• As we all know, this is a forum for Kingdom Hearts. Even so, if anybody posts spoilers for Endgame anywhere on this site without spoiler tags, you will be banned. If you change your avatar to something related to Endgame, you will be banned. If you put something in your signature, send a message to somebody that is visibly seen, or share spoilers with somebody who does not wish to see them, you will be banned.

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  • Hey there, I was checking the very first posts in the KHI makes a game thread story discussion and I saw you had some ideas for gameplay? I'm just here to say that we are still making the game and trying to make it an actual non-profit game so feel free to join us in this project if you still wanna work on it :)
    Hey StVen! i'm Xickin! you need anything you ask me:) i just joined too a couple of days ago! u wanna talk go to my profile!!
    Hi guys,

    I am kinda new to the forum and I would just like to introduce myself to the crowd. First of all, my name is Steven, I'm male, 20 and very obsessed with kingdom hearts series. I think its time for me to join here. It's been a month of eavesdropping in the forum so I decided to join. :) what I love about the site is that it's really updated to different news. Unlike other KH fan sites, i think you guys are the most recent in terms of news. But anyway, I am trying to look for some news subscription and I could not find any. It would be nice to have that. :) anyway, yea hope everyone is having a great day! see you on the other side I mean other thread :p
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