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  • hnnngh, naaaaaah, don't like l4d. It has to be AT LEAST Dead Island 2 D: The best zombie game to have fun online in would be the latest Dead Rising, but that's only for Xone and even if it was for PC the price would be overkill D:
    Well, I will definitely try to get it, but I don't know, my deck is not what it used to be. The power scaling went up pretty drastically since December
    Hnngh, that... looks a bit disturbing D: I don't know if I will even get the LV555 costume, seems to be kinda hard...
    Not to mention you can risk losing them <_< I just needed an Aqua card so I'm not getting rid of her lol What about the Dark Riku R+? That's boosted right now but won't be eventually <_< I should just save them for SR HP'd cards ^_^ I might have a few soon including Dark Riku and that new SR Sora potentially...
    Okay, I have an HP'd Aqua R+ and Dark Riku R+, I can use 1 on each of those :) Thanks!
    Hey Zeke, I now understand the skills (for now before the update), but I just have 1 or 2 questions:

    1) Should I use my skills (I have 2 Attack Up 1's and 2 Attack Up 2's) on my strongest cards or weaker cards or boosted cards?

    2) What does leveling them up do since it doesn't make them go from Attack Up 1 to Attack Up 2, etc.)?
    Fuckers -_- (watched to much yugi oh abridged...) I said i am coz im like a inactive player. You guys get all stronger and stronger. You guys got all those costumes medals cards abilites in the christmas event. I barely got 2 costumes a few medals and 2 cards I will end up draggingvyou giys down. Was i the one who first talked to you??? (i cant remember all my convo's....) I dont know what time has to do with it (nor i know what that sentence means) but no. I can tell you know a whole story about freedom but i wont coz it wont add aything in the end. I know, i need 137 years to prepare for it anyway sp im not in a hurry.
    Then kick him and find a new one -_- Talk the Oris, he had that super strong high ranked player he had contacts with right?
    Again i never said something about friends. And im doing this for you guys. You guys will only get dragged down with me. Im out the top 10000. I will come back once i have time again and even then i have to caught up to you guys and get my old place back (top 5 of the party). Like i said, i have bet all my cards on the TAV event. So around that time i will comeback for sure.
    Ohh so you want me to be crazy like you guys. I don't see why you want me to Join you guys and have weird chat lol XD
    Oh sorry but Jai said that all of you guys on the club wanted to meet me is that true?? At least you can handle him XD
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