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One-month Calender and Nomura Interview Summary!

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Dec 26, 2007
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This is a picture of the one-month calender Square-Enix has as a downloadable (do not know if to be sold) calender for Janurary. It one the side it has the poster of most of the characters as well as a diamond over Jan. 9th (release date in Japan).

Another interview was recently done with Nomura talking about BBS. He himself described it as "the volume is no different from PS2, sad story once again". Here is the full summary of the interview.

Released today, "blitz PS" to "Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep" Yes, that Nomura's interview appeared. 以下「ReBirth Wings」さんのインタビューまとめより、「KHII FMに登場した留まりし思念はさまざまな技を使ってきたが、テラはそのときの技を実際に使用でるので楽しみにしてほしい」、「ヴェンは謎が多いキャラ、どういった人物かというのは具体的には説明できない。ただ、ゲームをプレイしてもらえれば本作での彼の正体は明らかになる」、「アクアは二人の保護者的な立場、テラやヴェンに比べてシリーズとの関連性が見えてこない人物。彼女がどういう未来に向かうのか見届けてほしい」、「ヴァニタスは、仮面をつけて素顔が明らかになっていないが、正体はきちんと明かされる」、「シークレットムービーがあるが、今回は従来のような先の展開をイメージしたプリレンダムービーではなく、イベントシーンのような形。セリフも入っている」、「通信時もデッキコマンドが成長し、シングルにも反映されるという部分は、マルチだけ、シングルだけという区別を極力なくすようにしたため」、「今回も隠しボスがいる。留まりし思念を超えることを目標に調整していた」、「今回は声を大にしてデータインストールを推奨する。3つの容量(200MB/400MB/600MB)から選べるが、ぜひ一番容量が大きいものをインストールしてほしい。かなりプレイ環境が変わる」、「今回はソラが主人公ではないためナンバリングはつけなかったが、ボリュームはPS2と大差ない」、「残念なことに、またもやもの悲しい感じです」、「これらの物語の先の展開は、もちろん考えている」など。 Following "ReBirth Wings" from the interview summary says, "KHII FM留Marishi思念appeared to have been using different techniques, Tera is looking forward to it Deru want to actually use their skills when", "Venn The most mysterious character, who went or if that is not specifically described. However, his true identity in this film, I'll obviously be playing the game "," protection of two Aqua stance by, people waiting to see the relevance of the series compared to the Terra and Venn. I hope that I shall see what the future of her head "," Vanitas, which is obviously not the real face wear a mask , identity is revealed properly "," There are Shikurettomubi, this is not the image Purirendamubi destination, such as the deployment of conventional, shaped like a scene event. are also included dialogue "," communication command deck and growing part of that is reflected in a single, multi only to get rid of as much as possible so that only a single case "," This is also a hidden boss.思念adjust with the goal of exceeding留Marishi had "," This data is recommended to install a loud voice. 3 capacity of one (200MB/400MB/600MB) to choose from, what I want to install a large capacity Zehi best. The play environment significantly change "," This is not a main character Sora numbering is never touched, the volume is no different from PS2 "," Unfortunately, I feel sad again "," expand the target of these stories is, of course believes "and.

He speaks a little about Ven, Terra, and Vanitas. The rest is just general info on the game.

sources: ff-reunion.net


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Aug 30, 2009
Is this google translation because I dont understand a thing
Someone please call Lissar


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Apr 20, 2009
i didnt get it at all @____@

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Nov 28, 2008
I guess we need Lissar to translate and finally Nomura says BBS is no different from the PS2 KH's A.K.A KH1 and KH2 finally confirming it's status as a main KH game, just not a numbered title.


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Dec 15, 2005
I can't really understand what the translation is saying but some of the part I really get it, Sikkuretomubi (Secret Movie) and Purirendamubi (Pre Render Movie) I'm interested in the part where it says Vanitas' identity that show his face is not real and the capacity of 200/400/600 mb.


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Oct 4, 2009
I tried translating this on Free Translation and Professional Translation Services from SDL, and this is what I got...

" Than 3 interviews are summarized staying and appearing and do on "KHII F.M. a/the teller would like you to make pleasure because s/he is る the technique in the time with use actually, although a/the 思 sense came by using various techniques", "ヴェン is not able to explain specifically that it says that if it is the person who said how it is character, who there are many mysteries. But, his original form in this made becomes clear if it able to have a/the game played", "アクア the person who the relevancy with the series has not been seen in comparison with the positions, tellers and ヴェン of two protectors. 《主語なし》I would like you to make sure how it faces in the future when she says", "ヴァニタス attaches a/the mask and an/the original form is passed, although the face without make-up is clear not", there be, be not the プリレンダ movie that did the development of the tip like conventional an/the image this time "a secret movie neatly it is the form like an/the event scene. Even セリフ is included", a/the deck command grows even at the time of "a/the communication and the part that is reflected to a/the single hides the distinction that says only with a/the single only a/the multiple, "this time also" because did it as it is す powerlessly a/the pole and the boss is. 《主語なし》With the purpose that stay and do and exceed a/the 思 sense it was adjusting it it does the voice to large", "this time and recommend data installation. 《主語なし》Capacity would like you to install a big thing most most by all means, although I am able to choose it from 3 capacity (200MB/400MB/600MB). 《主語なし》Fairly play environment changes because ソラ is not a hero", "this time, although a/the numbering machine did not attach it a/the volume PS2 and wide difference nonexistent", it is a thing sad feeling again "regrettably, "the development of the tip of these stories etc. that are thinking", needless to say.

Lol, this is no diffrent from what was posted above. We seriously need Lissar to translate this.

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Nov 6, 2009
Yeah, she probably won't get on for a while; what about krexia? I want to get some translations bad.


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Aug 6, 2008
Near the end, it looks like its talking about the install to PSP options "Installing is recommended as the voices [files?] are large, "a game where Sora's not the main hero", and maybe mentioning that gameplay ability is no different to as if you were playing it on the PS2.

man, Google's not showing its best effort here. D:

"As for Aqua, the person where the connection of the series is not visable, comes as the guardian standpoint in comparison to Terra and Ven."
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Dec 21, 2009

以下「ReBirth Wings」さんのインタビューまとめより
Following ReBirth Wings' interview, the summary states,

KHII FMに登場した留まりし思念はさまざまな技を使ってきたが、テラはそのときの技を実際に使用でるので楽しみにしてほしい
"In KHII FM's release he appeared to have used different techniques. Terra's abilities from that time will also be available this time around; please look forward to playing as him [please look forward to having fun.]"

"Ven is the most mysterious character, and we cannot specifically describe him anymore than that. But I believe that after playing the game, you'll understand him and his motives much better.

"Aqua is the guardian-like character of the group; she acts as the protector of Terra and Ven. At first her importance to the series may be hard to see, but she does have an impact on the future of [Kingdom Hearts]."

"Vanitas, an apprentice of disguise and decietfullness; therefore his true motives are unknown. However, they will definitely be illuminated upon in the game."

"There will be a secret movie in this game. Similar to prior tradition, we felt that this time there was a need to further develop the images and [Purirenda "プリレンダ” (Pre-Render?)] Movie; [Ibentoshoon ”イベントショーン”] similarly appears. A Seraph is also obtainable [?] "

"Your Deck Commands also grow when in Communications mode. Though single play influences your decks, there are things only available in Multi-Player mode. How should I put this? In single mode, the differentiation is left to ones abilities."

"Yet again, there is a Secret Boss. We made an opponent that was difficult to devise a strategy against [transcend/cross over thought processes]; We wanted to modify the landmark (boss?? Terra in FM+?)"

"It is strongly recommended that you choose to "Data Install". There are three to choose from (200MB/400MB/600MB) but it is recommended that you choose the largest [600MB]. The play experience changes dramatically if you do so."

"Sora is yet again not the main character/focus in this game because of the numbering**; this volume is not very different from the PS2 version."

"Regretfully, I once again feel sadness."

"From that, I definitely believe this game will expand upon the story set up by the others."

**I'm pretty sure Nomura is relating the fact that Birth by Sleep is set ten years before Kingdom Hearts 1. I may be over-thinking/stretching it though. Not sure how else it could work though.

Hopefully this should tide you guys over until Lissar can provide a more accurate translation. I've only been studying for a year and a half so there are places were I took some liberties, however, I believe it gets the main ideas through. Either way...this has probably been translated already by someone but..here it is anyway!!
Can't wait to see who the secret boss is~ I also can't wait to see this supposedly amazingly rendered Secret Movie !!
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