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  • neither can i honestly you know how many damn times someone comes in there and goes "when does the pharmacy close?" why is this infuriating? cause its been there 20 years and everyone here is on drugs they should already fucking KNOW when its open and closed by fucking HEART!!!
    sadly i dont im only part time and with shifts like that i'd hate to be a full time, plust considering the job sucks the company is an ass and that the dumbass drug addicted, gov bum check residents of my state only make it worse.
    *o* you have responsibilities!?

    i had to work a 9 hour shift T~T today AND yesterday.
    XD bwahahahahahah -points-

    seriously tho you need a mankind punch, Capt. Falcon can kiss it!
    you know whats funny bout this? you posted that reply on yer own page! bwahahahahahahah!
    XD lol yes my first matter of business will be to deliver a punch to all of mankind lol
    Air Gear 307 v32 - Read Air Gear 307 Online - Page 12
    this should be yer 1st matter of buisness as Pres. YOU MAD.
    pfft hahah outside? like in a...ho house?
    i'd say bye but you'll pop back up most likely.
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