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  • I could see that! and i do know the name. Nice!
    Okay, so this may sound like a weird question, So forgive the wording of it, what's it like to put a face to the screen name LadyScythe?
    I will know it! and I accepted.

    I guess that would be the best way to explain, I've got to update mine though. I didnt realize how long it was since i last used it.

    Edit, I found the link for it. let me know if you want it.
    I have an account, https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5285152-jennifer-lamattina ...your going to know my real name

    I always prefer real books as opposed to the kindle, but from Amazon, i downloaded a program they have they lets you basically use it on your computer in short you can get into the kindles from your computer, as long you have someone's username and password. that's how i read kindle only stories (thanks to my sister)
    I have read, The Graveyard Book, Good Omens (which was supposed to be a movie but it fell out every time) thanks to my older sisters book collection I do have access to his other works.

    Okay the next two books I am about to suggest, are DARK COMEDIES I don't know how you feel when it comes to religion in general but I just had to mention it because they are both entertainingly great
    The first it 'I, Lucifer' By Glen Duncan and 'Satan Loves You' by Grady Hendrix.

    Oh and that reminds me, do you know about the website, Goodreads.com because I'm apart of it . how about you?
    I have recently read, Christopher Moore - The Serpent of Venice, very good read and hilarious though, id be best if you read Fool first before that one.
    Give me some suggestions, VT!

    Yes those who are of Xehanort kind and Terra should bow down before her...because it cuts her work load in half.
    I noticed that because the 3rd AquaxTerra is on the second page of the fanclubs and the last post is from august! well some of you guys went back school, and i started a job a that point and then we got busy.

    As for music, I still listen same stuff did then however I got into MsMr ,Emile Autumn, Digital Daggers, Soho Dolls. I haven't heard of mastodon (i hear that i think of the black MMPR)

    Edit, Speaking of nostalgia here is a quote from Felt, that i think will at least give you a chuckle
    I know one moment were making pervy jokes on how Aqua's toppin and the next thing( and sad thing is) we barely speak again.
    I joined in 2009...so that would be five years for me too.
    Honestly it didn't even feel like years had gone by, and sometimes out of my own amusement i read our old club threads and the other day i saw the dates and i was like OMG that 2 or 3 years ago.
    I haven't talk to him my self lately, I know he does make a cameo on here once in a while I left him a private message. but you know it is what is.
    I miss those days too.
    The videos were panels at Ohaycon 2014

    Happy Easter, VT!
    Same here, i was wondering have you ever seen a videos called The Science/Lore/Theories of Kingdom Hearts? Well i just finished watching them and i was simply impressed by the work behind it. Its a great understanding (if not interpretation) of the overall story line and how well the incorporated the events of DDD and the time travel plot device that me and Chasespicer056 were certifiably not pleased with. Actually has me reconsidering it...(Still not thrilled with) but the way it was handled does make it fit better then how the game did. (and by far!)
    That's awesome! as for myself I've actually been working on some Original fictions and I do plan on finishing my fan-fictions, in fact just yesterday I updated the story Felt, for the first time in 2 years because i was suddenly inspired.
    Congratulations VT! good luck to you. So what else have you been up to? I've been playing kh1.5 getting back to my kh roots. to put it that. though I cant wait for 2.5 BBS and KH2 have been my faves.
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