Majora's Mask Sequel/Rewrite



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Jun 1, 2008
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As the name implies, my question is, how would you feel about a sequel, but in my mind an alternate story from the land of Termina. I know many of you have not read my stories, or seen/enjoyed my writings from the past. What I was thinking of today was, what if Adult Link stumbled into Termina instead of Kid Link? What if Clock Town was a city, and that Skull Kid was being forced to destroy Termina against his will. Some dark figure with the Dark Master Sword (maybe?) stole Majora's Mask before Skull Kid did, and knew how to use it, but also knew the side effects of using the mask on himself. So he bides his time, and snags Skull Kid. Que Adult Link. I'm thinking a much darker, less dungeon, more character study story. So, I'm thinking maybe the dark figure has been murdering people in the city, and so Link must track him down, and stop him. Then the threat of the moon is enacted. Something like that.

So, who would want me to do this?


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Sep 25, 2010
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I'd like to read this too! I love Majoras Mask. A darker, more in depth story with Adult Link and Termina hanging in the balance with the moon threatening to crash upon it would be a great read!

You might not get a lot of people to comment, but you definitely have a quite few people interested in it reading it. C:

And Hey! I actually commented on a few of your stories, Aldrain. So, don't say nobody reads them! xD
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