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  • C'mon man, I like you but I'm kinda obliged to merge that into the KH music discussion.

    I think you could also appreciate, me being the OST-centric staff member, that all music discussion, past or prospective, is centralised.
    You were always my favorite :3
    Your lancers = badass.
    XD True that. You really had me there for a while... I started having slight doubts when I noticed the quality of the golden eye was different than the initial blue eye.

    And even if it's a fake, this bit of the photo will always remain Sora in my eyes. XDDDDD
    Is it alright if I keep this part of the puzzle as my avy for the memories? ;D
    Upon the shadows two children walk. One an older girl of fifteen and the other a boy of twelve. They are siblings. The boy loves to pull tricks upon the unsuspecting. The girl is always falling for his jokes.

    They arrived in the old murky cave at midnight. At first, the boy pulled his pranks on the girl. She complained about them and yelled to her brother, "KENNY, we have to meet mom and dad at the Lunar Festival. If we don't they'll get sick with worry. Kenny?"

    There was no answer from her brother. She kept searching through the darkness for her brother, but he was nowhere in sight. The lass called out with a whimper, "Kenny?"

    A hissing sound was the only thing to answer. She turned around pointing her gun at two silver eyes glittering in the dark. She backed away in fear, but the creature launched out it's tounge at her. It had her wrapped up. The creature pulled it's tounge back in with the girl. She screamed, "KENNY, BLOOD!"

    Nearby, Kenny had found the exit to the cave. He looked around for his sister. "Sarai, where are you? Hmph, it must be nothing," exclaimed the boy as he walked off.

    It would be four years before Kenny would return to the cave. In the meantime, hundreds of people would fall to the beasts of darkness.
    Xaldin can I have the link to where you got the stuff from? (LIke to the thread on the forum is fine...)
    Hey, Xaldin. You dont know me yet so I was hoping to fix that. I sent you a friend request.
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