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  • Hmm. Seems like you haven't come on in awhile. D: Hope everything is cool with you.

    Anyways, I don't know when you will get this, but I just wanna say I been recycling you're old avies and sigs. I hope that's okay? I've been crediting so no worries. :) Hope you come back, I really love your work and would like to see more! <3
    no thats what I meant Jessi is the owner, but her sister was bothering me al lthe time it was bugging me so much.
    also the owner Jessi's sister (forgot her name) was bothering me every minute with something and never wanted to talk to me, which was weird and awkward lol.
    was heh I was Kodakliv but I left because I felt left out most of the time, and well I was having issues with my life.
    Sure, i have to think about it. cause i have other applicants thinking to join in.
    God digity damn, you getting really good...better then me infact..but i've only been using ps for like 3 months :3 haha good job!
    well yeah I'm guessing people have their preferences..i don't know nothings about graphics so i don't know how that goes... XD you been doing it for awhile now??
    haha your welcome!!people who are able to do that are so cool. I'm guessing your into design stuff?? lol *obviously* C:
    I saw your avies and stuff! All i got to say is that you are very good!~
    just wanted to say.lol :D
    Ain't it the best Horror game ever =D?! One of My top favorites on my list ;D...lolz, you played it too =3?
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