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  1. VenTer

    Sephiroth battles

    I wanna share my Sephiroth battles. KH 1 https://youtu.be/Ad5EKrXrg5o KH2 Final Mix https://youtu.be/UjZP2ZHUUEY
  2. VenTer

    Questions about Pokemon X

    I finally have a Pokemon X. My brother gave it to me as a birthday present. :) So now I have a few questions about the game. I wanted to go inside one of Luminose city's clothes store but the lady keeps saying that Im not fashionable enough... so How do I get in there? And another thing is do...
  3. VenTer

    Mushroom number 11

    I have researched it in Youtube that you need is Wisdom form it looks really simple beating this mushroom but apparently it's not. At times the wisdom form finisher, lets you stop for a second then try to attack again . Is there any other way to beat this mushroom besides wisdom form?:confused:
  4. VenTer

    Mushroom number 9

    Radiant garden you need to keep the mushroom spinning. I tried to use Master form since it's finisher is a big whirl spin. But then it doesn't it just keeps going far and then stop spinning. Is there another method? :confused:
  5. VenTer

    About Mushroom number 3

    I only made it to 447 orbs collected in mushroom number 3 then I can't make it to 500 yet. What should I do to collect more orbs, I kep't following around and around. But I only manage to reach to 300+ to 400+. So is there any other methods?:confused::confused:
  6. VenTer

    Travel back in time or travel to see the future?

    What would you do if you have the power of controlling time travel? If I would have that power I would go back to the past, and relive myself as a child and learn a lot of stuff in school again.
  7. VenTer

    Transport yourself in the game?

    If you ever get sucked into a video game, what game will it be? :) And are you willing to finish the game for in order you to get back in the real world or not finish the game and live there and have a new life to start? I'll start off mine. If I wanna get sucked into a video game. I would...
  8. VenTer

    Roxas VS Sora battle quote

    Roxas said:Tell me, tell me why he picked you? It kinda made me wonder of who is this specific he is he talking about? :confused:
  9. VenTer

    Riku as Xehanort

    When Terra went to Destiny Islands, then and met Riku, there was a scene that Terra saw Riku as Young Xehanort, then when he turned around it should the grown teenager Riku of we know in Kingdom Hearts 2. Can Terra see the future? :confused:
  10. VenTer

    Kingdom Hearts emerges

    Master Xehanort said that Kingdom Hearts was an unseen land or world something like that and it was engulfed in darkness, never to resurface again. So Is it possible that Kingdom Hearts will emerge from the darkness in Kingdom Hearts 3?
  11. VenTer

    Mysterious Tower

    How is Mysterious tower a sleeping world but they are all in the realm in between right? :confused:
  12. VenTer

    Will Sora Finally say "Thank You"

    Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2, for those times whenever Donald or Goofy or any of the party members in each world, when they heal Sora with potions and or cure spells, it's just Sora never even thanked them. But when you heal Donald and Goofy or even the party members they say thank you...
  13. VenTer

    Who stole the heart?

    Terra thinked that he stole Princess Aurora's heart. Then when Master Xehanort said that Terra has no power to steal a heart then who did?:confused:
  14. VenTer

    Destiny Embrace Keyblade

    At the World That Never was, When Riku gave Kairi a keyblade, Did Riku Materialize the keyblade and gave it to Kairi so that she can fight too? :confused:
  15. VenTer

    Im confused at Donald and Goofy and Jiminny?......

    Are Kingdom Hearts 2 and Re:Coded 2 different games but happening at the same time simultaneously, I'm not sure how was it that Donald and Goofy and Jimminy as well were not with the real Sora. But they all got stuck in the computer together by the journal????? How is it that they were away from...