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  • Thank you for the friend request. Your avatar is stunning btw. C:

    How are you doing this today?
    Doing well just happen to notice your friend request, and was seeing if you were someone from another site that I was on saying hi XD.
    Oh thank you!

    To be honest I kind of forgot who made it because they changed their name. @___@ Otherwise I'd send you their way if you wanted one like it. I should probably change it tbh.
    Lol no, I'm just a dedicated member. Not exactly a model member either, but I've spent around half my life on this site.
    Lol, actually I'm a legendary member haha. I get that once i reach 10,000 posts and earned free name changes.

    And on the avatar, i change it every now and then. Right now I'm just inbetween avatars
    Hey thanks haha. Welcome to the forums btw.

    Once you hit 6000 posts, you become a gold member and can customize your profile.q
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