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Recent content by Twilight Lumiair

  1. Twilight Lumiair

    A New Stage, and a Fateful Goodbye..

    Heh... I'm actually crying now. Great, lol. Gonna miss you guys SO much 😣 Thanks for all the warm wishes. You really don't know how much it means to me. Take care 🧡
  2. Twilight Lumiair

    A New Stage, and a Fateful Goodbye..

    Aaaw, don't cry-- you're gonna make me cry 🥺 Promise I won't get myself into trouble. You don't have to worry about me. Talking to you has always brought so much levity to my day. I'm really gonna miss it.. so try not to lose that meme-y spirit of yours, alright? I don't like imagining you...
  3. Twilight Lumiair

    A New Stage, and a Fateful Goodbye..

    Evening everyone 👋... So I've been dropping hints about this for the past couple of months, wondering how I was finally gonna say it, but... starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be away for a while. Not forever, I'm sure, but long enough that I thinks it's only appropriate to make this post. I've...
  4. Twilight Lumiair

    Next game in the series…

    The point was just that they were poorly handled. KH3 wasn't obligated to do anything beyond the bear minimum. The question I was proposing was if the current handling of their characters is good enough to warrant expecting a truly satisfying continuation to their stories. Because, simply put...
  5. Twilight Lumiair

    Next game in the series…

    Same. But do you really think the series in it's current form could do that idea justice? Especially after how poorly KH3 handled them as a whole? Serious question here. In a perfect world, RAX would've gotten more screentime and proper development during KH3 to help round out their arcs...
  6. Twilight Lumiair

    In your opinion, did ReMind fix the game?

    I honestly doubt many people were expecting Riku to still be struggling with the darkness after DDD. But as a newly named Keyblade Master and someone who walked the "Road to Dawn," Riku really should have (in my opinion) been shown imparting wisdom and knowledge to those who were going through a...
  7. Twilight Lumiair

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    Hmmm.. ok so: 1) Are you suggesting the MoM knew who every single Dandelion would be, and individually coded them into his program? How, when Ava was the one who picked them all (for a long time doing so in secret)? And that... Doesn't sound like a very reasonable or efficient way to go about...
  8. Twilight Lumiair

    Question about Xehanort's choice of "Darknesses"

    Logically speaking, Xehanort would've been better off having the mindless replicas we later see him use later be his 13 SoD rather than actual people. Let alone those with shady histories like Marluxia and Larxene, or weak links like Demyx. The only reason for their inclusion is because of their...
  9. Twilight Lumiair

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    Right, but if the killer really knew THAT much about who was supposed to have what, surely they also should've known about Ava's note (something she got from the MoM) detailing who the chosen leaders are. Regardless of whether or not Strelitzia was replaced, they were bound to find out the truth...
  10. Twilight Lumiair

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    So they killed her, but thanks to Ava's meddling, they came up empty handed? I could buy that, but that doesn't explain why they would bother assigning a replacement. Especially when they could infiltrate the group themselves (it would be the logical next step if they were really THAT desperate...
  11. Twilight Lumiair

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    I feel like no one's addressing the most obvious questions there are to make given the reveal. If Ven truly is the replacement, yet he also isn't the killer, then what in world is he DOING HERE? The natural conclusion would be that someone posed as Ava and gave Ven his rulebook, but.... Why...
  12. Twilight Lumiair

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Oh wow, that's... Actually a really clever connection! It's such a small moment in BBS, so I never even considered it might've been a callback to that particular exchange. I guess I just read that line as more literal than sarcastic, so all I could think when I heard it was "this is the most...
  13. Twilight Lumiair

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Aw, here's another line from ReMind I could NOT contain my laughter over: Terranort (to Aqua): A Keyblade Master wielding their weapon in anger? How shameful. ????? This is coming from the guy who just said he had "more than enough darkness to go around", yet isn't anger a fundamental component...
  14. Twilight Lumiair

    Classic elements you miss that were not in KH3

    Ideally, I think maybe 1 hour playing with Riku and Mickey in the RoD as they journey to and eventually find Aqua, would've made for a nicely paced midpoint with KH3. Along the way, I could've seen them doing some classic RoD puzzles, in addition to fighting the typical mobs of heartless...