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  • Wow, you're good at calling this stuff. That's an excellent point.

    I could DEFINITELY see that happening with Omally and Doc.
    Oh, that makes sense. I couldn't tell that it was just a backup. So, that means that the REAL tex is in there after all?

    Haha, when I saw him with the cone i was cracking up. You weren't kidding, the CGI effects are just amazing now. That whole fight with Tex was EPIC!

    Well, revelation is the last season for what they call the "recollection" saga. After this, all the remembering and stuff will be done. Then we'll see Tex go after the director I'm guessing.

    I'm not sure what will happen to the AI units really.

    Yeah, sister wasn't that great. But, according to a sponsor only version of a video, Donut IS alive after all! I was worried he actually died.
    Alright, I've caught up with red vs blue.

    All of your theory sounds right. I just wanna know how Tex went from being blown up in the pelican to being safe and stored in the freelancer facility.

    But one small question...by the "councilor", do you mean chairman? You know, the one who hired Washington to get Epsilon back.

    And I hope your right about Epsilon being the back up. I want Church to fully go back to normal. Well, he's mostly the same, but still.

    As a side note, apparently someone asked about sister at comic con and the creators just said "great question. next question please."

    So I have a feeling she's gonna come back. Lopez stated he killed he once, but Grif seemed very skeptical.
    Yeah. He walks in and the Meta actually stands down. I was really confused. This is the same thing that was trying to KILL him last season, and now it's actually obeying him. Talk about a twist.

    And the music and his speech at the end was epic too. =D
    Can't wait to see it! I'm a little behind (I just watched the recreation season today) but I'll catch up soon!

    Then we can discuss more!

    8D 8D 8D 8D


    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Sadly, I don't really read much manga anymore. =/

    I did see the reconstruction outtake though.

    I honestly LOVE sarge. He's just so damn funny. The series, for me, would be stale without him.
    Well, it's sugar smacks.

    But yup :D

    It was a promotional ad for Star Trek while it aired. :D

    But yes! :D

    Oh yeah, I meant to comment on your last VM. Bleach was amazing. Ichigo looks amazing now. And I love Aizen getting owned by Ichigo with a hand.

    I don't read One Piece sadly. I'm WAAAAAAAAAAY behind on it and I am afraid of how long it will take to catch up. But I do know it is waaaay better than Naruto and Bleach. I just need to find a free few days to read it.
    BAHHHAHA! I LOVE that one.

    "When you kill your enemy, you wanna look in his eyes SO HE KNOWS YOU'RE THE ONE THAT PUT HIM TO DEATH!!! It's also a chance to say some REALLY zippy oneliners, like: I hope you brought your wallet...cause the rent in hell pays in advance!"

    "Oh my God..."

    "Or my personal favorite, you just got sarged. Hehe, classic."

    Yeah I saw the new commercial. It was alright. I'm not sure which of the two is better really.
    OH DAMN!


    I NEVER noticed that joke! They were completely referencing a Keyblade in the first minute of the first link.

    Hmmm...is the second video's reference the one about memories? When they say it's ridiculous that Lopez would store his memories on his chest (but in KH, that's where the heart is, so that's right =D )

    Very perceptive! I never caught that.
    Yeah I suppose so.

    Do you like it being more complicated now, or do you miss the original series where it was less serious?
    Man...the stuff I miss from not watching two seasons. I know about most of the stuff you're saying, but not quite all of it.

    Sounds like a good theory to me though.
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