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    Family Fun

    We leave for Hoi An by following the Mandarin Road in the morning and passing the Ocean Cloud Pass where we can glimpse Da Nang's panorama. On arriving in Danang city we visit theChamMuseum and climb the MarbleMountains to get a panoramic view of the Beach.

    View More : HUẾ - Đ? NẴNG - HỘI AN or Hue - Danang - HoiAn
    Yeah, exactly. Just getting out and being with friends is a great way to deal with stress. Or even just going out by yourself. Gives you time to think and just enjoy your life. My boyfriend is definitely a great support. I probably wouldn't have anything going for myself right now if it wasn't for him. He's inspired me so much.
    I know exactly how you feel. Just make goals for yourself. Even if their little ones. It's what I'm doing. Find a way to get distracted, so you wont be around your parents as often, you know? Things will get better for you, I promise. You just can't think negatively.
    Anything you need to let out? I'm a great listener. :) My parents are the same as always, but I'm 21 now, and I start work(FINALLY) tomorrow. I'm not going to let my parents bring me down.
    Oh, well it's fine. There are a lot of people who don't even go to school til their late twenties or early thirties, you know. Just take your time, and know that you are doing this for yourself, no one else.
    Lol, how did you expect me to be? I'm curious now, and I wont get offended by what you say. :p
    It's weird though, one minute she'll love me and totally want to help and support me, and the next she'll tell my boyfriend that I'll cheat on him with someone I massage..It's like, really? Do you have no faith in me? I think what it is though, is because she like talks to guys on yahoo or something like that all the time..So she thinks it's something that I'll do too, you know? I just don't really like to know that my future mother-in-law expects me to be a slut as soon as I get a job. :|
    So Idk if you told me or not, what are you going to school for?
    Hahaha, well actually (and I know you'll love this) my boyfriend's mom told me to do it. She's Filipino, and I don't want to stereotype too much, but they are all about making money. She was telling me to do it because they get paid a lot..and after thinking about it, I realized it would be a cool thing to do. Yes, I do massage my boyfriend(in many ways. ;] haha) and, usually when I give other people massages, I can last for quite a while. Like my hands never get sore or anything. I just figured it would be a good thing to do, since I enjoy giving massages, and of course, it would be an easy way to make money.
    Later after I've made enough with that job, I do want to try to start up a photography business. I've always loved photography, and baking. I want to try and also own a bakery at some point. I want to be super woman, haha.
    Yeah, exactly. It just took me a while to figure out what that something is. Now that I know, I'm ready to get things started! :D
    Well then I feel your pain..Like, I've thought for a while that I should know what I want to do with my life..And it didn't take me til this year to truly figure it out..That's why I never really wanted to start school until I really knew what I wanted, you know?
    Yeah, it's incredibly hard to find a job these days for anyone, and it doesn't help when you don't have any experience, you know? I'm such a lame excuse for a 20 year old(soon to be 21) I don't even have my license. :( So my plan after I save some money is to buy a car. And since most of the beauty schools for massage therapy, that I want to go to are like 40 minutes to an hour away, a car would definitely be needed.
    Haha, no not at all. Have you seen the only thread I posted?(not saying that everyone needs to. :p) I'm trying very hard to start my life and all that too. It's finally getting somewhere though. I just got my first job. ^_^
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