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Jun 5, 2008

Fae stood solemnly in her dimly lit quarters and stared down at the parchment of scribbled text in her tightly closed fist. When the messenger boy delivered it the day beforehand, she certainly did not expect what she had read, yet she was hardly surprised.

Tossing the note after some time of contemplation across the small room into the dying hearth, her patience began to wear her to the bone and using the cheap wooden chair for support she leaned over to finish slipping on her armoured boots; wriggling them slightly to ensure a tight fitting. The blades of her twin daggers glistened in the small light provided and, having already been sharpened, she returned them to the sheaths built into her armour between her shoulder blades.

She stood straight, her eyes, full with fierce deliberation, watched as the fire crackled away in the corner. How long had she been kept waiting? A frown penetrated her composed features.

Her quarters were nothing to be impressed with, she realized as time continued to drag. A small wooden table and chair that would always leave her with splinters; a single bed made as close to the military’s expectations as possible; a fireplace that continued to offer the underground chamber a small glow and a few rats. It was a typical room for a typical soldier.

She sighed heavily as her door creaked open and close behind her yet she did not bother to face her visitor. “I hope you have a good reason for keeping me waiting?” She asked with an uninterested tone.

Fae finally turned when she grew too impatient for the answer she was being refused and was met with another equally amour clad chest. She tilted her head back to take a closer inspection of the well built man and stared stubbornly into his deep brown eyes. His mouth, which forever seemed frozen in a perpetual sly grin, smirked back at her and Fae’s brows furrowed at the man’s untendered beard.

“You look like you’ve had your hands full. If the emperor saw that mug of yours I believe he would drop dead from embarrassment. Was your mission such a success that, in your triumph, you forgot to shave?”

Her curt comments were met with a smooth chuckle. “Has my absence caused you to forget your manners, Fae?” He retorted alluringly.

Fae snorted unattractively, “If I were to ever address you formally, it would be out of utter satiricalness, Commander.” Her lips twitched at the corner briefly at her own humor and she turned to drop backwards into the chair. “When I received your letter yesterday I was rather taken aback; I didn’t think you capable of such a feat, Cryton.”

Cryton leisurely leaned against the molding stone wall, crossing his arms around his broad chest. “If I didn’t know you so well, Fae, I’d think you were complimenting me.”

Fae allowed a cheeky smirk before glancing in the direction of the fire; the last place she’d seen Cryton’s note. “When will you tell the others?” she asked apathetically.

The commander followed her gaze and simply assumed what she was speaking about. “The Elite Force is busy today; the Emperor’s birthday is nothing to take lightly. I’ll tell them after you’ve done your job.” He tilted his face and stared skeptically at her. “You are prepared, aren’t you?”

Fae scoffed and came to her feet. “This isn’t my first assassination, Cryton. Besides,” she strode towards her bed and, reaching underneath, dragged out a dilapidated hood and cloak. “If you want to save Concordia, the sympathizers must go.”

As she threw the cloak over her shoulders, pulling the hood over her brown locks and dropping it low enough to conceal her facial features, Cryton wrapped his arms around her hips and pulled her into an embrace.

She felt nothing. Even as he lowered his lips to her brow nothing stirred within her. Cryton’s coarse hand cupped her chin, drawing her gaze to his, leaving no space between them. Fae could feel his breath tickle her full pink lips as he murmured softly the few words that could bring her the slightest of joys.

“I knew I could trust you.”


​Erimere, the small farming village boarding on Odessa’s doorstep, was alive with enthusiasm. Children dressed in their Sunday best ran about the town full of laughter and excitement as the various adults rushed to finish their daily chores. It was the Emperor’s birthday which only meant one thing; the elaborate annual public festival was finally here.

The famous festival, run at the expense of Concordia’s royal coffers and throughout its city's streets, was an event created many years ago to encourage the public’s love and devotion to that of its leaders and country. Various activities were on offer catered towards both the young and the old; even the nobility of Odessa mingled among the commoners on this day.

Elora leaned against the aging wooden fence boarding the small farm house with a basket full with wheat from the fields. She watched fondly with a smile as the small children scurried around the empty meadow in the distance. Elora giggled softly as she listened to some of them laugh and scream proudly of the amount of daisies they had found, while others sat in the long grass intensely hypnotized with making flower crowns to wear at the parade.

Turning, she dropped the basket over the fence and nimbly climbed the debilitated timber to the other side. Picking it up again, she walked towards the house and skilfully opened the door while balancing the basket with one leg. Getting inside, she managed to nudge the door close with her hip before placing the basket down.

“I saw that.” A firm elderly voice spoke up and Elora wheeled around to face the man who had taken her in many years ago. The years had not been kind to Theodore as they had to Elora. His once young, and considerably handsome, face was now caressed with wrinkles; his significantly bright blue eyes seemed to grow heavier with time; his scalp was littered with thin patches of white hair and he’d gained some weight despite the lethal illness threatening to claim him at any moment.

However, despite his often brash demeanour and rough appearance, Theodore had a fighting spirit that was much stronger than his disease, and, as much as it shamed his tough guy persona, Elora had experienced firsthand the gentle old man inside.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She finally answered casually and strode towards the small kitchen in the corner after adorning a dirty apron.

A chortle of laughter broke from between his cracked lips and he leaned against his chair at the table. “You best be careful with those powers of yours, girly. What if somebody catches you one day?”

Elora could hear his concern even through his humour but she continued to chop up vegetables and throw them in the boiling pot hanging above the fire place. “No one’s going to catch me growing daisies in a meadow full of children. They enjoy it, so why is it such a horrible thing?”

Theodore sighed in exasperation and brushed back his thinning scalp. “Your father would curse me from his grave if anything happened to you.”

The mention of her father brought a small, reminiscent smile to her lips. Although his death, as brutal and terrifying as it was, would remain a traumatic memory for Elora she refused to ignore the twelve happy years they spent together. “Papa coddled me.” She complained half-heartedly over her shoulder; paying more attention to the cooking than her father’s faithful friend.

“And for good reason! Why are you in such a rush, girl?” He lost his train of thought as he finally took notice of Elora’s work with a frown. “I just had me lunch, what are you cooking for?”

Elora, having finished tossing all the ingredients into the pot, turned and wiped her hands down the front of the apron before placing it back on its hanger. “I’m not sure when I’ll be home later so I’m putting rabbit stew on for dinner. You’ll just have to stir it every once in awhile and it’ll be ready to serve when you are.” She smiled up at Theodore as his thrown deepened and his mouth curled into a snarl.

“I keep telling you not to baby me; I’m more than capable of taking care of myself. And where do you think you’re going? You better not be thinking about going into the city.” Again, Elora could read more than just scolding in his words and she giggled walking over to him; he was never truly mad at her.

“To believe you never had a child yourself; you’re just like Papa. But even he took me every year to see the parade.” She leaned over him and pressed a kiss to his cheek while ignoring his growl of indignation.

“All I’m saying is the Elite Force will be out in numbers today; more so than any other day of the year. They’ll have sharp eyes on the lookout so it’ll be safer if you stay home again this year.” Theodore tried to plea with Elora however even he knew he sounded defeated.

Elora smiled at him and began for the door. “I promise I’ll be careful. I just want to see the parade, like I used to with Papa, then I’ll come straight home.”

As Theodore let out another growl, Elora knew it was his way of offering his reluctant blessing and she smiled ear to ear. Bouncing on her toes, she waved an enthusiastic good-bye and shut the door behind her before racing towards Odessa’s large main gates.


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Feb 5, 2013
As children played on the bright streets of Odessa, a watchful eye kept on prowl. Al-Shaitan, Ali Al-Shefa'a Dhi'b by birth, alertly surveyed the streets before striding toward a wooden door. He lingered for a moment, looking focused as he listened for any sound on the other side. A faint look of triumph crossed his face as he caught the sound of controlled breathing, and he drew his blade and broke the door down.

The house was filthy, with furniture items scattered about haphazardly and everything smeared with a putrid grey. A coal furnace stood in the corner - providing heat for the house - and a hole in the wall kept it reasonably lit. A few paintings of family members hung on the walls, clearly the most valuable things he owned. The most impressive part of the house was the bookcase, which held perhaps 200 books it was clear the owner hadn't read.

"You are under arrest. In the name of the emperor, and the Concordia Elite, stand down!" he shouted calmly. His blade was pointed at a pale, sweating man on the inside. The man looked hysterical, like he was having a panic attack.

"No! You pathetic human, I'll kill every last one of your kind!" the man shouted at the Elite.

The lunatic's hands warped into large red-hot claws and he charged at Ali. The elite put out his hand, and a powerful gust of wind knocked the man on his back and held him down.

Al-Shaitan strode over to the restrained man and put his blade to the man's throat. "You are found guilty of treason, conspiracy to overthrow the emperor, attempted murder, witchcraft and defiance of all that is good and natural. Your sentence is death. I will allow you a moment to pray."

"But you're like us! Why do you serve the vermin!?" the desperate man shouted.

A burst of air launched the fool into the air and held him just slightly above Al-Shaitan, who grabbed him by the forehead. "We are nothing alike."

And with that, out of his hand came a searing burst of heat that - concentrated into the brain - killed the crazed villain in seconds.

Ali quickly left the house. It was the emperor's birthday, and the renegades had to be controlled. Judging by the man's fervor, his intent was to cause mayhem around the city on this day, perhaps even attempt to kill the emperor. He wouldn't have gotten far, but better to nip it in the bud.

He marked the house off his list, and carried on.


Rose was in bed, having a threesome with her two servants. The details are rather unusual, and shall not be described here. After a little over an hour, she was finally sufficiently pleasured and Rose slept for a while. When she awoke, the light of day greeted her eyes heavily. She created an illusion to block out the light.

The house was extravagant - the carpet was the finest cloth, detailed with gold thread embroidery. The bed was large and probably as soft as the emperor's. It was covered with many layers of blanket. The room had a table, surrounded by the finest crafted chairs, and the general furniture was all good. It had a fireplace as well. The ceiling was mostly of some sort of cheap metal, but it was covered in gold leaf and cut in swirling patters. The man who originally owned the house was only willing to part with it with much manipulation, and even then it required an incredible sum of gold (Which the man would later find had disappeared, having been only an illusion).

She shifted into her beautiful clothed appearance, and took to the streets. Her to servants followed behind her, both to do her bidding and because she liked parading them about.

She came upon an elite killing a renegade, but it didn't concern her. He was clearly from the desertous regions of the world, which had no reputation for being loyal to the emperor. A curiosity. Still, he had no way to detect her powers, especially with how subtle she could be. She used them plenty, but it generally left no mark. Really, she knew she could alter his mind without him ever knowing. She didn't put this to the test, however. Better not to take risks with elites.

She paraded to near a fence and picked a daisy, which the smelled and then cast aside. She could easily have created and illusion to smell, but sometimes she preferred to have the real thing.


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Dec 22, 2010
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Skarr's eyes scanned the view of the festivities below like a hawk searching for prey, all the while sipping a cup of brandy from his estate window. Women leading kids around, men chatting amongst themselves. Children playing and sitting among flower-fields. (One woman with an odd basket stood out, but was of little note) From a distance, this would look like a paradise. But once one began to live here, they'd start to see the red flags. Poverty, status-abuse, war, propaganda, greed. While every society had one or more of these qualities, Odessa was known across the lands as a cesspool of it. Particularly for their treatment of Renegades. While much of the world remained ignorant as to the political nature of the Anti-Renegade agenda, there were a few who could use it to their advantage; Skarr being just one of many.

The Festival began to rise in pitch as the crowds began to form. He wasn't one for socializing, preferring to merely read a good book from the comfort of his estate's fireplace. He had no intentions of going. Besides, he didn't really like people. They were savages enthralled unto war, power, and earthly pleasures. They'll end up destroying themselves in the next century if Eve didn't grow a pair and do it herself, first.

"Sir, a letter for you has arrived."

Skarr turns to see his butler, Archimedes. Clad in rather casual wear for one of upper status. A simple brown sweater-pants ensemble, no shoes on yet. He was probably going "incognito," so as not to be seen as one associated with wealth. Smart thinking for a servant. After all, tensions between the rich and poor were mounting. It didn't help that the Iskatza Family kept petitioning the Emperor to segregate the two social classes. Another example of fine Human hospitality. What people failed to know was that Skarr was fanning this flame from behind the scenes. With enough backlash, the Iskatzas would be wiped off the playing field. If Skarr intended to seize the throne, he had to pick off targets one by one. The rich first, then the politicians, the officials, then once he had enough momentum.....The Emperor himself. Then he could begin reforming this cesspot into something that would drive Eve's fancy. Maybe then he'd be free of her villainy.

"Just place it on the table, I'll read it later." Says the Renegade, caressing the right side of his hair in a search for split ends with a comb. "I assume you'll be wanting to attend the festival?"

"Preferrably, sir." Replies the butler. His voice had a hint of weariness to it. Skarr didn't exactly consider himself a harsh master, though aside from the occasional spying, he and Archimedes left each other to the others' whims.

"I'm not stopping you." Replies Skarr. "Just don't interact with soldiers and the like if you can help it. They'll yell at anything that moves."

"Will you not join me, Master?" Asks the butler, somewhat irritably. "I know you aren't exactly fond of socializing, but outside interaction may do you well. Information.......Romance?"

Skarr's right eye rose at that statement. But he decided to play dumb.

"If I wanted Romance, I could hire an escort." Replies the Renegade. "Or subdue one."

Archimedes was the only person in the world who knew of Skarr's powers. Still, like most people, the butler was comfortable with it as long as he had a roof over his head and a full belly. Skarr liked to think the man actually cared for him, but trust was something foreign to Skarr. He's had people tail Archimedes before, with only positive results, for years now. His faith was shaken before. No. Never again.

"Iskatza's matriarch will be attending the Festival." Says Archimedes.

Festivities were a wonderful place to watch Humanity's base nature reveal itself. He might be able to recover some blackmail material from them if he went. Besides, they weren't too fond of Archimedes and might use him. Skarr would have none of it.

"Sigh..." Moans the Renegade. "Very well. Prepare my Bow and Arrow for strapping as well as my black sweater. Let's see if the world has gotten any better."


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Oct 1, 2006

Post #1 Title: Cause We're Friends, Right?

Location: Red Velvet High School

A beautiful day bless the city of Odessa that many thank Eve for, fittingly a huge festival was underway that many civilians have been looking forward to celebrating every year. For students the event couldn't have come any sooner, the festival of Odessa started on the last day of the school semester before students earned a one month break to relax and have fun with their friends and family. Alexander Vermillion, a senior student who skip all his classes on his last day of school, was laying on a bench located on the school rooftop sleeping quietly. Alex figured since today wasn't really going to matter, he might as well just find a place to chill for the rest of the school day until students were let go from their education prison to enjoy the festival. There was no better place then the school rooftop, a secret spot that meant alot to Alex since the student who showed him how to secretly get up there was his ex-girlfriend, Jasmine Heart, before she went missing. It use to be their secret spot during their lunch break, and sometimes where they hanged out after school before going home. But now those moments were nothing more then far-off memories, ever since then Alex been instinctively visiting the spot more often.

The door that Alexander would enter secretly opened, a student wearing a red sleeved uniform with matching black pants entered; his brown eyes scanning the area feeling a breeze blowing the strands of his brown hair. Immediately he spotted Alexander who stuck out like a sore thumb wearing those urban clothes instead of the school uniform students were required to wear on campus. Sighing, the student approached Alexander snapping his fingers in front of his face trying to wake him. "Alex. Oi, Wake up." He said snapping his fingers repeatedly before getting a reaction, Alex eyes slowly opened his eyes seeing a familiar face standing over him and smelling the strong scent was coming from his uniform. There was no mistake, that "Baby face" and strong cologne that would make female student weak to their knees only meant one person.

"Akira? What are you doing here?" Alexander said with an exhausted tone, slowly sitting up while using his left hand to scratch the side of his head while scanning the area.

Name: Akira Tatsumi​
Age: 17​
Type: Renegade (Tattoo located on his left arm)
Ability: Teleportation, Kinectic Energy.​

Akira Tatsumi is Alexander's "Best Friend" according to him and known to be the school's playboy, his good looks and smile would make any girl's head turn and admire him from afar. But truth be told, the way these two came to be friends is rather unusual. Shortly after Jasmine's disappearance Alexander was struck with guilt and grief, on his way home late one night in the city he stumbled upon a hostile situation between four men. To be more accurate, one student, that happened to be Akira, was being confronted by three students over a very touchy subject Alexander happened to overhear between them. The story goes that Akira slept with all three of their girlfriends behind their back and in the end ruin their relationships. Akira argued with a confident smile that he didn't know they were taken and if their partners truly loved them then they wouldn't have looked for him for sexual pleasure. "You could already see the problem why they all turned to me right? I provided something you three couldn't." was all Akira said before the three of them just snap in rage and began to beat the living brains out of him. Alexander just watch seeing that baby face being pounded with punches, even after five minutes of a pure beat down Akira used the wall behind him to help him stand up. Blood coming down his nose and a swollen lip.

Alexander couldn't believe this idiot, he should stay down so the beating would end quicker. But the three student took turned punching his stomach, eventually one of them pulled out a knife that apparently found it cool to slit his throat. In that moment Alexander step in, "You three got your point across, don't you think that's far enough?" Alexander asked gaining their attention, of course they didn't appreciate his presence due to this situation being none of his business. but for Akira, it seemed Eve had bless him with a savior. After Alexander confronted them it didn't take long for him to be jump by them, and in the end an exhausted Alexander won the brawl as Akira's attacker were knock out on the ground. Ever since then Akira always followed Alex around like glue, at first Alexander found it annoying every time he saw Akira's face. but eventually the two manage to gain each other trust to have social conversation.

"That's no way to say hello to your best friend. Besides school over and out of the goodness of my heart I search everywhere for you so you wouldn't be stranded and alone like a helpless loner. Also I had a date today but I had to cancel it cause it took so long to find you." Akira made a disappointed look taking out an Odessa Nexus, a device to keep in touch with friends and family, and saw a text on the screen that said "JERK!!!" with several angry emocons that followed. "Well there goes my chances with her."

"Gee sorry I ruined your chance Akira." Alexander sarcasm was noted by Akira, as he watch him stretch his arms high before standing up from the bench, "Ah man I better get home to feed Yukari, she's probably starving." Alexander noted to himself taking his bookbag from the bench he used as a pillow, however Akira had other plans.

"Hold on, I come bearing gifts!" Akira said with his hand sticking out preventing Alex to advance, he used his free hand to dig into his pocket to take out a small book titled "Angels Of Velvet High" with a huge heart replacing the period. "I never told you about this, but for three years I have been researching every girl in this school and made this jewel. Check it out!~"

Akira stood beside Alex flipping pages revealing pictures of different female students that attended their school with some...personal information written in the bottom. Name, Age, birthdays, their bust size, their likes and dislikes, a basic summary of their life, and what they wanna do in life. Alexander couldn't help but feel uncomfortable about this, Akira is literally a stalker! Before Alexander could bring up how he manage to get all this information, he notice a green check mark on a few pages next to the picture. "What do those checkmarks mean?" Alexander asked before Akira put his hand over him, his lips forming a proud grin of confidence looking at the checkmark, "Those are girls that I have conquered and slept with, of course you have to understand it takes a great deal of effort to get lucky." Alexander highly doubted that, with the way girls flock over him he didn't even have to put much effort to begin with, regardless he didn't see the point to making an encyclopedia dedicated to the girls of this school.

"Now you're probably thinking what is this book good for? The answer is simple, this is going to help us get lucky when we attend the festival later today!" Akira said cheerfully, Alexander was already could see where this was going, "Alexander any girl at this moment of time would die having a man take them out to the Odessa festival, this is a perfect opportunity for us. Besides you need to start looking for new horizons instead of still...mope here over your ex." Alexander stood quiet as Akira gave him a serious look knowing it was a touchy subject, regardless there is truth in his words. But still Alexander didn't wanna risk another person getting hurt cause of him and wish Akira could understand that. "Anyways I called your job to let them know you're using your day off and I ask the landlord to feed your dog for you."

"What?!" Alexander taken back in disbelief, however he had no time to ask further question when Akira push him forward to the entrance to leave the school rooftop. "Wait, Wait. Why are you doing this?!" Alexander said trying to resist, since when the hell was Akira strong with such small arms.

"Cause we're friends, right? I can't see you being by yourself anymore when I'm busy with someone else, by the end of the day I'm going to help you find someone special." Akira reassured Alex with a smile.

'Friends...i guess I don't have much of that.' Alexander said to himself deep in his thoughts while giving up on resisting and decided to let Akira lead the direction they were going, he just hope the Odessa Festival won't be ruined cause of him.
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Jun 29, 2006

Commander Gideon Holliander leaned beside a door that bore the number 22 in stripping black paint. His squad of soldiers gathered in the hallway around him, each clad in matching red and black armor. They were all ready with swords in their hands. One of them approached the door. He looked to Gideon for approval, and at the commander's nod, knocked hard. The soldier nervously cleared his throat and began to yell in the name of the law.

"By order of the Concordian Elite, in the name of the Emperor, open this door!" They all waited. The soldier at the door looked at Gideon for further orders. His head was down. As the soldier looked down for himself, he saw it. Smoke poured out from underneath the door and onto the floor of the hallway. An orange light flickered through it a few times, then darkened and maintained a burning red glow. Gideon grabbed the soldier, who just stared at the light, and yanked him to the side.

"Everybody get d-" The door exploded open in a flash of light and shot into the adjacent wall, propelled by a ball of fire. The flames burst into stray wisps and littered the hallway in small licks of light. They stuck to everything they touched like lit lantern oil.

Gideon opened his eyes. The hallway was thick with smoke and he could barely see what was left of his squad. Half of them were motionless on the floor. One of them was hunched over and coughing, but Gideon couldn't hear anything besides the ringing that eeee'd without break. Gideon pushed the now unconscious soldier off of his leg, who surely would have been in pieces if not for his heroic action, and used the wall to get to his feet. On the opposite side of the threshold to room 22, a man coughed and gurgled. A sword had pinned him to the wall. He grasped at the handle that protruded from his chest. Then he died with his eyes wide and fixed on the blade.

Gideon looked over the mechanical contraption that covered his left arm. It was still intact and probably fully functional. He began to make his way into the doorway. The smoke hadn't fully subsided, but he could see a vague silhouette pronounced by the light from the open window behind it. As he got closer, he made out what it was - a charred body. It still held onto a charred child, clearly in an unsuccessful attempt to shield it from the fire. The room smelled of burned hair and skin. The scent was acrid and warm like boiling sweat. It was denser than anything he had ever smelled before. Gideon fought the urge to vomit and produced a dirty rag from his breastplate to hold to his face.

Small patches of flames were scattered across the room. He strode around the warped bodies and the pools of fire to the window. He could hear the crowd's cheers in the streets just two stories below as he neared it. The sea of citizens appeared somehow ignorant to the explosion. They all still moved forward through the road, besides a small group that had stopped to look at the destroyed fruit stand directly below the window Gideon now peered out of. A man yelled curses as he salvaged what food he could.

"Sir?" The soldier entered the room and erupted into a fit of coughs and gags at the sight of the bodies. As Gideon turned around, he wiped his face with his rag and shoved it back into his armor. "Should I send for help," the soldier asked, confused. Gideon looked past him to the doorway, where another soldier had since woken and tried to stand.

"Get this fire out before the whole building goes up. Then help the wounded to the infirmary and leave the dead until you can send for them," Gideon said, and started to walk off. The soldier pulled himself together.

"Where are you going," he asked. Gideon stepped over one of the dead in the hallway.

"I'm going after the bastard."


George sipped at his warm blackberry ale. It was rich and sweet, with a tart aftertaste that tingled his palate until he sipped it again. The day was young and uneventful so far, but he was sure that would change as soon as he joined the crowds. He leaned back in his chair and watched the regulars of the Horse and Shoe bar drink quietly.

After polishing off his third beer, George left the bar. He headed to the place where the Emperor was going to speak.
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