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    I still kinda miss the cool ideas brought up in this game.

    .. by which I mean the memory manipulation by Naminé and the "smell darkness" stuff by Riku. Let me explain. Back then, when I first played Re:Com in 2013 (Europe didn't have the PS2-version of the game and the GBA one was expensive) I really admired the idea how memories work. A lot of games...
  2. Veevee

    Why does nobody talk about how 0.2 was better than KH3?

    Okay, let's see. Kairi has personality? She and Riku talk like real people? Personally, their interaction might be the worst in the entire series for me because it feels incredibly shallow. Instead of positively acknowledging that Riku has opened up, she immediately compares him to Sora which...
  3. Veevee

    Would KH3 be better if they included DDD's story in it? (multiple choice)

    This and the fact that Nomura tries so hard to connect every little thing he never even dreamed to bring in the same context one day which partially leads to pure bullshit, e.g. that Mickey knew where Aqua was, has been there again in Re:Com AND had a keyblade that allowed him to walk into the...
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    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    I'm more talking about that people often claim that "Switch games are just that good and should just cost that much" which kinda implies that Playstation games are just not "that good" so they need to drop in price to hold their value which is just ... wrong. There are so many games on...
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    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    - Reviewers should stop obsessing over whether a game is a lot like a similar game. I've once read a review of Yonder where the reviewer was basically comparing everything that indie game did to Zelda: Breath of the Wild and basically thrashed it in that process because it was inferior. Digimon...
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    Does one bother me when people call KH the most complex and poorly written franchise of all?

    Not to piss off anyone, but it bothers me more when people actually call it complex and start "bragging" about how easy it is to understand and whatnot. KH is not easy to understand and when you have a good understanding of it that's great, but that doesn't mean it's easy to understand. KH's...
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    Are divided fanbases harder to please?

    It's difficult, I guess. There are times when fanbases are divided over concrete decisions (e.g. round-based battle vs. action battle); and others where some part of the fandom is just way more lenient than the other. In a lot of cases publishers do good when they stick to the core essence of...
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    What character(s) would you like to see playable?

    I'm fully behind this. Really, please no keyblade for him. It would undermine giving people cool unique weapons in the first place if they end up getting a keyblade in the end anyway. His claymore is so great, as is his berserk form. I could imagine Isa as a strong, heavy, slow, close range...
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    Unpopular opinions!

    While I don't actually ship them (I basically don't ship anything in the series because ... the series doesn't do that justice very well), I have to disagree with a few points here. First of all, EVERY shipper does basically only see what they want to see. Personally, I think the SoKai ship is...
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    New to the whole thing

    Hi jeeves, it's always great when people pick up KH, so I wish you the best of fun! I'd really advise you play KH2 before watching 358 / 2 Days, that's the original order they had and I think it makes you appreciate both games more. Also, 0.2 before Back Cover. I don't really have intelligent...
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    Happy 10 Year Anniversary to XIII

    I played it once, but gave up after a few hours. I didn't get the story - mainly due to how it was presented, I had no idea of the lore (was hoping to get into the Fabula Nova Crystalis through this one) and the foreign words just kept piling up. I felt weirdly disconnected from the characters...
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    Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley, Portia and the like.

    I really can't wait for the Friends of Mineral Town Remake. Will definitely get it at launch as a reward for finishing my Masters. My mother considers me super weird because I'm way more looking forward to the game than to have finished my education. Who cares about academic success when they...
  13. Veevee

    How will KH concepts be represented in future titles?

    Ah, I certainly hope they bring some of the best concepts back, even if it is unlikely because Nomura can't keep them together anyway. If the following game doesn't deal with the smell of darkness, I'll go mad.
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    Should Kairi Get A New Keyblade?

    This. I hated how easily Riku just changed his keyblade, a weapon that was always kinda connected with the strength of one's heart. We already have so many keyblade wielders and that you can just swap them for better ones makes them even more to throwaway weapons. And it was really stupid as...
  15. Veevee

    How do you like your Coffee?

    On my head while I am winning through wild assumptions. Besides that, with caramel syrup and cacao.