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  • dude i was just joking. i'm not judging people who dress up as much as the obsessives who fetishize and harass tony the tiger over it. its not grrrrrrrrreat.
    The furry thing was only meant as a joke, i apologize if i offended you. i dont hate the idea of anthropomorphic animals and i am a big fan of disney, by furries i mean the people who dress up as and obsess over animals as a "lifestyle", which is a very odd fetish and nobody wants to see that shit.
    Have you tried uploading the picture to another website then taking it from there?
    That's happened to me before, but I'm not entirely sure why it happens either. Hold on, let me ask around.
    It is kinda cheating if you let somebody do it for you. You have to keep trying until you get the timing right I wish you good luck.
    I feel you. It is really hard to get the timing right in Ice cream beat. Well, what if you can ask a friend to do it for you that masters's the ice cream beat? Would that help you?
    Well there is only one way. You have to memorize, following the beat is very crucial in ice cream beat. Try to aim to get a good or cool. That's the only way.
    Well I see. Ice cream is hard. Either you have to listen to it over and over again until you get the timing right. Are you doing the beginner's of It's a small world?
    You really have to listen really carefully in the beats. That's how you beat the ice cream beat. Are you trying to the the frozen fortune command style?
    I'm okay too. :) I like your post about "Have Ventus and Kairi have met in Sora's heart" in the Birth By Sleep section. :)
    I'm a mod yo. It's my job to keep the forums tiddy. Not trying to be uppity.
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