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Fanfiction ► Betwixt + Between

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Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
Ack, I'm having trouble with posting in this thread. ;0; I'll try to post up the next chapter and reply to everybody's comments soon! I might have to make a new thread... *headdesk*

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
Thanks, Xuan! :D (and i can see why you scanned... oh gosh my story is so long sorries ;___;)

Um. New chapter time? I think? <.<; I'm not going to take any chances with trying to post up the actual chapter... yet. I'll try again after I post this, but if it doesn't work, then I'm either going to have to make a new thread (NO. NONONONONONONONO *headdesk*) or keep on posting FF.net links. Which is what I'm going to do right now. 8D;

Pieces of Heart, a Kingdom Hearts fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Here's the new chapter! And sorries that the characterization of one canon character at the end SUCKS. D: I don't think he'd laugh all crazy like that. Sorries if it seems corny or cheesy or something. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Yeah, okies. Enjoy? xD;

P.S. All of the other chapters are on there and they're complete. Yeah, there's more to chapter 8. D: MADNESS!!


Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
Holy cow, Takushi Rena, where the heck have you been?!?! I thought you fell off the face of the earth for a while there. Anyway, I'm glad to see you back and updating. Man, that really sucks that you're having trouble posting on this site. I hope that everything gets figured out, not that it's a problem that you post on FanFiction.net, but I just have to post comments this site (I don't have an account on the other site). But, anywho, back to the story. That was a really great chapter. I'm glad they're at Olympus Coliseum; that world is always one of my favorites. That chapter brought a lot of questions though. Why do people think Ven is Sora? Where did Adyn go? Does Adyn work for Hades? Man, so many questions. Oh, and one more question, is Sora ever going to come into the story? And if so, when? Just curious. Anyway, great job again, and I look forward to more.

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
HI :D Sorry for not updating at all. ^^; (the whole posting issue made it a problem and... i forgot about this? <.<; *whistles) It sounds like DG fixed everything, though, but I'll test it just in case. Sorries I have to post them on FF.net. 8D; or at least the last one...

As for questions, Ven looks like Roxas who looks like Sora, hence Phil going 'ZOMG HI SORA :D' and Ven saying 'UM WHUT. D:' Where Adyn went is a secret (for now) and Adyn'll explain himself soon. :3 And Sora won't show up for a while, though he'll probably show up in flashbacks or something. ^^; I'm not quite sure yet... Thankies for the comment! *huggle*

I think I'll post up the next chapter in a day or so. I'm working on the other chapters and things are turning really fun. ;D I can put up a little excerpt, if you want! Otherwise, I'll just post up the next chapter soon. :]

Lectori Salutem

secretly sadistic
Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
You will be posting a new chapter? Really? I won't be saying finally, because that's mean. I might think it, though^^ Your story is one of the best here (of the ones I read, of course, and I certainly don't read everything here^^) so I'm looking forward to a new chapter!

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
xD; I definitely deserve getting a 'FINALLY! D:', though. I'm slacking off on this SO BAD. :d Thank you for that comment, too! YOU NEED A HUG NOWS D: *glomp* THANK YEW <3

HAHA NEW CHAPTER TIME >:3 (if it let's me post it) Quickie question first, though... Would you rather read about something happening to Ven or Rena first? I'm gonna do this with another chapter, too. :D (hope that doesn't sound too weird...)



"Aw c'mon already!"

Breathless and stumbling. This fight was brutal. It should've been easy, but it certainly wasn't; after all, a novice fighter had easily defeated this thing before!

Raynie put up her fists, swaying from side to side as she stood with her feet standing wide apart; she looked like she was about to fall at any second.

She smirked.

"Ya chicken, ya stupid mutt!? C'mon! Bite me!"

The monstrous, jet black dog towered over Raynie, its three heads snapping in unison. It looked unscathed; the complete opposite of her. There was no sign that it was harmed at all!

In unison, the three drooling mouths licked their lips and took a harsh step forwards. Towering over Raynie, teeth snapping.

She stared wide-eyed at Cerberus, giving a gulp.

"...Kay, maybe not..." Raynie gave a nervous laugh.

A howl. A painful howl. She stared up at the creature as it started to sway, whining in pain.

Suddenly, it fell and didn't budge.

"...Took ya long enough!" She furrowed her brow, glaring over at a small figure standing up, and stumbling, from besides Cerberus.


In his grasp were his two weapons, both covered in a nasty, sludgy goo that slapped onto the ground. His shoulders slumped, his feet far apart; he looked just as tired as Raynie did.

Without a word, he simply raised his hand and curled his fingers, as if waving. At the sight, Raynie grumbled and reached into her pocket, while stepping closer to the boy.

She stopped before him with a green orb in her grasp.


Ven felt refreshed with a green light swirled around him, a transparent, green-ish yellow bell swinging over his head. He no longer felt tired and all of his cuts and scoffs were gone.

"Thanks," he said weakly with a nod. He raised up one of his keyblades (only after throwing some of the goo off of it) and pointed it at Raynie.


The same, though much weaker, green swirl and oversized bell swirled and jingled over Raynie. The light and the bell quickly disappeared, Raynie feeling refreshed; though she was still slouching a bit.

A grumble rumbled in her abdomen, another growl coming from Ven's stomach a second later.

"Uhh..." Raynie started mumbling about 'yakitori', "You don't have any food, do you?"

"And I don't know any magic involving food either." Ven grinned, sounding sarcastic.

"But there's materia! Materia can do anything! Let's see..." She started rummaging through her pockets, searching for a materia of some sort.

But, as she did, people begun to wander back into the stadium. They stared in awe, surprise, and curiosity. Their muttered words made them seem amazed by this whole ordeal.

Cerberus hadn't been defeated since two years ago. People were terrified of the creature when no one could defeat it. But, those two actually defeated the dog!

Suddenly, a slow round of clapping came, picking up speed as the crowd looked into the arena. There were murmurs of the word 'hero' being tossed around. These guys thought they were real heros!

The magic shield raised up; both Raynie and Ven were more than happy to escape.


The patting of footsteps.

"You can't go in there, pipsqueak!"

Whomever was running had ignored them, rushing into the arena with haste. They didn't stop in their rush. Their feet didn't halt in their run.

Until they stopped before the two fighters in the arena.

Without a word, they turned around and grabbed Raynie and Ven's hands. Then attempted to run in the other direction, attempting to drag them along.


Neither Raynie nor Ven budged. Either they didn't want to move or the person trying to drag them wasn't strong enough.

It was definitely the later.

"C'mon c'mon c'mon!"

"Rena, what's wrong?"

"We gotta hurry!!"

Rena made a bit of a fool of herself: she was trying to drag the two along, but all she was doing was sliding across the ground and staying in one place.

Out of frustration, Ven wiggled his hand out of Rena's grasp and spun her around, placing his hands on her shoulders and looking her straight in the eyes.

"What's wrong?" he repeated with a stern tone.

She looked rushed and breathless, concerned and terrified. Gasping for air, she spoke in between breathes.

"Adyn's... missing..."


Ven's arms fell to his sides until he raised a hand to scratch his head.

"Well... umm... we better get going then."

Raynie raised a brow. "To find him?"

Ven gave a scoff. "Of course not..."

"Ven!" Rena protested with a growl. "We gotta find him! He could be in lots of trouble!"

"But he's..." He paused, biting his lip. Nobody believed what he thought Adyn was. "...weird. He shouldn't have joined us in the first place."

"So, we're gonna leave him there...?" Rena glanced down at the ground, scoffing her oversized, round, black shoes on the tan concrete.


"Aw c'mon!" Raynie stepped in, folding her arms. "He's not bad. You're just being weird. We have to go find him!"

"No, we don't!"

"And why not?"

Ven lowered his voice. "Remember the thing I said about... you know... him being a Heartless?"

"And that can't happen. Stop being so weird!"

Ven gave a fierce grumble.

After the announcement of the next contestants in the tournament, Raynie, Rena, and Ven stepped out of the arena and headed off to the side.

"We're going to find Adyn," Raynie stated, still folding her arms. Suddenly, she spun around and pointed a finger at Ven's nose. "And you're not going to complain! 'Kay?"

With one more grumble, Ven frowned. "Alright... but I'm still sticking to what I said."

"Fine then." Raynie shifted her gaze over to Rena. "So, what happened?"

"Umm..." Rena recoiled and stared at the ground nervously. She threw her hands into the pockets on her vest. "Well... Adyn and me were outside and we kinda went down their stair thingy... Then we were in this really dark creepy place..."

"The Underworld?" Ven raised a brow. "You went down there?"

"I think so..."


The tomboy recoiled as Raynie towered over her, arms by her sides and fists clenched. She looked quite angry, furious that Rena did that.

"Why'd you go there!?"

"I-I dunno!" Rena was very tempted to pull her hood over her head as Raynie's ferocious mako blue gaze stared down at her. She lowered herself, looking frightened, and gulped. "I-I thought something cool was there... but there wasn't..."

After a moment of Raynie loosening up and Ven simply staring, Rena got the courage to continue on.

"...And I was standing around in this creepy place and I went to go and... Adyn wasn't there! I thought he was around there, so I went to look for him... Chip and Dale helped!"

"...Are you serious?" Raynie raised a brow.

Rena gave a nod. "Yeah..."

"Chip! Dale!"

Rena could feel something tumbling around in her hood. All of a sudden, it stopped.

"Get out here!"

The tomboy cringed as the two little chipmunks scampered onto the top of her head. They both tunneled into her hair and tried to hide behind her messy spikes.

Raynie put her fists on her hips and raised a brow as she stared at the two chipmunks. "How'd you guys end up with Rena?"

"Umm..." The two lowered themselves, trying hard to hide.

Chip spoke first, sounding nervous. "Remember the teeny ships?"

"Yeah! Remember that...?" added Dale. They both gave a nervous laugh in unison.

"...Were you two actually piloting those?" Raynie questioned.

"Of course!" Dale nodded.

Chip rubbed his nose with his paw. "Why wouldn't we?"

"...I smell a lie."

Immediately, Chip and Dale jumped up from their hiding spot, glaring at Raynie. "Nu-uh!"

"Umm..." Rena put her right hand in her left, rocking back and forth on her shoes. "They said they hid in my pocket after they turned on the teeny ships..."

"Hey! We didn't do that!"

"Of course, you didn't!" Raynie took a step forwards. "And why would I be asking you to jump in my pocket and hide there until we get back to the ship?

"Little, squeaky liars!"

Chip and Dale screamed a yelp as Raynie grabbed them off of Rena's head. Immediately, she shoved them in her belt's pouch, folded her arms, and gave a huff.

"Stay there 'til we get back to the ship!"

After a few moments of silence, Raynie started tapping her foot.

"...Hurry up and finish this, so we can get going!"

Rena jumped. "O-okay..."

She scratched her chin. "Chip, Dale, and me went to go look for Adyn and we ended up over by this river thing. I looked in the river and I think I saw Adyn..."

Ven raised a brow, crossing his arms in a pensive manner. He shifted his weight over to his right foot. "Did the river happen to be green?"

Rena glanced down at her shoes. "Umm... yeah, it was..."

The boy shook his head. "Then there's no point going there. We won't be able to find him now."

"Of course there's a point!" Rena jumped up, standing on her toes in front of Ven. She glared at him. "We have to find Adyn and rescue him!"

"Well..." Raynie had folded her arms and leaned her head on her hand. "Getting him out of a river shouldn't be too hard..."

"Too hard?" Ven rubbed his temples and gave a scoff. "It won't even happ--!"

"C'mon, blondie! We're going to find him!"

Ven nearly fell back in a dumbfounded manner. Both Raynie and Rena had already turned and walked off; he actually didn't even know where they were! He could hear their voices coming from where the lobby was and made a run for it.

"H-Hey!" The boy ran into the lobby, stopping behind Raynie and Rena as they walked. "There's no point in that!"

Raynie swirled around and put her fists on her hips, slyly grinning. "And you're a chicken!"

Ven grumbled when she stuck his tongue out at him. Folding his arms and grumbling with defeat, he trotted behind Raynie and Rena as they walked out of the lobby and into the courtyard, simply walking forwards towards a large exit-way.
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Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
Awesome update, Takushi Rena. I'm glad that you were able to post on this site, not that it was a problem on the other site, I just can't post there. Oh well, back to the story. Seriously, what is Ven's problem with Adyn? Adyn really doesn't come off as a heartless to me, he comes off more like a quiet, withdrawn goth kid. Man, I hope he doesn't end up being a heartless, he's to cool to be a heartless. Oh, as far as your question goes, I would really like to read about Ven first. I don't have a problem with Rena, but I just like Ven more and would like to here his story first. Anyway, great job again, and I look forward to more.
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Lectori Salutem

secretly sadistic
Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
They should really listen to Ven sometimes... He knows the Styx = not good.^^ Nice chapter!

I am quite sure you asked that question before... I think I answered Ven last time. What shall I do this time? I like both Rena and Ven... I'll stick Ven, I think.

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
Thankies for the comments! :D And Ven's part is showing up first in like... three chapters. :B More about him is definitely showing up soon. I guess the intro stuff is more about Rena 'cause it follows her the most. The stuff in the new chapters is getting good, too. AOI IS A PSYCHO. THAT'S YOUR HINT >:3 mwahaha. And, yeah, always listen to Ven! He's the leader dude! D: HE KNOWS THINGS LIKE THIS.

Bwah. I should draw a picture of Adyn. 8D; He's supposed to look REALLY pale and his eyes and hair (or something like that) somehow make Ven want to scream 'HEARTLESS DDD:'. That, or 'cause 'he looks weird'. Meanie Ven! >:[

Here's the new chapter! :3 Or the rest of it. Or something. I'll post up the next one in a few days or so.


Back in the Underworld again. The entire place was creepy; a place none of them wanted to be in at that moment. Rena glanced around nervously, Raynie seemed a bit edgy, while Ven wanted nothing more than to turn around and leave.

They were walking down a long path that had tall, rocky walls surrounding it; it made you feel claustrophobic.

The trio stepped down the path, anxious to leave this place, and never said a word. Rena glanced up, the tense silence deeply bugging her. She put her hands behind her back and looked up as she walked.

"Umm... Was the tour-ee-na-mint thingy... cool?"

Raynie scratched the side of her head with her fingerlessly gloved hand. "Kinda crazy, actually..."

Ven's shoulders shrugged. "Wasn't really that fun."

Rena looked dumbfounded. "...Butbutbut! It's supposed to be fun!"

"Really?" Ven kept his electric blue eyes looking forwards and cocked his head a bit. "Getting attacked by a gigantic dog isn't my idea of fun."

She stumbled upon hearing that. "A-a giant dog...?"

Raynie folded her arms. "That's what happened!"

All of a sudden, Rena looked very uneasy. She whimpered, mumbling to herself about not wanting to fight so badly.

Trot. Trot. Trot.

The trio made their way down the path, sliding through a dark entryway and into a dimly lit cavern. The place had a low ceiling and strange torches filled with blue fire. Upon entering the cool, cave-like area, Raynie gave a shudder.

"Aw man..." She studied their surroundings, mako blue eyes glancing around wildly. "This place is givin' me the creeps..."

The low ceiling, the cool blue rock, the dim lighting, the stalagmites and stalactites, and the overall eerie feeling gave everyone a sudder.

"Yeah." Ven glanced around, seeming a bit nervous. "Let's hurry u--"

Trot. Trot. Trot.

A faster run now. Ven glanced forwards curiously.

"Uhh..." He seemed dumbfounded. "Rena, what're you doing?"

"Walking faster!" Rena kept at in a walking stance, but was moving much faster now. She seemed the most freaked out, especially since she remembered all of the crazy stuff that happened when she was here.

"C'mon c'mon c'mon!" the tomboy beaconed, waving a hand as she stepped towards the next area.

"C'mon blondie!" Raynie swirled around and raced forwards. Ven, definitely not wanting to be left behind, followed after the two.

They soon came upon that dreadful cavern, walking across the narrow path apprehensively. The green glow against the walls only added a more harsh and eerie feeling to the place. They had to hurry and find Adyn, then run to get out of there!

Eagerly, Rena rushed to the edge of the path and scanned the green river with haste. Raynie folded her arms, tapping her foot, while Ven simply glanced around the sinister cavern.


After a few moments, Rena ended up stepping to the other side of the path, scanning that side of the river. She raised her hand to her neck, scratching in a pensive manner, and immediately rushed to the other side.

"No no no..." she muttered, looking worried.

"Can't find him?" Ven raised a brow, his electric blue orbs shifting onto the tomboy.

"Of course I can!" Rena nearly jumped when she snapped her gaze onto him. "I can and will!"

Despite her determined tone, she didn't seem too confident. She glanced back down at the river and looked more and more disheartened. A few more minutes of searching and running back and forth across the path. At last, she gave a defeated sigh.

There was no sign of him. Adyn was nowhere.

"I-I..." she whimpered. "I can't find him..."

"See?" Ven gave a frustrated sigh. "Waste of time..."

"Okay, maybe it is." Raynie couldn't help but agree with him as she rubbed her temples. Wandering into a dark and very creepy place to find someone and then having no luck at all? Definitely a waste of time.

"But he's gotta be here somewhere!" Rena clenched her fists and glanced up at Ven and Raynie, her gaze looking less and less determined. She finally gulped and stared at her shoes. "I know he is..."

"He was in that river, wasn't he?" Ven cocked his head to the side.

Rena scuffed her shoe against the ground. "Yeah, but he isn't now..."

"If he was in there before," he folded his arms and pointed to the river. "Then we won't find him or be able to save him, anyways."

Gaze jerking up, she stared at Ven ferociously. "Why not!? You just gotta get in there and get him out!" Rena glanced down at the river and suddenly looked weary. There was no way to get into the river without jumping into it; but how could you get out afterwards?

"Somehow..." she continued in a disheartened tone.

"C'mon." Ven whirled around and waved a hand, beaconing Raynie and Rena to follow behind. "We gotta go find the keyhole still..."

Rena watched as Ven simply walked off, now feeling more helpless than ever.

She had to find Adyn and she knew he was here somewhere, but she couldn't seem to persuade anybody... Despite being disheartened, she still had to try and find him; she wasn't going to leave without Adyn!

"...R-Raynie!" She shifted her gaze to Raynie with haste. "Can we look around for him? He's gotta be here somewhere!"

Raynie raised a brow and folded her arms, lightly scoffing her foot against the ground. "And how do you even know he's here?"

"I... don't..." She frowned. "But I know he's here. He didn't walk back into that Collie-a-see-um place. We would've found him by now!"

"We would've found him by now here, too!" Ven whirled around, with a grumble.

He was getting more and more frustrated; he didn't want to find Adyn and he didn't want to be in this creepy place!

"We'll just look for him in the Coliseum. Keyhole first, though. Got it?"

"Okies..." Rena cringed as Ven's intense blue orbs bared right into her. She nodded weakly, shifting her gaze. "But, if we don't find him in that place, can we come back here and look?"

No. He really, really wanted to scream 'No!' and walk off. However, Raynie's own intense gaze said otherwise. He jumped as she stared at him.

Unlike the blonde-haired-boy, she knew they had to find Adyn. No, she didn't want to go walking around this place anymore (though none of them actually wanted to), but they did have to find him.

"I..." Ven cringed. "guess..."

"Okayokay!" Ecstatic, Rena grinned. She ran past Ven and Raynie and waved her hand after she slowed before them. "Let's hurry up!"

Ven gave a fierce grumble, looking defeated. Raynie rubbed his defeat in when she punched him in the arm, smiling as she stepped past. Cringing and rubbing his arm, the boy followed behind.

The trio hurried to escape from the eerie cavern, trotting briskly across the dark teal path; the walk was short and simple. Soon, they found themselves before the open entryway back into the Inner Chamber.


All of a sudden, Rena found herself stumbling back. Hand rubbing her nose vigourously, she stared at the entryway.

She could hear footsteps behind her. Raynie stopped behind the young girl and quizzically raised a brow, crossing her arms.


"Bumped my nose..." said Rena, her voice muffled and nasally; she sounded like she had suddenly gained a stuffy nose!

Raynie placed her fists on her hips and glanced down at the girl. She grinned mischievously. "You can't walk in a straight line, can ya?"

"'course I can!" Rena threw her arm to her side and glared at Raynie. "See?"

The tomboy took a step forwards, her deep blue eyes focused on the entryway. She stepped forwards, as normal, but soon found herself bumping her nose and stumbling back. It was as if she walked into the hard wall instead of through the entrance!


"See?" Raynie smirked. "Told ya!"

"Try it!" Rena snapped, holding her nose once again.

"Alright alright..." Raynie gave a sigh and rubbed her neck. She stepped forwards, walking with the intention of stepping through the entrance. All of a sudden, she stumbled back.

"Ow!" The teen threw her gloved hand over her nose defensively.

Rena grinned and pointed forcibly with an uncovered index finger at the tan-toned girl. "See? I can walk straight! You can't!"

Raynie's mako blue eyes narrowed. "I can too walk in a straight line! This place is just funny!" She swirled around and studied the entrance.

"There's something there." Ven piped up behind Raynie and Rena. He looked pensive, his index finger curled around his peach-toned chin. He stepped forwards with an outstretched hand. He tried to place it through the entryway.

It looked as if it were floating in mid-air and was unable to push forwards any further.

"Hey, it's shiny..." Raynie glanced from behind him, realizing that a green glow from the river was shining on the entryway.

"Glass." His outstretched hand turned into a fist and he lightly knocked. A sweet, hollow sound lightly played along with that knock.

The shining light that hovered in the entryway, the reason why Raynie and Rena were bashing their noses against nothing at all: there was glass there!

The boy suddenly felt quite uneasy. He whirled around; though he didn't show it very well, the panicked look in his electric blue orbs said something his expression did not. Ven stared at them both and then at his fingertips.

He gulped. "Either somebody isn't allowed to get into this place or somebody doesn't want us leaving..."

"I'd say the later, blondie."

A cool voice.

Ven's panicked eyes stared forwards and narrowed. Raynie's gaze snapped behind; Rena's suddenly afraid glance followed.

Five twin swirls of darkness appeared on the pathway as that cool, cocky voice snickered. The portals closed and revealed the black cloaked figures, three with their hoods pulled over their face.

Ven defensively stepped forwards to the front of the group and snarled. Fingers twitching, two twin light shapes formed in his grasp harshly, taking the shape of his keyblades.

"Man, you're grumpy." A brunette woman grinned mischievously as she pointed her index finger at him, curling and uncurling it.

Ven gave a scoff, his intense gaze set on a dirty blonde enigma: Aoi!

"What're you doing here?" the boy snapped.

Aoi's straight stature suddenly became a bit relaxed. Hand in his pocket, he glanced to the side and placed a hand behind his neck. Rocking from the heel of his combat boots to his toes.

"Nothin' much, I guess..." He shrugged. His emerald orbs stared intensely back at Ven. "I do want something from ya, though."

The male licked his lips and slowly removed his hand from his neck. As if drunk, he limply pointed an index finger at Ven.

"You..." He shifted the point over to Rena. "and you..."

He licked his lips.

"--re coming with us, conscious or otherwise!"


Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
Awesome chapter, Takushi Rena. I am really glad to see that Aoi, the insane psychopath we all know and love, is back; he is really becoming one of my favorite characters. Also, it is great to see that he brought company in other Org. members. I wonder who they all are, especially the brunette with her hood down. Also, I really would love to see a picture of Adyn because I really want to know what he looks like; the description you gave before, with the eyepatch and scar, gives the impression that he is a younger version of Xigbar. Oh well, enough of my rambling, great job again, and I look forward to more.

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
PSYCHO AOI! <3 Psycho Aoi is awesomeeee. Thankies for the comments! :) The brunette is actually Xatzku from Traverse Town, so that should be fun for the motley crew. *coughhack* One person out of the other three members is a fun character, too. (to me at least) He's not psycho, though. He's just cute :< I can't post up the new chapter right this second because I haven't coded it yet. Ack.

Adyn kinda does sound like Xigbar from my description... 8D; He has a different eyepatch, though, and doesn't sound like a surfer. :B But I can definitely see the similarities! I didn't think of that before xD;

I have an excerpt that I wanted to post up really quick. I'll post up the new chapter in a few days, but for now, have this!


"Don't be so serious..."

He gripped his knife tighter. Leaning to her ear. He was about to dig it into her flesh. To rip it apart.

"You need to smile more..."

Rena cringed, closed her eyes. Waiting. Waiting for the penalty. She shouldn't have escaped. She should not have escaped!

Feeling the edge of the knife. She waited for it to slice.

She cringed. Waiting and waiting. Just do it! Just do it and get it over with.

She tensed up...

"Ah!" Rena hissed, her forehead pounding.

She slammed into the wall and, all of a sudden, went flying. Her back throbbed as it slammed into the floor. She opened her eyes, staring up at the ceiling.

"Haha!" His boots slammed against the ground as he darted over. He grinned and folded his arms. "Got ya."

Rena snarled as she jumped up. "I hate you!"

"Oh, nice." Suddenly, a harsh fist slammed into her cheek.

Rena stumbled back, fumbling to regain her balance. She rubbed her cheek and growled.

"Grow up!"


Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
Oh yeah, I remember Xatzku. Sorry, you didn't post for a while before, so I forgot. Now, where is this excerpt from? It doesn't sound like it'll be from the next chapter, it sounds more like it is from the future. Man, I can't wait to see where the excerpt came from; that really sounds like an awesome battle. Anyway, I await the next chapter.

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
Excerpt's from one of the new chapters 8D; I thought it was good, so I posted it. I hope it's an awesome battle, too xD;;

NO MORE WAITING HERE IT IS :D I might post the rest of it later. I dunno yet... But, anywho.


011 + LOW

"You... and you... --re coming with us, conscious or otherwise!"

Ven snarled violently. His knuckles turned whiter, paler.

"Why should we?" the boy's voice was calm, but edgy.

"Details details..." the blonde enigma waved his hand casually. "Not really important, are they?"

Ven bared his teeth. "Tell us!"

"Not happening, blondie!"

"Aoi." A cold, icy voice whispered through the air; monotone and impassive. One of the cloaked figures next to the young man had leaned forwards to speak. "This is getting us nowhere..."

"I know, I know." Aoi reassured. "I'm handlin' it..."

All of a sudden, the young man came stomping forwards. He stopped only a few feet before them. Smirking, he viciously stabbed his index finger at Ven.

"A bit generic, but... we can do this easy or beat the crap out of ya. Either walk this way or fight! Which one's it gonna be?"

The trio grew silent.

Ven was going to fight. Raynie was going to fight. None of them were just going to give up like that!

But what about Rena? She stared at her shoes, occasionally glancing up from behind Raynie and Ven at Aoi.

"No!" Raynie latched onto the white t-shirt sleeve. She snapped her arm back, dragging the person alongside. Suddenly, she stepped in front of the two keyblade wielders and held up her fists.

"Neither of them are going anywhere!"

Rena had chosen the opposite: to give up. Why would she do that?

Aoi gave a cackle. He folded his arms. "'least the kid's got the right idea!"

Ven glanced down at Rena after shoving another snarl at Aoi. His voice became a whisper. "What're you doing?"

Rena froze, glancing off to the side. She put her right hand in her left. "H-He said before... umm..."

She glanced up at Raynie, try to hint something. Raynie quirked a brow, wondering why the kid was looking at her. What did she do?

Aoi saw the child's gesture.

"Ohh..." the enigma grinned. "You remember that, don't you?"


Aoi's gaze snapped onto Raynie. "Then, wench, leave 'em alone. The kiddo wants to tag along..."

Raynie snarled. "Neither of them are coming with you! You'll have to kick my ass to get to them!"

"Easy enough... Xatzku!" He snapped his fingers. "Deal with the wench, will ya?"

The brunette enigma stepped forwards. With a mischievous giggle, she skipped past the other figures, striding beyond Aoi.

"No!" Ven pushed forwards. Locked himself into his battle position, standing before the two girls. "We'll fight! We'll all fight. We're not coming with you and that's that..."

Another shrug from Aoi. "Fine then."

"Let's go!"

Electric blue orbs grew wide. Ven stared at the crowd running straight towards the trio. Glass shimmered and clung to the sides of the path.

With the cavern out of this place blocked, there was no way out!

Two enigmas stayed behind the rest. Three ran forwards, all ready to take on someone: Xatzku charged towards Raynie, a strange (and short) figure reluctantly stepped forwards, while Aoi...

Ven threw his two weapons before him, crossing one over the other up from his head.

Aoi grinned with mischief and vile. A large, guard-less sword in his grasp, he had swung it down to slam into the boy.

A tense sword lock. The two snarled at each other, both trying to push their weapons closer to the other.

Ven pulled his keyblades apart and ran to the side. Out of it! Yet, he cringed from the slice in his claif. The boy swirled around and swung his left keyblade up into the air.

Aoi thrust his sword forwards. The weapon clashed and blocked the small keyblade.

Ven stared, dumbfounded, at the guard-less katana blade. It was changing! An entirely new weapon!

The boy found himself stumbling rearward, his back slamming into the glass wall. He glanced up, cringing, and saw Aoi standing near with a grin on his face.

He had a bow and arrow. An arrow stood against the limb, ready to fire at the boy.


Xatzku smirked. She charged towards Raynie, a knife at hand. Her hood bounced over her head.

She swung the knife horizontally, an attempt to slice the tan teen.

Raynie thrust her forearm forwards. The weapon and her forearm clashed. The teen thrust her free fist forwards to slam Xatzku.

Xatzku swirled her hand and another knife appeared in her empty grasp. She threw it up and blocked the fist.

"Hey, fatty!" the enigma giggled.

Raynie cocked her head. "...You're still looking like a confused old man woman thing."

"Excuse me!?" Xatzku snarled.

The tall brunette jerked her knives back. She swung around, her weapons slicing to attack Raynie.

The tan teen grabbed the knives in mid-attack. The blades sliced across her fingers. Blood crawled onto the steel. She cringed.

Her hands still grasping the knives, Raynie threw a sudden kick into Xatzku's stomach.


Xatzku choked. The hard sandal slammed into her abdomen. In the midst of the pain, the enigma counterattacked: lifting up her right leg and throwing a kick at Raynie's side.



Raynie cringed and pulled back. Her grip on the knives relinquished.

Just as the teen stepped away, the brunette gave a wicked laugh. She charged forwards. Swung her knives and wore a psychotic grin, heading straight towards Raynie!


"Aw man..."

Footsteps trying to run from the crazy battles.

It was Aoi versus Ven and Xatzku versus Raynie. Unfortunately for them, Ven and Raynie were losing! The start of this whole thing and it wasn't turning out well at all.

"Aw man aw man..." the tomboy gulped, sneaking.

There were two other cloaked figures that she spotted. Both were ones she was trying to hide from.

One had a polearm and the other had nothing, but could definitely summon random glass from nowhere to make barriers. She cursed as she thought about those barriers.

There had to be an exit! There was one somewhere!

Rena took a quick glance behind her as she ran up the path. Aoi was too busy fighting, as was Xatzku. The two unknown figures were too preoccupied. But what about another?

"I'm going to fail this mission..."


Rena slammed to a stop upon hearing that voice. A boy's voice! It came from a nearby figure, one off to the side. They wore their hood, but they were hunched over and their fingers were twitching.

Rena stared at them curiously. "Umm..."

He whirled around. "W-What?"

"Aren't you guys..." Rena twirled her finger in the air. "...supposed to be fighting?"

"Y-Yeah..." A gulp. He held up their hand. "I-I gotta fight you..."

The short figure looked... well... pathetic with his weapon: a slingshot. A childish little slingshot!

But Rena shuddered. It was what appeared before the slingshot that made it intimidating: a ball of energy, ready to be thrown. Naive, she didn't know what that was. She certainly didn't trust it.

"You... you don't have to do that!" She waved her hands rapidly. "I'm gonna go with you guys, anyways..."

"Oh." He cocked his head. "That's not what the Superior said..."


"He said you guys were all gonna fight. Stuff like that. Aoi said that, too..."

"I kinda don't wanna fight... 'least against you guys..." She glanced side to side before leaning forwards. "Can you keep a secret?"

The boy cocked his head to the side again. "Why?"

"'cause it's why I don't wanna fight you guys!"

"Oh! Oh..." Suddenly, he frantically nodded. "I can keep secrets!"

Rena's voice lowered to a whisper. "Raynie's all mean 'n stuff, so Aoi said I could come with him so I didn't have to deal with Raynie anymore... I don't like her very much..."

"Oh..." The boy glanced off to the side again. He tapped his chin. "You know... We're trying to capture you guys, right? I think Aoi was trying to trick you before. I dunno what'll happened when we do catch you guys, though..."

She quirked a brow. "Is that bad?"

"I think so..."


The boy jumped, shouting 'Ahh!' beneath his breath. He straightened, glancing over at a figure walking towards the two.

"Y-Yes, sir?"

A tall figure towered over the nervous boy. They folded their arms, holding a polearm against their side.

"If you aren't going to fight, I suggest standing aside, not chit-chatting."

"Yes... sir..." Reluctantly, the boy stepped back.

The tall figure gave a sigh, his deep, cool voice coming back into the air. "At least make yourself useful and attack the other two..."

"Yes, sir...!"

He then ran past Rena and the cloaked male, another ball of white energy appearing and snapping out of his slingshot.

Rena stared at the young boy as he ran off. He was going to attack Ven and Raynie, but she didn't move! Just stand there; stare.


The girl stumbled back. Abruptly calling her weapon and throwing it forwards.

The guy tried to attack her! She had her keyblade amateurishly locked against the man's polearm. She slid back, trying to use all of her strength to keep his weapon from creeping closer to her.

And he simply held his weapon against that oversized key with a single hand.

"Are you actually going to fight now?" He queried. "It's damn boring when a prey doesn't bite back..."

Struggling. Her eyes were transfixed on the two weapons. "M-Maybe..."

He pulled his polearm back! Rena stumbled forwards, nearly falling and dropping her weapon upon doing so. She gave a sigh of relief.

A sudden cringe emitted from her throat.

Her eyes locked on the mellifluous, crimson liquid that started to crawl down her arm.

A smirk clicked onto the man's shadow face. Rena's eyes were no longer distracted by the sight of blood.

"I surely hope that means 'yes'."


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Nice update, I've been reading this fanfic since it came out but I haven't posted but now I'm posting a review lol. Yeah that was an awesome update, I really enjoyed it, I can't wait for more.


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Holy crap, that was totally crazy!!! So, now we have a new person, Raixu, and his weapon is a slingshot. Huh, that is definitely different. I really want to know who the other two are, especially the one attacking Rena with the polearm. I'm just curious, but what is a polearm? I never heard of that kind of weapon. Just asking. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.

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Thankies for the comments! YAY NEW READER. Ish. :B Thank yew for the review, Ringleader Man! I wonder if anyone else is secretly reading this...

Yay for crazy! :D A polearm is this sort of thingy: Pole weapon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I imagined Xiad's weapon being sort of like a spear than anything else. (or maybe a poleaxe...) The two people are Xiad (who's a pompus jerkwad) and the other one's not gonna be revealed just yet! :3

Yay Raixu is hanging out with insane people! xD; (he doesn't like that, either... ack.) Yay for that conversation being kinda cute, too... Rena and Raixu are supposed to be friends at one point, but I dunno when. :d

Here's the next chapter! I'll post up the next one in a few days... And I've got bloody writer's block right now. >:\ Errrrgh. *headdesk*


"Wow. And I thought you'd actually be good at this..."

The dirty blonde stood casually, a knife in one hand. Aoi cocked his head to the side. Rena tried to look strong, pointing her weapon at him.

But, she took a step back.

"I-I don't wanna fight..."

"Oh, what was that?" Aoi scratched his ear. "Speak up."

"...I don't wanna fight!"

"Sorry, kiddo. Superior's orders. Gotta be unconscious whether ya fight or not."

She gulped. "Why?"

"I dunno..."

Rena bit her lip and lowered her weapon. "What if I don't wanna be captured?"


"T-That's what he said!" she whirled around, pointing off to where a cloaked figure was. But, that wasn't that boy! She started to move her arm side to side, hoping her finger would find him.

"Hm." Aoi curled his finger around his chin. "Then he's a bit of a liar..."

He twirled his finger in the air. "We're not gonna capture ya."

Rena grasped her weapon with both hands, resting it in front of her. "Then what'd you want with us?"

"You wanna find out?"

She glanced up at him. Aoi no longer had his knife in his grasp. His arms folded, he smiled. Not that wicked, malicious smile. A small, thin line that curved at the edges.

Without hesitation, she nodded.

"Then let's keep this quick."

Rena realized why someone as strong as Ven could've been defeated so easily; how, in just a moment, he could fall to the ground and not stand back up.

The dirty blonde charged forwards and struck.

Rena held up her keyblade, spinning around.

Where did he go? One moment, he was right in front of her and the next, he was gone!


Blood down her back. A blade dug into her arm. Another across her stomach. Another across her back.

He was way too fast! So swift; she couldn't catch him. She spun around, trying to block. No avail. It was all just too fast...


Slammed into the wall. Pain rippled through her back. Rena winced, sliding.

"You give up yet?"

She stared at her shoes, knees bent. She sat against the wall.

What did just happen? She had never hurt so much before; she couldn't push herself to stand up. Aimlessly staring at the ground.


Aoi quirked a brow, staring down at the bloody cut-covered girl.

Her deep blue orbs stared up at him. Eyes half-opened and mouth agog, she stumbled and clung to the glass wall, trembling as she stood up.

The dirty blonde's guardless blade disappeared from his grasp. He stomped forwards. A bony hand latched onto the girl's oversized, navy hood. He jerked her forwards. Then thrust her back.


Rena winced, her head pounding.

"Hakuxra!" Aoi snarled. His emerald eyes flickered.

She could see a tall, cloaked figure making their way over to Aoi. Blurred.

"Cage. Now." he retorted, his fist tensing. He pulled away and folded his arms, furrowing his brow.

All of a sudden, the surroundings grew blue and distorted. Rena slid against the wall, sinking to the stony ground. The bulky keyblade fell with a hollow clunk.

A cage: a glass cylinder that had no escape; a trap.

The air was dry and thin, suffocating. Rena coughed. She jolted up, glancing around rapidly but weakly. Beyond the glass were distorted silhouettes of Aoi and the cloaked man. Why were they just standing there?


Metal. Cold metal burst through the glass case. Shattering the crystal into tiny, insignificant fragments. Glass shards sunk into her skin. They bit through her vest, her hood, tempting to stab through her skin.

Cold metal echoed across her throbbing cheek.

The glass case disappeared with a wave of the enigma's hand.

Aoi sneered. His emerald eyes fixated on the battered tomboy sliding down the wall, fumbling for her keyblade. She stared around aimlessly, glancing side to side.

He stepped forth. He reached down and curled his fist around that hood, hoisting Rena just a bit.

He curl his lip, leaning down; nearly nose-to-nose with the roughed-up girl.

"Do you want to find out what we want with blondie and you or not?"

Without hesitation, she drowsily nodded. Her head started to fall against her shoulder.

"Nngh!" She found herself thrown to the ground.

A heavy, black boot lightly pressed against her neck and shoulder; the pressure getting more harsh by the moment.

"Then give up already."

A hack spit up from her throat. Eyes wide and transfixed on the ground in front of her. She gasped for air. Where was it? Where did it go? She couldn't find it!

Sleepy... Half-opened eyes begun to lightly close.

But she fought, her small grasp placed on his boot. Her head started to fall sideways. Her eyes were closing.

"Not yet..." she mumbled. Her voice scratchy.

"Not... yet..." Her grasp grew limp.

The keyblade disappeared from the ground.

The young man reached down and scooped up the girl. Flopped over his shoulder, one arm hanging aimlessly while the other bent and laid there.

Aoi smirked. "'Kay. Got what we came fo--"

A swirling, dark portal abruptly appeared before the lot of them. The man with the polearm strode past. His weapon disappearing with a buzz of black. He turned his gaze.

"The mission is complete." His cool voice snapped. "Let us leave this wretched place."

Aoi's smirk disappeared and he rolled his eyes, giving a scowl. "Yeah. 'course it's complete..."

His heavy combat boots stomped forwards, his emerald gaze set on the portal before them.

She felt herself simply being dropped to the ground. A giggle came and went, as did the tension pounding through her arms. She was drained, stumbling down. But she didn't stop herself from gazing behind, past that spot on the ground. Her mako blue eyes lit up.

"No!" Raynie stumbled, scrambled. She charged after those cloaked freaks. She picked up the pace when she saw that blonde boy: he looked so tranquil...

Her gloved hand reached out for his own, fumbling to grab his hand. She touched his limp fingers; how badly she wanted to pluck him right out of the cloaked man's grasp.

His hand disappeared. Ven disappeared, along with that terrible enigma. Her hands fell to her sides.

Heavy combat boots against the stone ground. She whirled around, teeth bared, and reached forwards.

"No!" She snapped, brow furrowed. Her grip tightened around the young man's arm. She was strong enough to drag the dirty blonde to a stop.

Taken aback, Aoi quirked a brow and glanced down at the teen. He suddenly cringed, feeling her nails dig into his sleeve and his skin.

"You can't take them!"

"Oh?" he gave a scoff. "You think you can rescue 'em, wench?"

"Of course I can!" snarled Raynie. "I'm the Raynie Sol and--"

Aoi harshly jerked his arm out of her grasp and sneered. The echo of his boots bounced off of the ground.

"NO!" She screamed.


"Not gonna happen!"

The glimmer of metal lit up in her sight. Her jaw started to throb. She stumbled back against her own accord.

"Give them back!"

Aoi sneered, smiling. "Not gonna happen!"

Raynie rushed forwards. She had to catch him! He couldn't just leave like that!

But he merely strolled towards the dark portal; it couldn't have been that hard to catch him!

"No no no!"

Darkness coiled around the young man's boots in wisps. She splashed through the ink, charging after him.

"Let 'em go!" she demanded, reached out a hand. Her grasp tightened, coiling around his bony arm. Yet, he slipped it out of her grasp effortlessly.

"Stop!" All of a sudden, Raynie felt quite helpless. No matter how hard she tried, Aoi wouldn't stop.

Her last resort.

She reached out her gloved hand.

Her grasp fumbled to latch onto the young girl's hand. Her cool fingers never moved; yet, Raynie could see Rena's deep blue orbs just half-open. The girl rested her chin on Aoi's shoulder, staring at Raynie and looking glazed over.

Raynie felt triumph. She curled her hand around Rena's palm and tightened her grasp. Maybe, just maybe, she could save one of them... She grinned at the thought.

Aoi only jerked forwards. He pulled Raynie's hand away.

Rena stared at Raynie. Drowsy and aimless. She held up a hand, curling her fingers; as if to say 'bye'.

Raynie never realized that she was staring aimlessly, not bothering to move forwards. She watched the two disappear. Why did she do nothing?

The portal was still open. It was still open! Just one chance to save them. She charged forwards. Rushing across the ground, bursting forth!

She could save them. She could save them! Just a step away; almost there!

It disappeared. The dark portal was gone.

"No..." her voice was crackled. "You can't... take them..."

Defeated, Raynie fell to her knees. She was clueless; she didn't know what else to do!

"B-Bring them back!" Her mako blue eyes were wide and staring off into space. She stared right where the portal once was.

"They're... they're my ticket home!!" she slammed her fist into the ground. "You can't just take them like that! Bring them back!"


The teen stared at the ground. She had never, ever felt so helpless before; she had no motivation at all to stand up, or even look up.


"What!?" She scowled, giving a sniffle. Her mako blue gaze whirled around.

The teen stopped. She stared. It wasn't who she wanted it to be, but it was someone familiar. Someone very familiar...


She jolted to her feet. She rushed over to him and stood before the sixteen-year-old. For a moment, she felt ecstatic. But now Raynie wore a harsh frown and a furrowed brow.

"Ow!" Adyn hissed, rubbing his arm.

"Why're you here!?" she stabbing him with her index finger. "We've been looking everywhere for you!"

"S-Sorry..." The boy glanced off to the side. "...Where's Ven and Rena?"

"Stupid hooded freaks ran off with 'em!"


"They went through a portal thing and walked off..." Raynie pointed off to the side. "We gotta find 'em!"


"It'll be easy! We can just get in the ship and--"

"There's a problem with that..."

Raynie quirked a brow.

"Portals can lead to anywhere..."

A frown dropped onto Adyn's features. At the sight of it, Raynie started to feel helpless again. A frown started to fall on her own features, a helpless gleam flickering in her eyes.

"So... how do we find them?"

"It's not very likely that we will."
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