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  • You poor soul! D8 That means you never got to do a full linked game of Seasons/Ages.

    Also fan made gif of Shantae =D
    That would be perfect. o_o

    The Oracle games were fun back in the day too. I still remembering watching the commercials waiting for it to release. 8D Seasons was better than Ages though. x[
    I just see it as one of the greatest examples of a zelda game. I don't really concern about things like art form. xD

    Hopefully. ;A;
    Oh~ If it's next year aim for that NEW3ds. It's got more power than the current and it's supposed to affect MM somehow.

    That's were I'm different. I don't rank the zeldas outside OoT and MM. ALBW was fun but it has no replay value to me, ALTP was my first one but it's mostly nostalgia, WW was alright but it's celshaded look hurts my eyes, and the rest are just there. I don't really have one I rank I just play them all if I get the chance.
    OoT being iconic can't really be ignored. lol Without OoT you'd never have MM. xD

    I wish I could get a job and move like that. o_o
    You definitely should! You don't even have to have played the first two to know what's going on. It's a fun little action game for a 3DS. =D

    OoT will always be my fave but I've always thought of it and MM as a set since it's the same link. =D

    Ugh don't even get me started on the contacts. lol
    At least one of us does. xD All glasses make me look is....like me with glasses.
    \o3o/ Woot! Is it better than were you was?
    It's a new game but to an old series. The first Shantae was on Gameboy Color. It got a sequel a few years back at last and this is the third game which is great. It fixes all the issues of the first two with few or no issues of it's own. One of them fabled sequels you rarely hear of. xD

    CAN NOT WAIT FOR MM. o_o Deity Link in updated graphics!

    xD How are you liking them? I find glasses a pain. Poor soul, are you still in school? D8
    Hullo! o3o
    Well I'm a bit torn. I got Shantae and the Pirates curse which is fun yet I have an early shift sooooo xD

    How is you?
    It's a phantasy manga, rather gory one at times at that. =D It's about a betrayed hero out to get the "real heroes", its' been better than I thought it'd be going in.
    Firday!? =O So soon...had no idea.

    Tbh I wouldn't blame you if you didn't read it regardless lol.
    Thank you! Me too. it is just so awesome.
    And i love ven as krillin. If i do more im going to try and keep that theme
    Been good, reading Ubel Blatt right now. 8D
    Is that opening already? =O

    Nope she is not but the it was slightly tolerable thanks to maintained pace.
    Likewise. x'D Though I did enjoy Chad this chapter as well. Bleach really should keep Orihime and Chad around more. =O
    Been watching any new shows?
    Yo yo you sexy avie person you. Nothing much just thought up a decent idea for my undying Revival Thread lol.

    Enjoy Bleach? 8D
    I've been okay, been watching my amvs lately trying to find inspiration for my 100th video
    I'd say Hit or miss moments. there are likable aspects For me its Rukia getting a bankai and why 7th squad captain, (cant spell his name) looks the way he does, Grimmjow's hinted return but offscreen (Why kubo? Why?) and Unohana's real identity.

    Like i said aspects. but where finally getting somethings wrapped (after how many years!)

    I'll admit it's a bit mess, and I do feel that Kubo wrote himself into a corner with the new villians and has been winging it.
    Hey VT, have you been keeping up with the Bleach manga as of lately? Because I read about the new main villian's plan and i couldn't help but notice how similar it was too 'Xehanortifcation'
    Its been a week today...i mean yeah he's not in pain anymore but the selfish side of me just wants him back.
    Sounds great, VT sorry I haven't been around lately I've been working and recently I had to put my dog down
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