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  • Hey there, I was checking the very first posts in the KHI makes a game thread story discussion and I saw you had some ideas for gameplay? I'm just here to say that we are still making the game and trying to make it an actual non-profit game so feel free to join us in this project if you still wanna work on it :)
    Hey StVen! i'm Xickin! you need anything you ask me:) i just joined too a couple of days ago! u wanna talk go to my profile!!
    Hi guys,

    I am kinda new to the forum and I would just like to introduce myself to the crowd. First of all, my name is Steven, I'm male, 20 and very obsessed with kingdom hearts series. I think its time for me to join here. It's been a month of eavesdropping in the forum so I decided to join. :) what I love about the site is that it's really updated to different news. Unlike other KH fan sites, i think you guys are the most recent in terms of news. But anyway, I am trying to look for some news subscription and I could not find any. It would be nice to have that. :) anyway, yea hope everyone is having a great day! see you on the other side I mean other thread :p
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