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    Kingdom Hearts II Formation Arts -Vol.2-

    I am assuming the store is legit? :D What does it mean when it says 1 Box 6 pcs? There's only 5 figures? I want to get them all >.<
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    [SPOILERS] About YMX from KH 3D and BBS

    He may look younger, but when you see it at some point, he's somewhat the same height as YMX in BBS. I know that this might not be related to this but, I've been researching about the Black Coat and found this: What I mean is that, during the time when they're creating a model of YMX in...
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    3D to Appear in Next Week's Famitsu!

    Great news! Hopefully it will be something to be excited about. :)
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D @ Jump Festa 2012!

    This. It would be nice, and hopefully a full demo video i.e full gameplay and not toaster videos. >.<
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D @ Jump Festa 2012!

    Awesome awesome. It is after our HESI exam! :) If ever I dont pass it, then I got KH3D to cheer me up lol
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    KH: Re:Coded - Help

    Did you got all 100 floors by leaving DS? I tried this but then it stopped at about 50 balloons/avatars, I never got anything past that. So I had to use my Wii. I left my DS close-lid and I still get balloons. However, like I said, it stopped popping at ~50. I don't know if this is because I...
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    KH3D footage shown at October 21 event

    The last scene was so cute!! *snuggle* >:P I can't really wait.. One thing I wanted to see in the end of KH3D is the fact that perhaps, it will show some bits and pieces of what will happen in KH3 that is what I am really excited about :D
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    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    Re: Hooray for the HD release...or not. I am sure it'll be in english too.. There are fans living in US too you know :P
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    KH3D's Battle System?

    I think there will be like a battle between dream eaters too?
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    Birth by Sleep trailer on GT's top 100 trailers!

    I never watched KH BBS trailer before. This remind me to watch it but then I was like o.0. Super spoilers rofl.
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    3D final boss/test

    I really wanted this to happen. I wanted to see Dark Sora in action. 'Dark' is my favorite attribute/element.
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    3D final boss/test

    I want Sora vs. Riku, but this time, Riku's gonna win! :P
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    Some help with the final three keyblades and avatar stuff

    In the last post of this thread, I did elaborate how to get 100 floors and dalmatians. If you're going for 100% completion. :)
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    TGS Trailer officially released! (JP and Eng. Subbed trailers in first post)

    Re: TGS Trailer officially released! do you guys think they'll show the extended version of the trailer?
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    New Gameplay Footage - Notre Dame World & Mini-Boss Fight

    Is anyone here subscribed to gamespot and has the HD version of the video? :p