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  • hey I saw your awesome Vanitas sig. Could I ask you for a request?

    A Ventus avatar and signature would be much appreciated whenever you have the time.

    hey, could u do me a sig? if u could it would be cool if u could do a roxas vs. sora thing, where roxas is usin oathkeeper, and sora is usin oblivion... if u cant do that, could u do sumthin like that? thx if u can.
    Wow, that guy was so unreasonable closing your Dissidia II topic like that. Hell, at least you could use proper grammar, unlike some people. It was stated in an interview that if there were to be a Dissidia sequel (which is inevitable really) it would be a possibility. You have my support here at least :D I think somebody like Master Xehanort would be fantastic! Someone should reopen it, I mean it's better than most these spam-filled 'theory' topics you see everywhere these days.
    hey man whats up
    i was reading your latest thread on kh3 for ps3 and i saw your riku animation and it was pretty sick except the head was too small for the body if you could make it a bit bigger it would be perfect and i wanted to know if you could make one for me that has the transiton of sora to roxas in a cool thing

    or maybe marluxia and his scythe
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