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  • Oh thanks for joining my Death Note fanclub and that's awesome.

    Soooooo um is your avy pic from a site or something? Like did you make your avy with some cute site or whatever cuz it looks cute. ^_^
    I just wanna know if your still working on the Avatar and Sig I requested.
    urs are tho <3 tis only teh truth <3 i wants to hold you forever :3 u ish ^^

    lulz, nay. I ish simply happier than i has been before <3

    cinema lol :3 i love you more thoguh <3 byes xxx I've really missed you today v.v
    Urs are though <3 lulz, if it were possible i'd cuddle you forever n longer ^_^u ish :p

    that....ish so awesome :D <33333

    oh okays v.v Yeah, ill be on then. ill be gone till 7 coz im going to teh theatre ^^ I love you so much more <333 bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    urs are <3 I love it when u cuddle up. especially last night when u was cuddled against meh arm on teh couch, or in teh bed <3 nay, u ish definitely <3

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeli? :D <3 ^^ :3 x3 xD

    Nu, urs are. Its just like its natural when im cuddling you <3 you're truly perfect <3333 u ish much more cuddly <333

    Lulz, I'd really like for you to live with me :3

    Yush lol ^^
    nay lol, yours ish teh best <3 rofl, i know hey make you all sleepy xD you ish so cuddly n snuggly <333

    yayayya Zomg yush ^^ <3333
    was gonna say thank you first lol, but i didnt x3 I mean take you to see them live lol xD
    *wants to cuddle with you* <3

    Yer, that ish true lol. yay for independance ^^ You should be independant with me when i move here <333
    rofl, swede apples xDDD
    th... yayness xD Im'a find a way to listen to our song live ^^
    ^_^ *wants to kissy u now* <3

    Yush lol xD but when ur older u has to start working, n pay bills n rent D: lulz
    lmfao :3 well then what would you rather? x3
    yay indeed <3 I wuv you, n i wuv our song too <333
    which witch? the witch which is the one which killed the other witch? 8D

    aww, well... you should have :D throw one at Mark xD
    x3 *kissy's ur head, n then ur neck* ^^

    rofl xD you ish teh one reason i'm glad i ish older lol ^^
    er... that sounds reli wrong xDDD Omega can lob it at her xDDDD
    *listens to our song too* <333
    well.... lulz, then im not sorreh xD
    Yayness!!!!!!! :D

    well i ish older than you v.v xD
    :3 She better, else i'll lob teh bushstick at her all teh way to weinerburger xDDDDDD
    *hugs tight* lol, well i ish anyway <333
    I love you so much Jade <3 ^____________________^

    rofl xDDD well i feel ancient then :/
    zonfgyayness xD
    *hugs* sorreh <3
    ^_^ Im really glad I came here Jade <3 I really rreally am x3

    lulz.... I saw it a couple of months ago, when someeone else showed it to me. mighta been ken, or perhaps brian lol. rofl, dont feel bad. It really is funny. Even I laughed, though i felt horrid because he was a kid lol
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