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  • Do you get to have player decisions? Have you played Growlanser: Wayfarer of time btw? i think you would like it c:
    Hexyz Force? I thought about playing it before but gameplay seemed to be so cookie cutter and lacked originality. Would the game's story keep me going to play it?
    Sounds like it's going to be fun.

    Yeah, I should get some rest, and I will when I'm not working on homework.
    Okay, thanks for fixing it. Good job with it, I'll see about getting a response up soonish.

    How are you doing?
    Quick question, was that supposed to be about Riku? If so, your post is slightly off, Riku's inside of the library. *gets to work on a post to fix that if that is the case*
    Hi, how are you? Also, I'm sorry about this; but I was wondering, are you planning on posting on World Heist soon? :)
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