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  • Hey dude.How are you?
    Yeah, I haven't been on that often, only put up a few chapters since then, three maybe. Got another one ready to upload. Thanks for reading it :)
    Your welcome. :)
    And I just put as many spoiler tags in spoiler tags as it would let me. Pretty hard to explain, but thanks
    heres a few. Any weapon recomnedations? and also when i shoot fire, it misses at times.
    the tenta claws are hard to hit since you can only hit them at the mouth. plus they keep eating me!!!!
    Sure, no problem. Updated the story on FF.net the other day :).

    The sig, I just used photoshop to make the background then added renders and effects. Then the shiny border and text :D
    Hey, sorry about taking a while with this.

    Glad you like the story, just finishing the next chapter now :)

    Is Kairi pregnant? Just need to wait and see... :P
    hey, i saw your message about my animated gif. I saw you said the head was too big, but let me tell you exactly how I made it....if you thought the head was too big, tell the animators of KH, because I used rotoscoping. What's rotoscoping? Tracing. So every line you saw was overlaying-traced from the animation. So I guess Riku's head really is to big.

    Anywho, if you can show me a video of what you want animated, I can do it.
    Thank you in advance. And profile pictures don't work; avatars pretty much function the same way. Just go to Edit avatar and upload the picture from there.
    You don't mind minimizing the size of your signature do you? It's pretty large; wallpaper size even.
    Go to FAQ, next FAQ in KHInsider Forums, from there theres a list click on KH II, go down 2 and you see new thread and the rest is EZ
    Go to which section you want to go to, then at the top of the threads is a button that says "New Thread"

    And don't double post ;)
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