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Fanfiction ► Highschool Hell: A Fanfic By A Sleepy Half-Insane Otaku

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May 17, 2007
HOLY CRAP THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was like the best idea ever!!!!!!! You rock!!! This is so hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Chapter Two: Discovering Hidden Talents;New Friends and Enemies: Part Three

A cold wind chilled the young girl to her very bone. Leaves swept and blew across the ground, ruffling her small grey dress and making her white hair whoosh around her face, but she didn't seem to notice the decrease in temperature or the strange wind. Instead, she stood transfixed, her gaze on someone standing in front of her. It looked like a young boy. He had wavy black hair that had some covering partway over one of his eyes. He was dressed in a grey tunic, similar to her own dress, yet designed for males.

"The only thing your allowed to do is love me.", the boy spoke suddenly. He reached a hand out towards her, a weird smile lit upon his face. "When you bathed my heart in the snake's blood, my fate was sealed, remember?"

The girl didn't speak, instead she merely blinked her blue-ish grey eyes in acceptance. She extended a small, pale hand outward, which the young boy took in his own, brushing his lips against it.

"When you gouge out my heart, please give it a kiss.", he whispered. The girl lowered her eyes to the ground, a slight nod of the head. He looked up into her eyes, revealing glassy dark eyes.

"You'll love me then?", he asked. The girl nodded. He stepped forward, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"It is expected for a princess to love her prince.", he whispered in her ear. He tightened his grip on her hand that he still held painfully.

"Love me more...only me.", he commanded, "The more young and beautiful someone's heart is, the more suited they are to be a sacrifice."

The young girl didn't even seem fazed by his words. She had accepted that this was her destiny. She had been married off to this strange boy by their parents, and by certain rituals, they owned each others hearts. Soon...they would be giving them up as sacrifices to their leader, the snake demon.

"Will you...will you give me your love?", she suddenly asked.

"To you? To someone born as a pathetic human even though your a demon? A monster?", he asked. She again didn't respond. She noticed a strange shadow dancing behind her, like arms or tentacles of the very esscence of darkness. They belonged to her, giving her the mark of a demon child of the village, even though she had been concieved as a human girl.

"If this is false love...then all the love in the world must be false.", she whispered to the wind. The wind picked up her words and carried them away, never to be heard again.


"Everi, you look like a nervous wreck.", Ryou commented one day at the lunch table. I poked at my ramen moodily.

"I had another one of those splitting headaches last night. So to clear my head, I snuck out and set fire to someone's garage.", I shrugged.

"Did you get caught?", Marik asked.

"No, otherwise I would be in jail you dumbass.", I snapped at him.

"Sheesh, attitude much?", Marik frowned.

"She might still be a little edgy because of that prophecy she made.", Ryou said in a matter of fact tone.

"Prophecy?", James Honda, a new member of the table asked. I noticed Hinata was watching him from a distance. He is in my Divination class, but he had been absent the day that I had done that tarot reading. He, along with students Stewart (who I heard was a serial killer who killed his own people. Note to self: NEVER be in the room alone with him), Selena Kimoto(apparently, like Bakura, has a lunatic in their head. Another Note: NEVER be alone in the room with her either when that happens), and Yatro Hightrea(Former...hairhunter? Ok, not even going to ask...)

James Honda was tall and thin, wearing completely black. Black buzzcut hair and peircing orange eyes were his most distinguished traits. Despite the outward appearence, was kinda shy and rarely contributed to the conversation. Stewart reminded me slighlt of Xemnas and Zexion combined because of his long black coat and long silver hair covering one of his grey eyes. Very blunt, but decent nonetheless. Selena reminded me a little of myself, with long brown hair like mine, but had brown eyes instead of blue and tanner skin than my slightly pale skin. Yatro was wearing a t-shirt that said "I see Stupid people" and blue jeans. His hair was short and sightly white-ish blond. A giant shuriken was strapped to his back.

I bet your wondering where the hell I met these people? In class? On a bus? A porn site on the internet? Good guess, but no.

They are members of a small guild. The name escapes me though, I wasn't paying attention when they were trying to get me to join. Their table happens to be right next to me and Ryou's favorite table, so we were able to talk to each other a bit.

"Yeah, Everi is really good at fortune telling, apparently from the tarot reading she did. Her future looks pretty crappy too.", Marik whistled.

"I bet she faked it. She can barely read my own future let alone hers.", Ryou scoffed(or it might of been his Yami scoffing)

"So, what's the news on-", Marik clapped his hands together in a romantic way, "-Sasuke-kun?"

I could feel a dull bush creep up my cheeks. "Nani? What do you mean?"

"Ryou told me about how you had to switch partners in Interpretive Arts. It seems your enjoying yourself."

"A-am not! Don't you dare label me as a Sasuke fangirl!", I pointed a certain finger angerily at him.

"Fine, so who do you like?"

"Uhhmm...", I struggled slightly. The guild members and the entire table had their eyes on me. My eyes wavered across the lunchroom, trying to pick someone out of the crowd.


"Miss Everi.", someone spoke up crisply behind me. I turned my head slowly.

"I-Itachi-sensai-sama?", I spat out. He eyed me for a moment before getting back to whatever he was going to say.

"I have been informed to tell you that tommorow, you go straight to the school psychologist instead of waiting until lunchtime. Is that clear?"

"Y-yes sir!", I nodded. He still creeps me out you know. He rolled his eyes before moving away to join the staff table. Marik suddenly grinned.

"So it's Itachi-sensai you like?"

"NO!!!", I yelled at him.

"Then why so jumpy?", he grinned like a Cheshire Cat.

"He-he surprised me, that's all!"

"Maybe he doesn't really intend for you to be going to that psychologist quack. Maybe he just wants you for some...alone time.", he purred.

I stood up, cheeks flamming. "Go to hell Marik.", I spat before storming out. Marik shrugged.

"Already there babe. And by the way, you need to use more than one finger to wave to someone baby!"

A pause as I held up another finger, this one on the other hand.

"That's slightly better, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt you to use all ten!"


On Ryou's walk about the city, he was stopped by a man wearing a leaf on his white sweater.

"Listen, I'm broke, but I need change for a bus to Jersey City so that I can go to my father's funeral."

Ryou cocked his head to one side, pulling his wallet out of his pants pocket. But then he narrowed his eyes.

"Wait a minute, theres no bus to Jersey City..."

"Yoink!", the man grabbed his wallet and fled in the opposite direction. Ryou, now taken over by his yami, chased after.

"Come back here you dirty Canadian Maple syrup tree loving hippie! No one steals from a theif!"

End of Chapter Two

Next Chapter: Tsukoyomi! A Peice of the Puzzle Revealed At A Deadly Cost!

Where is this place? Why is there blood all over me and the ground? What have I done? What have you done to me?!? Where is this horrible pain coming from? And who is that stranger that floats above me as I lay here?

*there, everyone who sent a template, except for RC, is put in. There is a huge reason why your not mentioned yet Reckless Chaos, and you'll see why in the chapter after the next one*
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Mar 27, 2007
That was a great chapter just like all of the others before this one good job!

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Oct 19, 2005
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I bet your wondering where the hell I met these people? In class? On a bus? A porn site on the internet? Good guess, but no.

"Come back here you dirty Canadian Maple syrup tree loving hippie! No one steals from a theif!"

Now that was funni. I swear I passed out from laughing.

YAY! I'll be in the next one and it sounds like a important role. Every, did I ever tell you that I loved you?
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