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Fanfiction ► Betwixt + Between

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Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
Oh no!!! Ven and Rena have been taken by Aoi and the rest of those cloaked freaks. This is really, really bad. I feel absolutely horrible for Raynie; to see her feel helpless is really terrible. On the plus side, I'm really glad to see Adyn back, but I am curious as to where he went. I am also curious as to why Aoi and his freaks want Ven and Rena. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more. Oh, one more thing, I like the names of the other two, Xiad. and Hakuxra; they are really cool names. And one more question, how come Aoi has no X in his name? Just curious.

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
Thankies for the comments! :3 SQUEE. Thank yew for the comments on Raynie's helplessness... ness. YAY I PORTRAYED EMOTION WELL :DDD *dances*

I think all of those questions'll be answered in the next chapters, actually... D: then more questions'll show up. Mwahaha. As for Aoi's name, it might have something to do with the fact that he acts like he has more emotion than everybody else. (though he's a complete psycho...) He has a name with an X, but he gets VERY ticked off when someone calls him that. There will probably be gore if someone calls him that name. <.<; Yeeeeeah.

The next chapter is LONG. It's already in two parts, so it'll actually be a three-parter on here. I'll post the whole thing this week, though. Enjoy! :D



The walls were a light purple. A thick circle elevated off of the ground: a strange insignia etched into it. Tall chairs with the emblem moved up and down on occasion, all seeming to sit twelve, black-cloaked figures; one of these chairs was empty.

"The Keyblade wielders have been captured. They're within the headquarters and both are unconscious." A cool voice spoke.

The hooded figure, sitting in the tallest of the chairs, simply nodded their head.


In one of the nearby chairs, specifically the seventh from the tallest seat, sat the dirty blonde, slumped forwards and looking bored. Hand placed under his chin, his emerald green eyes glanced up.

"Yeah?" he questioned casually, sounding a touch cross. He leaned back, folding his arms and slouched.

"Tell me," the man's voice was powerful, but quite friendly. "What do you think of them?"

Aoi rolled his eyes childishly. "One's really freakin' annoying and the other can't pick up a sword."

"Ah." The enigma rested his hands on the arms. He relaxed in his seat.

"And would they be a suitable member of Exsilium Ordinatio XIII?"


Feeling began to rush back into his fingertips, warmth before a cold chill pushed through him. His eyes slowly opened half-way, electric blue orbs shifting and staring at the floor.

The floor glossy, pearl white, and very bright.

He felt groggy as he stared at the floor, staring at his distorted, bright reflection. So sleepy and drained. Why did he feel like that?

When feeling rushed back into his feet, he sat up straight. His intense blue orbs stared at his leg.

A hole, a rip. In the cream-coloured bottom of his pants leg, he found a rip and a small hole in his skin under the rip.


The blonde scowled. He remembered the cloaked figure with the polearm. There was a dart that burst out of the man's weapon and, soon enough, Ven was unconscious. He had been caught by those terrible enigmas.

His intense blue eyes scanned around. The boy was in a simple room: the room was square and small with a high ceiling. The walls were simply white and nothing more than that.

He also noticed that there were no windows. Nor doors.

Ven scowled.

Caught and trapped. But he wouldn't give up so easily; these people were tricky, but there had to be a way out of here.

The blonde rose to his feet, straightened his vest, and scanned around. His square shoes clicked and he walked, stomping on the floor as if looking for a trapdoor; he left no corner unchecked.


He moved the wall and suddenly slammed his fist against it. He placed his ear there.


Hollow. That couldn't have been the door.

Another spot he punched. Hollow.

Another. Hollow.

He stepped around the entire perimeter, taking small steps and checking each part of the wall.




At last, he must've returned to the same spot.. He gave a frustrated sigh.

So, maybe there wasn't a trap door or some secret tactic to get out. Maybe all this place was was four walls, a very tall ceiling, and a slippery floor. But still; he had to try.

Ven cautiously placed his ear against the wall. He raised his fist. He drew his arm back.

Suddenly, he launched his arm forwards and slammed his fist against the panel.



He was right; the only way in and out was through a portal.

Then why was he smiling? He stepped back. What was he doing?

A block in the wall suddenly fell backwards as he lowered his foot.

An exit! He raced out of the room, ecstatic.

The hallway had a similar floor to the strange, white room: slick, smooth, slippery, and a pearl white. It was perfectly spotless and white. Completely and utterly white. It smelled like bleach and pine.

His intense blue orbs scanned around, finding that the floor was more than just a hallway. Both directions that he looked in, the hall grew darker towards the end, signaling how long it could've been.

When Ven glanced over the railing, he found more boxy paths down below. Just like the hallway, there were so many floors that many of them grew darker with the further down they were.

A maze, he declared. This place was that there were no doors or windows. The room he had come out just had a wall in front of it, only opening by force. His pupils darted across the floor.

If he was right, then the enigmas had taken him to this place. If he was right, then Rena was trapped somewhere within this gargantuan place. And, if he very much was correct, then it would've been impossible to find her and a way out.

He gave a frustrated sigh. Arms folded over his chest, he stared down at the floor. What was he supposed to do?

Find Rena and get out of there, of course. It seemed impossible, but he still had to try; he wasn't one to give up easily, after all!

The boy gently closed his eyes and rubbed his temples with a free hand. He certainly had to try and find her in this maze.

His boxy tennis shoes stepped hastily across the sleek, snowy-coloured floor.





There was no fifth step.


Ven hissed. What happened?

One moment, he was walking. The next? He was lying against the floor, his back harshly throbbing. His chest felt like it had been hit by a pillow case full of bricks...

"Nngh..." the blonde boy hissed, cringing as he sat up. Teeth gritted, his electric blue orbs scanning the surroundings.

There was a small distortion in the air. Like a wave.

"Oh, looks like you got out."

He jerked his gaze over to the side. The boy snarled.

A thin, feminine figure sat atop the railing to the side. Wearing that clique, black cloak, hiding beneath that mystifying hood. The girl had her black gloved hands lightly placed on the rail, her legs crossed and swinging back and forth playfully.

Ven immediately jumped to his feet, his fists clenched.

"Where's Raynie and Rena?" he demanded, acting calm but surely showing hatred.

The figure giggled, a mischievous smile curling on their lips. "We have traps, as you can tell. Roam around as much as you like, but you won't get very far at all~"

"Where are they?" he persisted.

"Uh, hello?" the enigma folded her arms, leaning forwards in tune with her statement, "Antagonist! Not telling, boy."

Ven snarled, his brow furrowed.

He lost his cool.

"Where are they!?" Suddenly, he launched himself at the enigma. Fist curled in her cloak collar and he jerked her forwards.


A wicked smile spread across her ruby lips. She giggled.

Ven's eyes grew wide as he found that the enigma was gone through a portal. He growled with frustration, his deep blue orbs staring up at the air. He took a step around and stared off towards where that 'trap' was. How was he going to get past it...?

Suddenly, he choked!

A black hand coiled around his throat. His own hand! His shadow's? Yes, it stood before him. Ven immediately recoiled, trying to pull away.

"Temper, temper!" the feminine voice exclaimed, "But, since you asked so nicely..."


Ven hissed in pain. That enigma had raised her hand. His shadow slammed his foot into Ven's stomach.

She placed her hands on her hips, swaying, "One got ditched in the Coliseum. The other is hiding somewhere," she waved her finger, "in this place. Too bad you can't even walk two steps without getting punched in the face!"

The shadow recoiled, sinking back into the ground when the enigma waved her petite hand.

The boy stared at the wiry enigma, blue flames licking his pupils.

He didn't hesitate. He sprinted, his hands clenching his weapons. Quick. A blur. Invisible.

The enigma smirked.

The boy stopped, quickly raising his weapons to attack...

He hit the ground, finding nothing there. The mischievous female had disappeared. He kept his keys against the ground, staring at the blades.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

He felt his hands pulsing. All for nothing...

A choke, his eyes wide. His head snapped back. A hand digging its nails into the back of his skull.

He felt himself being pulled, swung.

The hand disappeared and, once more, he found himself flying backwards. That trap! His back slammed against the ground seconds later, his keyblades falling out of his grasp. They disappeared.

Certainly, she hadn't disappeared just yet.

"If you want to get out of here," her voice rang in the air, "I suggest you stay away from those traps! Good luck trying to get out before we catch you~!"

Ven sat up, his back pulsing. Her giggle filled the air, disappearing and fading into silence. He pushed himself to his feet, hissing with pain, and snarled angrily. The enigma was gone and she wasn't coming back.

"Dammit..." the boy cursed. Eyelids pulled over his eyes, his hand rubbing his temples in frustration. That encounter got him nowhere...

Or did it?

When he closed his eyes, he heard a noise in the silence. A tap. A thud. A beat.

It took him by surprise and he jerked his eyes open. When he stared out into the hallway, the beat faded.

A sharp intake of breath. That beat... What a curious thing. He closed his eyes once more, determined to study the beat.


It was no ordinary beat.


It was a heartbeat.

He knew what those enigmas were. They weren't normal. If there was a heartbeat, and he wasn't imagining it, then it might truly belonged to someone. In a place like this, if there was only person with a heartbeat, could it be...

He opened his eyes and spotted the wall. He took several steps towards the wall and then towards that 'trap'...


Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
So, the mysteroius organization is called Exsilium Ordinatio XIII. Interesting. And now we have another unknown member messing with Ven. Question, was that Castle Oblivion or somewere else? Just asking. I wonder what Aoi's name with an X in it is and why he doesn't like to be called it. You know, Aoi comes off as a mix between Saix and Axel. I mean, he has the same type of personality and attitude as Axel, but he more seems loyal to this organization like Saix was to Org. XIII. Just making an observation. Oh, one more question, and it may seem a little silly, but why is the chapter called "Detroit"? It's just an odd title, I was just kind of curious. Anyway, enoughof my rambling, great job, and I look forward to more.

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
Thankies for the comments! :D And yeah, poor Ven. XD; I just realized that, too... :d Yay for him being kewl without an X in his name, too! :DD

The member's actually Xatzku... I think. I dunno, actually. D: I was thinking Xatzku when I wrote it, but now I'm not sure. ^^; Ack. The place isn't supposed to be Castle Oblivion, but it looks like it. Not from the outside at all, though! Looks more like a REALLY tall rectangular building that seems a bit out of place. xD; Aoi'll explain it a bit in this chapter. :3

Aoi comes off as Saix? owo Wowzers, didn't think of that. He's supposed to be a bit like the Joker in TDK, too, which is why his knife is like his BFF. He only seems loyal when he wants to get something. He's actually very much a big back-stabbing jerkwad. :D As for the title: YouTube - Black Gold - Detroit THIS SONG. <3 I thought the lyrics fit, so I called it that. All of the titles are named after songs, actually. I don't mind ramblings! I love answering questions 'n stuff. :D (and i ramble a lot myself haha xD;)

Here's the rest of this chapter! I hope you enjoy it! :)



Eyelids heavy. Hands numb. Drowsy...

Her fingers slid across the glossy floor as feeling and warmth rushed back into her fingertips. Her fingers twitched. Her eyelids flickered, trying to open and combat the drowsiness.

Glimpses. She fought to keep her eyes open, curious to see her surroundings. Sitting up and rubbing her eyes, the tomboy rested her hands on her crossed legs. She fought to keep her eyes open, curious.

But she felt gypped. It was nothing more than a boring white room! Completely gypped.

The brunette fell on her side, tempting to bring back to sleep; she had no problem with sleeping on the floor. Eyes half-opened, she was ready to drift into slumber...

But she refrained. Why? A hiss of pain.

She jolted, jerking and placing a hand against her shoulder. That was one of many places that begun throbbing all of a sudden. A torrid pain. As feeling rushed back into the drowsy tomboy, pain came with it.

The brunette jerked, sitting up. Her deep blue eyes studied her legs and arms.

Cuts. Bloody, dried, crushy cuts. All over her arms, legs, and back. Not just cuts: bruises, too! A prominent black and blue patch of skin was on her neck and shoulder, where a heavy boot placed itself to drive her into unconsciousness.

Rena grumbled. Stupid Aoi. He was so tricksy; she hated him.

She glanced up, studying the very boring room.

Do you want to find out what we want with blondie and you or not?

Aoi said something about being unconscious. That boy said something about being captured, but Aoi claimed the boy was lying. She had certainly been unconscious. In a room without doors or windows, this must've been 'not captured'. So, what would happen if she tried to get out? Would she find out what they wanted with Ven and herself?

She bit her lip. Maybe staying here would mean an answer. Or it could mean no answer at all...

This room was way too boring. She had to find a way out!

The tomboy jumped to her feet. She furrowed her brow. But where was 'out'? She cocked her head to the side, shoulders dropping.

She trotted over to the wall and stared at it for a moment. Plain and boring. Great. No, that couldn't have been the exit. Maybe there was no exit at all!

She turned around and trotted back to the center of the room. She paced around, staring at the floor and her oversized shoes.

Her shoes scuffed into the ground. Sleek and slippery. The bottom of her shoe slid across the ground and she found herself stumbling. She tumbled, like a klutz, and her head slammed into the wall.

"Oww-- whoa!"

As she vigourously rubbed her head, Rena found herself falling. Not backwards, but forwards! How'd that work? There was a wall there!

"Mmph!" The slam echoed across the wall and shuddered through her skin, like a shockwave. She cringed.

"Owww..." Face pressed against the smooth, white wall, she slowly lifted her head and rested her chin. She huffed. Still trapped in that stupid room, and she managed to be a complete klutz.

Maybe not.

Her deep blue orbs glanced around the room and found that it wasn't a room at all: a hallway! She was lying on part of the wall, a rectangular hole behind her. Ecstatic, she jumped up, grinning.

"Ha!" Triumph! She raised her fist into the air. She started to whistle a little tune that she thought Raynie was whistling before; like when they won a fight or something. She jumped off of the door and wandered down the hallway, glancing around.

She wasn't cautious at all: she was curious. She completely forgot about the events in the Coliseum, and how malicious those cloaked guys were. They couldn't have been here, could they? Of course not! This place was too neat to have those guys in it.

But she heard a noise: the sound of a familiar portal opening and closing. Boots clicking across the sleek floor.

Rena froze up, not daring to glance behind her.

Throwing her hood over her head. She took off into a run down the hall. She tried to stay steady; tried not to slide. She heard those footsteps: they were running, too! Down the white, bright hall. Across one of the many floors.

She kept on running.

"...Whoa!" Until she started to slide around. She waved her arms, looking foolish. She pulled backwards to stop.

And slammed into a pedestal. The plain vase started to tremble. Tempting to fall and crash to the floor. She didn't care. Just as long as it didn't tell them where she was.

She bunched up, grabbing her knees and pulling them into her chest. She tempted to hide. Really trying to hide.

Those footsteps slowed. They drew nearer. Who was it? What if they were going to do something bad? A punishment! Oh gosh, she was going to be punished. All for leaving the room. What would they do? Why did she leave in the first place?

She pressed her forehead against her knees, her gloved hands gripping the wrinkles on her jeans. She shuddered.

Those footsteps slowed to a stop.

She knew someone was standing over her. Hearing their breathing, the sound of it amplified. She whimpered.

She heard their hand. It gripped the pedestal. Their breathing slowed. Right over her. Trying to breathe down her neck. She cringed. Waiting for them to grab her. She grabbed her hood. Pulling it tighter.

"Sorry." It was a mantra. She wouldn't leave that room again!

Just don't hurt me, she would've said, Just don't be like him...

"What are you doing?" Perplexed and dumbfounded. A hand tugged on her hood, coaxing her to pull it off.

"N-Nothin'..." she said, shuddering. She looked up from under the shadow, peering out into the empty hallway. There was someone behind her. There was someone behind her!

Cautiously, the tomboy turned and looked to the side.

No, they were next to her. And she could've sworn they had a knife.

There came a whistle. A little sing-song whistle. She cautiously looked as that hand started to pull off her hood.

He laughed, "You're weird."

She jumped in her skin. It was Aoi! It was Aoi! That psychotic weirdo! And he was picking on her! She crawled to the side, throwing her hood over her head. She scrambled, trying to run to her feet.

"Ah-uh!" Darn it! He grabbed her vest, reeling her back in. He put his arm on her head, leaning with his hand in his pocket. She knew he was grinning.

"Where'd ya think you're goin'?"

She said nothing. She looked up at him...

Then stuck out her tongue.

"Ow!" His fist whacked her in the head.

"Wrong. I like answers, not tauntings. 'sides, that's my job."

"Go away." Her shoulders tensed up.

"Phft. You got any manners? Ask nicely."

She shuddered. Gave a snarl. "Where's Ven?"


"Tell me where he is!"

He grinned, stepping away from the girl. Stepping down the hall. "Nuh-uh."

She found herself running down the hall. Right after him. She couldn't stop it: she just ran at him!

"Tell me!"

But he was gone. Rena stared at the space where the teen once stood. She folded her arms, giving a shudder. She was terrified of him... but she would willingly run at him; if it meant kicking his butt.

"Whoa!" Stumbling again! A hand pressed against her back, but she didn't just stumble: that hand pushed her, making her run. Until she slammed face-first into a wall.

But there was no wall there! What the...

She fell backwards, slamming to the ground. Rena snarled, scowling as she looked up at the dirty blonde hovering over her.

He pointed his finger at her, grinning. "El-oh-el." Whatever that meant.

Rena slid backwards and pushed herself up.

"Might want to watch out for those traps." Aoi said, folding his arms. He leaned against seemingly nothing. Knocking on an invisible wall with the back of his fist.

She jumped up, growling. He wasn't here to catch her; he was here to mess with her! To just throw her into stupid traps... Whatever.

She whirled around, stepping off down the hallway. If he wasn't going to catch her, she would just run. Run before he got any ideas!

But as soon as she started running, something slid under her feet. Actually, nothing slid under her feet: it was like in a cartoon. A hole slid under her shoes!

"Ah!" Rena scrambled to grab the edge, but no avail: seconds after falling through the hole, she slammed face-first into another sleek, white floor. She started cursing under her breath.

"See? Told ya!" Aoi again. He reappeared on this floor.

Rena jumped up, "What is this!?"

"It's called Exsilium no Sekai. It's our castle and we don't like people running around in here." He pointed to the hallway above, "Hence the traps."

Rena growled.

Aoi's grin returned, "We especially don't like our prisoners running around loose. Ya know, they could escape! We don't want that."

Rena froze up. Oh no...

"...What're you gonna do?"

He raised his hand, holding a knife. "I dunno..." He stepped forwards. "I think I'll do the best I can..."

He licked his lips. "Know what happens when you escape?"

Rena shuddered, "What?"

"Punishment!" He walked faster. Faster and faster.

Rena started to step back. Until she slammed into the wall. Heart pounding. Aoi was scary: he ripped Figgie's heart out! Would he do the same to her? Or would he do something worse? She started shaking. Thinking of all the terrible things he could do.

All of a sudden, he appeared in front of her. Hovering. Grinning. Cocking his head to the side. And laughing between his teeth.

She shuddered. No, not in front of her: Behind her! She shook. Aoi was behind her.

He grabbed the side of her face. Pressed his knife to the edge of her mouth.

"Aw, are you scared?"

She shook her head.

"Don't be so serious..."

He gripped his knife tighter. Leaning to her ear. He was about to dig it into her flesh. To rip it apart.

"You need to smile more..."

Rena cringed, closed her eyes. Waiting. Waiting for the penalty. She shouldn't have escaped. She should not have escaped!

Feeling the edge of the knife. She waited for it to slice.

She cringed. Waiting and waiting. Just do it! Just do it and get it over with.

She tensed up... Waiting for the searing slice. Oh gosh, just get it over with! She was sorry for running. She wouldn't do it again. A shake echoed through her arms.

Just do it!

"Ah!" Rena hissed, her forehead pounding.

She slammed into the wall and, all of a sudden, went flying. Her back throbbed as it slammed into the floor. She opened her eyes, staring up at the ceiling.

"Haha!" His boots slammed against the ground as he darted over. He grinned and folded his arms. "Got ya."

Rena snarled as she jumped up. "I hate you!"

"Oh, nice."

Suddenly, a harsh fist slammed into her cheek.

Rena stumbled back, fumbling to regain her balance. She rubbed her cheek and growled.

"Grow up!" he said, grinning again.

She didn't act: she didn't run up to him and try to get payback. She stood there, glaring at him. Fuming as her cheek throbbed.

"I'm not gonna catch ya," he finally said, thrusting his hands into his pockets, "Doesn't mean the other guys won't."

Rena folded her arms. The 'other guys' wouldn't be nearly as bad as Aoi.

"I'll give ya... fifteen minutes. Do whatever, but once it hits fifteen..."

All of a sudden, Aoi just disappeared. He stepped through a portal and disappeared.

Rena jumped, "Wait!" She rushed forwards, glancing around and looking for the teen.

"By the way," But Aoi's voice was still there, "if you wanna get past those traps, step to the side and stay small."

Then, just like the teen himself, his voice disappeared.

Rena grumbled, folding her arms.


She stepped forwards, eyes glancing curiously for any sort of trap. 'Step to the side and stay small'? What did that mean?

Lectori Salutem

secretly sadistic
Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
El-oh-el... I think I love Aoi^^ He really loves to toy with people, and he's good at it too! And in this chapter Rena really seems like a small child, more so than in the others... It's kinda cute. Exsilium no Sekai. Latin and Japanese, in an English fic... I like it^^


Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
God, I love Aoi so much. Crazy psycho bastards are the best characters. So, Ven and Rena are trapped in Exsilium no Sekai. I take it that is this organization's prison of sorts. Qusetion, what does the title mean? Sorry, I don't know any Latin or Japanese. Also, I really liked how you characterized Rena in this chapter; it was kind of nice to see her more as a child, seeing as she is a child. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.

Lectori Salutem

secretly sadistic
Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
Exsilium is exile (I think) and Sekai is world. So Exsilium no Sekai would mean something like World of Exile. It sounds a lot like some kind of prison indeed. I don't really speak Latin and Japanese either, but I know a little of both. More Latin than Japanese, currently, but I will learn Japanese someday!

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
Thankies for the comments! Especially about Aoi, too. ZOMG THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY SQUEE. 83 If he could, he would give everyone hugs... or something. (that's a bit of a lie. he would probably be like 'you want me to do what, woman? D:<') Glad to hear that you guys like Rena's characterzation, too. I need to make her act more like a kid in the next chapters. 8D; She's definitely acting like 'I want to be a hero!' in the one I'm writing, though.

What LS said is spot on. :D I don't know very much Latin (i grabbed the word off of a latin dictionary or something), but I'm studying Japanese. Exsilium no Sekai is supposed to mean the Exiled's World or the World of the Exiled or something. Guess it could be a prison, but it's also Exsilium Ordinatio XIII's base. :D Annnd, I hope this is right, Exsilium Ordinatio XIII should mean 'Exiled Order XIII' or something. OH BOY I'M SO ORIGINAL *snort* xD; I don't know if there's any particles in Latin, so I have no clue if that's 100% correct. Ack.

I'm tempted to wait until tomorrow to post this... but it's already tomorrow. whoasnapawesome :D I guess I'll just post this now, then. Enjoy!



Sharp intake of breath. His hand slammed into his chest. His fingers tightened and shook. His thin nails tempting to claw his heart out.

The blonde hunched over, shaking.

"Why..." he hissed through his teeth.

His intense blue orbs snapped up.

Same white walls. Same white floors. Same damn place. He snarled, his shoulders tightening.

It was as if the walls were laughing at him. Laughing at his futile attempts for escape. He ran through each trap, but they grew worse as went on.

"Dammit." The boy rose to his feet, heart slamming against his throat. He ran his hands through his messy spikes.

How was he supposed to escape from this damn place? How was he supposed to find the others? How was he supposed to find...

His hands dropped to his sides. He stared at the floor, his eyes blinking harshly.

He had to find her.

Ven stepped forwards, taking cautious steps as his eyes darted around. There was always a way out. He would find it and he would get out of there, with Rena. Then they'd go back to somewhere. Anywhere but here. Yeah, that was right.

But another world seemed so far away. The warmth and safety of anywhere but here felt impossible to reach. Still, he kept on walking and kept on his guard. He had to get out of here.

As he stepped forwards, his sneakers clicked on the sleek floor.

Click, click, click.

Each step had caution etched into it. His fists tightened, itching for the security of his weapons.

Click. Click. Click.

They grew slower in pace.




And slower....

It was as if spiders were scampering down his skin.

He jerked around. His intense orbs staring off down the hall.

Then he heard it.

Click! Click!

Haste filled footsteps.

Clickclick! Clickclick!

Behind him! He snapped around again.

"Who's there?!" His fists tightened. Twin flashes of light. Keyblades.


Behind him again. He swirled around. Readying his weapons.

"Show yourself!" Ven slammed one of his weapons into the floor. A hollow clank! echoed through the hall.


Growing closer. Behind. He slammed his second weapon into the ground.

"Show yourself!"

They were taunting him. Oh, they must have been! There was nothing there. There was no one there. Just the simple clicks into his ears.


His hand slammed into the side of his head. Suddenly, footsteps turned into laughter. Taunting. Mocking.


"Shut up!" He screamed. Threw his hands against his head. Fingers digging into his skull.


The walls were laughing at him. Everything was laughing at him. Taunting him! He hated it. Loathed it!

He felt something grab his shoulder.

He whirled around. His eyes shut. His weapons slammed into the ground.



"Screw off!"


His eyes snapped open. His weapons tumbled to the ground with a clatter. The tension and madness disappeared. His shoulders dropped. The boy's eyes grew wide.


He stared at the girl sprawled out on the ground, staring up at him with wide eyes. She shook, taking sharp intakes of breath. She looked terrified.

Ven inched towards her, cautious. He raised his hand. "I'm... sorry..."

Rena gulped. "S'okay."

"I didn't hurt you, did I?"

She shook her head. "Just scared me."

"Sorry." He glanced around as he placed his hand behind his neck. "This place... makes you crazy."

"Yeah..." She gave a meek nod. "I know."

Her deep blue orbs penetrated into Ven's own as she slid to her feet. The boy looked horribly shaken, not through his features or body: through his eyes.

"You okay?"

He ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah."

Ven's gaze shifted over to his weapons on the ground. There were blackened smudges and scraps on the pristine flooring. The two keyblades suddenly disappeared in flashes of light and he released a harsh sigh.

"Let's get out of here," he said. It was far-fetched, but there had to be a way out.

"How?" Rena stepped towards the boy. She grasped the hand he presented; the two were thankful for not being alone anymore.

"Somehow," he nodded, reassured. "We'll figure it out."

The two stepped down the hall. Ven's eyes shifted around wildly, searching for traps. Rena just kept staring forwards.

Click, click, click.

Their steps grew cautious now.

Click. Click. Click.

Ven knew there was a trap just before them. They kept on walking. Taking careful steps.

They pressed forwards.

Ven quirked a brow. As far as he could tell, there was no trap. He stopped, placing his hand over the air as if feeling around for something.

No wall. No shift in the air. It was gone?

Perhaps. Yeah, it had to have disappeared. Ven tugged at Rena's hand and the two suddenly sprinted down the hall. They couldn't miss this chance; get past it before it comes back!

Their sneakers slid across the pristine floor. Rena stumbled to keep from slipping and sliding as Ven looked as if he were an expert at skating.

They came to the next trap, or so Ven thought. If it was there, then they had slid past it.

Maybe they wanted to make it easy for them.


The two continued down the hall, inching towards where the path took a sharp turn to the left.

And they slid through another missing trap. They encountered nothing, just walked past.

It was easy. Too easy.

They kept on walking...


Ven and Rena slammed to a stop when swirls of darkness rose from the ground. Beady yellow eyes and black skin. Heartless! Shadows.

They stood taller, taller than their brethren, and were larger, more menacing.

Ven summoned his keyblades, charging forwards.

"Stay back!" He slashed through one of the creatures. Neo-Shadows were nasty creatures; they could rip your heart out right under your nose.

Rena followed the boy's order, keeping a distance away from the dancing shadows. Her deep blue orbs darted off to the side. She took a quick gasp.

"Ven!" she grinned ecstatically.

But he didn't notice. He slashed through the creatures, edging from the monsters' viscious attacks. One slash and they disappeared in a spit of black. Ven stared at the Heartless curiously as he attacked.

"Ha!" He twirled his weapons, bringing them down on one. He slid and slammed his weapon into another. He spun the second, pointing it outwards and stabbing the Heartless.

Just like that, they were all gone. How could such a powerful creature be defeated so easily? He shook his head.

"Not as bad as I thought," the blonde grinned. His intense blue orbs shifted over to Rena.

They shifted away. "Rena?" He stepped towards the other path. "Rena?"

His eyes set on it. On the hall that they just stepped down, it stood there idly. It called to whomever set their eyes on it, beaconing them closer.

But it disappeared.

He did a double take.

"Rena!" He jerked around. His weapons clenched tighter. "Rena!"

Gone. She was gone!

The boy snarled. He slammed his weapons into the ground.


He raced down the hall. His ears pounding. His knuckles white. His teeth bared.


Ven jumped across the floor. Racing and racing. He ignored everything: the missing traps. Anything that looked like an exit.

Screw it! He had to find Rena.


He came to the other side of the hall. His heart pounding. His lungs itching for air. His intense blue orbs scanned the walls, the other levels.

Yet he could find nothing.

"I can't lose you again!" Worry flickered in his eyes. He clutched his head.

She told him to find the keyblader. He found them, but he was failing.

He had to get to her... That's all that mattered: get to her!

Ven's hand slammed into his chest again. An ache in his chest. His heart wanting escape. He stared around wearily.

"I can't lose you..." The boy's gaze shifted to the floor. His back slid against the wall.

He was lost. He just found his friend... and, all of a sudden, his hope was gone. He was alone again. Always alone...

"Poor thing..."

Ven's gaze jerked up. His heart skipped a beat. He jumped to the side, finding himself staring at a knife in the wall.

His gaze shifted to the figure creeping closer. Another cloaked enigma. They lowered their hood, revealing the psychotic female he faced before.

"What'd you want?" he hissed, stepping to the side.

Xatzku grinned, pulling her clever from the plaster. "To stab a wench's little cover-up."

Ven's faithful weapons appeared in his grasp. He quirked a brow as the woman's grin widened.

"Naminé lied!"
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Not where you are, obviously...
A hug from Aoi would probably be terrifying anyway^^ And they really like to mess with Ven's head, don't they? I feel sorry for him...

Alright, Latin has no particles (at least not like in Japanese). Instead, Latin has cases. The problem with what you have right now, is that both words are nouns (substantivus). Exsilium Ordinatio means Exile Order. Both are in the first case (nominativus). Exiled is a verb, exile isn't, so that makes things a bit difficult. Exsilii Ordinatio would mean Order of Exile, which is a bit closer to what you intended. Exsilii is second case (genitivus). Of course no one in their right mind would seriously think about something like this, so don't change it because I say so...^^

... Yeah, I have to learn a bit of Latin at school. You might have noticed that I'm not bad at it^^


Aug 2, 2008
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Wait a minute, what the heck just happened? Where did Rena go? Did someone kidnap her? I have a feeling that the heartless attack was just a set up. And what did Namine lie about? Man, this is getting really crazy. I feel really sorry for Ven; I'd be going insane too if I were in a place like that. Holy cow, if he had a gun, I'm sure he would blow his own brains out just to stop the insanity. Anyway, great job again, and I look forward to more. I really want to know what happens next.

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
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Thankies for the comments! :3 They do like to mess with Ven, too... I wouldn't doubt that he'll turn crazy once he gets out of there. D: POOR VEN.

Thank you for all of that Latin stuff. That actually helped out a lot! (i don't think i'll change anything, though, 'cause like you said nobody's probably going to really think about it 8D;) I changed the translated names a bit from what you said. THANK YEWWWWW. :D

Mwahaha it might be a setup. (knowing those guys, though... it probably is! wheeeee) I think all of that gets explained in this chapter, so I'll let it talk instead. :D I don't think Ven would do that, though. DD: THAT WOULD BE BAD. Don't do that Ven-kunnnn. ;___;

This is a bit long 'cause it's over half of the chapter, but the whole thing is long already. Lots of stuff happens, though! xD; And one of these parts is one of my favourite parts of the story. I'm very happy to finally post this! I have to divide the whole thing into four parts, though, so I'll post them through the whole week. (if i don't, then this might get a little hiatus so i can finish the other chapters. nooooooot what i want to do, so yeah. D:) There's also a part missing from the last bit, so I'll post that up later... 'cause it wouldn't be suspenseful if it was there. xD; Ack.

Enjoy! :D



"No!" The boy snarled. "Naminé would never lie."

"Really?" The woman swayed.

Ven jumped, eyes wide. He stared down at the clever inching to his throat. His eyes darted to the woman behind him.

"Are you sure? She's not the sweet little girl you want her to be."

His eyes grew intense. "She would never do something like that!"

"Oh, but she did!"

The boy hissed as the clever snuck closer to his throat.

"'If I lie, then he'll be safe from those nasty Nobodies!'" she mocked, "Like that helped. We still found you!"

Ven shoved a key between the clever. He pushed it away. He spun and rolled to the side, backing away.

"What'd you want with me?"

A wicked grin formed on the female's features. She swung with the blade. "Just to exterminate the remnants."


"A remnant of Organization XIII."

Ven snarled. His white knuckles tensed. "I'm not a Nobody!"

"Then, what are you?"

The boy snorted, his eyes narrowing. Intense blue orbs darting to his blades, the boy's gaze snapped onto the enigma.

He found himself charging forwards. Blades raised.

"I'm a chaser!"

The woman laughed. "Pathetic!"


Ven hacked. She grabbed his throat! Digging her manicured nails into his thin flesh.

She lifted her boot and slammed it into the boy's stomach. He went flying. His back slamming into the pristine floor.


"Did Naminé give you that lie, too?"

The clicking of boots echoed in the boy's ears. He scrambled to jump to his feet. No avail: she slammed her boot into his collarbone.

"You were never there!"

"Yes, I was!"

"Do you even remember?"

The boy grew silent. He fumbled with his weapons.

"You both look the same," Xatzku placed her hands on her hips, grinning, "No one would notice. Yeah right."

Ven snarled. He slammed his key into the woman's leg and slid back across the floor. He scrambled up, grabbing his opposite weapon.

"No, I'm Ven!"

"No, you're not!" Xatzku snarled. She swung her clever. Another appearing in the opposite hand. "You never were Ven. You never will be Ven!"

"Liar!" Ven dashed forwards. He slammed the keys into the woman.

She grinned, blocking the dual attacks. She slammed her boot into the boy.

He stumbled back. He dodged and blocked the rush of knifes coming at him.

"You're Roxas!" she screamed. "You are number thirteen of Organization XIII!"

She threw an uppercut at the boy, who dodged.

He slammed his foot into her side.

"And Sora's pathetic Nobody!"

"I'm not a Nobody!" He spun the two weapons. He slashed at her. "I have a heart!"

"That changes nothing!" Her boot slammed into his side. "You were born a Nobody! You can have a heart, but you can't change the past!"

Ven's hand slammed onto his side. He stumbled back. "Prove it! Prove that I'm a Nobody!"

A wicked smirk curled onto Xatzku's lips. "Where did your memories go, little boy?"

Ven snarled.

Xatzku cocked her head to the side, "Missing memories? Either someone messed with your head or you're a Nobody. A special little Nobody..."

"What'd you want with me?" Ven swung his keyblades.

"I told you, blondie--"

The woman paused. She sniffed the air... listening.

"Well... I guess this is my cue~ See ya, blondie!"

"Wait!" Ven sprinted forwards, tempting to slam his weapons into the woman. They rose into the air, itching to stop her, and fell.

Fell down... and down... and down...


The boy stared at the floor, where there was a tiny swirl of darkness disappearing.


"Ven!" Rena's grin widened. She pointed off to the side, "We can get out of here!"

His gaze never met her own. She just hoped that he heard her; he had to have heard it! The tomboy took off, down the last hall, and ecstatically stepped through the portal that appeared.

A ticket out; it had to be! She took a quick glance behind at Ven, just as darkness swirled around her and swallowed the girl whole.

Rena stepped out on the other side, eyes tightly closed. She grinned, her hands twitching. Anticipating. This was out! This had to be another world. Ven would come right out a second later and everything would be safe and sound again. She hoped... no! She knew that was what was before her.

Her eyelids slid away from her eyes, her deep blue orbs darting around.

Same hallway. Same place. Her shoulders dropped.

"Aw man..." What a waste! The tomboy glanced back, ready to run back through the portal.

"Oops. Time's up."

No portal; gone in a snap. And that voice... A chill raced down her spine. She cautiously turned.

"I told you," the teen licked his lips, leaning, "fifteen minutes. It's been fifteen minutes. And here I am."

Rena stared at the floor. Her hands clammy, trembling.

"You're not gonna do it again..." she gulped, "are you?"

"No, no..." He stepped forwards, his voice falsely sweet. "I've got something better in mind..."


She jumped. A blade racing towards her. Tempting to slice her in half. Rena ran back and summoned her weapon.

Aoi grinned like a madman. He raced forwards. His sword clashed against the key.


Relentless slashes over and over again.

"Fight!" he screamed, laughing, "Fight before I kill you!"

Rena pulled away, but he came closer. She jumped to the side, but he swiped to cut her leg.

Blood spit through the cut. She choked.

Jumping up onto the railing, she found herself running across it. She jumped down and ran down the hall.

"Ven!" she sprinted.

"Blondie's not gonna save you!" Aoi followed. His blade slicing through the air.

Rena ducked, but kept on running.

"Raynie!" She choked when he grabbed her hood.

"Raynie's not here!" He sliced through the air. At her neck!


He snarled, watching her race away.

"Adyn!" she spat. She slid to the end of the hall. Lungs gasping for air. She whirled around. Trapped!

"Adyn's dead!" He stabbed his sword into the wall. Strings of brown wire floated to the floor. Rena stared up at him, heart pounding in her throat.

She whimpered as the dirty blonde grabbed her chin, forced look right into those psychotic eyes.

Aoi's grin widened. "Is the little mouse scared?"

"N-No..." She shuddered.

His bony hand snapped onto the handle of the sword. She cringed as it slid out of the wall.

"Why not?" His grip on her chin tightened, as if he were trying to choke her. "All mice should be scared of cats."

She hissed, her hands shaking. "I'm not scared of you..."

"Really?" He jerked his hand away, stepping back. "Try all you want, but you can't fake bravery."

Rena growled, trying to intimidate.

Aoi stood in front of her and, suddenly, pointed his guardless blade at her.

"Fight me," he gave a wicked smile, "It's better than just hauling off and stabbing you. Right?"

Rena cautiously stepped to the side, circling the teen. "Why?"

He swung his sword. "Going down without a fight... sucks."


The teen rushed forwards, slicing through the air. Rena threw up her keyblade.

"Why fight me?" The sword slammed against the key. She cringed. "Why not just throw me back in that room?"

"This is punishment!" he pushed against the key, grinning, "Not for leaving, but for him."

Rena jumped back, "Who?"


That name! That boy... "I didn't do anything to him!" She threw up her key again, ducking and running away from another slice of the sword.

"Backwards! He did something to you." Aoi slammed the blade into the floor.


"But I've never met him!" She stumbled away from the teen.

"'course not. But you know those memories. The fake little copies of what he saw, what he did."

A firm frown formed on Rena's features. She said nothing.

Aoi stepped forwards. "You know what I'm talkin' about."

She jerked her gaze away. "N-No, I don't..."

"And you heard him, too!" He held the blade like a knife, pushing it through the air. He tried to stab her! "When he disappeared. You heard someone screaming in the middle of the night and they weren't anywhere in Cucio Bay."

Rena cringed, sliding and dodging the fierce attacks. She felt blood trickle down her arm. "So? Maybe I was dreaming."

"But you were wide awake." Aoi spun the weapon and slammed it next to her leg.

"N-No, I wasn't! I was asleep!" She ducked again, sinking to the floor. "What did Sora do to me?"

"He walked into a dark tunnel with a door." He slammed his sword in the ground, trying to intimidate. "Then he stabbed himself.

"A heart's a funny thing. It can make dark creatures out of nothing and make them crazy. It can make empty shells of people if it's taken away. It can take in memories that never existed, make up lies."

Rena jerked away as Aoi pushed the weapon through the air, twisting it.

"Kairi's heart was inside of Sora, to protect itself. It decided to do the same for Sora: protect his heart. Or maybe Sora's heart had to keep itself from eating Kairi's . Who knows?" He sliced through the air again.

"Nngh!" Rena choked, watching as crimson etched into her white shirt.

"Hearts are tricksy. But, there was a shell of a heart and it had to protect itself somehow when it wasn't hanging around with Sora anymore."

Rena hissed as her back slammed into a wall. She stared up hesitantly into the teen's intense green orbs.

"You, kiddo, are a Nobody." he licked his lips, "Different, but a Nobody's a Nobody!"

"A... Nobody?" She inched away, clutching her stomach with her blood-covered hand.

Aoi's wicked grin widened. He licked his lips as his sword seemed to shrink.

"A person without a heart. You have one, but you don't. A shell of one that mimics a real heart. It acts like Sora's and Kairi's. Weird little thing, isn't it?"

A knife sliced through the air. Rena ducked out of the way, but brown strands dropped to the ground aimlessly. "Like a freakin' science experiment!"

She snarled. "I'm not an experiment!"

"Well, someone wanted to play around with hearts! What happens when there's two hearts inside of a person? They wanted to know!" He stepped forwards, "Or else you wouldn't be standing here."

"I'm not a Nobody!"

"Really?" A grin spread like oil across his features. "Then let's find out."

Rena choked. Her back slammed into the wall and she slid down. Her deep blue orbs glared up at the gauntly teen hovering over her. He snapped, grabbing her hand and slamming it into the wall.

She jerked away, but no avail. She shook, staring at the metal ring around her wrist. It was half in the wall and half around her wrist, thick and heavy. The tomboy jerked away, trying to pull her wrist out.

"Lemme go!"


"Why not?!"

Aoi lowered to his knees, nose to nose with the girl.

Rena's eyes darted from Aoi's own... to the knife in his hand.

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Wow. That chapter does explain a lot. Very good. I like it^^

My pleasure. If you need anymore names and stuff in Latin, you can ask me. My grammar is far from perfect, but as long as it's simple stuff I should be able to translate it correctly for you.


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Holy cow, that was totally intense, especially the ending. Aoi is a crazy psycho bastard, and I love it. Man, that chapter did answer a lot of questions. So, from what you're saying, Ven is Roxas, and Rena is, and this is just an assumption, Xion, and, if they are not these people, they are definitely connected. At least, that is what I got from the chapter, but I could be wrong. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.

Mason Stark

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Thankies for the comments! And YAY it explained a lot. 8D Awesomeeeee.

Now I get to put on my KH geek hat. thing. or wig. *grabs zexion wig* RAMBLE TIMEEEE. :DD I just like to explain stuff, though, so I hope it doesn't seem like I'm screaming 'NOOOO. THAT'S ALL WRONG D:<' 'cause it's not. :( I just like to explain stuff. (the poh site is crazy because of it haha)

Since it's coming out of a Nobody (let alone someone that he doesn't trust), Ven doesn't believe he's Roxas so he isn't at the moment. But, yeah he is Roxas, too. :X Yes, that makes no sense. I don't want to give too much away, though. (though you're probably going to see the whole thing coming when the chapter is posted)
As for Rena, she has absolutely nothing to do with Xion to a point. I thought of the whole thing in a RP before even KH2 came out and didn't know about 358/2 Days or Xion at the time. (i has proof! i can show you the post 8O) Aoi only vaguely knows about the whole thing, so it'll be looked into more later. If things are turning into how I think they are for Days, though, then Rena and Xion are similar. Rena's like a science experiment that wasn't conduced in a lab. :O I kinda didn't think about Xion, though, when I was writing the chapter. So YAY. Thank yew for asking that. :D

Awesome about the Latin stuff! :D I don't think I have any more questions at the moment, but if I think of something, I'll definitely let you know. Thank yew! :3

Annnnnd I'll post the rest tomorrow. I just want to post on here really quick. xD;

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(ack sorries for double posting D:) Here's the next part! Enjoy! :D Also, there was an extra bit from the last part that I want to post. I won't post it yet, but I will probably post it later or something.


The boy wandered down the hall, aimlessly as it seemed. There was nothing to stop him, but there was no way for him to escape either. He tried to find a door or something, but no avail.

He stepped down the hall, around and around.

Stopping every so often, Ven had tried to see if his trick would work, but it never came. That archway to escape never appeared once. Maybe you could only open portals if you were a Nobody.

He nodded to himself. Then he must've not been a Nobody. Ven placed his hand over his chest and found that beat, that heartbeat. He knew that he was Ven... not Roxas.

He knew that he was a Chaser. He was a knight; he even had the keyblades of a knight! And he had friends; best friends. He could see their faces in his mind's eye! Blurry images, faded like an old photograph.

What were their names? That would be the key to proving he was Ven. But he stumbled to think of who they were. What were their names?

Ven furrowed his brow. What were their names? He had to remember! What were they? It was... No, that couldn't have been it. He must've known! It was somewhere. He would find it, right then and there. What were their names?

A frustrated sigh pressed through his lips.

Was that woman was right? He had no recollection of what happened in the past; no memories before he woke up in the dark. How could the boy know for sure who he was?

Naminé must've been telling the truth; she seemed like the kind of person who could never, ever lie. He believed her. If she said he was Ven, then he was Ven.

He stared down at his palms.

"Who... am I?" he questioned, his hands falling to his sides. He didn't know. Such a simple question, but frank facts made him question that simple object called a name.

As he wandered the halls once more, there was something that hadn't reappeared on his mind.

Until now.

He paused, staring at the floor.

She had disappeared. It wasn't safe in a place like this! What if she was in trouble? Why would he be so worried and then just forget?

"Oy. You lose somethin'?"

His intense blue orbs darted across the walls.

There: a shadow. The shadow of... a person?

The boy hissed. "No." He stepped the opposite way down the hall.

"Welp," there came footsteps. Combat boots clicking across the floor, "You were lookin' a little lost to me."

"I'm not lost." His electric blue orbs set on the dirty blonde teen that followed behind him. Aoi.

Ven came to a stop and whirled around. He folded his arms. "What'd you want?"

The teen gave a shrug, leaning against a railing, "Oh nothin'. Got a little bored and felt like walking around."

Ven surveyed the man as he turned and leaned his back against the rail. He pulled an object out of his pocket, which he started tossing.

"Know what I mean?"

"Not... really..." the boy furrowed his brow. He watched the object as it floated into the air before falling back into Aoi's grasp. "What the..."

"Hm? Oh, this?" The tossing ceased. Aoi pointed to the small object, his emerald orbs scanning over it as he grinned. "You know how they just drop these things left and right, don'tcha?"

Ven shook his head. He pointed to the object, "Is that a... heart?"

"You betcha."

Ven's eyes fixated on the heart. His brow furrowed even more. "Does it... belong to someone?"

Aoi shrugged, chuckling. "Just found it lying on the floor." His intense green orbs flickered.

"If it belongs to someone..." Ven stepped closer, feeling edgy around the man. "Maybe you should return it."

"Don't think so."

"But it must belong to someone."

"Not anymore."

Ven scowled. It belonged to someone. He knew that... and he had a feeling. A pang in his chest. It wasn't just lying there.

"Who does that belong to?"

"No clue..." Aoi's eyes fixated on the object. His fingers twitched as his green orbs filled with obsession.

He snapped his gaze away. A bony finger started to tap his chin; pensive.

"Oh. Wait... I think I do know..." Tapping and tapping. "What, oh what, was that name? It's on the tip of my tongue..."

Ven found his knuckles crackling as he watched the teen.

"Oh... Now I remember..." A smirk spread darkly across his pale features. "I think it belonged to someone named... What was it? Oh, yeah. Ever heard of someone named Rena?"

"Rena!" Ven jolted. Images begun racing through his mind. What terrible things could've happened to her? All because he was too busy fighting illusions. Stupid!

His intense orbs grew wide. "Where is she?!"

"Why do you care?" Aoi snorted, folding his arms. "Oh. Yeah. 'cause a little witch sent ya."

Dual twists of light appeared in his fist. They shaped into his weapons. "Shut up!"

"Are you even sure that was the keyblade master? Kid's not even a master!"

"Of course she is! That's who Naminé told me to find. I know it!"

"Oh, so random kid off the street is your pick?" He scoffed. "Tell me, did you ever think that was wrong?"

"It's not wrong! I wouldn't have shown up there if--"

"Key word is master. Kid doesn't even know how to wield the damn thing!"

"...Shut up!" He slammed one of the keys into the railing. It gave a shudder. "Tell me where she is!"

Aoi only snickered. "Doesn't matter, does it?" He held up the crystal heart, waving it in front of Ven's face.

"I've got my ticket to getting my own heart back. Would've been easier if you hadn't shown up, but I still got the freakin' thing!"

Ven's grasp snapped. He tempted to swipe the heart, but Aoi shoved it back into his pocket.

"Where is she?!"

"Doesn't matter, blondie!" Aoi straightened, stepping away from the boy. "Kiddo's our's... no... mine. Unconscious or otherwise, the kiddo is mine!"

Aoi suddenly stopped, tapping his chin. "...But if you want to play a game so bad..."

Ven edged forwards, his intense blue orbs watching as a dark portal swirled out of nothing.

"Find me and we'll see where that gets!"


His hand snapped to grab the man's cloak. No avail. He watched as Aoi jumped away and the dark portal disappeared with him, taking him to who knows where. Taking him and Rena's heart.

"No..." Ven's keyblade fell to the ground with a CLANK!

His intense blue orbs stared at the floor.

His hands felt numb. Why did he forget about her so easily? How could he forget about her so easily? He felt helpless. How was he supposed to find Aoi? How was he supposed to get his friend back?

"...Dammit!" He snarled. His knees crashed into the floor. His hands slamming against the pristine ground. "Dammit!"

His fist slammed into the floor. His heart pounded in his chest. He took in sharp intakes of breath.

"I just want to find her..." he choked. "Naminé..."

That helpless feeling coiled in his stomach. His ticket to finding Naminé was gone.
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Jesus Christ!!! Aoi just took Rena's heart!!! That is really bad. Well, I guess that is what you get when you deal with a crazy psycho bastard like that. Man, I really feel bad for Ven now. He has to find Rena and avoid losing his mind in that maze of a place. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.

Mason Stark

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Thankies for the comment! :D YOSH. BAD AOI. D: it's not nice to take peoples' hearts. Meanie. He has to his own reasons for doing that, though, and it actually has nothing to do with Ven. (i think. it could, but it mostly doesn't >:\) Ven needs to stop saying things and making them seem like other things, too. 'TIS CONFUSING! Hopefully the rest of the chapter clears it up, though 8D;

I'm going to post the next bit tomorrow, but I wanted to put this up first. It was what was going in this chapter... but it ruined the suspense. Still, I think it's interesting, so I'm going to post it. Aoi creeps me out here, though. D: Ack. Anywho! Here ya go:


Aoi lowered to his knees, nose to nose with the girl. He twirled his knife between his fingers.

"Because I'm going to carve your heart out."

Rena grabbed the wall, trying to shrink. Her hands shook, her eyes wide. "N-No, no..."

"Oh, but don't you want to know what you are?"

"No!" her eyes slammed shut. She slammed her free hand over her chest, a futile attempt to protect her heart. "I don't wanna know!"

"I'm me," she declared, "That's what I am. I'm me."

"And you're curious..." Aoi narrowed his eyes, his tongue swiping over his thin lips.

Rena shook her head childishly. "I-I don't want to be..."

Her heart started pounding like mad. She could hear it screaming in her ears.

Protect me! it said. Please! How could she do such a thing?

"But you are curious..." He came ever so closer.

She shook her head, jerking it side to side. "Uh-uh."

"But I am. I want to find out..."

"You're not me..." her eyes snapped open. "I won't let you find out."

Aoi's grin dropped for a second. He growled. "How are you going to stop me?"

"I'll fight!" Bravery; that's what her heart wanted. It scorched through the girl.

But the fear came. Another thick metal ring snapped onto her free wrist and melted into the wall. She grew stiff. Oh no...

"Fight all you want," Aoi's grin returned. He twirled his weapon... and raised his hand. "But I'm still winning."

Rena tried to melt into the wall; hide away or something! To just get away from him. To go anywhere but here! She shook, her fingers curling and tempting to turn into fists.

Her sight snapped onto her weapon, hoping that somehow it could attack Aoi. It didn't budge when she pleaded.

"You can't take me," she choked. Fear gripped her stomach. "You can't take me!"

"But I am!" Aoi started laughing. A malicious, taunting laugh. His knife slid closer towards the girl's chest, tempting to stab her.

Rena sunk back into the wall. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to run. No way to fight. She was lost, helpless. Weak.

She braced herself, her eyes slamming shut. Her heart wouldn't just let her sit there. Her hands waved, pulling and trying to break from the metal bonds.

But nothing came. The knife made a clank as it dropped to the floor.

Rena's eyes snapped open. She felt a moment of relief. Looking right into Aoi's eyes, hoping he had a change of heart.

The teen smiled.

"Got ya."

It slammed into her chest. It felt like knife after knife just kept on clawing and clawing at her flesh. Torrid, scorching. What a terrible pain.

Rena tempted to scream. Her voice shrunk, disappeared.

Aoi's grin widened and widened. He pulled his arm back. Slowly and slowly pulling his hand from the splash of blackness covering up the girl's chest.

And he had it. He stared at the object, his laugh ringing in his throat.

A blue heart-shaped glass. A shell of a heart. It pulsed in his black, clawed hand, a meek voice ringing within it.

He wasn't done yet. Rena stared up at him meekly, staring at her heart and the threads that kept it from escaping; the last touch of defense.

Rena's orbs grew a light blue, reflecting the glass. Her voice had become distorted.

"Don't take me..." No longer her own voice.

"I'll bring you back..." Aoi grabbed his knife off of the floor. "Once I collect my prize."

He sliced through the threads.

Suddenly, static filled the girl's eyes, turning white. She fell limp, as if she were a toy and someone had switched her off.

Aoi stood up straight, glancing at the object in his hand. He tossed it, pocketing his weapon.

"What funny things hearts are..." he licked his lips as he stepped backwards. Darkness grabbed onto the teen. He disappeared through a portal.

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
MWAHAHA YES. And he's more of a jerk on here than he is in ToA >:3 yaaaaay.

New chapter time? :D Here ya go! (and i hope this scene isn't too mushy or something... it sets up stuff for later, though <.<; which ish gewd.)




That sweet, sincere voice. He heard it behind closed eyes and it soothed him. His fists loosened, palms light against the floor. The blonde raised up, sitting up straight.

His intense blue orbs softened.

"Naminé." he breathed a sigh of relief.

Ven's electric blue orbs gazed into the image of the blonde girl. She was like a ghost, transparent and floating just off the ground. Her sapphire blue orbs stared into the boy's own eyes and her peach lips curled into a smile.

He raised off of the ground, suddenly furrowing his brow. "What happened to you?"

"This is as close as I can get to you now," the petite girl placed the tips of her fingers together. "I had to tell you..."

Ven stepped lightly towards the image of her. "Is it true?"

Her orbs flickered, "Yes. You're Roxas."

"Why did you do that?"

"I had to keep you safe... If there's any part of Organization XIII left, then they have to get rid of it. If you were Roxas, then they'd find you." her lip curled inwards, "You have to find Sora and they would've stopped you from getting there if you called yourself Roxas."

Sora's name rung in his ears. Suddenly, he felt an inch of spite boiling in his throat.

"I'm Roxas."

Naminé nodded.

"So... I'm a Nobody."

Her gaze drifted from the boy's own. He gave a sigh.

"I... have to find you," His brow furrowed, as if he were trying to get Naminé to look at him, "None of that matters! Hiding from Nobodies or... finding Sora. I have to find you. That's all I care about."

Naminé took in a quick gasp, her eyes growing wide. "How could you say such a thing?"

"Because I..." The boy's gaze shifted to the floor. He bit his lip. "I just... have to find you. I can't leave you trapped in there!"

The girl placed her hands behind her back. "If you want to find me," she started twirling a strange, crimson-kissed lock of hair. "Then you have to find the keyblader. Stick with them and you'll find me."

"You mean Sora?"

"No..." she shook her head, "I mean Rena."

He nodded. "I'll find her and then I'll find you. Then everything'll be alright again."

A soft grin spread between her peach lips. "Yes."

"But..." He stared at his palm. "How'd I find Aoi? I can't use portals!"

"I know where he is." A chuckle escaped through her lips. "He's not very good at hiding."

"Can you take me to him?"

Naminé swirled her wrist and pushed her hand behind her, fingers spread apart. "Yes."

Behind the petite, transparent girl came a familiar swirl of black and purple. It stretched and expanded, shaping into a dark archway.

"You'll find them through there."

A weak smile pushed across the boy's features. "Thank you."

As the boy stepped torwards Naminé, she leaned forwards over the air. Her thin, petite hands tempted to push through the boy's hair as she pushed towards him.

"You'll find me, Roxas."

His eyelids slid over his intense blue eyes. He felt the cool air around him, feeling it pressed against his forehead for just a single moment. When he opened his eyes, she smiled.

Like a ghost, the enigmatic blonde was gone.

His intense orbs shifted to the floor.

"Not Roxas." A sigh rushed through his open mouth. His hand slid over his chest. He felt that beat.



That small beat in his chest. It echoed in his fingertips. He felt it. He embraced it. He acknowledged that single, simple fact.

"Roxas could never have a heart."

His shoes slid across the pristine floor, carrying Ven forwards. Into the dark portal that beaconed and called him closer.

Through the portal that would bring him a step closer to Naminé.
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