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  • You obviously haven't been on the forums recently, but if you do come back, I hope you'll consider revisiting the collected works of Spurius. Your contributions there were particularly appreciated, and it would be fun to have you back!
    To be honest I had to watch Sword Art Online because I didn't know anything about it XD But yeah, those are pretty much the only ones that are active at the moment, or at least that I'm aware of.
    For originals? Uhhh well as far as I'm aware most of the original RPs are a bit unpopulated. The only three active ones I'm aware of are The Last Queen, Jericho (A post apocalyptic setting), and Nightfall. Canon is a bit more active with Sword Art Online, Persona, Kingdom Spirits (A Digimon type of RP), and a few Kingdom Hearts RPs. Finally there's Kingdom Hearts Arcana which is just starting. It's basically Kingdom Hearts minus Sora/Riku.
    It's funny because recently I've caught myself making stupidly long posts and disliked doing so because it might be too much for others to read. It's just the way that I feel about it, I guess. I always enjoy reading longer posts, but don't enjoy making long posts myself, though sometimes I can't help it. XD
    But if you wanna write more yourself, then please practice and do so! :D I know you're a part of The Last Queen, but there's also other RPs that have just started/are easy to jump into if you're interested. :3
    Ha, don't sweat it. You'll get the swing of it again soon! Plus I think nearly everyone is cool with two or three paragraph sized posts, so you should be fine. Unless it's a matter of pride, in which case you gotta just keep practicing to get your groove going again :D
    I've been doing pretty well. Getting older, getting less dumb. I've also been writing and RPing more recently, though I've gotten lazy about it as of late. Bad habits I need to break, I guess. :p
    Okay, I think you're awesome. Not because of the filter bypassing, but because your in general cool. Friend request send.
    Well I doubt there is a chance youll be on anytime soon but if there is, Goddard and I are interested in your writing potential. It's a bit dark but it's good. If you would like to have your work more acknowlaged than come to my site


    I look forward to seeing more of your work
    HEY!!! two things:
    1. u wanna join?
    2. WHAT PROVINCE!? i'm from Ontario!!!!!!!
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