talk about a bunch of fights. I was greatly amused at Mufasa and Sarabi going toe to toe with each other through Simba and Kovu. Poor Kovu having to be run ragged. Of course, Simba certainly held his own in there for a time being and showed slight restraint upon attacking Kovu's body to get at Sarabi. Then there's Nala. Goodness, she certainly likes having Girl Rock. It's a good thing Simba can take back Pride Rock without much trouble except for whatever he promised to do for Nala. lol. Otherwise, I greatly enjoyed this chapter. :D


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Sep 6, 2015
Thanks! And trust me...fighting isn't going to be less than now. And sorry for the late chapter. I already work on chapter 10, but I was to lazy to correct this one.

Episode 7 – Surprise!
A whole week passed since Kovu got trained by Simba and Nala took over the Pride Rock. Simba was training everyday to become strong enough to beat Zerrath and maybe get Scar's spirit, if he haven't find it by then. Kovu started after three days of recovering to train again, too. Both became stronger, even tho Simba was still not happy with Kovu. On this day, Kovu thought about everything while training and needed to ask Simba about something.
"Hey, could we stop the training for a moment?"
"It's really important!"
"Yes, the training is really important. That's why we won't stop."
"But this is nonsense! We waste our time training, while Zerrath is out there and can find Scar's spirit any moment!"
"So why don't we start to look for the spirit and seal Scar before Zerrath finds him?!"
"Kovu. Listen. After the fight against Zerrath, I needed a whole week to control my powers. During this week you got your own spirit and again, I had to train. And this time I needed you to be strong enough to survive Sarabi's powers. This process for us both to become good fighters or...in your case a stable body, took about 2 weeks. I'm sure Zerrath started looking for the spirit instantly after our fight. He's way ahead of us and wasting our time looking for something we won't find faster, is pointless and stu....seems to be a good plan for you."
"Wow, I didn't know you thought this through."
"I'm King, Kovu. I have to do this, otherwise everything would end up in chaos."
"Sounds bad."
"It is bad, Kovu. It doesn't just sound like it. Anyway, let's head back home. I'm hungry and......that's all.", Simba said and walked back towards the Pride Rock. Kovu followed him happily, because it was the first time that Simba ended the training after 8 instead of 10 hours.

Back on the Pride Rock, Simba raised an eyebrow when he didn't instantly smell something to eat.
"I have a bad feeling about this.", Simba said and looked around, but the only thing he noticed was a disgusting sound from the right.
"Sounds like someone's puking."
"What? Why should someone puke here?" When he said that, Kiara walked slowly but smiling towards her father.
"Hey, Kia....wow you got fat." Kiara giggled a bit and sat down.
"Dad? Kovu? I...have to tell you something." Kovu's face already changed to an happy expression, while Simba just sat there bored, waiting for his food.
"I....I am pregnant.", Kiara said smiling. Simba's and Kovu's faces changed expression at the same time, but to totally different emotions.
"Please tell me Ken's the father."
"Nuka's ghost?"
"Mufasa's spirit?"
"Dad...." Simba bared his teeth, grabed Kovu by his fur and pulled him to his chest.
"Re...Remember when you wa..wanted me to come by your cave to tell me we were going t...t..to train?"
"A...and I didn't know why you called me, so I said I did nothing and g..g..got an alibi."
"Well..I was busy that night. He..here's the alibi.", Kovu said and couldn't stop smiling.
"Huh?" Simba roared and Kovu's face and started to glow like crazy.
"GET OUT!", Simba screamed and threw Kovu above the whole Pride Lands.

In the Outlands, Baska was once again waiting for Zerrath to come back. He just sat on a rock and tried to relax for the first time in a while.
"Finally some time for me. Zerrath's so busy lately, I can't even talk to him. Not bad for one day, tho. Haha, at least today I don't have to deal wit lions.", Baska said to himself and laughed.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Baska heared a scream out of the sky and turned himself to where it came from.
"Oh......what a joke.", he said when he saw Kovu flying at him. Right before Kovu reached him, Baska took a step to the right and catched him in the air by his mane.
"What are you doing here?", Baska asked annoyed.
"I..kinda impregnated Simba's daughter."
"And now he unloads his trash here? Great."
"Hey, I'm not trash! Well...maybe for Simba."
"And for me. I don't wanna see any lion today, so I let ya go."
"Yeah, but I swear if ya come back once more....I'll tear you apart like a beehive.", Baska said seriously and reached out with his hand, that was holding Kovu.
"Wait! I thought you'd let me go!"
"Oh sorry, go was the wrong word.", Baska said and threw Kovu with his full power back to where he came from.

Back on the Pride Rock, Simba was still really mad and tried to find the right words to talk with Kiara.
"Are you definitly sure that you're pregnant and not just fat?!"
"Yes, dad. I wanted a baby and Kovu wanted one, too. So we tried and now I have a chubby belly."
"But how can you be so sure? You didn't pee on something that told you you were pregnant.....oh please tell me you didn't."
"Dad! I'm sure, I have every signal that a pregnant female has. I can even hear the little cub breathing." Simba walked to Kiara and hold his ear against her belly.
"Do you hear it?", Kiara asked excited.
"Your...belly is growling."
"Yeah, that's the cub!"
"I'm....pretty sure you're just hungry."
"Hm...I am. Oh boy, pregnancy makes me so hungry."
"Kiara, I really don't think that you're......", Simba started to say, but then stopped when he heared a scream from behind. He turned himself and saw how Kovu flew right at him.
"Wait, Kiara.", he said and made himself glowing again. When Kovu reached the Pride Rock, Simba jumped in the air and reached out with his right foot.
"Simba, no! Baska will..." Kovu tried to stop Simba, but got interrupted him.
"I said GET OUT!", Simba screamed and spin-kicked him back into the Outland. Kovu flew back to where came from and Simba slowly levitated back on the ground. He stopped glowing and turned himself to Kiara again.
"Back to the topic. I doubt you're actually pregnant."
"Dad, trust me! We are already excited to be parents and thought of a great name when it's a boy!"
"I'll regret asking, but...."
"Kovu Jr.!", Kiara said and smiled at Simba. He just stood there and tried to figure out if Kiara was joking or trying to kill him.
"Kiara....if you're serious...I swear I switch you with Kion."
"Wrong canon, dad.", Kiara laughed.
"No, you're the wrong canon if you're serious. Kion means that there is no Kovu and I will realize that.", Simba said serious while looking in her eyes.
"I'm sure he'll appear later on", Kiara said stammering and tryied to smile.
“Oh I garantee you.....he won't.” Kiara swallowed and went a few steps back.
“O....okay I...I was joking anyway.”
"Good. So what's the real name you thought off?"
"I....I just said that for the prank. T..t..there is no name."
"Oh, how funny little princess. Ha ha ha."
"I...guess...I'll go to mom and...stay there."
"Good idea." Kiara ran as fast as possible to Nala, while Simba turned himself to the sun and tryied to calm his inner rage.

Meanwhile in the Outlands, Baska laid on his back and sunbathed himself.
"When was my last free day? 6.....months ago I guess. Zerrath should take a timeout, too. He has no idea how much that could hel....what's that?" While talking to himself, he saw a black shadow in front of the sun. With every moment the shadow got bigger and bigger and Baska started to hear something.
"I can't believe that." Baska stood up and catched Kovu out of his flight. Kovu was so embarassed that he came back and Baska once hold him by his mane in the air.
"So....ya really trying to fuck up my day, don't ya?"
"I..I..I ehm...you know Simba..eh.."
"I really want my revange on ya. Zerrath would be really upset if he knew I didn't kill you. But still...for the sake of my free day I gave ya another chance. And.you.came.back."
"Hey, it wasn't my decision! Simba kicked me back before I could land!"
"That's not the problem. The problem is that you are here again and there is no way...I'll let you get away this time.", Baska said and threw Kovu some meters away, that he could land on his feet.
"Why...why didn't you just kill me why holding my mane?"
"I'm not a murderer, kiddo. I'm a warrior.",Baska said smiling and went into his fightposition. Kovu was happy that he was still alive, but also realized how serious his opponent was.
"You want a real fight, warrior? Okay then, I trained a lot the last days. Sarabi-mode: Activate!", Kovu said and roared out loud. He waited some secounds, but nothing happened.
"I said....Sarabi-mode: Activate!" Nothing happened.
"3.....", Baska said in a dark voice and look down.
"Hey! That's not fair! We....we're not equal right now!"
"True...but I can't let ya get away this time...got it?"
"2....." Kovu paniced and tried the only technique he knew in such a situation.
"1.........GOooo.....hey,where did he go?", Baska looked around and could see a little duskcloud from behind a corner. Kovu ran for his life and tried to escape out of his old home, even tho he didn't know in what part he was right now. When he looked over his shoulder to check the distance between him and Baska, he saw how the giant bear chasing him like crazy and got closer and closer.
"And I just wanted to make a baby!", Kovu screamed desperatley and tried to run faster.
"Come back here! You can't keep this speed as long as me, so just give up and save us both some time!", Baska shouted and jumped for the first time to get even closer.
"Okay Simba....it was a torture, but maybe it saves my life for now. And I know that this was never your plan in the first time. But if I can escape some gnus for so long...I can deal with this bear, too!", Kovu said to himself and kicked, while running, some dust at Baska. The dust hit his face, but didn't effect him at all. After a couple of minutes, Kovu remembered the place where he was and how he could exit into the Pride Lands. At this point, Baska was right behind him and ready to catch him.
"There it is! This is the place where Nuka got burried under the tree trunks. If I get up there first...yes, that should work." With his goal in front of him, Kovu gave everything he got to jump on the boles and climp up the walls.
"Pathetic.", Baska said jump after him. When he stepped on one of the boles in the middle, it broke and Baska fell down under the rest of the them. Kovu looked down from the wall and started to cheer himself.
"Yes! I did it! I beat Baska without any help! No Sarabi, no Kiara and no fuckin Sim...." Before Kovu could finish his sentence, Baska jumped out of the boles as high as Kovu stood on the wall.
"Heh....you think I'm pretty weak, don't ya?", Baska said smiling and landed in front of Kovu.
"Si-si-si-si-si-si-si..SIMBAA!", Kovu screamed and ran towards the Pride Rock.
"You just don't get it.", Baska said and immediatly jumped after him.

At Kovu's goal, Simba just sat there staring into the sun.
"Hm....I shouldn't look right into that. I feel like that could damage my eyes forever. Well, first things first. What can I do about Kiara and...", Simba said to himself, but got interrupted by screams.
"Simbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Simba looked at the direction where the scream came from and saw how Baska was chasing Kovu.
"Is that.....oh no..." Simba made his body glowing and ran towards Kovu and Baska.
"Simba! Help! Baska is trying to..."
"I said...GET OUT!", Simba ran at Kovu and spin-kicked him, once again, all the way back into the Outland. Baska immediatley stopped and watched his prey flying over his head.
"Oh come on! Any idea how long I've been chasing him?", Baska said angrily and looked at Simba.
"Seriously, I don't care right now."
"He ruined my free day!"
"He ruined my entire life!", Simba roared and bared his teeth.
"Yo man, calm down. Wow. Isn't he part of your herd?"
"No!" Simba caused a roar that pushed Baska some meters away.
"Wow. I think....I'll just have my free day."
"Whatever....", Simba said and walked annoyed back at his cave. Baska scratched the back of his head and walked slowly back home.
"Oh boy....why do I try to relax in the Outland. There are so many locations, but nah....I'll stay where I'm already positioned. I'll definitly have to talk with Zerrath..."

Back at his cave, Nala waited for Simba and was obviously not amused. When Simba saw her, he lowered his head and tried to walk by her.
"Simba.", she said and looked at him, trying to sneak by her. He stopped and sighed before he raised his head.
"Did you scream at our daughter for beeing pregnant?"
"Simba!", Nala roared and pushed him back with her head.
"Come on, don't do that now."
"Kiara beeing pregnant is something beautiful I'm waiting for since I nailed you!"
"Since you.....wow, you were really looking forward to this, didn't you?"
"Yes! And I wont let you ruin it, because.....because....."
"I hate Kovu?"
"..you hate Kovu! Right! Why do you hate him in the first place?" Simba gave Nala a specific look for some moments, until she got his point.
"Are you even sure she's pregnant and not just fat?", Simba asked.
"Did you just say....my DNA can get fat?!"
"No, I....."
"Get ooooooout!", Nala screamed hatefully and kicked Simba from the Pride Rock.

Back in the Outland, Baska didn't see Kovu again and laid down for the third time.
"No lions anywhere. I hope Zerrath doesn't come back now, looks like my free day can finally sta....." Baska was saying, but got interrupted by a body flying towards him.
"No fucking way." After Baskas thought, Simba landed right on his belly. He scratched his head and slowly realized where he was.
"Fo real now...do you lions have a special angle to kick your guys to fuck with me?"
"I'm not happy with this either.", Simba said and rolled himself down from Baskas belly.
"Well, I won't stay here for long. I'll just go and....", Simba tried to say but got interrupted.
"No." Baska stood up and looked down on him.
"No? What no?"
"You guys already ruined my free day and since it would be a waste of training to let you go now, I'll just do what I can do best."
"Do what? Losing against Kovu?", Simba laughed and immediatly got attacked by Baska. He could dodge at the last secound, but the giant bear didn't give him a break. When he had a secound, Simba jumped away and looked at his opponent.
"Hey! You know what happened last time you tried to attack me?"
"How could I forget. But you know, everytime I lose to someone...there's that fire inside me that helps me to break my limits. I trained every day since then and trust me Simba...you shouldn't underrastimate me at this point."

"You're not the only one. You shouldn't underrastimate me neither."
"I guess I won't do it then. Let's see how effective your training was. Come on!", Baska screamed and jumped at him like a berserker. Simba started dodging again, but he noticed fast that he couldn't keep up with his opponents speed for long. When he saw a gap in Baskas attacks, he jumped backwards and shot an energywave at him. Baska dodged to the right and dashed forward. Simba stepped a few steps back and roared, what caused the same aura around him, which threw Baska away the last time he touched it all the way from the Pride Rock back into the outland. Baska dashed right into it and made Simba smile.
"Remember this, teddy?!", Simba laughed.
"I don't just remember it....I was expecting this."
"What?" He broke through the aura and punched Simba with his fist several meters away into a wall.
"Haha, boy! I forgot how much fun it is to fight seriously! That's so much better than my free day could have ever been!"
"Yeah.....so...much f...uck that hurts!"
"Heh, not like I didn't tell ya.", Baska said and walked towards Simba.
"How the fuck did you become that strong?! I trained as long as you!"
"Oh really?"
"Yeah! Everyday for two weeks like you!"
"I should add that my free day today was to finally rest for the first time after these two weeks."
"Yup, I'm stubborn. Now get wreckt." When he said that, he charged with fullspeed at Simba who tried to push himself out of the wall, but wasn't strong enough. Right before Baska reached him, a energywave came from the side and made Baska jump back. The dustcloud slowly vanished and Simba could see who was his savior.
"No...", Kovu sighed and looked angrily at Baska.
"Wait...Kovu?! Where is Sarabi?"
"She's still inside me, but I can use some of her power now by my own."
"What about a thanks?!"
"Wow Kovu, my body hurts and my paw is bleeding a little bit. Oh wait, it's not. It just feels like it....anyway, you can't scream at me right now."
"You would scream at me, too!"
"Yeah!....But you're dick."
"Why am I a dick now?!"
"Because you scream at bleeding people instead of helping!"
"I saved you! What about a thanks?!"
"Kovu, I'm maybe injured and..." While Simba and Kovu were fighting, Baskas eyes flipped back and forth to whoever was talking.
"OKAY! STOP ALREADY!", Baska screamed and breathed heavily. Both stopped fighting and looked back at their opponent.
"Oh right, I knew there was something I forgot.", Simba said and finally pushed himself out of the wall. He walked next to Kovu and went into his fightposition.
"Glad you had your little reunit, but I doubt that'll change a thing."
"You're wrong!", Kovu roared at him.
"Yeah...yeah I guess you're right. Because of you....Simba won't die alone."
"Dying together with Kovu? Oh, no way! Bring it on!", Simba yelled and started charging his energy.

"Heh. Zerrath's gonna be jealous."

Kovu and Simba ran from different sides at Baska to hit as hard as possible. Baska's eyes started glowing and once both jumped at him, he blocked them with his claws.
"My turn. Tear Bhrow!", Baska screamed, grabbed their heads and threw both of them high in the air. Simba recovered fast and casted an energyblast in his mouth, waiting for the giant bear to make his move. Baska stomped on the ground as hard as he could and made some rocks crack out of it.
"Sear Balve – Earthstyle!" While the rocks were still in the air, Baska started to smack them right at them. Kovu gave his best to dodge the projectiles in the air, while Simba just shot his attack down at Baska. The rocks in its way got teared apart like the ground. While levitating in the air, Simba aimed with his blast at Baska, who jumped from side to side in the canyon higher and higher to reach the two lions. Meanwhile, Kovu already landed on top of the canyon and saw his opponent hunting for Simba.

"No....you...don't..." Kovu's eyes started to glow like before when Sarabi gained control over him. His energy was rising with every secound, seeing Baska jumping higher and higher, while Simba was still trying to hit him with his attack.
"Just....get hit!", Simba screamed who looked like he put way to much power into this one destructive attack. He coughed for a moment and stopped the blast coming out of his mouth.
"Got ya, lion!", Baska said with a smile on his face, after jumping right in front of Simba.
"No! You don't!" Baska heared from the side and saw a gigantic energyblast coming at him.
"Wha-....AAAAAAAAAAH!" The attack torned him out of the air and gave Simba the chance to slowly land on the canyon.
"What the....Kovu, was that you?"
"Yes! But we have to hurry now! He can be back any mi.."
"Are you sure this time?"
"Yes! Let's get ou.."
"The last time you were sure, it was Mufasa who healed me. You acutally quiet killed me."
"I'm onehundred fucking procent sure! Can we go now?!", Kovu asked annoyed. Simba took some time to think about this question.
"Are you fucking serious, right now?!"
"Yeah yeah, let's go."
"Kear Bick!", Baska appeared behind Kovu and kicked him against a tree some meters away.
"You came back?!", Simba asked totally surprised.
"Why....do I even try.....", Kovu coughed quietly. Baska washed some of the blood out of his fur with his claws and cracked his neck.
"That...doesn't look really healthy.", Simba said and went slowly some steps back.
"It isn't. Atleast for you."
"Pear-Bunch!" Baska started hitting at Simba like crazy, but he also did everything possible to counter every hit.
"Is Zerrath to afraid....to fight me personally?"
"Hey! You came to me!"

"Oh yeah...."
"Now die!" Baska reached out and punched Simba as hard as he could. The lion king slided several meters backwards and saw his opponent already recharging at him. The bear left five centimeter deep footsteps by running towards Simba and jumped at the last three meter in front of him.
"Get ready! Vaska-Balkyrie!", he screamed, stopped with a reached out arm in the sky and then dashed with highspeed right at Simba into the ground. The whole ground split apart in a twenty meter radius. The earth was shaking and Kovu tried to hold on to the tree he hit earlier. Baska reached out and punched at Simba, but he just grabbed his fist and looked him in the eyes.
"That's enough."
"Tell Zerrath....I'm ready.", Simba said and smiled. Baska got angry and pushed his fist as hard as possible against Simbas paw, but couldn't break his defense.
"Now get the fuck off my fur!", Simba screamed and gathered all of his remaining power in his right paw. Baska tried to jump out of the huge scar in the earth, but Simba kept grabbing on to his fist. Before the bear could think of a new strategy, Simba uppercutted with all of his strengh and made him fly back into the outland. Simba climbed exhausted out of the scar and saw Kovu on top of a tree.
"Simba! You did it!"
"Yeah, me!"
"Hey, I did everything I could!"
"That was all?! How could that be all?! Sarabi is way more powerful than Mufasa!"
"But your father gave you his energy! I'm just trying to fight small amounts of what's left in my body from our fight."
"Hey! Could you....help me? I can't get down."
"Phahahahahaha, for how long do you know me now?", Simba laughed and walked slowly home, while Kovu was stuck in his three meter high tree.

Back at the Pride Rock, Nala and Kiara were waiting for Simba. He aready knew what the topic would be, so he lowered his head and tried to sneak by them.
"Dad I...have to tell you something." Simba sighed and looked at her.
"Okay, what?"
"I was.....at Rafiki to find out how the baby's going."
"It's a female, right? Kovu can't even make boys, this...."
"I'm not pregnant.", Kiara said sadly.
"Rafiki told me I'm not pregnant. I....I just got a tiny bit.."
"Fat! I knew it! Hahahaha, yes!"
"Simba! She's your daughter!", Nala said angrily.
"Yes and not a mother, hahahaha. Oh god I feel so good. Maybe I should help Kovu nnnnnno."
"Kovu is in trouble?!", Kiara asked afraid.
"He stucks on a tree."
"Wow, this day gets worse and worse." Simba laughed and walked by everyone. He sat down on the rock heap and smiled towards the sun.

Meanwhile at Kovus place at midnight:
"Hello? Simba? You won...please get me out of here....Pleeeeeeeeeease!"

In the outland, Baska could finally recover from his training and latest fight.
"You look different." Baska opened his eyes and saw Zerrath sat down next to him.
"Heh, kinda. Welcome back, boss. Got everything you needed?"
"Yes. I gathered all informations I needed, I hope I didn't miss anything important." Baska laughed and looked away from his boss.
"We definitly have to talk."



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Wow. I somewhat feel bad for Kiara on this one, because being told she's fat when she thought she was pregnant except turned out to be fat is funny. Simba and Kovu both being tossed near Baska was hilarious to me too. So much for an off day for Baska. Looks like everyone is having one heck of a day. I wonder how Kovu will take it when he learns Kiara isn't with his cub though. Of course, Simba being overjoyed about it doesn't surprise me any. lol. Good chapter as always, Venx. :)


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Sep 6, 2015
I have to be honest here, I totally forgot about Kovus reaction here :D But....maybe you caused 1 more gag in another story. Glad you liked Episode 7!

Episode 8 – The search

After a long night for Simba and an even longer night for Kovu, who was still stuck in the tree, the king finally decided to start with his plan. At the next morning he let everyone gather to reveal his idea.
"Okay, let's see....there's Nala, Kiara, random lion one, random lion two, Ken, my favorite rock, Vitani ehm....where is random lion number.....I think fifteen is the one who's not there. Where is fifteen?", Simba said and looked around. Kiara stepped out of the mass and looked at him.
"You mean Kovu?"
"Ah, yes. 'Kovu'. Why did I give him his real name back....hm. Anyway where is he?"
"He...here.", Kovu said while walking embarassed towards the mass.
"There you are. Where have you been for so long?"
"I....stuck in the tree. Remember?"
"Wait, you actually couldn't get down? Phahaha."
"Maybe you don't have to be here, I mean Rafiki's here neither so..."
"Simba! Back to the topic!", Nala said from the side and poked him. Simba sighed and stopped doing his favorite thing in life.
"Now....I thought about a way to defend the Pride Rock for a long time. Since Zerrath destroyed the Pride Ro..."
"Zerrath?", Kovu asked from the side and regret it a secound later.
"Okay sorry. Since Kovu let Zerrath destroy the Pride Rock, noone here felt really safe. Sooner or later he will come back and that's probably after he reached his goal to get Scar's spirit. So we have to get it before him! I will ask Rafiki for help and then I will leave with some of you guys to find it. I thought all day which one of you were the best to choose and now I decided! The team is made out of:
Me, Simba – Probably the only one here who can really fight with Zerrath.
My mother Sarabi – Featuring Kovu....."
"Oh, come on man...", Kovu sighed and lowered his head.
"My daughter Kiara – Because people love Kiara and I can't leave her here."
"Yay!", Kiara said excited and jumped in the air.
"Vitani – I'm sure she can help somehow. I mean...she got a spirit."
"Wait, what? No, I don't wanna....", Vitani tried to say, but got interrupted by Nuka who appeared above her.
"Yes! Vitani, we both do stuff together again! Brother and sister! Hero and assistent....Lion and..."
"I got it.", she sighed and looked madly at Simba.
"Now last and least useful: Ken! Because....actually I just wanna have some color in our little group. Now let's go to Rafi...."
"Ehm, Simba?", Nala interrupted him and looked confused.
"Didn't you forget someone?"
"Forget someone? You mean fifteen? I just told you that fifteen is Kovu, I didn't..."
"I talk about me."
"Oh. No, you just stay here."
"What?! Why?!"
"Come on, I need atleast one maincharacter to stay here. I mean...who else will rule this place? Some of these dummys? I don't even have names for them."
"You will see what you just caused...my friend....."
"I hope not another Girl Rock. No idea how I could stop that.", Simba said sarcasticly and just walked away with everyone. Nala stood where she was and looked angrily after them.
"Girls?! Let's show this bastard what we are made of! Girl Rock once and for aaaaaall!", Nala screamed and laughed madly.
While walking away with the others, Ken heared Nala and turned his head over his shoulder.
"Oh my god, we are off for 2 minutes. If you already start beeing a dramaqueen I'll...."
"Send me back?!", he asked excited.
"Y....ehm...no! I will...punch you in the face." Ken didn't know what to say, he was overwhelmed by all this violence and opened his mouth shocked.

After a while, everyone arrived at Rafiki and Simba looked up.
"Hey! Hey, Rafiki are you there?", he yelled, but nobody came.
"Hey, look!", Kovu said and found a note in a gap. He opened it and read it loudly for everyone.
"What the fuck are you doing?", Simba asked already annoyed.
"I try to read this!"
"Is his handwriting so bad?"
"I...I don't know. I...can't really read in general."
"You fucking kidding me, right?"
"Sorry we didn't learn things like this in the outland you spoiled prince!", Kovu screamed. Everyone didn't say a word and just walked some steps away from Simba.
"Spoiled prince, huh?", Simba said smoothly and grabbed Kovus note.
"Here, Vitani. Read this." Vitani grabbed the notice and started to read.
"Hello whoever reads this, it's Rafiki! After telling Kiara she wasn't pregnant I felt really sorry for her. You know, I sang that song for her and Kovu so this touches me, too. Well, that's why I took some vacation days. - Rafi...oh I already told you my name hahaha. It is tiiiiime!"
"That's not fair! Vitani was the smartest in our group! I'm sure she's the only one who can rea.." Before Kovu could finish his sentense, Nukas appearance looked at the note and said: "Hey, Vitani you didn't read the last bit at the bottom. Oh and if it's you Simba who finds this, I looked where Scar's ghost is. Just in case you would ask while I'm away. He's in the center of the outland. And if it's Zerrath, forget everything you just read. Uga uga."
Simba smiled at Kovu and took back the note.
"Thanks, outlanders. But it's strange....if Scar's spirit is in the center of the outland....and Baska is waiting there for him, why does it take so long for him to find what he is looking for?", Simba asked while Kovu just turned himself away from the group.

"It doesn't matter now, I guess. If Rafiki could locate him there, I think Zerrath didn't absorb him, yet."
"Vitani's right, let's go!", Kiara said and walked straight ahead. Simba didn't trust the the situation, but had no other choice than looking after it. So everyone walked together into the Pride Lands, Ken was still not happy about beeing part of the team and Kovu was just pissed that everything's like always. At the other side of the Outland, Baska sat on the highest point possible.
"Heh....they are coming."
"Is....he there?"
"Not su....oh wait, now I see him. No way I could have missed him, even tho I almost did."
"Want some help by an old bear?"
"Oh hell no! He is mine......THEY are mine..."
"They? Hahaha sweet, sugar.", Baska got up and turned himself.
"Well, I'll go then. You know what to do, right?"
"To focused to answer, huh? Hehe, well it was nice to meet ya.", he said and jumped away from the rock.

Simba and his herd went deeper and deeper into the Outland, until Vitani suddenly asked a kinda important question.
"Hey, Simba. Rafiki said Scar would be in the center of the Outland, right?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Where....exactly is the center of the Outland?", Vitani said and everybody stopped where they stood. Every lion looked at each other and at the end their view ended up on Simba.
"Oh. Why didn't you bring that up earlier?!"
"Because you looked like you would know where to go! Where did you head to?"
"Oh my god....", Vitani facepawed herself, while everyone else started looking madly at Simba. Ken stomped on the ground and roared as male as he could, what was still more female than Kiara's roar.
"Enough! I don't want to be here anymore! I'll go back to the Girl Rock!", Ken screamed and turned himself away.
"Oh Ken, bitchy as always. I miiiissed you!" Everyone got terrified and turned their head over their shoulders where the voice came from. A dark glowling lion with red eyes walked slowly towards the herd. Ken started to rattle with his teeth, when he saw the creature looking at him.
"Are you afraid, little brother?", the lion said and laughed. Simba raised an eyebrow for a moment and looked closely at the creature.
"Wait a secound...is this your sister? I thought you guys killed and....she was normal."
"I thought she drowned back in the Pride Land! And she definitly wasn't like that before.", Kiara said and walked a few steps back.
"Do you know how it feels to lose against...a princess?!", Tamilia said hatefully and stomped on the ground.
"I don't know, why don't you ask Kovu? Haha, am I right?", Simba laughed and patted Kovu on his back.
"Silence! So...you are the mighy king Simba Zerrath told me about."
"Mighty? Wow, he must be really afraid. Nice to hear tha...."
"You're not even close to what I imagined. You look like a clown and act like a fool."
"Is she talking to me?", Simba asked Kovu and looked at him.
"Let's start with you, so I can get my little brother...back to where he belongs.", Tamilia said and stomped once again with everything she got on the ground. A huge rockpile came out of the earth in front of Ken to make save noone would escape.
"S.s..s...s...Simba help!"
"Oh now you want my help.", Simba said annoyed before Tamilia jumped right at him. Everyone else ran to the side, to avoid any battle damage. Everywhere Tamilia touched the ground, she left a hole and a small burning fire.
"Don't worry, Simba!", Kovu yelled and started to roar. His body started glowing and filled himself with spiritual power.
"Im...impossible. I unlock it by myself!", Kovu thought to himself until he got interrupted inside his own head.
"Did you really think I wouldn't join such a battle?", Sarabi's voice said. Kovu got disappointed for a moment, but realized fast in what situation he and his girlfriends father who hated him were.

The area wasn't big enough for everyone to hide from Tamilia and Simba & Kovu to fight at their highest powerlevel. While Simba was trying to dodge her fast attacks, Kovu dashed right between them and looked Ken's sister in the eyes. Tamilia was wondering what his look meant until Kovu opened his mouth.
"Feel my wrath!", the mixed voice said and spun Kovus body that his tail stroke Tamilia on the ground.
"Wow...thanks, mom."
"Don't talk! Focus..." Tamilia got back up and laughed like she was enjoying the moment.
"You...you guys are amazing! I fought so many battles...and I didn't lose one of them. I mean....until I met your dirty little daughter who played me. You have no idea how that feels like for the daughter of the greatest lion warlord in whole africa. Or maybe....even greater than that...hah, who knows...", Tamilia said and started to smile.
"But now with these powers Zerrath gave me....I can get my revange! Yeah, I can get my revange and even my pride back! And this is the most intense fight I've ever had. Dad will be proud when..."
"I'm really sorry to interrupt you, missi.", Simba said bored and yawned at her. Tamilia bared her teeth and got into fightingpostion.
"And why should I stop my monolog for you?!"
“You're wasting everyone's time. Cuz you...ain't gonna go home to see your daddy. Aaah!”, Simba screamed and surrounded himself with Mufasa's spiritualpower. Tamilia grinned and said: “You're just making that better. Anyway....I'll repeat everything when I'm alone with Ken.”
“Please Simba! My sister can talk a lot! I swear, she didn't even start with her last sentence!”, Ken said and hid himself behind Vitani.
“What do you think, mom? Wanna help Ken?”
“As long as I can beat up that bitch, I'm down with that.”, Sarabi said in her mixed voice and laughed.
“You'll die trying!” Tamilia charged at the two lion and gathered while running more and more dark power around her. Simba and Sarabi jumped to two different sides and dodged her attack. Tamilia turned herself that she had both of them in her view and started shooting flaming projectiles at them. Simba jumped in front of Sarabi and roared to cause a shield. When Tamilia saw the projectiles couldn't get through barrier, she shot even stronger ones and more at the same time. Simba tried his best to keep the shield up, but it was obvious that this was impossible forever. While hiding behind the shield, Sarabi charged a huge amount of energy in her mouth and waited for a moment without any shots from Tamilia.
“That's enough!”, Tamilia and screamed, stopped shooting and charged a huge amount of energy above her.
“Now!”, Simba yelled, stopped the shield and let his mother shoot her fullcharged energyblast. Tamilia unloaded her blast at the same time and clashed against Sarabi's.
Vitani looked up to Nuka and asked: “And you're sure you can't do anything useful here? I mean..they could need our help.”
“I....I don't think tickeling would work.”
“I love you as my brother, but you're really a horrible spirit.”
“I know.....”

Both lions didn't let go of their blast and the clash continued. Simba recovered for a short moment until he decided to attack Tamilia from the side. He started running around here, but before he could reach her, he saw two creatures made out of dark energy appearing next to Tamilia.
“What the....” Simba tried to attack her, but one of the creatures just exploded and threw Simba against a wall. The other one started shooting a blast on Sarabi's attack, too and pushed her back. Everyone was watching how Sarabi got pushed and could nothing do against it.
“I'm useless.....”, Nuka said to himself and was about to vanish into Vitani's body again. Simba was still staggered after he got smashed into the huge rock and couldn't stand up fast enough, to help his mother. Everyone was afraid, but noone else got spiritualpower to help in any way.
“I...I can't.....not even now...”, Nuka continued talking to himself and looked away. Sarabi gave everything she could to pull out in that situation, but got still pushed back and was almost hit. Tamilias eyes were shining and everyone could see her smile with a wide opened mouth.
“Nuka, please! There must be something! You're not here for no fucking reason!”, Vitani screamed through the whole Outland. Nuka wide opened his eyes and looked slowly down at his sister.
“You....you still believe in me? At this...point?”, he thought and looked up to Ken's sister who almost catched Sarabi and with her, the last hope of them to survive.
“I...I can't......I can't disappoint another familymember...!”, Nuka said to himself and screamed. His spirit came out of Vitani and casted a small energyblast in his mouth.
“Eat this, you dump bitch!”, Nuka tried to say, but actually made some awkward noises since he couldn't speak with energy in his mouth. He shot right forward with closed eyes in the hope he would hit the right enemy. At the same time Sarabi stopped shooting, because she was to exhausted to keep her attack up.
“Damn you.......Kovu. Why don't you lift more?”, she said in his head and expected the energyblast to kill them both, but didn't get hit at all. The whole energyclash disappeared and Tamilia just stood there. Everyone looked at her and wondered why she and her creature stopped shooting.
“What....did just....”, she said and looked slowly down on her body. With her left paw she touched her body and felt a hole in her chest. Slowly she turned her head and looked angrily at Nuka.
“You.....”, she said and bared her teeth.
“Oh fuck. Your turn!”, Nuka said and melted with Vitani's body so she started to flow, too.
“Hey!”, Vitani said angrily and then looked at Tamilia.
“Looks like you got wrecked from behind, Tamilia. Ken really is your brother.”, Simba laughed and started standing on his feet again.
“Wrecked?”, she said smiling and put her paw over the hole.
“Major damage? Yes, but don't think I would give you this victory so easily! I mean, you two don't look so great afterall neither, am I right?”, she said and made the hole disappear by using some of her power.
“But now we have Vitani helping us.”, Simba said and smiled at Tamilia.
“No, you don't.”, Vitani argued.
“You don't really have a choice.”
“I don't think so.”
While Simba had his important conversation with Vitani, Tamilia recovered herself again to roar and made up some creatures out of her power. Sarabi slowly got back on her feet, too and smiled.
“I know what you were talking about eariler....this really is fun! But I won't let the Pride Rock be defeated by a single lion. Prepare to die!”, she screamed and roared to recharge her energy.

While everyone recovered themselves, Tamilia made up 5 creatures out of dark energy around her, which looked like female lions. Sarabi was the first one who started running at her. Two of the creatures turned their head to her and jumped at her.
“Out of my way!” Sarabi landed right before them on the ground and shot a blast at them, what made them explode and causing a lot of dust flying around the field.
“I...I don't know exactly what my job is.”, Vitani said and tried to look through the dustclouds.
“Vitani! Watch out!”, Nuka screamed and made her realize, one of Tamilias creatures jumped right at her. Vitani dodged to the side and punched the monster with her claw away. Her paw started to glow and caused huge damage on the enemy.
“What the....Nuka! I knew you could do it!”
“I..I..I can? Yes....I can!” Vitani's words pushed his self-confidence and made him give her all of his energy. Her body started to glow even larger and her face started to smile.
“Let's show this bitch what the Pride Lands are made of.” Vitani roared and jumped right at the creature who attacked her, and destroyed her with one hit. Simba jumped from wall to wall to avoid Tamilia and her dark lions, but he didn't recover enough to keep up his speed.
“Why don't you meet your mother!” Tamilia jumped when she saw an opportunity right at Simba, grabbed his feet and spun herself with him in the air to threw him as hard as possible down on Sarabi. She didn't realize his son falling down, but someonelse did and made her jump away.
“What the....I didn't mov..”
“This is still my body.”
“Kovu! I thought I told you to not fuck with me when I'm fighting!”
“I'm sorry, but if you can't even notice Simba falling down on you, you're unable to fight.”
“Now it's my turn!”, Kovu roared as loud as he could and made his eyes change back to normal. While slowly falling down, Tamilia was wondering what happened to Sarabi, when Kovu suddently ran up to her.
“Again?” Tamila roared to command the two creatures who chased Simba down, to jump in front of her and shoot at Kovu. In the moment they shot, Kovu jumped above them and reached out with his claw. Tamilia reached out, too and punched as hard as she could against Kovu's paw. A shockwave, caused from their punch, made the whole area crumble and some rocks falling down. Ken looked up and saw giant bolder falling down on him.
“Oh.my.god. Simba heee...” Before he could finish his scream, Vitani smashed through rock with her paw and landed on the ground.
“Stop bitching around and move! Even Kiara moved away...and you hid behind her!”, she said angrily and looked up to the fight between Kovu and Tamilia. Simba still tried to get up and help his mother, without any idea what happened between her and Kovu.
At the other end of the Outland, Baska was following Zerrath, but turned his head over his shoulder, after he felt the shockwave.
“Wow, I didn't know Tamilia was that strong.”
“She's not strong, Baska. She's pride...and that's everything she got. I didn't give her as much power as you think.”
“Heh, so maybe we don't have to deal with these punks after all.”
“I don't think so. Otherwise I would be....really disappointed by Simba.”, Zerrath said and continued walking forward without looking back. Baska scratched his backhead and turned his head back to follow his leader.

Back at the fight, Tamilia and Kovu pushed each other back and landed on the ground. Tamilia was breathing heavily and noticed that she didn't even have enough power anymore to keep her creatures alive or make them explode at their death.
“Give up, Tamilia!”, Kovu said in his normal voice and bared his teeth.
“What? Your voice.....why is your voice diff....don't tell me that I was fighting you in the air!”
“Okay then....I have nothing more to say.”
“I won't....lose against you!”, Tamilia screamed and charged every spiritualpower she could found in her body. Simba giggled for a moment and then stood back up.
“See, Kovu? Even the villains gets mad when they lose to you.”, Simba said and licked his paw.
“Shut up, I saved you!”
“Actually you made me hit the ground you dumb asshole.”
“Okay, but I saved your mother!”
“You saved your own body you selfish...”
“Guys, do you even see her recharging?!”, Vitani screamed and pointed at the in black covered Tamilia. Her face was completely unseeable, the red glowing eyes were the only thing they could recognice.
“Okay, what are we gonna?”, Kovu asked and looked at Vitani. Before anyone could answer, Tamilia jumped high in the air and looked straight at Ken.
“She changed the target!”, Vitani shouted. Everyone looked up to her, before realizing who she was looking at.
“If I can't win, I'll atleast do what I wanted to do here in the first place!”, Tamilia screamed and dashed out of the sky with highspeed at Ken.
“R..r..r..run Kiara..”, Ken stuttered, while looking his death right into the eyes. Suddenly Kiara hold her paw in front of him.
“No...I would be a bad queen later if I would let my family simply die. Am I right?”, Kiara said and smiled at him. He couldn't realize why she was sacrifing her life for him in that moment, but he felt connected like never before when he heared the word family out of her mouth. Before Tamilia hit them, both of them closed their eyes. But nothing happened.

Kiara was the first one to open her eyes again and saw Vitani in front of her, roaring so strong that Tamilia couldn't get past it.
“You....little brat! Get out of my way!”, Tamilia screamed and pushed herself more and more towards Vitani and the rest.
“Kovu! Now!”, Simba screamed and charged an energyblast in his mouth. Kovu nodded and did the same thing.
“See, Ken? Maybe we're...sometimes kinda rough to each other... but in the end....we can all count on each other.”, Kiara said and made Ken losing a tear.
“Well, except if you're Kovu. Dad would probably sacrifice you then for...I don't know, more air to breath? Something like that.” After Kiara finished her sentence, Kovu and Simba shot at the same time their attack next to each other. The blasts came more and more close to each other before hitting Tamilia and even tangled at the end. Tamilia saw a bright light coming from the side and tried with her last remaining to break through Vitani's roar and kill her little brother. But she failed.
The tangled energyblast hit her whole body and pressed her through several rockwalls next to her. Vitani could stop roaring and felt back on her butt to recover for a moment, while watching the energyblast in front of her nose getting smaller and smaller. After thirty secounds, they both stopped to attack and went back into their normal form, which was way less exhausting to stay in.
“We....we did it, right?”, Simba asked carefully and tried to see Tamilia through the several holes in a row she got shot through.
“Yeah...I guess. Why don't you check if she's really dead this time?”, Kovu asked and looked at his King.
“We shot her probably onethousand meters through rockwalls. I don't wanna walk onethousand meters now, why don't you go?”
“I..I'm pretty sure she's dead.”
“Fine, then she's dead. And if not, it's your fault.”
“I know that I'll get the fault for something anyway this day, so I'll risk that she survived this.”, Kovu said exhausted and sat down.
“I have to admit you....probably did the right thing.”, Sarabi said in his head.
“Thanks...and I'm really sorry I had to do this.”
“You better be! Next time I'll fight!”
“As long as you can focus and don't get carried away again...”
“I swear Kovu, I can make your body explode if I want.”
“Yeah yeah, you fight.”
“Good boy.”

After some moments, Ken suddenly hugged Kiara and thanked her for everything she did back then. Vitani breathed heavily and looked up into the sky.
“So....that's how it feels like...to have a family.”
“You....you really sacrifised yourself.”, Nuka said melancholy in her head.
“When I destoryed that creatures and it didn't even explode, I noticed that she was getting weaker and weaker. I knew we could be strong enough to stop her at the end.”
“Yeah. Afterall I'm...thankful for having you back, Nuka.”, Vitani said in her head and closed her eyes.
“Oh Vitani!”, Nuka screamed while appearing above her and hugged her around her neck.
“I'm glad you're a spirit now...otherwise you would strangle me right now.”
“And I couldn't help it!” Vitani started happily laughing, while Nuka was still hugging her. Simba stood in the middle and looked at everyone.
“Okay ehm....someone else here for a happy end?”
“You could thank me for...”, Mufasa tried to say in Simbas head.
“For what? You did nothing!”
“I was saving my power for Zerrath!”
“Oh, great. What if I died?!”
“Hey hey hey...it would be atleast more fun up here, haha.”
“Fuck you, fur real.”, Simba said and just laid himself on the ground to recover from everything for a bit.

“Is it just me or...”
“She died.”
“Hah, I knew it. Looks like they are strong enough to play with.”
“I didn't expect anything different.”
“Haha, you''re always so calm, but I know how excited you are!” Zerrath stopped walking and turned his head to Baska. Slowly his face started to smile.
“Yes I am, Baska. I can't wait anymore to do this.”
“Well, let's hope they are not to exhausted. Otherwise we definitly had to wait.”
“At this point they will recover way faster, trust me.”, Zerrath said and turned his head back forward.
“I will get my power and the fight....still before the sun went down.”
“Before the sun went down, huh? Haha...you're still a cub, man.”, Baska said and patted Zerrath on his back. Zerrath started to laugh, too and looked at the sky.
“With the only different...that I'm now about to reach my goal.”


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The jokes in this one were certainly amusing to say the least. xD Nice to see some family moments thrown in here too. Simba, you just can't help yourself, can you? At least Kovu is handling a lot of things in stride. And learned his lesson to let someone else do the fighting for him. Admittedly, it was nice to see him try to fight against Tamilia. Were the dark creatures heartless btw? :3 Great chapter as always, Venx!


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Sep 6, 2015
I imagined their looks pretty similar to heartless, but their are none. Funny how I never thought about that, but good thing you pointed that out :D

Episode 9 – Zerrath, the last lion

6 years ago, in a deep jungle, very far away from the Pride Land's, Baska lived as an one year old with his family in a group of other bears. He was outstanding with his blue fur, which some bears were jealous of and some laughed about. His family was always proud of it and treated him like a wonderchild because it, even tho it was probably just a genetic fault. One day, Baska met the other children outside of the jungle training their fighting styles.
"Tornado-blow!", one of the bears shouted and jump with his feet at his friend.
"Wall of steel!", his friend said and hold his arms in front of his face to defend himself. Baska ran excited towards one of them and punched him right into the face. The little bear fell down and everyone looked at Baska.
"What's wrong with you?!”, the little bear on the ground said angrily. Baska was really confused and scratched the back of his head.
"I...thought we were fighting..."
"But you just punched me in the face! You didn't say your attacks name! How am I supposed to react to that?!"
"I think ya see me coming and reaching ou..."
"Do you even have names for your attacks?"
"No...why should I tell my opponent what I'm doing?"
"Baska, you're so rude! It's a thing of courtesy!"
"Come one, make one up! Describe the attack you just used and give it a cool name by that." Baska thought about it for a moment.
"Yeah, the punch."
"No, Punch is the name."
"You can't name your punch Punch...that's stupid."
"What about....Bear-Punch? I mean I'm a bear so..." Everybody started laughing and pointing claws at Baska while he was still talking.
"Haha forget it! You will never be able to be a real fighter!"
"You just didn't like the name for my attack...what the.."
"If we ever have to face lions, you're the first one to die!", the bear laughed and walked slowly away from Baska. He keept standing alone outside of the jungle and looked after the bears.
"Seriously..he just didn't like the name.", he said and started walking back home.

Baska was the last child this evening who arrived at his parents place.
"Baska, there you are! I was dead worried!", his mother walked up to him and inspected his fur.
"Moom...what are you doing?"
"I'm looking for scratches! Did something happen?", she asked right before she found blood on his fist.
"Baska, you're bleeding."
"Don't worry, mom. It's not mine.", he said and smiled at her. His mother sighed and looked at him.
"Oh Baska...not again."
"They were fighting, too! I just wanted to join, but they told me I need to name my attack and..."
"...I was like okay, Punch!"
"But they were like nonono you need another and..."
"Baska!", his mother screamed trough the whole place. Baska immediately stopped talking and looked at her.
"Fighting is not a game. And you need no strange names for your attacks. We fight to survive and...if you really want to fight...fight for something important to you. Like your family.", she said and looked at her son.
"Not a game? But it's fun to me.", he answered and made his mother sigh.
"You'll see it when you're older. I guess it's to early for you to understand it now." Baska lowered his head and thought about what he just heared.
"It's late, we should sleep now.", his mother said and laid herself down.
"Where is dad?"
"He's still on his patrol. When you wake up, he'll be here.", she said and closed her eyes. Baska laid himself against his mother's body and tried to sleep, but was still thinking about the fighting thing.

At midnight when everyone was sleeping, a loud bearscream woke everyone up. Suddenly every bear stood on his two feet and watched out if they could see from who that sound could have come, until somebody screamed: "Lions!" A male and a bunch of females were slowly walking into the bears place.
"What do you want here?!", the leader of the bears screamed. The lion started to smile and looked around.
"We were just passing by, looking for food. And guess what...we just found a feast." When the lion finished his sentence, the females instantly started to jump on the bears and bit into their necks. Baska's mother walked in front of his son and swallowed.
"I said run!", she screamed and got jumped by the male lion at the same time. He hold her down with only one paw and looked at Baska.
"A young one....excellent. Come out!", the lion said and made a cub coming next to him.
"Finally we have something on your level, Zerrath. Kill him."
“But Dad! I....”
“This is your last chance to stay in the herd. You are born for this!”
"Baska, run!", his mother screamed, but his son already got jumped by the cub and hold down. Baska looked in the eyes of the obviously nervous child.
"You got him, now kill him!"
"But...but why?"
"You're a lion! Now act like one! If you don't kill him, he's going to kill you!", the lion roared at his son and bared his teeth. Zerrath swallowed and turned his head to his father.
"He doesn't look like he...."
“Pear-Bunch!”, Baska screamed and punched his opponent right in the face. Zerrath fell from his belly and next to his dad.
“I mean Bear-Punch! I...I...”
“Baska run!”
“No! You...you told me to fight for my family!” Baska's mothers catched a tear in her eye and looked up. She saw the lion looking despise worty at his son and used the situation to throw him off her.
“No, you got him! Now let me finish him!” She smiled and looked at her son.
“Bear-strike!”, Baska screamed and ran toward the lion.
“You are....way to brave.”, his mother said quietly to herself and catched Baskas leg.
“Mo...mom! What are you...:”
“Please don't come back!”, she screamed and threw him several meters into the jungle behind her. Zerrath and his father were watching her and the flight of the tiny blue bear.
“Zerrath. Go.”
“No more excuses! Find and kill him! I let you get away with so much in the past, you didn't kill a single gazelle yet! If you can't even get this one......don't come back.”, Zerrath's father said and walked straight up to the bearmother. Zerrath started to run immediately after he heared what his father would do to him.

After the high fall, Baska slowly stood up again and scratched the back of his head.
“Ah....that hurt.”, he said to himself and tried to smell where his mother was. While he was trying to figure out, he heared something in the bushes. He stopped smelling for a moment and concentrated himself to hear what caused the sound. Suddenly Zerrath jumped out of the bushed right at him, but he dodged to the right immediately. The lion was roaring at him and bared his teeth.
“Come on, bear! Don't....even try to run again!”
“Run? Haha, I'll show you!” Zerrath looked at the fearless bear and started to wondering what he was about to do.
“Ready? Here I come!”, Baska shouted and ran toward the lion cub. Zerrath jumped to the side to avoid the attack, but Baska immediately punched again when he landed and hit him. The lion fell down and Baska nailed him to the ground.
“Ha! Is that everything you got?”, he laughed and looked at Zerrath. The lion closed his eyes and turned his head embarrassed and scared away at the same time.
“Father was right....I can't even...beat a single child. I'm not a lio...” When Zerrath was thinking about everything his father told him, he felt the bear going off him. Slowly he opened his eyes and saw him turning hisself away.
“Wha..what are you doing?”
“I'm gonna help my mom against your father.”
“But you just beat me...”
“Wasn't very hard to be honest.”, Baska laughed and was about to start running at his familycamp.
“Why didn't you kill me?!”, Zerrath screamed at him. The bear turned his head to him and scratched the back of his head.
“Kill you? Why should I? I already won.”
“But....but aren't I prey to you?!” Baska walked towards him and raised an eyebrow.
“My mother always told me to fight to survive. Well, I fought and won without even trying. You're not a threat to me.” Zerrath listend to him and tried to understand what he was talking about.
“Gotta go, man! If you can catch up to me, you may be able to see your dad again before he gets beat up, haha.”, Baska said and started running through the jungle back home. The cub just sat there watching after him, still thinking about Baska's words.
“See my dad...like he would care...”

After several minutes, Zerrath decided to go back to his famil, hoping his father would give him another chance. He followed the smell of his herd, when he suddenly saw that he was walking through Baska's home. He looked around and could see many blood trails from bears, that got drawn away.
“Did...did he even come back?”, Zerrath asked himself and looked around, until he saw a tiny bear sitting in front of a cave entrance. Slowly he approached and looked over his shoulder.
“Heh...your father was faster.”, the bear said quietly and stood up slowly. Zerrath walked some steps back and swallowed.
“I'm....I'm so..”
“Sorry? You didn't kill them. You don't have to apologize.”, Baska said and turned himself to him. His eyes were red and his face under them still wet.
“But it was my family...I..”
“Lions kill to survive. It's okay.”
“How is that okay for you..? My father killed your...”
“She always told me that could happen and....what can I say, now she became part of the circle of life.”, Baska said and smiled as happily as possible for him in that situation.
“My father always told me to be a strong leader. He wanted to me to kill so many animals....but I couldn't. For this reason! I mean...they killed your family! Look at yourself! You're all by yourself now and..and..”
“Pear-Bunch.” While Zerrath was talking, Baska punched him straight in the face that he flew a meter backwards.
“Stop talking like that. You're not even close to what a lion is supposed to be.”
“I never wanted to be lion. And I won't ever be like this!”
“It's just about time until you have to hunt, man. Just...do it, okay?”
“No...I mustn't go back to my herd. But there is no place for me anyway, I...to be honest, I have no idea what to do now.” Baska washed the tears out of his face and walked up to the lion cub.
“But don't you have to eat meat somehow?”
“Maybe....but maybe not. What do you eat?”
“I eat fruits for the most time. I'm sure you can eat them as well.”, he said and sat himself next to Zerrath.
“I will, thank y....what's your name?”, Zerrath asked and looked over to his new friend.
“Name's Baska!”
“Heh, so....you're not going to kill anything?” Zerrath shaked his head and looked at the ground.
“I don't want to rip familys like yours apart. Lions are monsters.”
“Come on, it's their thing. Everyone has their place in the circle of..”
“And the lion's place is to kill others to surive? While animals like you can live without that?”
“Don't act like only lions do that.”
“I know, but they are the most dominant animals here who do that! And why do you try to defend them anyway?!”, Zerrath screamed at him. Baska laid himself back and looked up in the sky.
“I just repeat what my mother told me since I've been here. But you're kinda, right. You lions could really slow down with what you're doing.”
“I'm not a lion.”, Zerrath said and turned himself away. He stomped on the ground with his right paw and bared his teeth. After a short moment, Baska got up and walked next to the cub.
“Since...we don't have anyone anymore..what about teaming up?”
“Teaming up?”
“Yeah! You know...like a herd! A herd made out of two!”
“You would really team up with me? Didn't you hear what my father said? And you saw me fighting....I wouldn't be more than a burden for you.” Baska laughed out loud and hold his belly.
“Oh man, I'll show you how to fight, don't worry! And anyway.....can't think of a herd with a burden as leader.”
“Leader? Baska, I can't....”
“You can! I mean....now you have to, boss.” Zerrath got shocked when he heared how Baska was talking to him, but at the same time, he felt good how confident he was with him. Without answering, Zerrath smiled melancholy at his new friend and looked then back into the jungle.
“Wanna go now? I personally wouldn't like to stay here.”, Zerrath said.
“Yeah. Let's look for a better place for now.” Together, the lion and his new bear friend walked back into the jungle, to find a place to sleep.

Time passed and Baska did everything to make Zerrath more and more self-confident. He teached him how to fight and where the best place for fruits were. The duo grew up fast and on an afternoon, three years later, both of them sat on a hill and watched the sun going down. Baska turned his head for a moment at his partner and laughed shortly.
"What's so funny?"
"Nothing, hehe. It's just...since we know eachother, you always watched the sunset. What's your obsession with it?"
"I don't know...probably all these colors. It's magical. Look at the Zebras, the sun on their fur makes it almost like it would shine."
"Hm, I'm just getting hungry."
"Baska, haha..stop.", Zerrath laughed quietly and looked at the Zebras, until suddenly two lioness came out of nowhere and chased the herd.
"Lions.", Baska said and watched angrily their hunt.
"Come! We won't let them get away with that!" Zerrath jumped from the five meter high hill and landed on his feet, without any damage. Baska went a few steps back and then ran at the endge of the hill to jump towards the scared Zebras.
"Comin' to get ya, lions!", he shouted excited and landed right behind his partner. A few secounds before one of the lioness could bite a Zebra, Zerrath jumped in front of her and punched her with his paw away. The other lioness stopped immediately running and look over to her friend.
"Get out of here. Now.", he said and looked angrily at the female.
"Ze...Zerrath? Is that you?", she said and looked closely.
"How do you know my name?"
"Everyone thinks you are dead...don't you remember me?!" Zerrath looked at her and tried to realize who she was. Baska stood next to him and looked carefully at the other lioness who was slowly approaching. Suddenly Zerrath remembered the lion he was talking to.
"You are from my herd."
"Yes! We know eachother! We..." Suddenly the other lioness roared and jumped with her claws at Baska.
"Let her go!" Baskas eyes focused her, while the rest of his body didn't move at all.
"Pear-Bunch.", he said and turned his whole body with an incredible speed at her, before reaching out.
"Wha-" Before realizing what was happening, Baska already smashed his fist into her face and made her fly back across the whole plain.
"Wow, didn't expect her to fly that far. Must be a new record.", Baska said proudly.
"You monsters!"
"We are the monsters? Your friend tried to kill him."
"Because she thought you are trying to kill me!"
"I was only defending the Zebras."
"You.....what? Why would do that...?"
"Because I don't want these Zebras to die, just because you want meat!"
"We don't want meat, we need meat!"
"Bullshit. I lived the last years only by eating fruits and I'm perfectly fine!"
"Then maybe you can do this. But me and the rest can't! And to be honest...I don't want to in the first place." Zerrath bared his teeth and got angrier with every secound.
"If you end the life of others....just to save your own...you don't have any right to exist.",he said and scratched her with his claws across the face. She screamed painfully, but before she could even hold her face, Zerrath stroke her again. And again. And again. Baska saw his friend raging like never before and swallowed. Seeing him like this was different from anything before. After a whole minute, Zerrath turned around and looked at Baska with blood on his face.
"They came out of this direction and were from my herd. Let's head this way."
"Wh..why do you wanna go to your old herd?"
"She said that the rest doesn't want to eat anything else than meat...but if I changed, why shouldn't the rest? I have to try."
"Maybe you should wash away the blood from your..."
"No. They must change. And if pure fear helps....then I'll use it. Now come!", Zerrath said enthusiastic and ran in the direction where the lioness came from, while trying to catch the smell of the rest. Baska swallowed before he followed him, without any idea what his friend would do next after his outburst of rage against a simple lioness.

After following the smell Zerrath just found, they arrived after some minutes to a small plateau with several lions on it. The lionesses stood up and bared their teeth at the two stranger. Zerrath and Baska just walked slowly towards the only cave.
"Listen! I'm here to warn you! Stop eating meat! You have no idea what you are doing!", Zerrath shouted in the middle of the lionesses.
"What are you talking about?", one of them asked.
"Everytime you kill an animal to eat it, you are ruining a family! You ar..."
"The blood....did you...", one of the lionesses pointed out shocked. Zerrath looked at her sadly and then turned his head away from her.
"You talk about ruining familys...but what have you done?"
"What about you?! This is how zebras and gazelles feel everyday! But we can change this by simply...."
"So you are still alive." Slowly Zerrath's father walked with another lion out of the cave.
"And you really walk around with this blue bastard? Pathetic. It's a surprise you didn't get killed."
"Father, listen. We are..."
"I heared what you were saying. It was the right choice to leave you behind, but the wrong to not kill you."
"Father, please!"
"Quiet! You're a shame for every lion that ever existed! I'll show you what a real lion is made off. Go.", Zerrath's father said and commended the lion next to him to switch in his attackposition.
"Who is that?"
"That's your little brother. He is the son I always wanted you to be. What a poetic end for you, isn't it?", he laughed and pointed at his first son.
"Now make me proud..."
"Father, no! Please! I don't wanna..."
"...and eliminate the traitor." Zerrath's younger brother immediatley drove his claws out and jumped at him, when he heared his father. Zerrath closed his eyes and sighed.
"Cleaving claw.", he said and slided under his little brother. Zerrath raised his claw and cut him in two, while he was still in the air. When he landed, his body fell apart and made every lion walk fearfully backwards.
"Haha, just like the watermelons in the training.", Baska laughed and slowly walked form behind next to his friend who just stood up. The lions were obviously disguted and afraid by what the action they just saw. Slowly Zerrath walked up to his father, who couldn't realize what just happened.
"Father...please wake up and end this. I didn't want to..."
"What the hell have you become...?"
"Listen, I don't want more animals to die. Just accept your destiny and..."
"No....no Zerrath, you have to accept how this world works. I already told you about the circle of life when you were a cub, but you never understood. But you better get used to it, because you are lion and sooner or later you'll have to eat meat!" Zerrath lowered his head and looked away from his father. A moment later, he looked up again and said:"Yeah....at some point I'm sure I'll do it. And this point is now."
"Lions are like you and your herd. Sadly it looks like there is no way to change you...so there is only one option left."
"You fool....the great kings of the past will punish you somehow, just wait! And you won't get the chance to kill them!"
"Great kings of the past? Oh yeah, you told me about this. I'll see...but for now....", he said and raised his paw.
The other lionesses instantly reacted to that, to save their king and ran towards Zerrath.
"On my way!" Baska jumped behind his partner and kicked every opponent who came at them, without any problem away.
"This will never work...you're insane!"
"No, father. I'm Zerrath....the last lion.", he said and stroke his father with his claws from above.

A hour later, both of them made a stop on a small oasis, trying to wash the blood out of their fur.
"Ew, that's way stickier than I expected.", Baska said while rubbing his back as the only one in the water. Zerrath sat outside and looked up in the sky. Baska walked slowly next to him and turned his head at his direction.
"So...what are you gonna do?"
"Are you really asking this right now?"
"Well...it's a huge thing to eliminate every existing lion. And an even bigger thing to do that to every predator in general."
"It's brutal....but think about the lifes we'll save."
"Hm..guess you're right."
"I really respect you Baska. My herd ruined your life and you're okay with it, because of the circle of life your mother told you about. I can't understand how you accept that, but...I can understand if you choose a different path." Baska sighed loudly and tapped on Zerrath's back.
"I'm sure you can do this by yourself. But...why should I leave? Beating up these lioness was the most fun I had in months, haha!"
"Yeah! We're a crew! And I believe in your actions, boss." Zerrath smiled a bit and then looked back at him.
"You don't have to call me like this."
"Come on man, lemme tell you what I want. I mean....you are the leader, right?", Baska said and laughed a bit. Zerrath closed his eyes for a moment and was thankful for his loyal teammate.
"If you say so, buddy." He opened his eyes again and walked some steps forward, before looking in the sky again.
"The great kings....they must be somewhere up there."
"Great kings?"
"Yeah. The big leaders of the past. My father always told me about them, don't you remember how he warned me?"
"Oh! Yeah, but...how could dead lions stop us?"
"I have no idea, but he sounded serious. Something is up there, Baska...and I won't let it get in my way."

Three years later, both of them stood on a plateau in the outland and were waiting for their prey. Baska got bored and looked out as far as he could.
"Oh man, where are they? I mean...you said you can't sense Tamilia anymore, right?"
"She's clearly dead, but I guess they rest for some time."
"Rest?! I'm standing here since ten minutes and got nothing to do!"
"Calm down, you'll have your fight. And you better be prepared, because this time...there won't be a next time."


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Wow, that's how Baska and Zerrath had met. :D Pretty cool backstory to say the least. The ending of this chapter sounds so final. I hope neither of them die, because they don't have any intentions of eating or killing things for meat. So, I wonder what'll be in store for the next chapter. Good chapter as usual, Venx!


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Sep 6, 2015
Really glad you liked the backstory! I hope you enjoy the next chapter, too!

Episode 10 – The Spirit

After the break from the exhausting fight against Tamilia, Simba was the first one to get up again. He looked around and saw everyone still napping.
"And we're about to face Zerrath. Great.", he said to himself and sighed. Suddenly, Ken approached slowly from the side and poked him.
"Mister..Simba, sir?"
"I...wanted to thank you."
"Why did you call me like that? You sound like a little british scumbag. Even tho I shouldn't know what british is."
"I never knew what it feels like to have a family...now I know."
"You didn't listen to any word I just said, right?" Ken shaked his head.
"Well, your welcome. As long as you stay away from my butt, you can do whatever you want."
"Thank you!", Ken said and hugged Simba.
"Huh?" Before Ken could realize what was happening, Simba backpawed him away in the dust.
"Oh wow, Ken. I thought you would dodge it."
"You hit me in the face!", he was crying and rolled himself over the ground while holding his face.
"Felt kinda good to be honest.", Simba said and licked his paw. Caused by Ken's female screams, everyone slowly woke up. Kiara walked up to her father while looking confused at Ken.
"What happened?"
"I punched Ken in the face."
"Ah.", Kiara said and walked informated back to the rest.
"Okay guys, I hope recovered well enough to fight now. Because I don't really want to waste any more minute, is that clear?", Simba asked and looked at everyone nodding.
"Is that clear, Kovu?"
"Yes, I nodded."
"Just wanted to be sure. Okay, now move on! Let's show Zerrath what happens if you mess with the Pride Lands!", Simba roared and looked enthusiastic forward. No one moved and inched and was waiting for Simba to move.
"What's the problem?", Vitani asked sceptically.
"Ehm...dad, in what direction is Scar's spirit?", Simba asked and looked up in the sky.
"Eh....I guess the left wa...no no no, wait! It is....", Mufasa's voice said out of the clouds.
"Oh god, it's straight forward! Now go!", Sarabi screamed out of Kovu. Mufasa's light disappeared instantly when Sarabi was speaking, while Simba just sighed and started walking forward with everyone else.

After ten minutes, they ended up in front of a huge rock, that was higher than everything else in the outland.
"Up there.", Sarabis voice said from above Kovu and made everyone look up.
"Up there? And how are me and Ken supposed to get there?", Kiara asked. Slowly Kovu walked up to her and poked his girlfriend with his nose.
"Well, I could carry y..."
"You carry Ken!", Simba yelled, lifted his daughter on his back and walljumped all the way up to the rock, before Kovu could respond. He looked after them with his mouth open and could not realize what just happen. Suddenly Ken jumped on him and laid himself on his back.
"Hey Kovu."
"Take your time to climb, I like it here." Suddenly Kovu actived every power he got and jumped from the ground all the way up to Simba and Kiara.
"Looks like it's our turn!"
"Please Nuka...don't mess this up."
"Trust me! Nuka-jump!"
"Nuka-whaaaaaaaaaaaaa......." Before Vitani could ask, Nuka gathered all of his energy under her and shot Vitani up into the sky.
"Kiara, move!", Vitani shouted while falling right at her from above. Kiara walked a step to the left and let her friend land on the rock.
"Thanks for the warning, Vitani!"
"Could we focus, please?", Simba said, while looking straight forward at Zerrath and Baska at the other side of the plateau.
"Do you have any idea how long we were waiting?"
"I could guess, but to be honest, I don't really care.", Simba said to Baska.
"Heh, guess time doesn't matter if you die anyway."
"Naw, I just don't care."
"Stop Baska, I told you who your opponent is.", Zerrath said and kept staring hungry at Simba.
"Yeah, the lioness."
"Wait, do you mean Vitani or my daughter?"
"I mean Kovu."
"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.", Simba laughed and rolled himself on the ground. Kovu sighed annoyed and looked at his king.
"He's probably referring to Sarabi."
"Hahahaha I know, but still... hahahaha."
"Didn't we have a plan?"
"Ha....ha....huh? Oh, yes, the plan. Father,mother, now!" Suddenly, Sarabi and Mufasa appeared next to eachother in the sky and were casting a spell in their mouth. Zerrath didn't move an inch and watched carefully what was happening.
"Now seal Scar's spirit!", Simba shouted and made both shoot a beam in the sky, which hit eachother at some point and caused a scream. Slowly some clouds were forming Scar's face.
"What....are you doing?!"
"We make sure you stay away from this world and don't cause more trouble than you already did!" Before Scar could say anything else, he vanished together with the beams that hit him.
"We did it! Fuck you, Zerrath! And fuck you, Baska! But the lioness joke was amazi..." Simba got interrupted by Zerrath's quiet laugh at him.
"What's so funny? Scar is gone, there is no way you'll get his energy anymore!"
"I have a question for you, Simba. Who told you I was looking for Scar?"
"My father told me."
"Okay and...how is he supposed to know that?"
"He said you would look for the strongest spirit. And since Scar was the most evil lion in the pride lands...I mean he was not really strong. More like a coward and sneaky unlike Zi.............fuck."
"Exactly.", Zerrath said and stomped on the ground. The sky became darker and darker and the clouds gathered to form the face of a lioness.
"You're mine!", he said and shot an energybeam out of his mouth into the clouds and slowly absorbed Zira's spirit.
"Kovu, fast!", Simba shouted.
"On my way!" Kovu ran with full speed towards the enemy and jumped at Zerrath to cancel his move.
"Stop!", Baska screamed and punched Kovu in the air, what made him freeze again.
"Baska-Time!", he said loudly and punched Kovu all the way back to the rest, out of his freeze.
"Wow, good job..."
"Argh..why didn't you go?!"
"Hey! I already sealed Scar, I'm exhausted."
"No, you didn't. Mufasa and Sarabi sealed Scar."
"Jealous, because I know my father and my mother doesn't get absorbed?"
"It is really hard to argue with you, did you notice?"
"Not really, no."
"Could you two focus?!", Sarabi screamed from above, right before Zerrath finished absorbing Zira and took a deep breath in and out. When he breathed out, a dark purple fog left his mouth and slowly started to cover the plateau.
"Why are we here again?", Kiara asked carefully and looked to Ken who was visually paralyzed by fear.

"Stop crying, Kiara. The situation is not that bad.", Simba said and turned his head to her.
"Lion!", Zerrath screamed, dashed instantly in front of simba, kicked him into the air and jumped after him. Everyone follwed Simba's fly through the air with their head, without making any comment.
"Heh, Zerrath's in a good mood. Let's get me into one, too.", Baska said smiling and looked from the other side of the plateau into Kovu's eyes.
"Oh no."
"Oh yes." Baska ran towards Kovu, who instantly started to glow and roared what caused a shockwave that pushed his opponent back.
"Hehe. There you are, old lady."
"Old?!" Sarabi casted a giant energyblast in two secound inside her mouth and shot right at Baska, who jumped away.
"Did I touch a nerve?"
"I'll touch all of yours, after I cut off your blue skin!", Sarabi yelled angrily and shot many small lasers at him. Meanwhile did Zerrath attack Simba with multiple punches in the air and stroke him down into the ground.
"Dad!", Kiara shouted and could see how Zerrath turned his head to her.
"And you're next." Immediately after his sentence he dashed towards Kiara, when suddenly Vitani jumped in front of her.
"Nuka! Now!"
"Let's do this!" Both roared at the same time and tried to press Zerrath away from Kiara behind them.
"Pathetic." Before Vitani could realize what happened, Zerrath stood behind her and kicked her with Nuka into the huge rock under the plateau, where Sarabi and Baska were fighting. The plateau began to shake and slowly broke apart.
"Looks like we have to change our location."
"Like I would care where I tear you apart!"
"Heh, you really live in your own world." Baska jumped several meters backwards and saw Sarabi following him immediately.
"Die!", Sarabi screamed and made her four lightspheres appear around her and started shooting at Baska. Right after the huge bear landed, he dodged the shots on the ground and gathered something into his right fist.
"Stop moving!", she yelled at him and casted a huge blast inside her mouth.
"Fare well." When Sarabi heared her opponent, she was surprised and didn't really know what he meant by that. A few secounds later she just shot her attack right at him, which became with every meter it was flying bigger.
"Tear-Breakbrough!", Baska said loudly and jumped with his glowing fist right into the attack to split it. She didn't feel what was happening and had no chance to see the bear running towards her through her attack. Suddenly he stood in front of her and punched with his right fist into her mouth and stopped the attack.
"Animals should stay dead when they die, you know?"
"Any last insult for me?" But Sarabi already disappeared out of Kovu.
"Heh, good flight.", he said and finished his punch by throwing Kovu through the already broken rock which was holding the plateau in the beginning. After a loud noise, Kovu landed right behind Zerrath who turned his head shortly around.
"Looks like Baska is already done. Let's not make him wait, shall we?", he said at Kiara and drove out his claws. Paralyzed she couldn't say a word and nearly cried, when suddenly Ken jumped in front of her.
"H...hey! Leave her alone!"
"You first.", Zerrath said and backpawed Ken away from her.
"Don't worry, you won't see him die."
"You.....take this!", she yelled at him and bit in his left arm. Zerrath looked down on her and used his new spiritualpower to lift her up in the air.
"Wha....what is happening?!" Kiara was floating in the air and tried to realize how Zerrath was doing that.
"Calm down, princess. It'll be over in a secound.", he said and casted something inside his mouth.
Baska watched everything from far away and started to bore himself.
"Wow, Zira gave him more power than I expected. Probably even more than he expected in the end. This was way to eas...what is....Zerrath! Move!", he screamed as loud as possible. His partner was wondering what the problem was and turned his head, until he saw a huge blast from the side flying at him. He tried to use his power as a shield, but it was to late to fully defend him and he got hit into a wall far away from Kiara. The princess looked shocked to her left and saw Simba standing heavily breathing on the ground.
"If I do everything...that losers like Kovu don't touch my daughter....I'll make sure that noone is killing her, did you get that?!", he yelled and powered himself up with his energy. Baska started jumping down from his cliff, right at Simba.
"Freeze!", he said and tried to freeze Simba in the air like Kovu. The lion king just stood there and moved his eyes at Baska.
"You better back off now, I'm not in the mood to play games with you.", he said and dodged easly every single punched that came at him. Baska became faster and faster to try everything possible, but couldn't hit the lion a single time.
"Why don't you get hit?!"
"Because hitting Kovu is nothing special. Trust me....I know all about it!", Simba said and spun himself to kick Baska away from him.
"You little.......", Baska said quietly and was about to attack again until a voice shouted:" Baska! What did I tell you?!" He looked to where the voice came from and saw Zerrath slowly walking back to the battlefield with even more black mist around him.
"Didn't I tell you Simba is mine?!"
"Of course! But you got hit and..."
"I told you you would have your fight! And did you win or not?!"
"Man, you're missing the point! I was just trying to..."
"No Baska, you're missing the damn point! This is my fight and you have no part in it, did you get that?!" Slowly Baska lowered his head and turned himself away.
"If you say so..."
"Wait outside of the Outlands! This will be over quick!", Zerrath shouted and pressed his claws into the ground while looking at Simba. Baska sighed and walked away from them without looking back. Simba looked after him and after he disappeared back to his opponent.
"I don't think this was your best decision yet."
"What? Do you think I can't handle you by myself?"
"To be honest: Yes.", Simba said smiling and dashed forward.
"I'll show you what I'm able to!" Both of them clashed against each other and were causing a huge storm in the center of the outland that broke slowly the rocks around them. Kiara started to lift Ken and Vitani to bring them as far as possible away from the fight. She didn't have the strength to save Kovu, too. But she knew Simba would rescu.....she risked that Kovu would die. Let's be honest here.
In the middle of the storm Simba and Zerrath were hitting each others claws, while trying to scratch the body. Both were equally fast attacking each other and Simba was already thinking about some way to win this situation. Suddenly Zerrath got faster and pinned Simba to the ground.
"Who's going to save you now?"
"Do you....really think I couldn't handle you by my own?!", Simba screamed and decharged a large amount of energy that pushed Zerrath back into the air. Simba rolled himself back on his feet and jumped high in the air in front of Zerrath with more spiritualpower around him than ever before.
"You should have kept you bear around!", he said and started to strike Zerrath with his claws drove out.
"I'll show you what I'm capable of!" Both lions clashed with their claws at each other, what made the storm around them disappear and created a large amout of energy between them.
Kiara looked up in the sky and saw her father fighting with everything he got, while everyone else was already defeated.
"Oh no....what if Simba loses?", Nuka asked who appeared next to Kiara.
"I don't know. But I'm sure we won't find out."
"How can you be so sure about that?"
"I honestly don't know."
"Oh great..." Kiara kept staring at the clash in the sky and thought for a secound she could save Kovu, too but she knows that his father doesn't wanna see such things now.
Meanwhile at the Girl Rock, everyone was looking at the bright sparkling point above the outland.
"Queen Nala, what is happening?", an afraid lioness asked.
"Looks like Simba has his final fight."
"And....how is he doing?"
"I can't say. He could win, but...he could be also about to lose."
"Yay! So maybe the Girl Rocks finally stays like this!"
"I'm sorry, but....if Simba loses, there won't be a Girl Rock in the future. This time, we are on his side." The lioness were confused to hear such things from their queen for the first time, but Nala kept look at this one point. Everyone knew that Simba's victory would mean the end of Girl Rock, but on the other hand, would mean a lose the end of Girl Rock forever.

Zerrath and Simba became more tired with every secound, but nobody would give up at that point.
"Simba...what are you fighting for anyway? Is it your family? Your herd?"
"Of course! I won't let anyone die except Kovu!"
"You're nothing more than a hypocrit like the others. You destroy tons of familys to keep your own alive! And I won't let the Pride Lands suffer because of you for any secound longer!"
"Is....that what you're fighting for?"
"Yes...and I will end every single predator...by my own!", he said and pushed Simba a little bit back in the sky.
"I'm....I'm sorry, Zerrath."
"Your dream is not wrong....I had no idea what you were fighting for.", Simba said quietly while beeing pushed back slowly.
"But...." Suddenly he started to strike back and push Zerrath to where they started to clash.
"..WE ARE LIONS! AND IF YOU CAN'T LIVE WITH THAT I'M SORRY TO SHATTER YOUR DREAM INTO A MILLION LITTLE PIECES!" Zerrath twitched a little bit, when Simba used to push him back towards the ground. He tried to win the duell against his opponent again, but Simba already pushed his paw at his chest and was now dashing with him towards the battlefield in fullspeed.
"After all I've done......I'll lose now to...a single lion? No....this can't be happening.....this can't be happening!", Zerrath said to himself while he saw his life going by his eyes.
"This is your end!", Simba screamed and crashed his opponent right into the ground. The crash caused an earthbreak and a huge rift through the whole outland. Kiara grabbed Ken and Vitani to run somewhere safe as fast as possible. Kovu laid luckly on a safe place where no rift appeared and only some rocks that fell from above hit him. After a short moment, Simba landed slowly on the ground and breathed heavily. The dust around the weft hole disappeared after some time and he looked down on Zerrath who was lying in the center.
"Oh boy...I'll definitly let Nala rule the Pride Rock for some time now...Girl Rock or not, I need some vacation days.", he said and fell down.
"Dad..? Dad!", Kiara shouted and ran to him with Ken and Vitani on his back.
"Yes dad! Y..you did it!"
"Didn't you....save Kovu?"
"No....there wasn't enough time." Simba started to smile.
"I love you, Kiara. You're the best daughter I could have wished for. Well you started to date him in the first place, so you are not perfect but..."
"Dad! You beat Zerrath! Can we wait with the Kovu bashing?"
"But it makes me feel so much better..." With a smile Kiara helped her father to stand up. At the same time, Ken and Vitani started to open their eyes again, too.
"Is it over?"
"Yes, Ken."
"Yippie!" Vitani looked confused around and then to Simba.
"Where is Kovu?"
"I'm sure he's somewhe...."
"Guys...! I'm....I'm here!", Kovu shouted and tried to ran as possible to the rest of the group. Simba sighed.
"Well, atleast it couldn't get worse from now on.", Simba said. Suddenly it started to rain.
"I kinda like this.", Simba said. Suddenly Zerrath stood up again and tried not to pass out again.

Everyone looked at the visually exhausted Zerrath who was trying hard to stay on his feet.
"I won't....let anyone.....ruin my.....", he tried to say, but chanted.
"Who wants the last hit? Ken?", Simba said and looked around.
"Don't be afraid, Zerrath. You did an amazing job. Now lay back and watch....me doing the rest.", a voice said out of the sky. Kovu raised an eyebrow and looked up in the sky. Zerrath's body started to glow more and more, until suddenly a giant wave out of spiritpower shot out of his whole body in the sky.
"What...is that?", Zerrath said and fell on his knees. The spiritpower gathered in the sky for a moment and then crashed back right between Zerrath and Simba on the ground. The lions turned their heads away to not catch dust in their eyes from the impact on the ground.
"I hope you don't mind I took all of your spirits. Not that it would change a thing if you would."
Everyone looked at the point where the spirits crashed and were realizing slowly what happened.
Kovu walked a step forward and looked at the creature made out of spiritualpower.
"M....mom?" Simba slapped Kovu and looked at him angrily.
"Hey, call her by her name. If you call her mom, you're halfway back in the outland." The creatued laughed and stared at Simba with glowing eyes.
"Finally...I can have my revange. Ha ha ha....aren't you happy to see me, Simba?!", Zira said smiling and started laughing at them.
"Are you happy to see Kovu?"
"Could we focus please?! One time?!", Kovu said desperately, but Simba couldn't care less. Zerrath was still trying to stand up after his fight and watched the monster that came out of him.
"So....you are Zira.", he said and made her turn around.
"And you are the lion who thought he could actually capture me inside him. How pathetic."
"But how.....I was strong....how could you...."
"Strong? Are you talking about the pure range you pulled off against Simba? The pure...hate?" Zerrath's legs became to weak anymore and made him fall on the ground, before he could answer.
"That was all me...and you still thought it was you."
"But now that I'm finally free...I don't need you anymore.", she said and walked some steps towards him. Kiara swallowed and looked at her father.
"Dad, we need to help him!"
"Hey, he tried to fucking kill me!"
"I don't have much power left anyway....I hope you don't mind that I'll save that bit to save us!"
Zira stopped walking in front of Zerrath and raised her claws.
"I will enjoy this. Do me a favor and leave your eyes open."
"I'm not scared of you."
"We'll see if you scream. I bet you do.", she said and attacked him. Zerrath didn't close his eyes and waited for the claws to hit him.
"Whaaa.........ah!" Right before Zira could hit, Baska came out of nowhere and kicked her several meters away into a rock.
"Oh baby! Did you see how she flew? Haha." Zerrath looked at his friend shocked and couldn't realize how perfect Baska's timing was.
"Why what?"
"Why did you come back..? I treated you like a slave.."
"Naw, it was my fault. I mean you told me before that Simba is yours. Sorry again." Zerrath lowered his head, that some of his mane fell over his face.
"But....if you wanna beat her by yourself, too....I'm really sorry. Cuz now, is my turn again.", Baska said smiling and went into fightingpostion. Kovu looked up to Simba.
"Why don't we have such a friendship?", he said.
"Well, first....I don't like you. And secound....I hate you." While Simba and his dummy were fighting again, Zira stood up slowly and looked right at Baska.
"Looks like there is one last thing that stands between me and my revange."
"Heh. Wouldn't be the first old lady I hit today." The sky thundered angrily. Zerrath tried to crawl away from Baska to not get in his way, until he stomped in front of him.
"Don't move, boss. She won't come anywhere near you."


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I'm really happy Baska came back to save Zerrath from Zira. Poor Kovu getting slapped in the face, when his mom reappears after all this time. I like how Kiara wants to help Zerrath and Baska out after Zira comes out to get revenge. Simba amuses me to no end, but his goals are slightly admirable because, he does care about his herd a lot. And Nala, oh my gosh, that was hilarious. Seriously, becoming Queen has gone to her head quite a lot. Overall, I had fun reading this chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next! :D