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Szayel Aporro
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  • I Emptied it. Except the verfirst PM we had :D The one where isent you gift :D
    That was a VERY SPECIAL Pm. Yew Herdd Me Baybe Grllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    We could meet halfway in NY or something. :3

    Now I'm at a birthday party.

    That's all Vocaloid are. Things to show off and impress people.
    :eek: Yea true. It's already full anyways XD

    Why you can't send messages ? or did it fill ur Inbox 2 ?
    OwO Thassa looong drive! But it'd be fuun. :3 My friends aren't into most of the anime and stuff I am so it was kinda dragging sometimes.
    Do you go by yourself at Cons or with your pals? owo

    The world doesn't work that way, Shion. Responsibilities can't be simply forgotten like so.
    No, I-It was my fault, Kaito-kun...!
    -Turns back to Miku-
    Don't worry, don't worry, there's a premier I was invited to tonight. Be my date, and it's even.
    A-Alright, Master-s-s-sama.
    One was enough to make me fall in love.

    I-I-I w-was supposed to've been at a p-publicity appearance at a m-movie premier...!
    -Holds her chin with thumb and index finger- This just isn't right. I should punish you and yet I can't seem to bring myself to do something so cruel to you. You're very lucky I could cover for you. You owe me.
    ARGH. I'mjealous! Cons are so amazing- I almost cried. ;-;

    No word of a lie! You totally did! And now yo--
    O-Oh! M-Master-sama!
    -Irritatedly looks up-
    Do any of you recall something they were. to. do. last... night...?!
    ... Oh! O-Oh gosh!, M-M-Master-sam-ma I'm so very sorry!!
    :'D How far are yah?

    Lol. I was reading our old VM messages and VM RPs and... lol.

    Orly? -Turns completely towards him with little smirk-
    Does this sound familiar~?
    -Clears throat and deepens voice slightly to sound more like Dell, quoting him word for word-
    "Because deep down inside. I DO CARE. I just have a hard time showing it because...
    -Walks through doorway, massaging bridge of nose and looking rather peeved-
    Oh- okay. ;-; Work work work!

    Yessyou do. Lest we forget a few days ago~?
    Must I quote you word-for-word~?
    Nuuuu! You cannot spare ten measly minutes before then?

    Some... Sometimes jokes just aren't f-funny! S-Sometimes they hurt!
    -Plops down on couch- Well, now that we all know you have a heart under all that computer coding and processor whatchamacallit, why not use it more often, dear Dell-chaaan~? -Smirk smirk-
    Mm. Good idea~!
    I wanna post for the roleplay badly but there's nothing really to say. xD

    -Attempt at angry face-
    Argh. I'm. So. Bored. What's a good way to pass time on the 'puter? xD

    -Slames down laptop, canceling his open programs-
    I fell asleep in the midst of replying and never got around to re-writing it. @-@ Sorry...

    -Grabs onto top of Dell's laptop screen lightly-
    St-Stop it, Dell-san! D:
    Luckily I only have four exams for four classes. ;-; If I had more, I'd implode.

    -Enters with others- The hell's going on here? >>
    I'd rather not guess...
    Uurgh. I soooo feel for you! I hate the end of the school year if only for all of the work. I have a crapload of tests throughout the week for all subjects, a book report to do in English, an essay in Art, Science homework and the French thingy I was talkin' about.

    I really don't want to see that from my sister.
    S-S-S-SEE... W-WHA-?
    B'aw. Is okay. D: I was up 'till 2 doing my French project and am not even done, either.

    -Coughs obnoxiously loudly-
    o/////////o !! A-Ah! Th... That's right... D-Dell-san... and M-Mikumi... are here...

    -Looks up and grins-
    Ahem. Who was the one that was rushing who, Mr. Assertive-less~? <3
    Well- at least the OOC forum? D:

    -Leans on chest and sighs-
    N-No... -Chuckles slightly-
    Woo. I finally posted. xD You can go soon, too.
    And hey, why not visit the OOC or something. D: I'm trying to keep things alive.

    We haven't got much of a BBQ to BBQ with. :3 And no propane. So yeah. Takeout.. Plus, we were running late so it's relatively quick.

    It's actually the first series I've actually gone out to buy, even though I've read it online already. xD I'm thinking I should've bought the Lucky Star manga there, though, while I had the chance. I like the 4-panel style they use.

    I-I-I think I feel... a little... d-dizzy.
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