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  • Yes "Big Fans" are a better choice of words i guess. hmm but the kidnapping Nomura is still plan B alright :p
    If waiting fails then its to JAPAN!!! (you can pay and if the police are called cover for me as well ^_^)

    I can keep hope Namine returns some how and simply not as a fade through of Kairi at least.
    Well we just have to keep hope alive then don't we, plus Nomura probably doesn't speak english does he : ( so even if we did kidnap him... he'll think we are a bunch of english lunatics XD... then he would call the police and it won't be pretty after that.
    Namine has to come back I mean Kairi doesn't really need her does she?not like Sora needs Roxas?
    okay, my conscious trying to convince my everywhere else to get off here and go to bed (school tomorrow and such) but my everywhere else isn't listening
    Yes thats what I'm trying to say they are natural together ^^ (helps they look good together too)
    We could do the whole fanfiction thing and imagination or we could... kidnap Nomura and demand he makes it canon, now if only I knew where he lived >_<, oh well I'm much to lazy to raise funds to get a flight to Japan I guess I have to stick with the fanfiction. Nomura better watch out if I ever become rich cause I'll be coming for him XD

    I think my parents are used to me screaming at the games I'm playing.
    New people are the greatest!!!

    From what I remember of playing for the first time was a load of Bad's popping up and a screen telling me to listen to the rhythm, which I replied to by shouting back "What rhythm! I'm following the rhythm, YOU'RE the one not following the stupid rhythm, stupid it's a small world after all" but I made my way through it and actually became quite good so yay for me X)

    On SoNami we just need to "off" kairi and the Sora and Namine can run off into the sunset (This happened in my own personal canon, now if only it can happen for real XD) they seem so er what's the right word er... they have great chemistry together and when the two are together I can't help go Aww <3 <3.
    After you replied to me on the "Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?" I noticed your new just like me ^^
    So I just wanted to say Welcome to the forum

    Also you said about your hand-eye coordination problem and now I can't help wonder how you did on the BBS ice-cream machine mini game lol XD
    Took me a few tries to get the hang of it

    P.S. SoraxNamine best het pairing in KH right? ;D
    Ain't nothing wrong with that, I disagree on the race thing thought-provoking its nice to pay tribute to none existant characters & all but honestly I cant help but lol at black Ichigos & hispanic Narutos! Its one of the reasoned why I dont cosplay though my friendship who do, tell me I could so pull off the black guy from Bleach.

    What all anime/manga you reading/watching?
    im sorry I just pictured you as one of those fat, hyper active, white, yaoi loving fan girls, but everything is ok because your a smexy asian XD. Your Blair (i think thats her name) cosplay is my favorite, also, imho your too Asian to cosplay Namine, I just kinda see Namine as one of those white skinny anorexic bitches, & like most Asians you have really puffy cheeks (that isnt a bad thing) if you know what I mean. just my opinion

    Just looked over my post & it kinda seems a bit racist, XD Im not racist my best friend is a wasin chick & we make fun of each other all the time cuz im tall & black & shes short & yelllow.... maybe i am a lil bit racist XD jkjkjkjkjk
    I only recently stopped playing about 6 months ago, getting a job changes things.

    I tried to quit for a long time but good god that game was addictive, I sucked at it to but still loved it, still got my Spell counter & Alien decks,

    Also GX was a train wreck the original series with Yugi was pretty good & I dont really pay attention to 5D's....
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