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  • Interesting. Very interesting. Oh right, schizophrenia is the correct spelling. xD

    How are you doing overall, Swag? Looking forward to the weekend any? (I'll get to our PM soon. :3)
    Oh dear god, somebody is going to get the wrong idea! x'D Well, Kaz is a heartless and his human form isn't entirely there... so modesty isn't a huge deal since one wouldn't be able to tell anyhow.
    Thank you for letting me know! Actually, I thought it was Xaiver with the organization 13 cloak. As for Riku, I have no idea what he's wearing and he could very well have a cloak on too. xD Luckily, I'll be removing the cloak from Kaz soon.
    I'm going to bug you real fast. I read your post in TT and wanted to know if the cloak figure was me? I wasn't sure, but then thought, I'm the only one in a cloak, but wanted to double check before going through with my post! C: So let me know ASAP please and thank you!
    Yeah, people perceive it as a normal restaurant and not a fast food joint, lol.

    So where's that other job you have?
    What Union will you be joining? I'm torn between Vulpeus, and Anguis. >=/

    Juuuuuuust yesterday I had my last college final. Dx
    Really? You haven't been keeping up with the latest in KINGDOM HEARTS? KH χ[chi] is the latest entry to the series, it's the smartphone adaption of KH χ[chi] for the PC. xP

    Thanks! :p
    lol thank you, thank you. It was a quick work at Paint. xP

    Good, good. ANXIOUSLY waiting for KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ[chi] and to finish a final I have this next Tuesday... :<

    Hey mister, would you mind giving me the link (image tag included because my phone sucks) so I can put the #SoraForSmash thing in my sig?
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