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    Least favourite KH1 world?

    Least favorite world in KH1 would have to be Olympus Coliseum, don't get me wrong since it got better in KH2 with more story, map areas, and characters, but in KH1 where it only had 3 maps to move around in, they had a whole world they could've use, like fighting the titans in the city for...
  2. Zeke_Aileron

    Favorite Characters in KH2

    My Favorite KH2 characters is mainly Sora, but i do like Roxas, Axel, and Olette...
  3. Zeke_Aileron

    What's your favorite Mini game in BBS?

    My favorite mini game would have to be the Mirage Arena fight rounds for local co-op, cause lets face it, it was the only thing close enough to having Keyblade buddies in-game. ._. It's technically a mini game cause you get crowns(i don't remember the currency you get is called) to get stuff...
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    Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] Skill Guide/Moogle Stamp

    Skill Guide for Kingdom Hearts Chi that i wrote up, The picture table below is the known skills that are available: Official Skills Guide Link Official Fixed Skills Guide Link For example the picture below shows how Reflect Guard is being displayed, and explains the new feature of Skills: The...
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    Hello, i'm new here.

    Hello, my Name is Zeke_Aileron.