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  • I've really liked it so far. Man, really liked Toy Box; I'll prolly go back for emblems later.
    Hey there,

    just wanted to give you a heads up about your PM.

    I've read the whole thing and to properly answer it will take a little time so don't get afraid I might have forgotten okay?
    I just wanna know how this saga ends, sorry if it sounds simple, but .......yeah.
    I am and not at the same time if that a makes any sense ? I've been worried about the series since about Coded and where the story is going. I'm just worried that Nomura has just been trying to reach out the story as much as possible between KH2 and KH3 and it's made things confusing. In short, I'm worried.
    Thanks! I'll see if I can finish it before KH3 comes out; that's the goal anyway.

    I hope someone likes it besides my friends who are kinda involved; when writing fics about MMOs, it's never in a vacuum. Have to get the friends involved, for permission if nothing else!
    Knitting/crocheting is a hobby with me; a useful one since I do make more than stuffies; things like scarves and mittens and hats and dishcloths and potholders, tho in our state(Georgia, USA), we don't need the clothes all the time, so I don't make them all the time. Unless it's winter it's rarely that cold, and even then it rarely gets below freezing. I discovered it at my Grandma Clay's knee tho it took me a trip to the library (and a certain book, which I now own) to really learn how. I learned some advanced techs online too, so that's a pretty good resource. I think the rest; playing console rpgs and cross stitch.

    As for the mittens, I'm doing two needle mittens(vintage pattern; that means it's OLD but I never turn up my nose at say, 50-100 year old patterns since knitted mittens and hats don't change much), which means I'll have to sew them up; luckily even tho I live with that brother, he is downstairs most of the time. He also works most of the day so he's out of the house. So hopefully I'll have better luck keeping what I'm making a secret. Having to call a cloth store (and be loud) didn't help with sis's but that tailor's ham was something she wanted for a long time and no one knew but the brother I'm making the mittens for, and he wouldn't get her that for some reason even tho it wasn't expensive..(Sis sews clothes btw. So I guess being crafty runs in the family?)
    You can say that; a pattern is actually a set of instructions as it is, so think of it like a map to get there. Testing is done so they can make sure the instructions are clear, otherwise it won't turn out the way the person using it wanted. (Aka. they end up in the wrong place!) So I'd say you're really close and got what I was saying. ^^

    And thank you on the Squirtle! I still got bro's mittens to do, but I should finish those in a week as long as he don't ahem..catch me. I don't want to get caught on any of these, lol. Want what I'm giving to be a surprise, so far I've succeeded with the kids. Not with my sister but I was kinda loud when I was asking the store about what I wanted to get her. (Was a tailor's ham; I don't know what that's for, only something to do with making sleeves.)
    Depends on what. It can take hours, if not days, to create a crochet pattern from scratch since they have to actually MAKE the item and test it.

    Well, Princess and the Frog is a real possibility, not sure what else unless they're going to bring something way way way out of left field. We will have to see. I think we haven't seen a "left field" world yet..for they always seem to have one no one was expecting.
    Mostly a matter of respect tho yeah. When person posts a pattern, they do have the right to make requests on how it is used, so I just be honest about it and respect the pattern maker's wishes.

    Anyway with the new trailer; I thought it was cool, liked the song. I wonder what the whole thing sounds like? We'll find out next month, and I'm going to be seriously tempted to search spotify for it before I get the game...

    Also I've had a theory that Sora's going to have to pull himself together somewhat so he can save everyone else. We'll have to see, tho..
    Simple. It's a request thing.

    When people put up a pattern, sometimes they actually ask, "If you make this don't sell it." For example, look at this Squirtle pattern: Here. She actually asks you "Don't sell it if you make it!"

    This happens more often than you would think. Some creators also enforce this if they catch you. So as a matter of respect, I don't do that. ^^ and I can understand why with Pokemon; seriously. What I don't understand is that all other pokemon patterns I've seen you have to pay for..what, do you WANT to get the big N's attention?
    He prolly will! I try to find out what people want or like. Like with my nephew, he loves Pokemon. Especially Squirtle. Mind, it's hard as can be to find a good squirtle crochet pattern (fear of Ninty I think) but I found one that actualy LOOKS like a squirtle.

    I'm making the oldest niece a llama as it is; she likes llamas and sloths.

    But yeah, if it comes from the heart and you can do something like, use your pc to burn a CD for him, he'll proly like it. If you get more time later, find out what he wants or needs of course. ^^
    Pretty nuts recently but hopefully that calms down. If you saw my little knitting/crocheting thread in Creative Media, I'm busy with Christmas presents recently and will be working on my other niece and nephew's gift soon as I can.

    And it's okay! Such things happen.
    I genuinely believe that will be his name because that's a legitimate name. I too believe that Lumiair, Arlene, Dyme and whatever Luxord's somebody's name is originated from Twilight Town. It's equal out the amount of original characters residing in Twilight Town and Radiant Garden.
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