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    No sir, you, are the dick.

    By the way, you're also a complete and utter retard for messaging me about something I have no idea what you are talking about.
    Yes, also I will send you another one, with Chapter 2 okay for today. Also here is the list of the worlds that I completed for my KH story.

    1. Hollow Basiton/Radiant Garden
    2. Twilight Town/Yen Sid's Tower
    3. Disney Castle
    4. Treasure Planet-Treasure Planet
    5. Atlantis-Lost Empire
    6. Nightmare Before Christmas-Halloween Town
    7. Lion King 2-Pirde Lands
    8. Little Mermaid 2-Alantica
    9. Hercula-Olympus Collisieum
    10. Mulan 2-Land of Dragons
    11. Lilo & Stich-Paradise Islands
    12. Return to Neverland-Neverland
    13. Sword in the Stone- Kingdom of Knights
    14. Kim Possible-Middleton
    15. American Dragon-Chinatown
    16. Winnie the Pooh
    17. Jungle Book-Wild Forest
    18. Brother Bear-Great Mountains
    19. Toy Story-Toylands
    20. Bugs' Life-Buggy Woods
    21. The Incredibles-Distant Island
    22. Pirates of Carribean 2-Port Royal
    23. Monsters, Inc-Mostropolis
    24. Finding Nemo-Coral Reefs
    25. Meet the Robinsons-The Future
    26. Chicken Little-Oakey Oaks
    27. Recess's School Out-Third Street School
    28. Aladdin and the King of Thieves-Agrabrah
    29. Tron-Space Paranoids
    30. Robin Hood-Sherwood Forest
    31. The Chronicles of Narnia-The Lion, the Wich, and the Wardrobe-Narnia
    32. The Emperor's New Groove-Jungle Empire
    33. Lady and Tramp-Dear's Mansion
    34. Super Mario Bros-Mushroon Kingdom
    35. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess-Hyrule Kingdom
    36. Kirby-Dreams Star
    37. Star Fox Adventures-Sauria Planet
    38. PMD2 Explorers of Time & Darkness-Pokemon World
    39. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle-Speed Wordl
    40. Meroid Prime 3-Metroid Space
    41. Pikmin-Pikmin Garden
    Sure dude, I will show it you, but do you have email address? I rather send it to you then show it here.
    Yeah, maybe one of the new worlds in BBS could be Tarzan World but except that Tarzan is a kid. Toy Story will be cool in the future game, if they put Pixer worlds in it. Also, I am writing my own Kingdom Hearts story^^
    I know right, I am actually writing my own Kingdom Hearts story. It is called Kingdom Hearts Other Sider. The main theme is something this: "Every person has different story to be told." There are going to be new Disney worlds, like Pixer Worlds, such as Toy Story, Bugs'Life, and The Incridbles. There will be some old Disney worlds returing from KH2, like Lands of Dragon, Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, Olympus Collisieum, and etc. There will be some new third party worlds, like Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule Kingdom, Metroid Space, Speed World, and many more^^
    Yeah they probably won't do it tho, but you could still dream and make the possiblility. I think it may makes a good world, like Mario's World that takes place in Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser's castle, where Sora, Mario, Donold or Goffy depending what party members you hav out, fight against Bowser and some Koopa heartless or something. I think Metroid Prime World will make a good addition if they do it. I'm thinking that I think I should make my own Kingdom Hearts story which will have some Third Party worlds, with Disney worlds as well, some old and new.
    Alright, everything you need to know about the future of KH is in the Future of KH Section. All you have to do is click "KHinsider Forums"...then click "Future of Kingdom Hearts". Then on the very top of the page, you should see some topics that say "Everything We Know about _________ So Far". Click on the one you want and you're as good as gold my friend.
    my profile tells me who the last 15 visitors are. you were on that list. mahhh i get a lot of profile views a day. :/ oui jsuis fransaise parles tu le fransais ou non?
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