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  • So, for the potential apocalyptic superhero RP, are you thinking of going with a fast-and-loose powers kinda character, or one more grounded in physics?
    Dude, don't even worry about Superb. He's always been terrible when it comes to starting out with 'one' element/specific power but having it manifest in pretty much everything he can do. Some people here are terrible at understanding the science associated with powers, others just don't even appreciate logic within them.
    Interesting since I just started reading the book since yesterday. I'll have more time to read up on the RP tomorrow or something like that. I'm jotting down ideas for my character right now. Until then, it was nice to meet you, man. Outside of the lurking KH threads and fooling around in insanity I'm an avid RPer. From time to time I like to do little 1 v 1 RP battles with original characters on the side (I haven't made a formal RP in a very long time so I'm staying back for now) in case you're interested in that kind of thing.
    I'm hoping there's more room for R.E.M. love the story I haven't actually looked at fragments though so I'll get to that right now.
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