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  • pfft hahahahah that is the best thing on politics i've ever heard! you sire deserve a troll cookie!
    >:D is that really a good thing? cause thats something politicians and nomura are known for heh heh
    BBC News - Sopa: US backers end support for anti-piracy bill
    is this good?

    Obama Stops Controversial SOPA Internet Piracy Bill | News One
    well i'll be damned he did shit.
    pfft mine arent either and neither am i ( i break every damn one of them) but you can get people to help with that also.

    bwhahahahahah! your speech upon you last day of terms to the house will be "and so my fellow americans as i leave this office i want all those corporate bitches of old to know one thing....YOU ALL GOT BAGGED BY MA TESTIES FUUUU!!!!!!" -leaves-

    xD you'll have to find another i dont like being the lime light of any kind good sir, besides presidents arent required to have one >:D
    hell if the parents are that lazy they can put a fucking block on sites, computers have that shit folks tis not a lie :p
    i'd vote for a testies! might make voting worth starting xD
    pffft google wont make any money if they win tho.
    ha! people are idiots for buying that bullshit if parents cant keep tabs on what kids need not see its their own fault not no internet or tv's.
    jobs by ass it took me a year to get a job and that was back at the place i quit!
    i can blame them google can afford a 24 hour blackout if wiki can.
    xD do they honestly think that'll stop piracy? i mean damn it was there b4 internet.
    its already started? >:D
    what google is half assing it >:[
    they'll probably keep at this bill til they're terms are up.
    do they know how bad it'd get if they passed it? they'd get protests everywhere. has facebook blacked out yet?
    im back! the wiki shutdown is tonight >:D
    it was on my local news but get this it was only like a seconds long coverage and they didnt even name or talk bout the bill their opposing in question -_-
    xD there was a forum game on this shit once wonder where it is.

    im gonna go to bed now, dont know bout you but its 7 til 3am for me and i had to work at a drug addict gathering place (rite aid store) so i think i'll sleep.
    bye future resistance leader >:D
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