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  • oh

    it's been 3 years! that's a fantastic feeling. I like this fact for some reason
    thank you, Voido, you're among the memeful reason for which I stay 'round here
    you and all the nice folks I met here...
    Pale or dark-skinned, why not both? :> :> :> :> depending on the person, of course
    I don't really like seeing dark-skinned art of Vanitas, it's just a personal feel that it doesn't suit him well
    but with Sora, well, some beach bronze is person on his skin!
    Namine is also sweetly pale <3 <3 <3
    I am also just as pale...
    I got the game on PS4 too, I bought and played it during the past 2 weeks! It was really good (though the PC version plays with YOU more) but it was sooooo good to see the final battle on big-ass screen, ahhhhhh the colors were wonderfullllllllllll *teases Voido with incomplete spoiler-free info*
    Voido, it's like a 10 hours game max., someday you gotta dive ine completely ; w ;
    Haha, exactly! For me really, I think the KHO concert dragged me back into the fandom... Now I've been hooked, especially since I've started playing KHUx again.

    I miss it sometimes, too! I haven't gone back to read any lately, but I used to do that.
    RIGHT, I agree. I wonder about Ventus and Roxas meeting too, but I imagine that will be harder on Roxas. I'm pretty sure it's going to happen though, haha.
    Well, that's true, looking at improvement is always good, haha. Most of the fanfics I've written were so long ago I find them a bit embarrassing... all the newer ones are non-KH though, haha.

    I think I actually got into the VanVen ship before I played the game LOL. So I did get spoiled ahead of time, but actually mainly just on Vanitas's story... I used to roleplay and such, and I had a friend who was Ven and wanted someone to be Vanitas, so I kinda just... read the wiki page and jumped in lmao. But it made it kind of exciting because every time Vanitas appeared I was excited. Anyway, it's an excellent ship and I love them so much.
    I agree. Vanitas deserves some character development, and hopefully more confirmed background on him too... and yeah, definitely Ven will be fine. There's no way they'll leave him out or short on things, I think.
    Haha, yes, exactly!

    Well, that's probably for the best, hahaha. But maybe I'll write something new someday. I did kind of stray from the KH fandom for a little bit, but I'm back now, so I'll see. I've been doing a lot more art than writing these days.
    I didn't play BBS right away when it released, but yeah, as soon as I did play it, I've been shipping it... definitely no end in sight. And right?? It deserves way more attention. I suppose we'll see if KH3 will fuel it any.
    Yeah, definitely!

    And yeah, I totally agree with that. They're selling it as official KH stuff, so it's got to have a good amount of truth to it!

    And... omg. (I haven't written VanVen in years and I don't personally like my old writing but thank you?? asldkskd) VanVen is amazing tho I'm a little obsessed.
    I tried but I think in the end I pretty much failed with making your request cute, argh!! curses!! I must be more kawaii!!
    it's in my thread yup
    Ohohohoooo thanks for the Fanclub MADMAN award, I am honored to be given an award for my unhealthy obsessions with hot evil characters! :D :D :D :D :DDDDDDDDD
    ahahahahhhhhh no seriously I love awards, thank you my dearie ; w ;
    today I plan to post your request as well as Soldier's by the way u w u

    and yes that is the reason even I ship VanVen, I just love to see their interactions in situations in which Ven doesn't scream "EVIL!! MUST AVOID" while running away from Vanitas just because of Light=good Darkness=bad logic
    I didn't say anything

    aaand can I blame you??? when Jackie is sooo adorable???? ah, blue hooded pranksters, always being so humerus
    That's good! Mine has been pretty uneventful, but I got to relax a bit at least.

    And exactly! I thought they work on the novels with some of Nomura's input too, but I don't remember. And yes, same here! I'm pretty confident that he'll be back in one way or another. What they'll do with him is really the biggest question.
    Hi there, I thought I'd let you know you're p fab and I hope u have a great day toodles.
    Where is the yaoi hands Namine thread, did I miss it?? Did Fudge actually continue the madness elsewhere xD
    you heard of Namine with yaoi hands
    better not make the jump to
    shoujo-legs Ansem SoD *wink
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