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  • Hi, I just saw your avvy somewhere here on the forums and thought I'd tell you that it's major cute :D
    How are you?
    Hewwo love <3 thought i'd leave you an IM since we ish leaving soons just to say i love you heaps n heaps n heaps..... more >:D
    *huggles tight* I know you dont ;~; Kazuma ish just an ass ><
    Ill tell u on msn lol, coz if anyone finds out ill get banned :p well when u get banned im'a leave xD
    I know they are. Its why i was arguing with Ken too. I feel the same. They all suck up to kaz :C

    Lulz *hugs* ack to lateness lol
    Ur welcome <3 eets coolies on meh feets ^^
    Rofl i'd has to agree thar. Thats what i said to him first, but he seems determined >.> I think he's in a crabbeh mood rofl. why yush, internet ish seriousness XD yup, i dun like it here much anymore v.v Okays then, i shall has my lave teh same time you do <333
    tis a secret lol, but ill tell u tonight ^^ I want to get banned so that i cant come back on :3 well imo that is crazy, because they should know by looking at the tags that yours are different... though ken seems to think that you've made them similar too >< He's given me a link for a different forum though, which has cool admin n staff :D
    did you miss teh bus? D:
    im glad you're okay then <3 n im alright, just using teh foot spa rofl xD
    Youre welcome <3 Neither do i tbh lol. I kow you didnt, which is what i was trying to get kazuma to understand >:C Its alright <3 He's jujst being bitchy >< Lol well I'll set them straight if they ever think that :C I was thinking of leaving today actually >.>
    Im really glad you do <333
    I wont then lol. Im'a get banned for what im'a do soon anyway lol, so it dooesnt really bother me if i upset them about something else aswell. I know you havent lied about anything lulz, they're crazeh ^^
    Hey, sorry if i woke you with the text. I just wanted to make sure you knew something was happening. Hope you get this stuff all sorted out. Love you <3
    Goodnight Jadey ^^ I love you so much too, and so much more xD <3333
    I wont, thankies <3 n i will... aslong as u logon tomorrow <3333
    lulz, iuno... just sounds funeh xDDDD aw yays! :D awww ;~; well then.... *kisses* kissy's ish better than dohnut thingys anyway ^^
    Jadey Jade<3 Good morning my lovely angel *Kissy's back* I slept pretty well thankies xD How was ur day?
    lulz, i'd thought as much *hugs tight* ill try making it a little more fun then xD n soz lol *pats teh glare* ^^
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