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Recent content by Stars

  1. Stars

    Ending game

    It is pretty interesting to see Axel wield a keyblade at the end of game and it seem like he got an important role in saving his friends in the future...
  2. Stars

    What if the Keyblade war...

    Interesting idea, lol, the time paradox thing just remind me of 13-2 xD But i agree with what Chaser said . I think that's the new Keyblade War Xehanort planned, not the past
  3. Stars

    Final world cinematic translations

    Thanks for the subbed ending and secret ending though <3 It's funny when AtW asked Riku his name xD
  4. Stars

    Xehanort's many forms... (for those that are confused about what's going on)

    Thanks for giving me those Nomura's interview <3 Not getting much time to read all these stuff though~ I do not know how AtW actually influence Xemnas, if AtW can influence somebody until their eyes color changed, then Riku....
  5. Stars

    Xehanort's many forms... (for those that are confused about what's going on)

    Oh... I thought one needs darkness to open a portal of darkness....? And I may be missing something else...Can someone else give me a link for Nomura interview about the yellow eyes thing?
  6. Stars

    The X's in organization

    Yeah.. the X mark is only mentioned on Sora's cloth, and how does YX and Ansem know the location of Riku when he doesn't have the Mark of Heresy on him? Teehee.. Got mess up with the tracking thing and stalking.. So Vanitas can only felt the emotion of Ventus..
  7. Stars

    More Details about KH3D Ultimania Revealed!

    Unseen artwork, that was interesting :D! Waiting for the artwork and the summary of story and the interview regarding the future series :D
  8. Stars

    The X's in organization

    I think you mean Saix, right..?
  9. Stars

    Xemnas' ....

    I actually don't understand what you mean lol, but you're saying that YX brought Ansem and Xemnas to fight Sora and Riku?
  10. Stars

    Darknesses and Lights

    I think the 13 darkness is.. 1 Master Xehanort 2 Young Xehanort 3 Xemnas 4 Ansem 5 Isa 6 Braig 7 Vanitas 8 Riku Replica or Dark Riku or Data Riku? 9 Terranort ? 10 Apprentice Xehanort? 11 No Heart? 12 Eraqus? 13 ..Originally this was Sora, but he failed, so probably another...
  11. Stars

    The X's in organization

    That's makes sense actually. :D The "X" thing at first, i thought it was MX's obsession over X-blade, not the tracking device and I thought the one that tracking TAV is actually Vanitas? xD
  12. Stars

    Young MX

    I'm not sure, but he may appear too, because he is Xehanort from different time lol. As what Seighart said, other Xehanorts may not remember the events happened in this time
  13. Stars

    Young MX

    Or it just happened in the Realm of Sleep?
  14. Stars

    Critical mode gameplay...

    If not mistaken, this is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AMZzdBaNlw
  15. Stars

    Critical mode gameplay...

    ^ Cool >< you have got the game Indeed, i have included the Frog Prince as secret boss lol Because he is not the story boss. You mean the harder version of bosses is all final world bosses?