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  • I have no idea what the "Frozen Fortune" command style is. I'm just trying to get thru Ventus's mandatory Ice Cream Beat challenge. Listening carefully has absolutely nothing to do with it. That's the easy part. The problem is the incredibly tiny, precise timing windows for the button presses. WAY too tiny and precise!!! I'm not a machine!!! I can't get it every time!!! But on critical difficulty, the game demands absolute perfection, or it won't let you clear the challenge. So, I'm stuck. And I really hate that mini game and I'm sick of trying over and over and over again!!! But if I don't clear it, I can't get thru the rest of the game.
    Thanks. Hey, would you happen to know how to beat that stupid "Ice Cream Beat" mini game in Birth By Sleep, on critical difficulty?
    I have a GBA, a DSi, a 3DS XL and a PSP 2000. I bought them in time, sloooooowly in time ;w;
    What did I like about KH?? Do you even know what a gigantic question you gave me here? xD
    I was attracted to KH because of it's artworks at first. I was in those Disney years, when I loved everything Disney, so I wanted to find a game that has Disney and is not a stupid point-and-click or dress-up game. I wanted a real adventure game with Disney stuff, and then I found KH. It was perfect. Simply perfect. And then I discovered it has FF in it too. My heart couldn't even xD
    these things and the art got me interested and then I just wanted to play more and more KH and see what happens to Sora and all the characters... The story is so beautiful ♥
    that's what I liked about KH that got me into it :) what's your story?
    No, it's in Japanese and it doesn't seems like they'll make an International English version soon... but it's still playable, there are a lot of resources and help threads on KHI ~
    I played all KH games except KH1 and KH2, I didn't have my own Playstation at that time, so I just watched playthroughs :<
    Aaaa, sorry for my late reply to your reply, haha~ ^^; there are days in which I don't really check out everything around here x.x but now I saw your reply! thanks for sharing the awesome comic xD

    I'm currently enjoying Kingdom Hearts X(chi) and I want DAT VANITAS SR+ CARD so BADLY
    Instead of getting the sexy Vani card I got Xigbar, Braig, and Xaldin, TWICE
    arghhhhhh, I will not let go, I will have that card. Soon >:'[

    and how are you? :D
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    I am actually at the very beginning. I have been busy playing X and Alpha Sapphire to get back to Kingdom Hearts 1.5. I am fearing the part of where I have the final fight with Repliku.
    So, do you have anything plan for Kingdom Hearts 2.5? I am probably going to get it February, I haven't even finished Kingdom Hearts 1.5.
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