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  • ...HEY!!!!!!
    Just noticed you were on :3 How's it going with you? Haven't spoken with you in ages!
    ... You left me for 1 whole month T_T

    Just give it time it will come back oneday...
    Ok. ^_^
    Looks at Deviant Art..... Likes - SasuNaru Dislikes - SasuSaku and NaruHina... I believe I feel our friendship has just taken a step up. XD
    Its so odd to see what you actually look like you know...
    Are you Ok? ;__;
    We haven't spoken in a while.... ;__;
    ;___; ;___; ;___; ;___; ;___;

    .... You didn't miss my birthday its today ^_^ I just blew out my candles on my delicious chocolate birthday cake. I got lots of presents and stuff ^_^
    What time is it over there anyway?

    I can understand that... if you have skies that could help XD. You could also make a snowman, I made one last year, until his head fell off and went smush on the ground T_T R.I.P Bob the snowman. Did you finish any stories? Do you have any brothers and sisters to annoy, its quite fun to do when your bored.
    Schools need to be destroyed >:C

    Did you have anywhere to sit?

    It does doesn't it XD When I first saw that I bursted out laughing XD
    Sam has an angry butt.

    Woody is awesome <3 I love his devotion to Andy
    I'll be waiting. Is there any you wouldn't care about them doing anything... like I would like Kairi to just keep being pretty unimportant.
    Its not too weird I've seen alot of people who like him.
    Um my favourite is dunno... I like alot of the characters, I guess Harry or Ron or Hagrid.
    What are some of your favourite game series?

    I do want to make more. The only problem I'm having is Namine is a head and a half taller than Sora XD so its difficult at times to get them into position. Any ideas for what position?
    School is an evil tool used to torture the innocent children of the world XD

    How can you be sad about that? I wish a storm would hit here and my collage would close... it only snows here like once a year and then it is highly unlikely that the collage would close even them. You even had the enjoyment of looking out the window and seeing all the struggling pedestrians on the street. XD
    I will attempt to get out of it.... I will be a ninja.... I'll tell you how it goes. My weekend felt way too short D: I spent most of the time messing around with the models on my computer. Yuna's model is frustrating to work with.
    How was yours?
    Yay ^_^ Thank You.... I have to get up at 7:00 am T_T see schools are evil things aren't they.

    A hour. I feel sorry for you, but at least you got to miss a period right?

    OMG you have to see this XD
    Its Sam's butt from the Tron movie it looks angry doesn't it? XD

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Look what I made in a hour ^_^
    My first attempt! :D
    ...Not very good, but still.

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Tisk tisk so late, but I don't mind ^_^ I can usually reply pretty quick because I haven't been that busy lately.

    No I'm sure you will be able to say hello at the very least.... everything else will be gone though.
    The rest of my week... well I walked into my science class and for the first time since I was ill and found out I had a practical exam... it was truly a lovely experience... and I also found out I don't have the greastest hand eye co-ordination out there XD Today my economics teacher thought it was a good idea to film us next week and put it up and the collage website >_< I dread the experience. So how was your week? ^_^
    Oh its my birthday in 5 days :D YAYS.

    The bus is truly evil especially today :mad: it made me wait for half a hour until a bus came along and then the bus didn't go the whole way which meant I had to get off the bus and wait for the next bus to come and take me where that bus shoulda and once I got there, I just missed my next bus and had to wait for 15 mins until the next one *RANTING OVER* Ok I'm done ^_^

    Tron's shining moment :3 He fights for the users!
    I was like Tron nooooooooooooooooooooooo you must have another fly thingy!!!!!!!!!!!! don't go falling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I heard a rumour that the teaser will be on the Tron:legacy DVD so we will have to wait and see.

    Yes another person converted....

    Brown eyed people... we will dominate the earth one day... >:D
    My favourite pokemon is Pikachu... I'm so unoriginal aren't I? XD other than that then I have a soft spot for Evee and Lugia and Mewtwo :3
    My favourite word................................................................ Waterfall.................................... its the only thing in my head right now. XD Yours?
    Who is your favourite Toy Story character?
    Its kinda funny both my sister and dad were sick with different things and i somehow got both of them it started with my sisters virus then mutated into my dads, but still I got 2 weeks off so its great in a way. We can get on a few sites at mine like fanfiction.net and some game sites and mail like yahoo and such. I'm sure you did ok in chemistry, but if your anything like me then maybe not, I could not get chemistry one bit as well as other languages. Seriously after 3 years of french all I knew how to say was what my name was and where I came from... so you would probably be much better than me at these things XD Its good that your day was alright and you were resting I hope!
    Buses are the most evil things in exsitance, they make you wait in the cold for ages then make you sit next to a person who has a coughing fit >_<

    It was really fun wasn't it, but still shoulda had more Tron in it, his name is in the title after all! Are you looking forward to any other movies?
    I'm want to see the new pirates moive, thor and tron 3 which has been giving the green light I believe, thats all I can think of at the moment.

    Didn't they cry at all just a tiny bit? >_<
    You must watch more Doctor Who the next series looks really good you know!
    You should also check out Merlin if you have the time, its great fun.

    My favourite book would be a The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper its suppose to be a childrens book but I really love it and the series and Lord of the rings of course ^_^
    No doesn't sound creepy to me, my eye colour is dark brown. Yours?
    What isssssss your favourite Pokemon? XD
    No its ok ^_^
    I finally got back to collage after two weeks off being sick and I have found out that KHI doesn't work on the computers there so that is really annoying. >_< and my code in my computing class isn't working how it should even though its written fine!... So how was your day? ^_^ also I hate buses.

    In good news I watched Tron: Legacy yesterday (finally) and it was quite fun and it had really great action scenes, I wouldn't mind having another Tron world in the future KH games, but there wasn't enough Tron in the movie. Oh well.
    Seen any movies lately?

    The movie was a little slow paced for me, but I loved the animation part. What happened to Dobby made me cry so much. Do you know when part two is coming out?
    My favourite TV series are Doctor Who and Merlin... I'm english what do you expect XD. I can't wait for the next series.
    Dammit thats what I was going to ask next >_<
    My favourite fruit is apple. Yours?
    Ok let me think... favourite book?
    Sure, but it depends who you ask... My best friend calls be a nerd... she can be so mean .

    Is your school like mine was, where you got to watch the movie afterwards. It softens the torture a little.

    I've never had sushi myself. What's it like?
    My favourite animal is a white tiger or a dog <3
    I have so many favourite movies... at the moment I love How to train your dragon, Tangled and my all time favourite is The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
    What's yours?
    What is your favourite TV series?
    Which ones have you played? Heres my list:

    FFVII- beat it
    FFVIII- final boss
    FFIX- currently playing
    FFXII- stopped playing after 10 hours cause it was boring as hell
    FFXIII- beat it
    Dissidia FF- beat the story mode currently leveling up Sephiroth
    Which ones have you played? Heres my list:

    FFVII- beat it
    FFVIII- final boss
    FFIX- currently playing
    FFXII- stopped playing after 10 hours cause it was boring as hell
    FFXIII- beat it
    Dissidia FF- beat the story mode currently leveling up Sephiroth
    It doesn't make you a nerd because that would mean I'm a nerd. Big Ben is... big thats all I'm gonna say XD

    Ugh be happy you only did one unit. My class did two. Romeo and Juliet and Much a do about nothing and then came the poerty >_< I wasted part of my life on them poems! but on the brightside we took a trip to the globe to watch the play, which made them much more enjoyable. But I am forever free of english lessons so Yay!

    Yay free SoNami!
    Can't think of a band at the moment.
    I love Yellow, blue and green :3
    For food salt and vinegar crisp.
    What's your favourite animal?
    hmm I have never met anyone from the USA personally. Whats it like over there?

    You must visit England one day best in the summer though. If you ever do visit you should go to the globe theater its a great experience I've been 3 times now... my advice buy a pillow at the counter the seats are hard. You would think being English would make me understand Shakespeare... it doesn't. Central London has a lot of arcitecture plus theres Big Ben <3 <3

    My favourite movie is caught between Little mermaid, beauty and the beast and The Hunchback of... I'm not gonna attempt to spell the name.
    My favourite character has to be Quasimodo, he's such a sweetheart <3 and stitch... he's cute and FLUFFY.
    For my favourite song um *must think hard* well I generally enjoy instrumental music personally.
    I do very much like this one at the moment:
    But I also like rock as well.
    How about you?
    What's your favorite colour? XD
    meh I've been using google... without it you wouldn't know what I'm saying XD

    Yes I think I may consider the song ^_^ its a beautiful song. Good for Namine's point of view right?
    Yeah the picture I can't look at it without laughing XD ... I want a Sora pug.

    I live in London, located in the country England which is located in the small group of countries known as the UK or United Kingdom... Too much information there XD
    Yes its quite fun here isn't it!
    I am going to pry some more... what's your favourite disney movie and character?
    When you do write anything just send it to me and I will read it. SoNami is a plus too. XD

    Well its true I have read quite a lot of bad fanfiction in my day. Still mine would still be pretty bad, not to mention my spelling is atrocious.
    We must attempt to build self confidence together!!!... I don't know about yours but mine at the moment looks like a shriveled up ball of dust... lovely.
    Hmm I was thinking of making a SoNami video at some point. Can you give me any inspiration for songs or such? :3
    Also I must share with you this picture of Pug Sora... http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:A...I_uITc7Xc8&t=1 ... blackberi found it.

    Now I am going to pry... where do you live?
    How are you enjoying your time here so far?
    It will teach you not to mess around so much... or it may not XD
    Well... your gonna be sitting around for a while now aren't you perfect time to try to finish anything. If you have anything at all I'll be willing to read it :3 I'm sure your an amazing writer.

    You would be surprised how bad I can be. I would show you but I am much too kind for that XD
    Thank you very much. But my talent is buried under 20 feet of confidence issues and doesn't like to appear very often unfortunatly XD If I ever get any inspiration I may make more videos, but inspiration is hard to find for me so I'll just wait and see.
    Aww how did this happen? You had better be resting!
    I've never sprained anything so I imagine it must hurt. Feel better soon. :3
    Maybe I can read some of yours sometime :D

    No I can't write to save my life. I got a C in English (somehow) so I wouldn't think of unleashing my terrible writing onto the world I'm not that cruel. XD
    I just make bad videos is all...
    Here if your bored you can take a look YouTube - Belle breakaway - Beauty and the Beast its not that great is it I need practice... or I'm being too hard on myself.
    You can decide on that.
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