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Fanfiction ► Highschool Hell: A Fanfic By A Sleepy Half-Insane Otaku

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Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Chapter Five: Talking To Your Inner-Demons: Part Two

*3 person*

The only differences between the two of them was that this other version of Everi was that she wasn't wearing glasses. Her eyes were also a darker shade of grey, unlike her own blue-ish grey eyes. The duplicate cocked its head to one side before walking around her, as if examining. "Hmm...hair is more bushy than I would ever allow it...wrists are too bony.", she suddenly said aloud in the darkened space. She then whipped off Everi's glasses, holding them between her fingers.

"And what the hell did you do to my eyes!?", she asked. Everi frowned, her vision now blurred.

"Give those back.", she commanded. In response, the duplicate dangled the glasses in front of her.

"I'm sorry, do you mean these?", she asked mockingly. When she recieved no reply, the duplicate threw down the glasses and placed a foot over them.

"I wonder what would happen if I broke these?", she asked.

"Don't do that!"

"And why not?"

"Otherwise I can't see."

"And you assume I care Ms. State The Obvious?"

Everi lunged at her, but since she couldn't see very well, she felt them grab her by her outstretched arm and pin it behind her.

"Listen you, you may have had free reign over my body for the past 10 years, but now it's about damn time that I take it back.", she hissed. Everi suddenly remembered something.

"It was you...you were the one that took over my body at the match against Curt!"

"Has anyone told you that you state the obvious too much?"

"It comes with being the main female character of a bad fanfic."

"Oh yeah. Anyway, like I said, I'm getting rid of you."

"Like hell you are!", Everi spat as she twisted the demon's arm and made a swipe at her glasses on the floor. Before she could get to them though, the demon's foot came down on top of them, crushing them in two. Looking up, she could see dark blurred swirls around the other.

"Big changes are about to happen. A war will soon begin, and I have plans to make. There's no way that Snake bastard is going to get away with this.", she laughed before everything suddenly disappered...

"Yo, Everi, wake up!"

Groggily, she woke up, shaking her head slightly, ignoring the gazes of Blair and Ahiru. She suddenly noticed how blurred her vision was. Reaching up, she removed her glasses to reveal that everything suddenly became sharper. She had somehow become able to see without her glasses. Her mind trailed to the glasses being smashed in that weird dream. Sighing, she tucked the glasses into a drawer, listening in on whatever Blair and Ahiru were jabbering about...

"*giggle* The ball is going to be so fantastic!"

"Who are you taking with you?"

"I hope that Jaden asks me..."

"What are you two talking about?", Everi interrupted.

"The school dance silly! It's in two weeks!"

"Yeah, Everi-chan, who are you going to have take you?"

"She might be too nervous to get anyone, or no one will take her!"

"Blair, that's mean!"

"Or maybe she's thinking about Sasuke-kun!"

A dull blush crept up on Everi's face. "E-excuse me?"

"Yeah, she must be torn because Sakura is going to get to Sasuke first!"

Like hell she is!!

"Or maybe Sasuke will reject you completely!", Blair suggested.


A few dorms down, Sasuke repressed a shudder.

He just had the strangest feeling that two girls were fighting and it somehow involved him.

But he was used to this sort of thing. He then flinched involuntarily.

One of them had just trapped the other in a headlock.

Chapter Five Complete

Next Chapter: Dancing All Alone? Sasuke or Curt?
Oh damn oh damn...there's no way I'm going alone. Maybe I should just try to ask Sasuke...but wait...why is Curt here too? He's not planning on asking me, is he? But I tried to kill you! And whoever is in my head better not be getting involved in this...
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