SPECIAL EVENT: Once Upon a Christmas Time (in Christmas Town)

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what a surprise!

Christmas Eve has come to Christmas Town once again. The elves are busy making the final preparations for the big night, the sleigh is all ready to ride into the night, and the reindeer are eagerly awaiting to leap into the skies with Rudolph even lighting the way! But something is amiss... Something is very, very wrong...

It's Santa. Santa has gone missing!

What has happened to the jolly man? Could he have been kidnapped by Jack Skellington again? (Short answer: no.) What could be the reason for Santa's disappearance?

Could it have something to do with the corrupted toys that have suddenly started attacking the town? Or could it be something else entirely? Now's the time to find out, before Christmas is ruined forever!​

Welcome to our first Christmas event! :D This is going to be a little different from the Halloween event, and there's also multiple prizes to win, depending on the path that the RP takes! Hope everyone has fun with this!

Complete the event: Magic spell upgrade! (Or choose a new spell!)
Complete the event by December 25th: Characters receive Christmas versions of their weapons (Like Sora's Keyblades! It'll be like Decisive Pumpkin, so it'll just be a Christmas-ifed version of their weapon)

Good ending (stop the villain, save Santa): Blizzard Edge attack
Bad ending (help the villain, destroy Christmas): Dark Firaga
(The characters that are responsible for the RP's ending will be granted the abilities. Also, in neither of these options happen, then a different ability will be rewarded!)

This RP will end between December 25th and 31st! Have fun, everyone! :D


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Mar 3, 2006
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Shlay walked through the dead tree and ended up in the midst of a winter wonderland. Her first choice, charge!!!!!! Snow flooded the land and everything was lit with cheer. Yet one thing was missing... Where did that little Jester go? Though things did not add up, she was delighted to be in an environment were everything wasn't so desolate and distraught. Shlay screamed, "Look Asi! This place is covered in frozen dust! I can't believe a place like this exist!" Asi stated, "I believe this is where the one known as Clause stays, but... We could just be in some type of town having a snow problem. After all, we were led here by a heartless jester. Wait... Something feels..." From atop the rooftops dropped the jester and it grabbed Asi. Shlay responded, "What!?" In that moment Shlay gripped her blade for security, but Asi did not respond. The heartless tried to tug the sheath from her grip, but instead was met with a slice so precise that the darkness began to seep from its slim structure, without it being tarnished. Asi then constricted Shlays hand to his hilt and stated, "Blaaaannnnnnnnk.... This time... I must break free from this shell."

In a space ripping surge of galactic sparkles and an illustrious shine, Asi had an iridescent stripe string down his blade. The energy drained into the hilt and then through Shlays body. As tribal markings began to cover her body, and reach the insignia on the corners of her body, ink like appendages stretched from the insignia and wrapped her in a starry sphere that seemed to not be connected to space nor time. The dense sphere floated 4 inches off the ground and seemingly bent all visual and auditory responses. So much so, that the snow that fell on top of it looked as if it were gently pushed around its spherical design, yet it fell in the same spot as if it was falling through it. Shlay could see everything around her environment, and her naked body floating within an eternal void of nothingness when she looked at the orb. It was as if she were an invisible entity floating around the winter wonderland without a tangible form, yet she could also come back to the floating sphere and see her body curled up in a bottomless pit of darkness. Shlay thought, Pretty cool. Is this how you feel Asi? Asi replied with an omnipotent voice, "Yes. But just as my wielder is the only one who can hear me, I am the only one who can hear you, the only one who can see you, hence my omnipotent appearance. You are hearing my thoughts, as I once heard yours. You may travel wherever you like, but your physical manifestation is always within me. This is my eternal slumber." Shlay replied, Pretty Awesome dude. How many girls do you peep on wit this technique? Asi answered, "One..." Shlay thought about it for a minute then caught on to his pererted answer replying, Aaaasiiiiii!


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Jun 17, 2012

The little girl wandered through the white-mantled vegetation, confused, puzzled but at the same time amazed. This was the first time in her life did she saw snow. Back in her homeworld, it was said to her that winter only comes every hundred years. "Hmm..." Chiyu squatted down and grabbed a handful of snow in her grasp. "Eh... this is beautiful--!" She silently muttered, engrossed in glee as she pranced around through the light snow.

"Hah... Haha!"

The little girl was in total bliss, laughing and feeling the tiny cold flakes of snow touch her small cheeks. Even though she was alone, she was happy she was having the time of her life. As she went further, skipping and traipsing about, she suddenly felt a jolt that made her head turn around. Chiyu felt another presence. Hurriedly, she ran towards the direction where she felt the presence and quickly hid behind a tree. She spotted another girl, probably in her teens, travelling about and... oddly enough... seem to be talking to her self.

Chiyu leaped from tree to tree, cover to cover, following the odd teenage girl talking to someone named 'Asi'. She quirked her brow as she heard the conversation and even making a swirling finger gesture to her temple. Believing the girl to be nuts.


The girl could only cup her mouth, to hide her giggle. Then suddenly a slight cold breeze, blew pass her. Causing Chiyu to clasp both her arms in cold. "Ah... Ah... Choo!!!" With her sudden sneeze, she accidentally trip over the exposed root of the tree she was hiding. Sending her falling flat on her tiny bum and in wide view of the girl she was following.


An awkward silence ensued.


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Nov 15, 2009
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Naoki had to admit, using a box he randomly found in this factory, to get some shut eye. Foolproof, he thought to himself, foolproof. He was about to shut his eyes when he thought he heard something, peeking out of his box he saw a doll, on a chair, and on the floor next to it was a pair of scissors. He stared at the doll for a few seconds before going back into the box. Again the scissor noise, popping back up he saw the doll, chair and scissors were closer. Carefully he stepped out of the box, picked up the doll, and threw the doll in the box, quickly tying up a bow and pushing it into a corner, and promptly left the room as the doll started to pound on the box.

He had decided to take a closer look at the factory, where there were some toys laying on the ground, picking up some of them he saw a sack hanging on a hook. He paused for a second, and brought his hand to his chin to think. He quickly put two and two together, and nearly shouted, "Santa!" He put the teddy bears down and ran into the connecting room where he saw, nothing. Well, not nothing, there were chairs a list and a fire. Looking around he sat down in the comfy chair and began running through Santa's list.


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Nov 26, 2013
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Fire. Blizzard. Aerora. Blizzard. Fire.

This is the absolutely the best idea ever. First off. Who in the right mind would think it'd be great to have a factory to make toys in possibly the coldest place in the world. Or at least in this case out uve' the worlds. Awh who cares! I got me a hot spring now! I could make a fortune if I went world to world constructing mako infused hot springs! Imagine the money, food, and crescents! I started drooling at the fact uve' the savory flakey bite uve' the last crescent I had. That was years ago however. I gawked at the the crystallized ice that was formed and carved through my aero. Finally adding more heat on top uve' freshly created ice for the hot water.

Better take off my clothes just in case they get wet or anything. Possibly even stolen! However. No one in their rightful minds would take my clothes just because uve' this special event. Ahem. Right? I brandished my blade and threw it at the middle pilar uve' ice behind the mako made hot spring, and finally started to hasten-ly remove my armor and clothes and threw them to a nearby tree without looking at where they actually landed. I proceeded to jump in to the glorious steamy bath only in my chocobo boxer briefs, and instantly my body felt as if the water had been received a special property from the mana I used. It was as if I my whole body felt what your tummy feels like when it drinks hot cocoa in extremely cold day. Having marshmall—

I need to find marshmallows. I bet you they even taste better with my fire magic.

lemme just stay in here for a while as I sunkered down deeper in the hot spring to only have my eyes and above be emerging from the steaming water.
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A tall figure loomed over the moogle.
"I need you," she told it darkly, "to be absolutely certain about this. I need you to tell me what you have just said is the truth. I need you to be certain that what you have just said is the truth." The shop owner rubbed her eyebrows in concentration. "So, is it true?" The moogle only nodded. "Fantastic." She told it, her voice oozing with sarcasm. Something had happened. Though the moogle had only heard by whispers, the fact that this rumor existed in the first place was reason enough to investigate it. "Bleep!" She called, riding her broom back to the front of the store where the large ooze of a man was quickly ringing up a tidal wave of customers at the register.
"What's up, lady?" the creature asked, its voice as raspy as ever.
"An important benefactor needs assistance. I need you to watch over the store while I'm away."
"What?!" A second face appeared from the back of Bleep's head as it screeched in surprise. "But lady, we's in the rush hour! Bleep is good, but not that good!" The shopkeep pouted for a second before snapping her fingers, causing a few transparent copies of herself to materialize behind her.
"There. Now be a good boy while I'm away. That means no yelling at the customers." The woman gave Bleep a quick wave before returning to the back of the shop. Most people have only one way to travel through worlds, and that's if they're lucky. This shopkeep has three.
Cold winds blew past the woman as she hovered over blankets of snow. Sitting cross legged on her broom, she was easily able to overcome the harsh weather and to her destination. As she passed through a few forgotten trees, the witch noticed a pair of socks on the ground. Seems as if even Christmas Town wasn't free of litterers. She was about to continue on, a shirt caught her attention. Then a pair of trousers. It didn't take long to find the self-made hot spring occupied by one sole man. As he slunk deeper into his pool, the woman hovered above him, conjuring a large shard of ice above him, which she then began to melt with fire, causing a stream of icy water to fall onto his head.
"You're trespassing." The shopkeep deadpanned when she had gotten his full attention. "This is private property and littering is not allowed." She looked the man over and it took her a second to recognize him. "You're name is Gray, isn't it? I recognize you from my shop. Put your clothes on, I might need your help."


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Dec 27, 2010
In the snowy scapes of the winter wonderland of christmas town, trudged a unique sight in the cheery world. A tall, gaunt figure, in robes of blackest night, with but the slightest tinge of gold to break up the silhouette in shadow. Upon his head, lay a mask or perhaps a helmet made seemingly of a single large ruby, with two pieces of amethyst set in the jaw.

A finely carved opel sat in the forehead, placed in some kind of groove.

"Hmm. Another place wherein magic seems abundant..and yet..it was but one of many doors. Many paths." The figure Mused as he walked. seemingly with a blzarre half hobbling gait. as though frozen between bouts of sudden pain. Not that it slowed his advance any more than the snow..but, it was a sight as much as the figure's appearance would be to the casual observer. "Hmm..but what path prevails, I wonder.."
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