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Everything We Know About Coded | KH Mobile So Far

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Well, Hi again. I'm sure you have surmised by now that my name is R-K. Well, I'm here today to give you the third and most likely final thread of the "Everything We Know So Far" series - the Coded thread! While it certainly isn't the longest thread, I hope the majority of you find it both illuminating and helpful. I know a lot of people aren't interested in Coded, but after researching it and looking at all the sources and info (surprisingly few compared to the likes of 358 and BBS) I realized how interesting it was, and how it could answer so many questions we have. So keep that in your mind as you read =]

I made this thread to help new members, as well as old, touch up on the facts about what we know concerning Coded. I was tired of seeing so many people clueless about the three games so I made the 358 thread, the BBS thread, and now, this one. I hope many members find something of value in this thread, and if not, I hope you all can at least appreciate the work that I have put in for your - the members' - benefit. So, enjoy! ^__________________^

DISCLAIMER: Please note, the content and writing of this thread technically belongs to me. I put in a lot of work on these pages and they are not allowed to be copied, distributed or posted, in part or of its entirety, on any site other than KHInsider. Thank you, and I hope you can understand why.

[size=+2]-GENERAL INFORMATION-[/size]
Director: Tetsuya Nomura
Co-Director: Hajime Tabata
Producer: Kousei Itou
Co-producer: Kakuko Obinata
Executive Producer: Shinji Hashimoto
Scenario Writers: Tetsuya Nomura (base story), Daisuke Watanabe (lead writer)
Official Website: KINGDOM HEARTS coded
Platform: Mobile Phone (FOMA) (DoCoMo)

[size=+2]-THE TITLE-[/size]
The title "Coded" is most likely in reference to how the majority of the game takes place in a data world made from Jiminy's Journals where you play as a data version of Sora and fight to stop the "bug" within.

[size=+2]-PRESS RELEASE-[/size]
A Disney universe as vast as the mobile network awaits you.
In KINGDOM HEARTS coded, you will journey through a variety of Disney worlds on an exciting adventure brought to life by advanced mobile phone technology and gorgeous graphics never before seen on the platform. This marks the first collaboration between Square Enix and the Walt Disney Internet Group.

After the events of KINGDOM HEARTS, Jiminy Cricket returned to Disney Castle to organize his journal. While he arranged his records, his eyes fell upon a page with a mysterious message.

We must return to free them from their torment.

However, no matter how hard Jiminy tried to recall the source of the text, he couldn't remember. So the King digitized the contents of the journal and started an investigation. Within the world traced from the contents of Jiminy's Journal, a boy awoke on Destiny Island. It was the beginning of a new quest for a virtual Sora.

[size=+2]-THE STORY-[/size]

The content of Coded is said to be similar to Chain of Memories, in that it is a story that bridges the gap between two games (in this case between KH2 and the yet-to-be-announced KH3). Nomura believes that even players who aren't aware of the previous story, along with those who have, will be able to deepen their understanding of the KH series. Therefore, people who are already fans of KH will really want to play the game by all means.

The story investigates the message left in Jiminy's journal, so, like with CoM, the characters travel through the past. But, like with the case of CoM, a new drama following KH begins to unfold. Those intervals are set to enter as original episodes. In the case of Coded, they visit the same Traverse Town, but something is different. Examining those kind of parts close up becomes the content of the game.

Nomura has said that the inner story becomes deep and that at the Private Party in August, the words "Forbidden Secret" were compiled in the trailer and, generally speaking, that becomes the image of the game. Nomura has said that even though it is on the mobile phone, it is not to be taken lightly and that the contents of its story draw near to the conviction of the series.

Nomura has said that he believes if you were to play it, you'll recognize it draws upon the mysteries of the entire series. He also went on to comment that "Their torment has been lessened" is the foundation of the story, and the "forbidden secret" is connected to it. He also said that even though it advances according to the story of Kingdom Hearts, the stages are different and each one slowly approaches the "forbidden secret". Why did someone leave a message in the Jiminy Journal? The story will solve this mystery.

He also ended by saying that Coded links to 358/2 Days and Birth By Sleep in various ways.

The game begins with Jiminy organizing his journals after the events of KH2, when he stumbles upon a mysterious message in his journal that he had never written.

"We must return to free them from their torment."​

No matter how hard the little cricket tried to remember when or where the line had come from, he drew a blank. He immediately went to take his mysterious findings to King Mickey. Mickey arrived at a solution: to turn the journals into data and seek the source within, and so it begins...

[size=+1]-DATA WORLD-[/size]
In the data world created from Jiminy's Journal, a boy awoken. This new Sora is a data version of Sora, created from Jiminy's Journal. He has no memories of the previous endeavors taken by Sora and Co in the past games, and he must go through his adventures again to solve the mystery of the Data Bugs. While he must go through his adventures again, Nomura stresses that this won't be like Chain of Memories, and that since there are these data bugs have corrupted the data of the journal there will be a brand new story. He also adds that Coded will answer various questions such as where the King had gone and what Riku was doing during the course of the first Kingdom Hearts game.

Nomura also stresses that even though there are Heartless in the game that are made out of data, they are not the real cause and that the data bugs - and the message "We must return to free them from their torment" - all have to do with the "true" enemy of the game. They later add that the invasion of the bugs is certainly the first aspect of the problem and is one of the concepts of the game, but there may be other problems in the data world that you will have to wait to find out what they are.

The scene with Riku looking at the moon in Neverland (See Here), is to show what Riku was thinking before he "kidnapped" Kairi. And this scene that you may recall from the first Kingdom Hearts Game (See Here) will show what Pluto was doing at that time.

[size=+1]-REAL WORLD-[/size]
At first, Nomura wasn't too sure if they would tell a story of the events occuring in the real world - the world outside of the journal - but he has since changed his mind and has confirmed that events in the real world will be talked about as well, but that this developing real world story, will be for the user/gamer's benefit. Not much else is known about the story taking place in the real world at this time.

Kingdom Hearts: Coded is set to include a multiple of playable Disney worlds. The following is a list of worlds known to be in Coded so far, though whether or not they are all playable has yet to be seen:
-Destiny Islands
-Disney Castle
-Traverse Town (PLAYABLE)


[size=+1]-DEBUG MODE-[/size]
Kingdom Hearts: Coded is primarily a mix between a puzzle and an action game. The world is made out of data and the area needs to be analyzed in order to find the data bug that is corrupting the data and then you must remove this bug. Also, there are heartless in the world that will try and stop you from finding the bug, but they are not the real causes of the problem.

Sora will be moving block of data around, trying to complete the puzzle as the Heartless try attacking him. When Sora complete the puzzle, the menu option "Debug" appears which will cause Sora to defeat the bug and vanish to the next stage of Jiminy's Journal. Nomura has said that the gameplay may become a bit confusing because Sora also has the ability to use ladders to get to higher areas. In Coded, Sora also has the ability to glide.

Each stage in debugging mode has a set time limit, and if you fail to find the bug within that limit, you are given the chance to solve it with one of two other debugging methods: High Speed and Crash.

At the S-E Party Event, the controls seemed to have gotten an overhaul. The command menu was reduced to one action, and now there were these new directional buttons in their place. (Seen above). It seemed that Coded was now designed to be played with one hand instead of the original two it was first developed for. Commenting on the new directional arrows, Nomura said, "The arrows indicate the order of input for the direction keys. The system works by inputting the keys in order which results in a simple combo of attacks. Since it's operations are suited to work on the mobile phone, it becomes similar to ordinary mobile phone operations."

High Speed Mode is a new aspect of the 'Debugging Mode' first seen around the time of the Jump Festa Convention. Not much is known about High Speed Mode at this point but you can see a screen-shot of the mode Here (or click the title above). In High Speed Mode, increases the conditions of Sora's movement and attack speed greatly, but other than that - not much is known about the mode at this time.

Crash Mode is another new aspect of the 'Debugging Mode' first seen around the time of the Jump Festa Convention. Like, the High Speed Mode, not much is known about Crash Mode but you can see a screen-shot Here (or click the title above). In Crash Mode, the game is turned into an action-packed side-scrolling adventure in an effort to debug the bug. Not much else is known about the mode at this point in time.

[size=+1]-GROWTH SYSTEM-[/size]
Coded introduces a new Growth System to the Kingdom Hearts series that specializes in things called Version-Up Points (As opposed to Level-up points. This is because the Data Sora doesn't "level" up, but "versions" up.) The VP points are needed to increase his status and level. After successfully finding and debugging the bug in a level, you will be sent to the results screen where you will be awarded VP points based on how you did. A screen-shot of the Results screen can be seen Here. Each heartless defeated garners 10 VP points to help you raise Sora's level.

Coded, like the other two games, offers something in the realm of Multiplayer. In Coded, you can enter one of your friends worlds, as they play, and try and help them solve one of the debugging puzzles. However, it has been noted that the system changed when you enter another person's world, though the exact details on this are currently unknown. What is known though, is that when two players share the same world, the "visiting" Player's Sora will look like a Shadow Sora to prevent confusion.

[size=+2]-KH MOBILE-[/size]
Kingdom Hearts Mobile is a feature that will be available on select mobile phones (NTT DoCoMo 703i,903i) that deals with avatars, ringtones, wallpapers, minigames and the like.. The portal site for KH Mobile will be crammed full of information on the games of the Kingdom Hearts series and items and is intended to be something that KH fans wouldn't want to miss. Content for the KH Mobile Portal Site is expected to be updated on a regular basis and is also expected to launch before TGS 08 this fall.

You'll be able to look up information on the games of the KH series, mobile phone screensavers and ringtones will be available, the plan is to have this site contain everything related to KH so that it can easily be accessed on the mobile phone. But instead of making it just a dull, general information site, they decided to make it so that users can create avatars (seen above). This way, when the user wants - say - a new ringtone or wallpaper, they can take their avatar into the townshop in KH Mobile and purchase (download) it.

Users will be able to change their avatars freely. With accessories and costumes, and customizing the faces and hairstyles of the avatar, users can create good variations. In order to do this, they will have to go to the town shop and purchase (download) these things. It's intended to be updated regularly. As the number of buyable items increase, event items for every season will hopefully become available.

KH Mobile is set to release this fall, with the portal site being up in time for the Tokyo Game Show. Since KH Mobile is being released first, it is from it that you will be able to choose to play Coded.


Coded is presented on a screen in the horizontal position, and this was based on the most recent cellphone screen specifications and is what they assume the game to look like when it is released to the public. The background of the game is 3D while the characters are in 2D. The reason they did this was was because they had hoped to have the game be available for a wide range of cellphones and they had expressed that the reason they developed this idea was because they wanted to send the game overseas. The game is said to support impressive graphics for the mobile system, and this is made especially evident in the game's cutscenes.

[size=+1]-VOICE ACTING-[/size]
While there has been no specific confirmation of Voice Acting in the game, trailer impressions from TGS have expressed that the trailer begins with a voice over by Jiminy, which implies that the game will make use of Voice Acting like the other installments of the series.

The cutscenes in Coded are impressive for the mobile phone, and look fairly close to their Console counterparts. The game is said to make full use of cutscenes throughout the story, many of them focusing on the mysterious yet to be solved revolving around KH1.

[size=+2]-TRAILER IMPRESSIONS-[/size]
[size=+1]-TOKYO GAME SHOW-[/size]

-The title "KINGDOM HEARTS NEW CONCEPTS, NEW TITLES" is displayed with the beginning image in a form of waves.
-It shows the ending scene of Kingdom Hearts II. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy are in Destiny Islands' playing and laughing together in the water.
-The words appear:
"Flow of time."
"The secret is solved."
"The world extends."
-It begins with an image of Jiminy Cricket narrating the scenes. (FF&KH user notes that the words that are placed down as Jiminy speaks are made to look very vague.)
-Jiminy Cricket: "My two journals are completed. One of them became blank because of Castle Oblivion. The words that were written in the journal said, 'Give thanks to Namine' .........eh?"
-One strange sentence that was written in Jiminy's Journal that should have become blank by KH:CoM: "It is necessary to return to healing their wounds."
-Jiminy finds the strange sentences and reports them to the King in a panicking manner.
-King Mickey: "He is the only one who is able to solve this mystery."
-Jiminy Cricket: "I think so too."
-Sora appears standing on Destiny Islands. A special effect surrounds Sora's body looking like he's being forwarded by a computer which momentarily hangs.
-~Battle scene begins~
-The Heartless attack. Sora is shown moving a pile of blocks.
-Are there a variety of mini game elements such as puzzle games built in?
-In "Debugging mode", Sora's movement quickens, and various actions join together when a command is executed. (Is it like the reaction command triangle button of KHII?)
-The scene, from the Original Kingdom Hearts, in which Sora enters Traverse Town is shown. Pluto tries to lick Sora's face and Sora wakes up in the back of the alley in Traverse Town.
-Sora chases Pluto and runs to the center of the town.
-Sora: "Here is where...?" He remembers Traverse Town from the original KH. (It's a bit different. although, it sure looks like the beginning scene of Traverse Town.)
-The King comes out of the back of the alley with a hand held up and walks toward Sora. (The King is in his usual clothing and not the clothes of the Org. XIII.)
-King Mickey: "Sora, I was here on that day. Let me speak the truth."

[size=+1]-JUMP FESTA-[/size]
-In the trailer, Kairi is shown holding her hand up to the moon. The scene then fades to Riku.
-A new mode has been announced for the game, called "High Speed Mode".

[size=+1]-DK∑7313 PARTY-[/size]
BG MUSIC: Destati

"A forbidden secret――"

The trailer starts with Jiminy Cricket's narrating.

"Two notebooks remain containing our travel records."

"Inside the first book recording our journey, only one line is written."

Upon the first page, "Thank Namine" is all that is written.

Well, in this one volume, you could say that the function was carried out.

Turning the page lightly

"A duty..."

One mysterious sentence was written upon the last page.

"Was it carried out?"

"We must return to free them from their torment", is written.

The King looks at the sentence in the journal with Jiminy.
King Mickey: "Trouble remembering that sentence..."
The King is startled.
King Mickey: "Only he is qualified to solve this mystery!"
(It seems the "he" the King refers to is Sora.)

At last they show the scene where a young Sora from KH1 wakes up in the back alley of Traverse Town. He wakes up to his face being licked by Pluto. Sora runs after Pluto to the center of town.

Cid is standing in front of the item shop, Sora stops by him.
Cid: "Hey, I know that face."
(The blogger doesn't remember much other than Sora saying "Could this be the outside world?")

Sora has an exchange with an Organization XIII member wearing a black hood in Traverse Town.
Sora: "What! You!"
Organization Member: "Show me your power."

-Playing and battle scenes start-

The King holds out a hand to Sora coming out of the back alley.
(He is wearing his normal clothes, not the Organization XIII coat.)
King Mickey: "Sora, your journey began here."
King Mickey: "What you don't know is, that I was here on that day too."
King Mickey: "I'm going to tell you the truth."

Riku looks up to the night sky from the clock tower in Neverland. He gazes at the moon and grips his chest, after this gesture, Kairi is shown with an empty look on her face because her heart is lost.

The King, Jiminy, Goofy, and Donald peer into the journal.

"One wound was healed" is written in the journal.

Nomura has expressed around TGS of last year that he doesn't expect the fans will have to wait longer than 2-3 years to get their hands on Coded, implying that he planned on it having a release in a year or so. At the current time, he hasn't gone back on that statement, and as such, Coded is still believed to be set for release this year in Japan. No announcement of the game heading to overseas countries has been made, but Nomura has stated that he wishes to send the game overseas.

In October 2007, Nomura had an interview with Gemanga Magazine, where he let slip that he believed that 358/2 Days would actually be the first game to be released, with Coded following it soon afterward.

At the DKΣ3713 Party in August 2008, S-E announced Coded would have a Winter 2008 release for Japan. However Nomura has commented on Coded's release saying that it would be released via mobile delivery format and that it won't be released in it's entirety. He went on to say, "Because the KH series is based on moving through the worlds while advancing the story, I'm thinking that the new worlds for the title will be distributed gradually."

[size=+1]-DEVELOPMENT STATUS-[/size]
As of June 2008, Nomura has expressed that Coded is in good developmental stages right now and Nomura is wondering on how to keep the overall feel of the KH series, including gameplay, intact within Coded. He also added that there is a test version under development now, but the phone the test version is running on, will not be the same as the final product.

Nomura has said that it's development is progressing steadily. And that it's currently being tuned for operations suitable for the mobile phone.

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Development Status - KH-Vids - Famitsu Website updates with Interview

Well there you go. I know most of this is probably just recap for a lot of people, but the point of this was to catch up the members that may not be up to date on Coded info and I would love it if no one would make posts such as "tl;dr" or anything like that. This is to be used as a reference and I don't want to hear how you guys know it already.

But I hope you guys can see how much work I put into this and what not, and any rep is appreciated for the effort I took ^___^
So, I hope you guys find this useful and if you have any comments/concerns/things you think I should add in or what not, please, feel free to post! Thanks.

And remember, any comments/concerns/etc please post. I want to make it as useful as possible, so feel free to speak up!

UPDATES (10-04-08) [NOTE: All Updates are in BOLD]:
-Updated 'Trailer Impressions' with a more detailed version of the TGS 07 impressions.
-Added 'Interview' sub-section to the 'Additional Information' Section.
-Updated Interview Section.
-Updated General Information Section
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[size=+2]-KH Mobile Update-[/size]
Square-Enix has updated their TGS Website to include KH Mobile.
They released some new pictures with the update (seen below)
KH Mobile is confirmed to have both a demo and a trailer at the event.
Source: Here.



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You know what RK? I still commend you on all of your hard work and all, but plz, RELEASE US FROM OUR TORMENT!!!! What's next? Everything we know so far about KH3? I'd seroiusly lol @ you if you made that. KH Mobile looks kinda weak, and disturbing at that.


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I'd appreciate an "Everything We Know" thread about KH3 when lots of information start coming out about it.

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