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  • i know, i just have a super shitty schedule right now so it's been impossible but i've tried everything at my disposal so the problem must be with the modem or on their end

    what province are they from?
    i have been trying for a week to figure it out

    i followed the instructions on the modem, i tried setting up new internet connections, i tried connecting an ethernet cord (which now won't work for some reason) to get the wifi set up. i have no idea what is wrongggggggggg

    also wowowow
    because for a week i've been using my phone for internet :C

    i just got a new modem that's supposed to be wifi and switched internet providers BUT I CANT GET IT TO FUCKING WORK ;~;
    i recall doing no such thing--!! i helped you out, you were mean to me, offer me a fruit basket as an apology, then lie and say there was never a fruit basket??? and on top of that you call me STUPID when i only see one BAKA here. what kind of logic is THAT????? if i don't have a fruit basket or some free ice cream by the end of the day, you're gonna be living life behind bars pal
    wow excuse u. more like you should be saying "thank you star-sama for giving me an extra follower!! you are so great and amazing" *grovels at feet and hands fruit basket*
    cheating is such a strong word...then i suppose we'll call it a truce for now. i need to think of some new, more 'fair' ways to get rid of you teehee death by sharknado
    d'ohoho, we'll see about that

    if i'm peeta then at the one part in the book where young katniss is starving and young peeta gives her some bread i just won't give u any so you'll starve to death hahaha
    Eric should be more than capable of coding that. It'll be like where you have images and just click the arrows to go to the next page.

    Thats why there's the trick to it. One rule per box, arrow appears at bottom of the box, when you click the arrow on the last rule it takes you to the page where you click to agree to the terms.
    We're always going to have people who don't read the rules but hopefully forcing thing on people might make them learn something
    Coding. Surely there's a way to make it so unless members read the rules they are redirected back to that page.

    I can whip up some horrible paint examples of what I mean but what I think would be good is a box with one rule in it, and arrows leading to the next rule. When they get to the end they tick a box saying they read the rules and agree to everything there.
    i want to fix the FAQ's and I want new members to be automatically sent to that page where the button to proceed only appears when they have read each rule.
    Aw, well at least it sounds like it ended on good terms. That's always healthy :3

    So what's different about this girl? Do you feel more sure about her than the previous girl? lol, sorry I'm so nosy.
    do u approv me now

    but seriously those new power ups are shit lets just shut pokeman down
    aw, the two year girl was the one i was thinking of. sorry 'bout that, what happened? if i may ask, lol. and who's the new lucky lady? '3'
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