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Fanfiction ► Highschool Hell: A Fanfic By A Sleepy Half-Insane Otaku

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Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Chapter Two: Discovering Hidden Talents; New Friends And Enemies: Part One

About a week had past before I felt accepted with my fellow students. It was hard to explain the reasons why I didn't seem to have any powers, besides the very few transmutations that I managed to pull off in Alchemy Class. Ninja Arts, taught by Kakashi sensai, was a bit easier, but I was slightly slower than everyone else. Everyone had progressed in one week to learning their own personal techniques that reflected their personality. I barely mastered the substitution jutsu, let alone the transformation jutsu and the shadow clone jutsu.

Divination, however, soon became my top class. Our teacher, a cool laxed guy named Zexion who had blueish white hair covering the right side of his face, explained to us that the class was used to discover any mental abilities that the students had. I think Divination is Ryou's best class too, judging by how good he is at stuff to do with fortune like tarot cards and crystal gazing.

Some had managed to read the future or someone's mind without using tarot cards or palm reading. I could only use tarot cards...but I read the most bizarre futures where someone was molested by a chicken with a ketchup bottle.

Don't ask.

One particular class the following week, we were suppossed to pass a test to see how far our future reading had come along. It was my turn to read Ryou's future. But like I said before, tarot cards were usually not my strong point...

"Ok...uh...the queen...represent...you...getting robbed by a Canadian?" I guessed.

He gave me a hard glare. I have learned that Angry Ryou is a hell of a lot scarier than Angry Yami Bakura.

"Ok sorry...uhh...the king..."

"Maybe you should read your own future.", he said as he pushed the cards towards me. I sighed before shuffling the cards and dealing them on the table towards me. I flipped the first card. The Tower.

"...The Tower. It represents...a sudden castostrophic change...usually in the negative sense...this will have an affect on the future later...whether it be a death or a mental attack..."

Ryou raised an eyebrow at this, but didn't say anything. I flipped over the next card.

"The six of Cups represents someone or something from the past. It usually means a happy reunion, but it's upside down...it may be someone or something I know about from the past, but don't actually know them as well as I thought I did."

Ryou was now paying full attention. In fact, a couple of kids around us had stopped to listen.

"The two of Cups represents a partnership. It would be a positive one, but since it's upside down...The seven of swords represents deception. Someone is avoiding a direct confrontation and instead relys on deceit and the manipulation of others. It is likely caused by the said partnership, and may also include the thing from the past."

I'm not sure what was going on. One minute I'm telling Ryou that he's going to get robbed by Canadians, the next I'm doing this like as if I'm a natural.

"The Lovers card represents a serious emotional decison based on a relationship. It may not be a romantic one, unlike the card implies. A huge choice will have to be made. Probably one with very little options."

Zexion-sensai was now writing something down on a notepad as he watched. For an odd reason, I could taste blood in my mouth.

"The next card, the Hanged Man. There are two ways to view this card. It could mean waiting, based on the huge choice needing to be made. But the waiting might be the worst thing to be doing. It also stands for sacrifice. No matter what choice is made, there will be a great price to pay."

I felt extremely sick. Why did my future look so bleak?

"The Queen of Wands. It represents confusion and loss of control. The person represented by this card will be the source, the one who agrees to the partnership, has the confrontation of the past, and will be making the choice of the ultimate sacrifice...possibly me."

I left it at that.

"The Moon. This person will be the one who will be most affected by the Queen of Wands. They may be the person who develops a relationship, romantic or not, with the Queen, but it doesn't make them the one who forges the bad partnership. They may even have a hand in the ultimate decision made by the queen."

I placed my hand over the final card. This card was giving off the most strangest feeling. Dread? Sadness?

I flipped the card just as the bell rang. I quickly scooped the cards off the table and put them back in my pocket and tried to hurry out. Someone grabbed my arm. It was Ryou.

"So what is it? What's the final card?"

I put on a fake smile. "You getting robbed by a Canadian.", I smirked. But then he tightened his grip. His yami must of been in control.

"I saw that look you had before finishing the reading. And you read it in quite an inhuman way. What was the final card?"

I yanked my arm away. "What do you care? It may not have anything to do with you! It's my future."

"I swear, if my host is the Moon in that future, I won't hesitate to eliminate the problem.", he hissed before walking off. I watched him leave before pulling out the final card that I had flipped over. The card that gave hint to what the final outcome would be...

The Reaper Card.

*before you ask, I had to look up some tarot readings to get this right. And this fic is closer to a story before being just humor, so keep that in mind*
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Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Chapter Two: Discovering Hidden Talents; New Friends And Enemies: Part Two

Interpretive Arts is a strange class. Unlike the others, this one is about expressing creative writing, art, or music. Unfortunately, it sounds like they want to use dancing as part of the curriculum, and everyone has to be a part of it. Ryou was also in this class, and was mortified by the idea of dancing in front of others.

The teacher was also...strange.


"Yes?", I stuttered on entering class late.

"You know your not suppossed to come to class late, right? You know what the consequences are, don't you?"

"Y-yes Neko-sensai."

That's right, our teacher is a bloody cat. Neko-sensai is a strange cat that walks on two legs, is purple, and wears green and black clothes. But apparently, he was the best that the school board could find. He also has an obsession with girls, the bloody pervert.

"You will have to marry me!", he commanded in a demanding tone.

Yeah, really freaky. The first time he said that, I fainted from shock. But now I've learned that politeul rejection and ass kissing will get you as far away as possible from walking down the aisle with him.

"S-sorry Neko-sensai!", I bowed. Ryou quickly took my defense.

"Y-yeah! She didn't mean to be late! She's probably just stressed from that tarot reading that she did in Divination before coming here!", he explained.

"Hmm...fine, I'll let it slide for now.", he said with a wave of a paw. We both sighed with relief. But then he suddenly had an evil glint in his eye.

"As punishment for your tardiness, I'm splitting you two up. Ryou, you will be with...Sakura Haruno. And Everi, you will go with Sasuke."


Sakura was also thinking along the same lines as me and was about to open her mouth in protest, but Neko-sensai beat her to it. "I don't want to hear it. Now go with your partners now and pay attention."

Ryou mouthed a silent prayer to suppossedly Ra before sighing in defeat and standing next to Sakura, who was glaring daggers at me for stealing away her "precious Sasuke-kun". Someone please gag me with a spork. Did I look happy about this?

"Funny, I don't hear Sasuke protesting against it.", Neko-sensai said, as if he had been reading my mind.

Sasuke, who had been standing off to the side, shrugged. He obviously didn't care who he got stuck with it. I sighed before standing next to him, watching Ryou to see if he was ok. He was giving me a dirty look, possibly coming from the yami, who hated Sakura with a passion.

"Now, with that settled, today we will be practicing the pas de duex that you worked on a few days ago. If you need help, just ask."

I faced Sasuke, who had by now gotten used to the strangeness of this stupid class. I placed a hand on his shoulder as he slipped a hand around my waist. I swear, I think that if you could kill someone by angerily staring at them, then Sakura would have killed me already.

As we did the traditional dance, I suddenly had a question.

"Hey, Sasuke right?"

He looked slightly surprised that A. I was addressing him. and B. I had barely gotten his name commited to memory where as every girl in the school knew his name since the first day. But he was not really showing it.

"What do you want?"

"Our homeroom teacher, Itachi-sensai..."

He nearly lost his grip and nearly dropped me to the floor, but he managed not to actually make me fall. "What about him?"

"Did he really kill your family. Your own brother did that?"

"...Yeah. Now stop asking stupid questions."

"Right, sorry."

We started to concentrate more on the steps when he suddenly spoke up.

"Why did you ask that anyway? I said it on the first day of class..."

"I found that hard to believe. That he would be getting away with it anyway. I find it hard to imagine that your life isn't what you thought it was, the people you knew aren't who they really are or things like that."

I guess my mind was back on that tarot reading.

"But I guess you eventually accept what has happened and move on. You can't change the past, let alone change the future."

I really hope you can change the future. Because my future spells death for me.

We probably danced in silence until the end of class. I still can't believe how good Sasuke is at this. The bell rang, which made Sakura start running over.

"By the way, your not as bad as I thought you would be.", Sasuke muttered next to me, but before I could reply, Sakura grabbed Sasuke's arm.

"Come on Sasuke-kun! We can walk down to the store together."

Sasuke rolled his eyes but ended up going with her anyway. Ryou came over just as Sakura turned around to give me an evil glare.

"I think that your now considered competion against that Sasuke guy.", Ryou shrugged.

"She can keep him. I'm not interested.", I muttered as I picked up my bag.

But I didn't sound so sure of myself.


The school therapist. I bet you'll all get a kick out of this. He has white hair, wears a black coat, has weird eyes, and is obsessed with darkness. Can you guess who I'm talking about?

Xemnas. I feel really sorry for him during his childhood, if he had one. The first time I had met him, he had asked a bunch of questions about me, darkness, how I felt, darkness, what an inkblot looked like, darkness, if I developed any special qualities, and darkness were just a few favorite things of his.

Can you guess what todays was?

"Have you felt any darkness in your heart as of lately?", he asked the following week after that one Interpretive Arts class.

"No...", I replied shortly.

"Zexion tells me that your skills in Divination are progressing. You were the first in the class to successfully make a dark Firaga in his class."

I held my hand out and watched as black and purple flames appeared in the palm of my hand. Yes, that freaked me out too the first time I did it, but now...I kinda liked it. Maybe I should set fire to Itachi's desk one day...

"In short, I believe that you do have some hidden skill involving darkness."

"But I don't want to kill people, so theres a difference. I don't feel like removing peoples hearts, so I don't have any in my heart.", I sighed.

He scowled. "Fine, we'll end this session for the week. Nurse Axel..."

"**** you.", Axel, the red haired assistant to Xenehort, spoke up from the Playboy magazine that he had been reading.

"I mean Counselor Axel will show you out now."

I stood and headed for the door.

But not before setting fire to Xemnas' desk on the way out.

*yes, I will update a lot frequently, only because I have little to nothing else occupying my time except writing the chapters to this*

Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Darkness eh? Sounds pretty good.
Kinda hoping you get in a scrap with(pre or post timeskip?) Sakura, that be kewl.
Awsome update!

All of the Naruto characters are pre-time skip. I haven't seen Shippuden so I can't really write about them post-time skip. Although...Sakura might be leaning somewhere in the middle of pre or post.

Don't worry, James Honda will probably be in the next chapter with a bigger mention.
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