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    Dude. Whats up? Did you see Naruto chap 493 yet?
    XD Actually I hope its like the 4ths jutsu. I really thought Itachi was awesome! I want to see him again =)
    Hmm. Could many things. Could be that Itachi somehow imparted his consciousness into Naruto before falling victim to Sasuke. Like basically, Itachi knew he'd have to let Sasuke kill him, so before dying, he used Naruto as a vessel to carry on his will. Like some kind of a genjutsu message that knows the truth, that's a popular theory (for people who want Sasuke be saved).

    Could be some sort of revival technique (like if Naruto dies, or something). It could be a lot of things.
    Good points. But now I really want to know what that jewl orb does. Also any thoughts o what Itachi gave Naruto?
    Well it depends if Itachi's Susano-o was naturally embedded with those legendary artifacts, or if they were byproducts of his Susano-o. I know Orochimaru was saying how he longed for that sword that surpassed the Kusanagi however, in their bout it was proven Itachi had it in his possession (making it seem as though it was once apart of the shinobi world). If Sasuke does have Itachi's weapons (like if Itachi managed to transfer them via that power transplant and what not), then I suppose Sasuke will probably use them in his fight (considering Naruto will probably have Killer Bee's level of Bijuu control soon)...
    All possable....But theres just as much pointing to something else.....Is it just me or is his "Moons eye" plan kinda questionable.....
    I mean.....I don't know for sure obvioulsy but something about the Juubi doesn't seem right. Also You know all three of Itachi's jutsu are the names of three Japanese gods right? Amaterasu was the Japanese goddes of the sun and her brothers Susano (the god of storms) and Tsukuyomi (Itachi's genjutsu, was the god of the moon) and Izanagi (Donzo's jutsu was their father and where the other three gods came from) So anyway back to my point, In japanese mythology, Tsukuyomi was travleing and met a family who's daughters were being terrorized bu the Yamo Tomo Orchi. (The eght headed snake beast) And yes thats supposed to be orochimaru. So he offerd to help the family and went to slay the beast. He won and came back with it's head. But (and here is the twist) He used three weapons to defeat the Yamo tomo Orochi. A mirror (Itachi's yata mirror wich can repel any attach as shown when he summons Susano) and his sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. (Itachi's permenent genjutsu sword that he used on Orochimaru to free him from Sasuke.
    So since it's obviose Masashi is using some Japanese history....The thing that gets me is this -
    He gave Itachi two of the same weapons Tsukuyomi had. The sword and the mirror. But Tsukuyomi also had a Yasakani-No-Magatana Orb/jewl. It's apperently shown in the center of Itachi's Susano but never said what it does. You think Sasuke is gonna use it?
    I think Tobi could be Madara. But I also believe there are some mysteries about the body he is in. I don't think that's Madara's true body, it can't be. I think his body material is made of the same substance Zetsu's body comes from. We saw Tobi rip off his arm against Danzou's goons (white blood poured out). Then we saw him reconstruct his arm via material that looked the birth place of Zetsu.


    I think Madara's actual body is no more. Like he's using artificial means to prolong his life.
    Sweet. Any thoughts on Tobi? (I refuse to call him Madara until it's proved and he takes off his mask)
    XD So you know about Naruto and the sixth coffin and his traning with bee..... ect?
    Yeah. I'm more caught up with the manga than the anime in any series, except maybe DBZ, Yuyu Hakusho, Inuyasha and what not. The cause of that was because I was young back then and didn't have the patience to read manga. But now, if a series didn't start out as an anime, I usually read the manga first (because it has the most facts about the series in general).
    XD Do you read the manga for most of what you listed or watch the anime?
    Samurai Champloo is good as well. Done by the same director who made Cowboy Bebop. And the same voice who did Spike also did one of the main characters.
    Awesome dude! I follow OP and Naruto. Plus cowboy bebop rocks!! I saw it on like adult swim or something and then just started watching online with english subs
    Sure. The current ones I'm going through are as followed:

    Full Metal Alchemist
    Berserk (re-reading that one until more chapters are released)
    Bleach (reluctantly though)

    I have some favorite anime series as well. Like Cowboy Bebop...
    Cool, I've done KH1, KH2, Days, COM, and almost done with BBS.
    Hey are you into anime/manga? Like Naruto or One piece?
    Awesome. So what KH games have you played?
    And sorry for the late reply. You commented yourself....so......ect
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